Viral Video: Angry Birds Take On Star Trek

It seems that Star Trek-themed viral videos are all the rage. In the last few days a new one takes a popular video game and brings it into the 24th century. Check it out below.


Star Trek vs Angry Birds

The latest Star Trek viral video with almost 40,000 views in just a few days is "ST: TNG – The Avian Factor" which takes the fifth season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Game" and adds some pretty pissed off birds.

If you are unfamiliar with what the game images are that have been added to the Trek clips, then you might want to throw away that giant brick of a nineties cell phone. "Angry Birds" is a massively popular mobile game from Finnish mobile game developer Rovio. The game pits a group of angry birds against evil pigs who are stealing their eggs. The addictive game is a huge hit with over 50 million downloads which has also seen appearances on Conan, The Daily Show and other mainstream media. And just last month it was announced the Angry Birds are getting their own animated series.

Here is the trailer which has around 20 million views in the last year.

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So, seriously. Funny idea. But not worth the time it took to put it together.

Addictive Qualities?
Only slightly.

ummm stupid…

i simply do not understand why everyone has fallen for this game.

It look just as lame as the actual game shown in the episode.

I do have to say that I prefer the Crush the Castle game.

If anyone has played Crush the castle, you’d know Angry Birds is a knockoff of that game. Don’t waste your money on angry Birds, play Crush the Castle for free online

Can’t play “Crush the Castle” on my portable device.

And angry birds is more fun, honestly, as cool as “Crush the Castle” is.

Seriously, if this were the 80’s, “Angry Birds” would have its own Saturday morning cartoon.

It’s Pac Man Fever all over again. Enjoy the fad while it lasts…

Looks a lot more fun than the game that was originally in this episode.

Does it bother anybody else that “the game” didn’t have a name? Maybe it made sense in the 90s, but today it seems like making a book and just calling it “the book.”

That was pretty good!

Wesley’s girlfriend is hot-hot-hot!

That was fun as! It felt like a whole episode in just 5 minutes.It’s a rare thing to get new Next Gen material these days…

11 – She comes from a prominent family. Nice Judds.

Hilarious – and well edited!

Data and the flashing light , that was a neural transfer of Star Trek Online.

note the WTF expressions and cringing

I don’t know about that video.

But Riker’s “little friend” at the beginning has a vagina on her forehead. I wouldn’t waste time with a video game if I was him. Many much more interesting ways to pass time come to mind.

THe scary thing… is framing this ANgry Birds parody after that episode they may have a point that ANgry Birds might have some ulterior motive..I’m not a Conspiracy Theorist, but The Wall Street Journal did say that the makers of Angry Birds do in fact collect user personal info through the game, much more personal info than is allowed by Apple terms of service, and sells that info to the highest bidder.

THey of course deny doing so… what a surprise…

Great…Angry Birds is becoming the informational equivalent to the Borg Collective…

Ok, so they replaced the game in the episode with a different game. “so what” comes to mind. The editing of the game into the clip was well done though.

It’s happening. Our lives are not our own. iPhone users… you are being assimilated. Resistance is imperative!

@9: Just goes to show, I guess, that TV writers aren’t game designers. The eponymous game in the X-Files ep “First Person Shooter” (another generic title) had a discernible purpose and mechanics, but it wasn’t very good either: it was a VR FPS that consisted entirely of a wide street where the player stands behind a single piece of cover and shoots enemies that come straight toward him.


@9 I feel like “The Game” is a perfectly ambiguous and well-crafted title. Especially since the game isn’t the point. :)