William Shatner Gets To The “Raw Nerve” Of Scott Bakula, LeVar Burton and Walter Koenig – See Clips

The third season of William Shatner’s Bio chat show Shatner’s Raw Nerve is underway and it looks like this year will have a big influx of fellow Star Trek vets. Next you can see Bill sit down with Scott Bakula and later in the season Bio will air episodes with Walter Koenig and LeVar Burton. Clips from each are now available online.


Pegg talks Star Trek vs New Ideas

Next week there will be a meeting of the captains when Star Trek Enterprise’s Scott Bakula sits down for Shatner’s Raw Nerve. The official episode synopsis promises:

Golden Globe-winner Scott Bakula sits down with host William Shatner for a personal conversation. Shatner talks to Bakula about what it was like to break into the business at a young age, his time as a Broadway singer, and what an honor it was for him to play a role on the Star Trek: Enterprise series. Bakula speaks about his healthy lifestyle and how he’s implemented his philosophies into the raising of his sons.

A clip of Bill talking to Scott about his singing is available at the Bio site.

Click to see at bio.com

The Bakula episode of Shatner’s Raw Nerve airs on Bio on Monday February 28 at 10PM.

Walter Koenig will also be on Shatner’s show, where Bill says Walter turns the tables on to get to his own "raw nerve". Bio offers a clip where Koenig alks about being "amorphous being" after Star Trek.

Click to see at bio.com

And the final alum will be Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton In the clip at the Bio site Burton talks about shooting the famous whipping scene in Roots.

Click to see at bio.com

The Koenig and Burton episodes of Raw Nerve will air later in the season.

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Yey! First out of space dock. to explore the unknown.

Scott Bakula sharing the screen with Bill Shatner. It’s that Enterprise episode we never got… but should have.

Have we seen Walter without his toup before?

A bold and brave choice.

All these clips look really interesting. I just wish I got this channel in the UK.

I hope Walter doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to how he feels about Shatner.

Did anyone else feel uncomfortable when Shatner was reciting his ‘research’ when this was all stuff he could have learnt during 40 years of knowing and working with Walter?

Also, I wonder if they will discuss the tragic loss of Walter’s son. What Walter himself said about that at the press conference, remains one of the bravest and most inspiring things I have ever heard.

Love Shatner.

Yeah, how do we get these in the UK??

Looks like some good stuff wish i got that channel

I always thought Walter Koenig was the most articulate/thoughtful member of the cast. Unlike Mr. Shatner and Mr. Nimoy I don’t sense a large ego.

Got a keep an eye out for these in the UK. Have seen a few episodes over here and it is good. Shatner asks great questions.

All three of these will be great and the one with Walter Koenig should be really intersting, if there are no holds barred.

Walter Koenig briefly took his baseball cap off at the Vegas con last year to show he was not wearing his toupee.

My prediction is that the Walter Koenig episode will be very soft-pedaled. I doubt he’ll expose any ‘raw nerves’ of Shatner’s.

I do enjoy the show, and Shatner usually does get his guests to open up as never before, but there are a select few he wears kid gloves around (Rush Limbaugh was one). They’ll probably touch a tiny bit on the TOS Star Trek fracas, but not much. I hope Shatner doesn’t push too hard about Andrew Koenig’s tragic suicide. If Walter doesn’t talk about it, I’d certainly understand. Some topics are off the table, no matter what.

Now, if he could get George Takei on the show that might be interesting. You’d have to physically gag him to keep him quiet about Shatner; he’s almost made a second career out of badmouthing the man.
At any rate, it’s usually an interesting show and I hope to tune in. ; )

good stuff

Will be great to see the Shat with these 3. Especialy Scott Bakula. Owuld like to get tha Shats take on Enterprise. Also good to see Walter. I also Loved Walter on Babylon 5 as Bester. He was great in that role. Lavar Burton will be fun to watch as well.

This is good! I enjoy listening to shatner in this format. Instead of hammy over the top …….Acting.

Chekov was touted as this “wery” young ensign in season 2, when in actuality he was older than Sulu. But even knowing that, it is shocking to see him as a little old man. Looks like the death of his son has taken a huge toll on him. =^(

Can’t wait to see these eps.

#4 “Did anyone else feel uncomfortable when Shatner was reciting his ‘research’ when this was all stuff he could have learnt during 40 years of knowing and working with Walter?”

Not at all. Shatner “knew” Deforest Kelly and Leonard Nimoy, whom he spent more time with and were his contemporaries. He barely had any screen time with Walter during the original series, much less, screen time (which equals quality “down” time on the set) with him during the movies. Its not like they were bowling buddies in the Trek league for 40 years.

Hope Shatner remembers Walter’s name, and doesn’t refer to him as “the actor who plays Chekov”.

mikeyP wrote:

> Hope Shatner remembers Walter’s name…

If you watch the Bio clip, Bill calls Walter by name.

