March 2011

Jonathan Frakes Directs Episode Of Sci-Fi Show ‘Bar Karma’ + Behind Scenes Video + Ask Frakes Questions Online

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Jonathan Frakes has got involved with a new sci-fi series which touts itself as the "first community-developed TV series". Frakes has directed an upcoming latest episode of the Current TV series Bar Karma (and cast his wife as a guest star). Watch behind the scenes video below, plus find out how you can submit online questions for Frakes.

Jeri Ryan: Chakotay/Seven relationship "came out of the blue" + New ABC Show Starts Strong

This week Star Trek Voyager’s Jeri Ryan returned to series television as part of the cast of ABC’s medical examiner show Body of Proof, which started off with strong ratings. While promoting the show, the Seven of Nine actress also talked a bit of Star Trek, including Voyager’s controversial pairing of Seven and Chakotay. Excerpts below.    

JJ Abrams: No Plans To Change Star Trek Sequel Release Date – Still Working On Script

Yesterday we reported that Paramount shuffled around their 2011 production schedule, but was still sticking to their plan to release the Star Trek sequel in the Summer of 2012. Some have wondered if this release date is realistic, but producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams said today there are no plans to change the date. More below

Happy Birthday, Marina Sirtis + Clip From Grey’s Anatomy & Talks Michael Dorn Partnership

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Marina Sirtis is celebrating her birthday today. TNG’s Counselor Deanna Troi turns 56 and we all want to wish her a big happy birthday. We also check to see what she is up to, including a clip from her appearance on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy, some recent photos, plus Marina talks about future projects with TNG co-star Michael Dorn.

Paramount Moves Production Of Jack Ryan Reboot To After Star Trek Sequel

According to a new report, Paramount Pictures has shuffled their production schedule and moved the shoot for their planned Jack Ryan reboot (starring Chris Pine) into 2012. The studio hoped they could film Moscow before the Star Trek sequel, but script problems for the Jack Ryan film have forced them to swap the order around. So far it looks like the Trek sequel is still on track to shoot later this year.

Flashback: ‘Star Trek’ Wrapped 3 Years Ago Today + Bob Orci Asks: How Much Time Elapsed Between Films?

Today is the three year anniversary of a big milestone for the 2009 Star Trek movie. On March 27th 2008, JJ Abrams called cut and wrapped principle photography on his first Trek film. With production on the next film still months away, today we ponder a question posed by sequel co-writer Roberto Orci – how much time will have passed for the characters between the two films?

The Collective: The Best In “Shatlectibles” and “Lemorabilia”

This week TrekMovie has been celebrating the 80th birthdays of Star Trek stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. In that spirit, today we take a collector’s look at the pair, exploring the world of "Shatlectibles" and . “Lemorabilia”, or all the cool collectibles dealing with the real Shatner and Nimoy (and not the characters they play). 

Star Trek Gaming Update: Infinite Space Details, Images & Contest + STO TOS Bundle & more

It is time once again to check in with the world of Star Trek gaming. First up we have recent video interview giving more details on Star Trek: Infinite Space, the upcoming browser game, along with some in game screenshots. And for Star Trek Online, Crytpic have released a new original series bundle that allows you to play the game old school. All that and more below. 

Leonard Nimoy Defends New Star Trek Movie Universe + Doesn’t Expect Sequel Return + more

Tomorrow Leonard Nimoy turns 80, and in an extensive new interview  the original Spock looks back at his time with Star Trek and more. In his involvement in JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek film, Nimoy defending the creation of a new Star Trek universe, but also said he does not expect to be making any more appearances in it. That and more from Nimoy below.   

FOX Renews Fringe With Full Season Order + Star Trek: DS9 Reference On Hawaii Five-0

Fringe, the FOX sci-fi show from Star Trek’s JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, has been renewed for a fourth season. Despite lower ratings and a move to Friday, Fox is still firmly behind the show, giving it a full season order. Plus Orci and Kurtzman’s other TV show had an extended Star Trek reference on it this week. All the details below

Sci-Fi Movies Tuesday: Superman, Captain America, The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Wolverine, Robocop + more

In this week’s Sci-Fi Movies column Superman gets a daddy and reveals more details, The Hobbit starts filming, Robocop and Daredevil pick up a directors while Wolverine loses one, and more details including Captain America synopsis and image. All that plus the latest casting bites, images and videos.

See Winners & Finalists For Int’l Talk Like William Shatner Day Video Contest + Judge Maurice La Marche’s Tribute

Part of the celebration of William Shatner’s 80th birthday is honoring the man through emulation with the 3rd International Talk Like William Shatner Day. TrekMovie asked fans to send in their best Shatners for a video contest and today we are ready to announce the winners. We also have a special video from Talk Like Shatner Day founder and judge Maurice LaMarche. Check them out below. 

80 Reasons Why William Shatner Is Awesome

Today is William Shatner’s 80th  birthday. Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk seems to be unstoppable as he heads into his ninth decade. As an actor, writer, pitchman, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and more, William Shatner is an endless source of inspiration and entertainment and so again we honor the man by updating our ‘awesome list’ all about Shatner with more video and, of course, more awesome.

JJ Abrams Offers Star Trek Sequel Set Visit As Japan UNICEF Raffle Prize

JJ Abrams has offered up a prize for a charity auction that could be a dream come true for a lucky Trekkie. The Star Trek producer/director has put up a set visit for the 2012 sequel as one of the prizes for a UNICEF raffle to help victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Raffle tickets must be purchased today, Monday 21st. Details below.

TrekMovie LiveTweet Watch Party – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 5PM (Pacific) Sunday

Two weeks ago TrekMovie hosted a spontaneous ‘live tweet’ watching party of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, debating the film with Free Enterprise director Robert Meyer Burnett. This weekend Burnett and I (and anyone else who wants to join) will be doing it again, this time for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan at 5 PM (Pacific). You can follow along below.

Simon Pegg Sugests Nick Frost As New Harry Mudd In Star Trek Sequel [UPDATED]

We already know that even though he has predictions for the Star Trek sequel, Simon Pegg has no spoilers. But that hasn’t stopped him from making a suggestion – specifically proposing his Paul co-star Nick Frost as a possible new Harry Mudd (not that he knows if Mudd is even in the movie). Pegg also talks what he expects for crew interactions in the sequel. More details below. [UPDATE: Nick Frost responds to TrekMovie Harry Mudd poll]

Science Saturday: NASA Cuts + Mercury First + Saturn Storm + Super Moon + Solar Death-ray + Floating Car + more

This week’s Science Saturday dispatch looks at how Washington budget cuts could be bad news for the future of human spaceflight, but NASA’s robotic efforts showed promise this week with a first around Mercury and showing us a cool storm on Saturn. We also are getting a close look at the ‘super moon’ for the weekend and watch Germans simulate weightlessness by dropping stuff. All that plus an Archimedes death ray and floating cars!