Report: Paramount Ready To Get Star Trek Sequel Going + Flashback: JJ Abrams Star Trek First Officially Announced 4 Years Ago Today

As we have been reporting here at, developing the script for the 2012 Star Trek sequel is now in the final stretch. Now a new report states that Paramount is ready to get things started. This all falls on the four-year anniversary of Paramount officially announcing JJ Abrams’ first Star Trek film. More details below.


Report: Paramount ready to get things going

A new article from our friend Vic Holtreman at Screenrant cites a studio source with a report that Paramount liked the story pitch for the Star Trek sequel and that they are "already willing to spend money on pre-production offices." This report is consistent with TrekMovie reporting, as all indications are that Paramount is bullish on the Star Trek sequel and wants to get things going to ensure they make their June, 29 2012 date.

As previously reported, sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci recently said that the writing team (of Orci, Damon Lindelof and Alex Kurtzman) hope to hand in the first draft of the script to the studio by late March, and this week he and fellow co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof spoke about ‘holing up’ in a hotel to the first draft. And on Thursday, actor Simon Pegg said buzz on the script was good, or as he put it "that the "word on the bridge is the new script is AMAZEBALLS", appearing to confirm that insider buzz.

Traditionally films need a script to get a greenlight and budget and to start pre-production, but once Paramount set the June 29, 2012 release date (which they did thirteen months ago) the Star Trek sequel had what one insider called a "soft greenlight" meaning that the studio assumes the film will go ahead even before getting a script. While many aspects of pre-production require an agreed script draft (like casting, designing, location scouting, construction, etc.) there are still things that could be done to lay the groundwork, such as set up offices and possibly lining up the required crew, which is expected to be a close mirror to the team that put together the 2009 Star Trek film.

So things continue to move in the right direction for the 2012 Star Trek sequel, and 2011 looks to be an eventful year for the film moving into to pre-production soon and then production, which is reported to be starting in August.

The 2012 Star Trek sequel could be pulling out of spacedock soon


Flashback: Four Years ago today Paramount announced JJ Abrams Star Trek

It might be hard to believe, but it was February 27, 2007 when Paramount officially announced that were making a new Star Trek movie. In a release titled "J.J. Abrams to direct Star Trek Feature Film For Paramount in Theaters Christmas Day 2008" studio chief Brad Grey stated (in part) "The revival of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise is an important part of Paramount’s turnaround." The release also quoted Abrams, who said:

JJ Abrams (2/27/07): If there’s something I’m dying to see, it’s the brilliance and optimism of Roddenberry’s world brought back to the big screen. Alex and Bob wrote an amazing script that embraces and respects Trek canon, but charts its own course.  Our goal is to make a picture for everyone — life-long fans and the uninitiated.  Needless to say, I am honored and excited to be part of this next chapter of Star Trek.

Although word about a JJ Abrams-produced Star Trek project was first reported in the spring of 2006 (before launched), the only official release from Paramount before Feb. 27, 2007 was the Abrams-designed teaser poster at Comic-Con 2006.

Original Star Trek teaser from Comic Con 2006 – movie "officially " announced Feb. 27 2007 (four years ago today)

The February 2007 official announcement confirmed that Abrams would be directing as well as producing (along with Damon Lindelof), with a shooting start target of Fall 2007 and a release date of Christmas 2008 (which was later changed to May 2009). The release didn’t reveal a title, cast, or any plot details. Even though TrekMovie and others were unofficially reporting that the film would recast Kirk and Spock, it wasn’t until later in spring 2007 that Abrams confirmed this, and not until Comic-Con 2007 that the team announced the casting of Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy, as the two Spocks.

While a Trek film was announced Feb. 27, 2007 – first casting and "Star Trek" title weren’t revealed until Comic-Con 2007 "Star Trek" panel

Assuming that they follow form, then Paramount could be issuing a similar official announcement about the 2012 Star Trek sequel as early as March (which would hopefully also confirm JJ Abrams as director). Pre-production for the sequel will be a much simpler process as Abrams and Bad Robot already have a crew in mind, and most of the principal cast they need. Also much of the work designing and building sets for the USS Enterprise are done, so the focus for the sequel will be designing, building and scouting for new elements in the film, along with casting new characters.


This article’s Star Trek sequel icon comes courtesy of the linked article from our friends at ScreenRant.

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And we are off……..

It’s been a long road fellas. I hope you outdo yourselves on this one!

No real news though.

No surprise there.

“a soft greenlight” – how romantic….

Word is that there might possibly be some starships in the next movie!

There might even be some space scenes…


Ha ha…

click on the link for the announcement from 4 years ago and read the last comment!!

Priceless with hindsight…


Ha Ha. You are right that is bloody hilarious.

Hindsight is a wonderful and amusing thing at times…

Whats the meaning of “amazeballs”!?

