In Case You Missed It: Clips Of LeVar Burton On ‘Big Bang Theory’ & ‘Community’

As previously reported, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton was a guest on last night’s episode of the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory. Well if you weren’t paying close attention you may have missed the quick appearance, but you can check it out below, plus clips from Burton’s previous week’s appearance on Community


LeVar’s quick exit on The Big Bang Theory 

Last night’s episode of the CBS Comedy The Big Bang Theory involved Sheldon trying to create a new group of friends including "TV’s LeVar Burton" who he sent an invite to via Twitter. Burton was a no-show at Sheldon’s gathering and he eventually left, only to miss Burton later when he popped in, check it out.

LeVar on Community

LeVar had much more to do on the previous week’s episode of the NBC comedy Community, here is a compilation.

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I don’t understand the Community video. Is that the difficult concept of humor Saavik mentioned? If humor evolves into the future like it evolves now, I can see that happening XD

That Community ep was amazing.

“More Fish for Kunta…”

That was a blink and you’ll miss it moment if ever I saw one (or almost didn’t).
My wife didn’t recognize him for a split second. Not nearly as side-splittingly funny as the George Takei, Wil Wheaton (“WHEEATOOON!”) or Katee Sackhoff cameos, but OK.

Love LeVar Burton, but his cameo didn’t make the episode worth watching.

#1 – What’s not to understand? The character Troy is such a huge fan of Burton’s that when they meet, Troy is completely frozen into stunned silence.

Then we see Troy freaking out and learn WHY he’s stunned/frozen: He’s scared of disappointing his idol, Levar Burton.

Never mind; trying to explain humor is one of the most pointless endeavors ever. Peace! :)

It’s always good to see Levar Burton doing his thing.

Maybe its just drunk me, but that show suddenly looks good, maybe good enough to replace the comedy gap in my heart that Scrubs left…maybe…


More Fish for Kunta!

This is going to be a web-meme in the next few days


Community is waaaaay funnier than Scrubs, and I say that as a former Scrubs fan.


Community is amazing.

I love how Britta recognized him from Rebop.

“Well, more fish for Kunta.”