Good to see them together. I read the above comments about the supporting cast. I have pretty much always understood Shatner’s dilemma of being the “star.” He would have been grilled constantly on the latest ratings (which were never good) and would constantly been under pressure to “save the show.” I’m sure Nimoy got some of that, too. The others were not in a position to be the “face of Star Trek.” All of which is not to excuse Shat from failing to be nicer at times. The line-hogging stories are too numerous to dismiss. Still, I’d really like my pretend family to get along. SO… (hey, I’ll get to the point soon) it’s good to see them talking. I wish James Doohan and Shat had buried the hatchet. Takei? I really think he IS making a second career out of Shat-bashing.

Thus endeth the rant.

I encourage all those who have opinions on the “Star Trek feuds” to read everyone’s accounts–Shatner’s gets the most play, but the issue is addressed to degrees in Nichols’, and in parts with Koenig’s and Doohan’s (I dunno if Takei has ever written down his piece, but we obviously know it, don’t we.)

I think it’s pretty obvious that all these guys had an ego to some degree (after all, they’re actors), but some had larger wills. Honestly the only member of the cast to come off really will is DeForest, because he seemed to take the fact that he was always ranked third in stride and fought for his character rather than himself.


I met Walter several years ago, shortly before Generations was released. I found him very pleasant and, as you say, articulate. I’ll never forget how I felt at the time; “Man… I’m chatting it up with Mr. Chekov! Just the two of us! Sweet!!!”

Good man!

These will be great to see. Shatner does a wonderful job as the host. I thought there would only be a few I would be interested in see because of who he had but I wound up watching all of them so far.

The one with Jenna Jameson was funny as I was waiting for Cpt Kirk to make another “conquest”. His best was the one with Nimoy, that had some good stuff.

I know these shows have more tape but at 30 minutes (actual time is 22 minutes) they have to edit a lot out , which is shame.

Actually, I hope Shat does bring up Andrew’s death. I think that the two of them have death of a close loved one in common – Shatner with his wife who drowned in the swimming pool.

The 3 minute clip of Mr. Koeing was interesting, it really made me want to hear more. I started watching Raw Nerve in the beginning and just lost track of when it was on. Guess it’s time to start recording it.

Interesting clips, but I have how they consistently cut off the guest in mid-thought/sentence. How tough would it be to edit it properly?

Meant to write I HATE they cut off in mid-sentence, above.

The Bio HD channel is available in the UK / Ireland. Raw Nerve has been shown regularly, so I expect to see these episodes at some stage.

And BIO likes familiarity, too.

Nice of him to get it right once.

It’s funny, I cannot help it: Every time I hear Walter Koenig talk I imagine him speaking with a Russian accent (: – It’s easy to imagine, as even when he’s speaking normally he has a very clear, very nondialectal pronounciation

I’m sure Walter is a bigger man than this, but it fleetingly crossed my mind that he went toupless as a subtle tweak to Shatner. Shat clearly has a transplant now and not a toup, but confronting him with unexpected baldness might still have made him self-consious.

I love Raw Nerve!

18 – “I wish James Doohan and Shat had buried the hatchet.”

I seem to recall reading not too long ago on this site that they had, shortly before Doohan’s death.

Bold choice for Walter to go without the toupe. A little shocking at first but it looks so much better than when he wore the rug…and not a particularly good one. IMHO.

I wonder if Shatner’s raw nerve is in regards to the toup! @Odkin, there has been some debate on this, but Shatner’s Toupee has concluded that he still wears a toup.

See: http://shatnerstoupee.blogspot.com/2010/11/toup-throat.html

Trust me folks, Koenig has just as much ego as the next actor. It’s really Shatner who has a beef with Koenig, and not the other way around…Koenig and Doohan (particularly those two) were on the convention circuit for years badmouthing Bill – who really had no idea until recently what was being said about him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think all of the original cast are quality people, but Shatner has long been the “whipping boy” for cast members who never seemed to realized (and probably still don’t) that they were SUPPORTING characters, NOT the stars of the show.

I have not seen Koenig without the wig, I think he looks better without it.

Raw Nerve is a bit like Shatner doing ST V’s Sybok… “Share your pain with me… and gain strength from the sharing!”

Say all you want about Shat’s ego–I mean, go ahead, no news there–but the guy has turned out to be a FABULOUS interviewer! On this show and in others. Who knew? I’ve always enjoyed immensely Raw Nerve. Way to go. Glad he kept it up even after the sitcom (and the documentary The Captains, and the convention tour…)

Looking forward to the interview with Bak on Monday. The two actors never seemed to have much in common except staying power.

I would love to see a Shatner interview with 2 other captains, Picard and Sisko, both strong characters, both highly trained actors. DS9 is my favorite Star Trek series.

#39 We WILL see Shatner interview them specifically about being a part of Trek, whenever we get to finally see The Captains documentary Shatner made last year.

Shatner is also hilarious in his new series, as well as his work in
Third Rock From the Sun”, and the sequel to “Airplane'” The skit he did on SNL was priceless ( the Enterprise is now a restaurant and Khan , played by Dana Carvey, is a Health Inspector!). Go Kirk!

walter’s wig
is a co-wig

we have never seen a shatner
without a wig or swig or swag
nor a koenig
without a wig or swig of wodka

not in 1966, 1967, 1968 or 1969
cha cha cha