…wow…way too much time between films. Oh well, that’s Hollywood.


jk.. but seriously though, can I get some more Enterprise please? Some nice slow shots.. really get a sense of the exterior/interior.. oh and scrap the apple store bridge..

and for pete’s sake please PLEASE keep the Spock/Uhura stuff behind closed doors..

thanks in advance, Trek12 writing team, for accepting these suggestions.. :)

RE: Shatner cameo: the Maybe’s and No’s on the TrekMovie poll outweigh the 2 Definite Yes’s at this point…

But as I said elsewhere, Shat seems intent upon making himself too darn busy even if he IS asked.

No real surprises here. Paramount is committed to the Star Trek films at this point in time. The only surprise might be that they already want to commit resources to it this early in the game. I think they are committed to making the next film a blockbuster and will invest whatever is necessary. 2012 looks to be a great year for films. I’ll have a new Star Trek film and a new James Bond film to look forward too (I’m a huge Bond fan too–glad MGM got their mess straightened out).

I’ve said plenty on these boards about what I’d like to see and won’t rehash. The only thing I would ask is in addition to the action, explosions and special effects, please give us an intelligent, insightful film also. Some of my favorite Star Trek episodes over the years are the ones that have twists and turns in the story. As an avid Hitchcock fan, I love directors that use symbolism, colors and foreshadowing, things you have to watch the film twice to catch. Try to avoid the cookie-cutter sci-fi action flick that seems so common among sci-fi today.

Whatever you guys come up with, you seem to have full studio support. Take advantage of that to deliver a knockout film. So many times in the past, the directors and writers had to make do with less (though they too put out great Star Trek films). This time, the money is there. Use it wisely.

“This article’s Star Trek sequel icon comes courtesy of the linked article from our friends at ScreenRant.”

I notice it has a “2”.

The next person I find calling it “Star Trek 2” will be forced to watch “Star Trek Voyager: The Fight” until I am satisfied that they have learnt the errors of their way, and will refer to it aS good old fashion Star Trek XII or ST XII.

Wow. 70 percent would be ok with Shat coming back. Probably won’t happen unless jj wants it. At least the team will put Shat lovers out of their misery early this time

Can’t wait for Star Trek 2!!!!!

I kinda like the new icon there (not knocking the other one used, good to). But this movie is really the second one in this particular series. It fits for me.

Is this the new official icon? Too lens flarey, I think. Oh dear. Not enough of that beautiful blue colour either.

I really hope that August will be the month when the real filming begins, if not before hand. August is also the month of Chris Pine’s birthday (Aug. 26).

At least, that will give Karl Urban plenty of time to catch the Rugby World Cup games being played in NZ this year, before becoming our beloved grumpy “Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a rugby player”, Bones. Karl wanted to be an All-Black when he was younger. Rugby is sacrosanct here, especially among NZ males. Karl, of course, knows where his roots lie, as well he should…;)

The fact is that the sequel will be Star Trek 2 within this alternate timeline/universe. The Wrath of Khan was actually Star Trek II (Roman numerals). I can’t recall that episode of Star Trek:Voyager (not good with names of episodes but know them when I see them) but probably watched it and enjoyed it. Quite happy to watch it again. I mean, it’s Star Trek, isn’t it?…:)

Find some way to use “red matter” to make the nacelles glow, ya know, RED?! That would be swell.

I can’t wait for the movie, all news is good news. I would love to be a part of this Movie in some form. I would be a dream come true.

I like the new icon! I kept seeing “42” in the old one…

But isn’t THE answer “42”?


Im already getting a chub just thinking about a new star trek movie! Crossing fingers for JJ to direct.

I am getting excited all over again for all the news that will be coming in this year for the movie. The only thing I am worried about is the date of June 29, 2012. I am just worried that a certain radioactive blood teenager swings into theaters 4 days later. So hopefully that movie ends up moving so Star Trek can have a good box office weekend and be number one again.

Just like in the fall of ’08, we should be getting photos and tidbits from the set in October or November. Assuming that filming starts in August as planned.

Boy, time just wizzes by!

Now that the Academy Awards are finished, it’s time to repeat my choice for director if J.J. Abrams doesn’t direct the next Star Trek film:

Tom Hooper (“The King’s Speech”) He just won the Oscar for directing. And from what I can tell his IMDB, he’s not busy. By the way, “The King’s Speech” is a great movie.

Not really that surprising. Sequels coming off really successful films often don’t need to have a full script ready to go before some financing kicks in. This is especially true when the creative talent is pretty much the same and have proven themselves.

Also, Paramount needs Trek XII to meet its deadline. After what looks like an amazing lineup of films for 2011, they’re current slate for 2012 is surprisingly weak.

CmdR and Dennis Bailey still on board four years later. Stanky went overboard. The rest of us: Johnny-come-lately’s!

No pre-production can begin w/o a director, money or not!

I like the ‘2’ logo, BTW. I doubt that Abrams & Co. see their upcoming film as Star Trek 12. They see it as the second movie in their distinct film series.


