Simon Pegg: Star Trek Sequel Script Is “Amazeballs” + Bob Orci Talks Fan Feedback [UPDATED]

Time for another update from Simon Pegg, Star Trek’s new chief engineer. Following up from yesterday’s comments about the state of the movie industry and franchise films (like Trek), today Pegg clarified and offered the inside buzz on the sequel script, coining an interesting word. Plus producer/co-writer Bob Orci has commented on the importance of fan feedback.  


Pegg: Star Trek ‘Amazeballs’

Yesterday TrekMovie and others reported on Simon Pegg’s twitter comment about Star Trek being "absolutely the result of execs favouring familiarity" along with linking to GQ the article "The Day the Movies Died". Today Pegg clarified his comment with the following very positive tweet about the upcoming Star Trek sequel:

As we know, Bob Orci and Damon Lindelof are currently trying to wrap up the first draft of the Star Trek sequel script. It is unlikely that the script has been sent to any of the actors, so Pegg’s "word on the bridge" is probably related to feedback from the creative team behind the film.

UPDATE: Pegg confirms he hasn’t seen script

Some sites took Pegg’s tweet as confirmation that the Star Trek sequel script is finished and he had seen it. On Monday Pegg sent out yet another clarifying tweet noting "Just to clarify, I have not seen anything of the new Star Trek script, I have just heard good things from HQ",

Pegg is "amazeballs" excited about Star Trek sequel

Orci talks fan feedback

In our recent update on the Star Trek sequel, TrekMovie conveyed a question from Bob Orci and Damon Lindelof about what to call the deflector dish. The article has spawned hundreds of comments in just a couple days, but some question if they are really listening. Orci answered that earlier today saying:

boborci: Thank you all for commenting! truly appreciated. to those who cynically think we are asking dumb questions, let me say that, although u r right that we may have a pre-formed opinion before we ask, we also value input, can change our opinion, and learn from the variations in responses.

Orci also revealed that the team have already worked the name of your humble editor in the Star Trek script. Could I be the name of a red shirt, or a planet, or maybe a horrible infectious disease? I can’t wait and am deeply honored.

Orci also noted TrekMovie community feedback about the recently passed Del Trame (aka TrekMovie commenter British Naval Dude), saying they he will "keep British Naval Dude in mind" and that he "remembers him fondly".


New Sequel logo

Based on some fan feedback, TrekMovie is trying out a new logo icon for this Star Trek sequel article. The art is courtesy of TrekMovie reader Stefan Chab. Feedback is welcome (or other ideas).

Stefan Chab’s take on a Star Trek 2012 promo symbol

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