TrekInk: Review of Star Trek Infestation #2 + 5-page preview

The colony is overrun by zombies, Kirk, McCoy, and Spock are on their own with only the robot from "Lost in Space" to help them! Surely George Romero is somewhere to be found! Read on for the review of the second issue of IDW’s Star Trek: Infestation. Plus we have a 5-page preview.




After their take on zombie movies in the first issue, Scott and David Tipton put a definite "Star Trek" twist on the events in this, the final Trek issue of IDW’s cross-title event.

When we last left our intrepid heroes, all three security guards with them had been zombified, their shuttle blown apart, and the entire colony’s population were zombies… chasing Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. The three manage to secure themselves inside a computing facility where McCoy wants to (obviously) try to cure the disease. Kirk sympathizes, but seems far more interested in a mass slaughter solution.

As the zombies are out of the picture for the first portion of this issue, the backstory is finally told, and sure enough, it plays out like a cross between a Star Trek episode and one of the better issues in the old Gold Key series. The Tiptons have the right balance of things as it feels much more like a Trek story this time out.

Once again, Casey Maloney provides the pencil layouts for the story, as Gary Erskine finishes and inks them. Like the first issue, the likenesses of the main characters are recognizable, but occasionally feel a bit off. The best section of the story is the flashback where the art feels much more like a Gold Key era comic, with more of the European art feels that series was associated with than the classic comic style. The only real failing is the comic-book super-hero-esque villain. The character looks too out of place in this environment.

Spock doubts McCoy’s ailing vision… as usual, much to McCoy’s bemusement. (click to enlarge)

Luis Antonio Delgado colors this issue too (in addition to the B cover). He is allowed a bit more freedom in this issue, and his color work on the flashback scene really makes the segment feel just perfect. The issue is filled with earthy tones, and they suit the story well, contrasting with the classic Trek feel as the story comes to its conclusion.

Chris Mowry letters this issue again, and the fight scenes that close out the issue are full out sound effects and Mowry’s lettering is given a chance to shine. He even gets to use four different styles of word balloons through the issue to distinguish the four main groupings of characters.

This issue only has three covers, and again the stand-out cover is John K. Snyder III’s Gold Key tribute, which looks like it fell right out of the early 70s, complete with text, word balloons, and quotes. The bare zombie hand cover from the first issue by Gabriel Rodriguez comes to its full potential this time around with images from Casey Maloney and Gordon Purcell, and the third cover is an image of the "Star Trek Infestation" badge that some retailers received.

Is the whole "I’m a nerd, ooo, pretty girl" thing really this bad? (click to enlarge)

This issue is better than the first, and moves it into the realms of a proper "Star Trek" story. The solution feels a bit like something that would be found in an episode of the "Next Generation" series, but flows naturally with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy leading the charge. It wasn’t as action heavy as the end of the first issue suggested that it would be, but the conclusion is very satisfying.

The final wrap-up issue for the entire Infestation series will be released April 6th. March issues in the cross-over series will be drawn from the "G.I. Joe" and "Ghostbusters" titles.

Covers for "Star Trek: Infestation" #2
(click to enlarge)

5-page preview

Here peek inside Star Trek: Infestation #2.

Click to enlarge

Available Wednesday

Star Trek: Infestation #2 ($3.99) will be available in comic stores on Wednesday February 23rd. You can order both issues from TFAW, with a 20% discount.

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Star Trek: Infestation #2
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So far and as much as I hate to say this. This is actually pretty good. I say hate because I just do not like Zombie Shows. But this is feeling more and more like Trek and for that I like it. I just hope the ending is the last we will see of Zombies in Star Trek.

That computer looks like the Banana Jr. PC parody (of Apple) from “Bloom County!”

I’m not sure about those robots… they remind me a bit too much of Yes Man from Fallout…

“We’ll take care of those zombies for you, easy-peasy! :D”

The first cover, with the 1960´s Star Trek comic logo, plus, the 1950´s pulp narration is EPIC. It´s poster worthy.

