New Cover for “Star Trek Vanguard Declassified”

Often the most popular Star Trek book covers are those for the long-running Vanguard series, set on the 23rd century Starbase 47 (aka Vanguard). Today we have the cover for the next entry, "Star Trek Vanguard – Declassified".


New cover for Star Trek: Vanguard anthology

Here is the cover for "Star Trek Vanguard – Declassified", provided by Doug Drexler via Dayton Ward.

Cover for Star Trek Vanguard Declassified
(click for super-size)

The anthology will contain the following stories:

  • "Almost Tomorrow" – by me. Set before the events of the first Vanguard novel, Harbinger, and the Star Trek: Corps of Engineers novella Distant Early Warning.
  • "Hard News" – by Kevin Dilmore. Set just after the events of the third novel, Reap the Whirlwind.
  • "The Ruins of Noble Men" – by Marco Palmieri. Set after the events of the fifth novel, Precipice, but telling a dual story through the use of flashbacks.
  • "The Stars Look Down" – by David Mack. Also set after Precipice.

More info at Dayton Ward’s Blog.

"Star Trek Vanguard – Declassified"comes out June 28th. You can pre-order it at Amazon.



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That’s one sweet cover illustration!

COOL! I really like seeing the construction fleet here. Awesome work Doug Drexler.

Or should we see repair fleet after the ending of Precipice?

Excellent cover! The Vanguard artwork never fail to impress.

You might not tell a book by its cover, but this Gorgeous visual will jump of any shelf or monitor.

great work Mr Drexler



And the station is still in its construction phase on the cover. Very interesting.

Sometimes I feel like buying ST novels simply for the cover art. I’ve had reproductions made (hand painted) of several of the Blish covers (TOS) and they look great.

The artwork is true to the old Starfleet Technical manual, which is cool, Kinda makes me wonder what the diff is between a tug and a Connie. The saucers and nacelles appear identical.

Unlike some recent Trek novels (ENT comes to mind – some of the worst writing I have ever read), this Vanguard series is blessed with excellent writing, story lines and character development. Thanks Dayton!

@CmdrR, Well the tug (Ptolemy class) is very different from the Connie. It’s entire power system is designed for pulling cargo. The saucer probably holds quarters for the crew. Which says a lot considering the amount of crew required to manage that much cargo. The nacelles might look the same, but I doubt this ship could go half as fast as the Enterprise.

Just my 2 cents. Not sure if it counts for anything.

The imagery is very nice however the manner in which the type was used seems rather compact, small, and insecure.

It would have been more successful if the main title were respectively larger.


After ‘Wrath Of Khan” came out, I kinda had the feeling that the ‘Reliant’ could have been a descendent rom Franz Joseph’s tug. The main difference being the length of the nacelle struts.

Of course I know that the ‘Reliant’ ( and the entire Miranda class ) was designed independently of the Tech Manual, and originally had it’s engines topside, but the resemblance is striking.

JP Saylor — of course your quatloos are welcome here.

I’m just saying that Starfleet could use a few extra pencils on the drawing board. If you’re only going to get up to warp two (is a tug about as fast as a freighter?) then why bother with streamlining. The primary hull could be bulkier for crew space and additional cargo or, better yet, lots of work vessels for hauling cargo. Anyway… my hope would be to see many more radically different designs.

The artwork remains impressive.

This looks awesome !

Really nice cover, but my eye was drawn immediately to the extended rear landing pad on both shuttles. Are they always out during flight? Does this make me a bad person?

and who says the original series stuff doesn’t hold up well?

That is one ugly ship. Why must ever ship have a saucer, even when it seams so impractical?

Ptolemy class, right? I kinda like it.

@17 Jordan

pi… impractical?


17 That is one ugly ship. Why must ever ship have a saucer, even when it seams so impractical?
Ugly? Where?

Because Star Trek ships have saucers!

Notice the shuttle at the bottom right, USS Farragut

Comics made this same mistake – going for beautifully rendered posters as covers, instead of showing a compelling scene that might entice an actual buyer with a hint about the kind of stories that are inside..

The Ptolemy has Cruising/Emergency Speeds of Warp 6/8, and has 22 Officers, and 198 Ensigns/Non-Coms/Steve Urkels, as well as 1 forward bank of two phasers, and 2 individual mounted ones near the back. They lug transport containers a lot.

Oh yeah, and I’ve been inside the Mk IV Starliner Pod of one in a simulation, it’s sweet.

When I was first discovering Trek as a kid I found a worn old copy of the “Star Fleet” tech manual at my local country library–it really brought the OS alive for me back when I was eagerly watching the two or three episodes a month that local networks would run in syndication. Seeing the Ptolemy class from that book rendered so beautifully is a real treat. Hats off to the entire Vanguard team for appreciating that “classic 23rd century design” Dax liked so much!

This is an awesome cover. Very striking.

I’m looking forward to this book a lot, too. “Vanguard” is at this point my favorite Trek series, and I recommend it to *everybody*. ;)

And a definite salute to Doug D. (and whoever else was involved) for including a Ptolemy-class transport/tug in that artwork. Very cool.


OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! I love Vanguard! If I had Oprah money, I would totally make these books into movies. They are by far my favorite Star Trek Novels. When they revealed the origins of a certain famous “device” in one of the books, I got all giddy lol.

Long Live the Vanguard Series!!!

Clearly, Pocket Books’ money for covers was spent on this! Some of the recent novel covers look like Photoshop.

In the age of the Photoshop schlock covers this is truly outstanding. I use these as desktops on my Mac.

Notice the other Shuttlecraft….the Galileo

@#10 while pulling cargo i would agree that it could only go maybe warp 4 tops.. but it likely has a tweaked drive to haul that weight and if not towing anything id bet it could at least match the Enterprises top speed

Why similar design? Because it’s much more resource-effective (i.e., cheap) to build a large fleet with similar components. Think modular construction- you could blow a nacelle of a Connie and use a “stock” nacelle at the shipyard to refit it. Same for the bridge modules- those pop out for refit, and I’m sure the impulse decks are the same on all the saucers. The saucers are probably fairly similar, interiorly, with like-computer cores, sickbay, etc.

Smart design, multi-use. If you had a “Ptolemy” in a hostile area of space, there’d be no reason you couldn’t refit it with a full range of phaser banks and heavier shields.

The Copernicus from Star Trek:Phase II is a brilliant continuation of this line of thought, IMHO.