Christian Slater Brings Star Trek Captain’s Chair To His New Sitcom ‘Breaking In’

Actor Christian Slater showed his Star Trek fandom two decades ago with a Star Trek VI cameo, and now he is bringing his inner Trekkie to his new Fox sitcom Breaking In, where he worked in an original series Star Trek captain’s chair for his character. Check out a clip of Slater and his Kirk chair below.


Christian Slater gets Kirk Chair Into New Sitcom "Breaking In"

Actor Christian Slater heads a new Fox sitcom Breaking In which premieres in April. The show is half-hour workplace comedy about a high-tech security firm that takes "extreme – and often questionable – measures to sell their protection services." Slater plays OZ, the "mysterious" and "larger-than-life" head of the team.

Slater, who is a big Star Trek fan, suggested to the producers of the show that one of his characters quirks would be that he has a Captain’s Chair from the original Star Trek. The actor tells WENN:

I would make suggestions for the character of Oz and they would incorporate things that made me very happy. Some of the things that I wanted to incorporate were very difficult and you would have to have approvals and trademark elements – Star Trek being the main thing. For me the idea of getting to sit in Captain Kirk’s chair was a personal fantasy.

Yesterday Fox released a new promo for Breaking In, where you can see Slater’s Kirk chair, check it out:

Breaking In premieres on Fox April 6th at 9:30 PM. More on the show at

This is not Slater’s first brush with Trek. Twenty years ago Slater had a brief cameo in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, playing the night duty officer on Captain Sulu’s USS Excelsior. Slater got the job through his mother, Mary Jo Slater, who was the casting director for the film.

Christian Slater in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"


Thanks to Frank Adams for the tip


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Yeea, saw this briefly on a promo tonight. Immediately knew what I was seeing…


Thats not THE chair isnt that chair at the seattle scifi museum?

Very cool. He lives near me, hopefully I’ll get to talk to him about it!

It must be a replica?

Was that Lex Luthor???

@5 Uh oh, he has hair. This does not bode well for Michael Rosenbaum showing up in the last episode of Smallville with a shaved head. He’ll either be wearing a Doctor Evil bald cap or he’ll have a wig during later episodes of “Breaking In”…

That is cool.


Yar. It’s in Seattle.

rosenbaum is back for series finale. bald cap likely

I would love to have that chair. As would everyone else on Trek Movie. good to see Slater back in action. Can’t wait to see Rosenbaum on Smallville.

I think that’s cool. Good for him.

Have to admit I’d love to have a Captain’s chair. It’d go in my special room with all my other goodies. So that’ll probably never happen….for I have no special room and no room for a special room. Would be fun though.

ST6 rocked back in the day.

The chair looks to be one from HMS. I have one and it’s covered with formica, LEDs and sound effects. An excellent replica. Great to see Christian Slater showing the love for the original Star Trek once again.

“ST6 rocked back in the day.”

i watched it last week and it holds up nicely. it is still right up there with wrath of khan for me.

I just watched Khan with my son for the first time this week. He liked it, but thought it a bit slow. It figures, with today’s fast-cut, ADD style of film-making.

I also liked ST6, but the one scene that will forever bother me was when Uhuru had trouble speaking Klingon. That scene was horrible and almost killed the entire movie for me. At least they got it right in the new film, with Uhuru speaking a million languages. Like a real hot C-3PO.

WHEN will the chair get its own show!!?

I always thought Christian Slater would have been (and still would be) great in a Trek TV series.

Just sayin…

The Brotherhood of the Traveling Captain’s Chair….

Me too…

Anyone remember the show he did a few years ago called “My Own Worst Enemy” where he played a character with two personalities? One was Henry the family man and the other was Edward the assassin/super spy.

I started to get in to that show just as it was cancelled….too bad it wasn’t given much of a chance; only 8 episodes.

2, 4, 10:

Actually, there are replicas available for purchase, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was one of those:

18 Agreed

Hey Bob and JJ!! Get Slater his own captain’s chair in your sequel! You know he wants it! I wouldn’t mind it either.


It was really funny how you referred to “Uhuru” in STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY. Her name, throughout the original series was “Uhura”. However, in the end credits of TREK VI, she’s erroneously referred to as “Uhuru”.

I can’t help but think that the error in your post was ironically intentional. And if so…GOOD SHOW!

I always seen a lot of parrallels between Christian Slater and Jack Nicholson, now I’m thinking Christian is a clone of the guy.

just hope he never balloons the way Jack did

Yes, the original is in the sci-fi museum in Seattle along with the filming model of the Enterprise from Trouble and Tribbulations DS9 episode. There are also a copy of Shatner and Nimoys uniform tops from TOS, some shooting scripts (complete with bored outta her skull Nichelle Nichols scribbles on the script pages), Locutus face mask and some original TOS Enterprise consoles. Kinda cool.

Living nearby I try to go once or twice a year. Kinda neat to see all that stuff ..wish they’d get more movie props and ships, but most everything in the “muesum” is all Paul Allens personal items he bought from Paramount and others.

Maybe they can right Slater in for the sequel, I love Slaters acting style, but seems to get cancelled to soon. I loved the series where they try and solve the doe cases.

“I also liked ST6, but the one scene that will forever bother me was when Uhura had trouble speaking Klingon. That scene was horrible and almost killed the entire movie for me. At least they got it right in the new film, with Uhura speaking a million languages. Like a real hot C-3PO.”

I agree. I sat in the theater thinking, “How the hell is it that Commander Uhura can’t speak Klingon?” I think that that scene could have played far more dramatically instead of being comic relief (when there wasn’t much funny about it at all).

This series looks to be a lot of fun, much like TBBT…
I hope, anyway. Plus, an occasional reference to
Trek would be really cool.

Nice to see a shot of him back when his forehead moved. I feel like a dick for writing that.

# 18 — gotta agree- he has class

Anyone like Slater who is a fan of Trek is a friend of mine.

Jtrekker wrote:

> Actually, there are replicas available for purchase, and it wouldn’t surprise
> me if it was one of those:


Well, the chair is pulled from that website. Did anyone ever get one of these? I kept checking back every month when it was first announced, but the release date kept moving back and back.

In the unedited version… Sulu invites the lieutenant into his quarters.

Have the guys at NEW VOYAGES ever thought of asking Slater to be in one of their films? I always thought it would be cool to see him as First Officer of the Excelsior.

I actually own a replica Kirk Chair I built myself, I’d say it’s about as close as you can get to the real thing. Hell, it got me in the New York Times!