I can tell you’ve been spending too much time in the basement. Tom Hooper? You’ve gotta be kidding! The mutual disinterest of both Hooper and Paramount in such a scenario is 1000% certain.

#10: I don’t have a problem with the concept of the Spock/Uhura romance, but how it was done in the last movie. I mean, the only thing in it was her throwing herself at Spock at several times. I mean, I don’t have a problem with crewmembers romancing each other, but how it’s done.

#23: I’d say a 10 to 1 chance AGAINST JJ directing.

#26: Not gonna happen. I don’t think Tom Hooper is Trek material.

The one thing that gets me is this: What if the movie is as bad as “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” but gets praised like it’s “The Dark Knight?” I mean, the last Star Trek was a fun romp, but it was no masterpiece, depsite people saying otherwise. I can’t get Kirk’s quick jump from Cadet to Captain, I just can’t, along with some of the other things.

Just around the corner preproduction…some teasers posters, production and then the juicy spoilers and teaser trailer. It has already been two years (more or less,) Just one more year to fly by.

It is the 12th Star Trek movie, but yes, its the second in this series, just like Generations was the first TNG movie, and II, III, and IV were a trilogy.

Why are fans so hyper critical :/ anyway I am so looking forward to this :)

This script has be proscratinated to the very last bitter day.
Nonetheless, Paramount waving the flag GO makes me feel…

in the words of Howard Dean….


Hi Anthony,

Love the new Star Trek 2′ logo. Its better then the ghostbuster-style 2 logo.

See, and I like Anthony’s Trekbusters logo. It’s clever and funny.

Dear gawd! I just read through the thread’s posts from 4 years ago and I was here even then! Under a different post name, but still…………sheeit, I need to get a hobby! :>)

Delighted to know that Paramount appears to be behind the script for the next movie.

Trek lives!

Some working shields would be nice this time too. Just saying……. :D


@ 31 Anthony Thompson
@ 32 Rusty

Yes, I’m figuratively in the basement and life is cool here. Anthony, I have not heard that Hooper hates Star Trek or Paramount hates Hooper. Please show it.

Rusty, what is Trek material? Should we force him to do the Vulcan salute? Tom Hooper has got a ton of talent. (See the mini-series “John Adams.”) I think Abrams is the best choice even if I’ve crticized Star Trek (2009.) The “Wrath of Khan” director Nicholas Meyer was not Trek material. If you’ve seen his commentary for the Special Edition DVD, he t knew very little about Star Trek. But he was told directors DIRECT. So he took the job. And the rest is history.

I’m not a big Quentin Tarantino fan but … his favorite movie ffor 2009 was Star Trek. There is a commercial logic to getting him. Francis Ford Coppola is a wild choice. After watching last night’s Oscars, with hosts Franco and Hathaway, I’m not sure the kids are all right. So, maybe he’s available. Please, suggest directors other than J.J. Abrams who willl lead our beloved Star Trek into future. Kahtheryn Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker”) is working on a film for 2012. Oh, by the way, Steven Spielberg is a great choice but really busy producing.

QT loves Star Trek

@ 38 Harry Ballz

Harry, Harry, Harry. You were under a different name? Let me guess. Okay, “Mike Hunt.” : – )

Boys and girls and those undecided. The game is afoot. Can’t belive i have been reading this website for 4 years. May i say hip hip hooray 4 the team here. Brilliant job. Now 4 my spoiler… It will have the colours gold, blue and red in it. Also a close source says it will have swoooshing doors.

There´s one way to jumping thru different parallel timelines, the “Guardian of Forever “!


BB, the funny thing is, you got the first name right! Michael!

13–Have to agree about Star Trek 2. While the last film in essence rebooted the franchise, that tells only part of the story. The writers have said that they are not replacing the prime universe, it still exists. Yes, the next film is next in the new alternate universe, but it is still tied to what came before. You do not need to watch or even like what was before, but it is still part of the overall Star Trek universe. This is not like, say Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies, where his Halloween movies have no link to the prior Halloween movies and are a clean, 100 % reboot.

However, in all fairness, these are just fan made logos at the end of the day, not official posters by Paramount or the Abrams team. I believe they will not put any number on the next film to avoid any confusion. They will not title it Star Trek XII because they don’t want people to think it is required to see the prior films, and they won’t call it Star Trek 2 because they don’t want to make people think they are replacing/remaking Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, an already great film that they all have said they loved as well. My guess has always been that it will be Star Trek: Fill in Blank. Yes, that’s similar to the Next Generation films, but anyone who has not lived in a cave knows this is not going to be a TNG film. There is absolutely no danger of people mistaking the next film for that.

Anyway, I find it easiest to refer to the next film as Star Trek (2012) or ’12.

How do I get into an alternate universe where this ST09 was never made?

It’s nice to see things finally moving along.
I hope Abrams will direct the sequel but more than that I want to see PIKE there!! That’s the most important thing to me about the sequel.

I’m excited but I’m a little scared because of Transformers 2…