IDW spoils us.

Will IDW continue publishing Trek comics after this issue? I do not see any upcoming issues for 2011.

Count me out on the Zombies. I’m waiting for the next round of TOS comics.

IDW’s stated that there are more Trek comics coming this year, in both the Movie reality and the “Prime Universe”.

That story was published with the initial preview here:

This is right up there with the Star Trek Gnome cross-over at Marvel in the 1980s. Yes, it really happened. And, yes, it really sucked.

More crap part two.

@2 Yeah! I thought that looked familiar!

4. Agreed, I would freakin LOVE to have that as a poster.

IDW needs to get on that.

Is John Byrne doing another Gary Seven series as he hinted at?

2. Simon

“Yuck. The Fritos are antiquated.”

comics and star trek always work well

Star Trek zombies? Hmm…. I’ll have to check this one out.

The idea is okay–zombies in space!!!–but the artwork is rotten. Spock is just horribly misdrawn!

But the death knell for me was when the computer stood up and started making faces, and then started spouting perfectly timed information about the backstory. Stupid looking, extremely cheesy Saturday-morning-cartoon idea, and bad execution.

I never thought I would be reduced to saying this…but by comparison, this crap is so bad that is has me actually longing for one of those beyond annoying Ensign Sue comic strips. LOL

**Off Topic**
I have successfully guessed the basic plot points for every single movie produced in 2010 based purely on the title and a few tit bits and I have realized what the new movie is going to be about.

The general plot will be the Enterprise coming to the rescue of a weak society plagued by a menace, either a crazy Human (Khan) or Klingons. Why am sure of this?

1) The Enterprise crew (particularly Spock) feel they have to atone for allowing the Vulcans to die in the first movie and “not doing more”
2) A basic rescue plot allows for action while keeping to the ethos of the Star Trek universe – a key consideration for the movie makers
3) A basic rescue plot is the only “basic” plot structure that hasn’t already been covered in the first movie

Now, generally speaks, the 2nd act in a 3 act dramatic structure is usually darkest so something has to go wrong. Since the crew can’t possibly fail to save the main “damsels in distress” – it is highly likely that someone close to them will be killed. It’s unlikely that the death will be a member of the main cast (they have all signed up to 3 movies and are getting a lot of face time) – so Pike or Spock Snr have sufficient presence and emotional clout to pull off a decent death narrative that is sufficient to bring the 2nd act into darkness.

Enough said.


Miss you!


Miss you!

How did that happen?

So, the vampire woman or whatever she was, is the piece that holds the entire Infestation series together? Who was she?

Wow. That Gold Key-inspired pulp cover is amazing!

#1: I agree. While this was definitely an interesting sort of “two-shot,” especially being both a self-contained story and a “crossover” with events in several other franchises, in the end, I just don’t think they ought to do this too often, or as part of the regular IDW “Trek” comics. But “special events” like “Infestation” are just fine and I’d be lying if I didn’t say the whole thing wasn’t even a little fun.

#22: I am also a Transformers fan and I’ve looked into the TF issue. She is a vampire/zombie hybrid. This is really, really simplified, but: Britt was originally a Vampire agent – sort of like a “monster police/SWAT” kind of deal. But she was bitten by one of her zombified colleagues and her hybrid nature apparently gave her the ability to open portals to other realities. I know, it’s a big stretch – but when you are trying to tie together events in universes as disparate as “Transformers: G1” and “Star Trek” with zombie horror, I guess you need a big stretch.

Thanks, nx!

About the robot with the face: One word: Superjail!

That is all.

read #2 – wasnt as good as #1 set up imo.

in fact it all felt pretty similar to the TOS Manga story ‘Side Effects’ especially when the zombie queen showed up

(btw something like Side Effects would make for a great movie with the nucast about the Borg origins – could work in Vger too)

oh great cover btw – in fact the Gold Key covers are what finally swayed me to buy em!