Star Trek Merch Update: New Mondo “City” Poster Tomorrow + New DVD/Blu Packs + Robes In USA + ST Mag Goes Global + New Enterprise Model Axed

It is time for a quick update on some Star Trek stuff. First off Mondo has a cool new poster coming out tomorrow. Plus Paramount Home Video has a new Star Trek movie two-pack, The Kirk and Spock Bathrobes have come to the USA, Star Trek Magazine is going global, and the new Enterprise model has been canned. Get all the latest merch news below.


New Mondo Poster celebrates "City on the Edge of Forever"

The latest limited edition Star Trek poster from Mondo will be released tomorrow (Wednesday March 2nd). This time the artists have taken inspiration from the original Star Trek episode "The City on the Edge of Forever". Costing $40, Mondo will sell just 325 copies of the hand-numbered 12”x24” posters at a "random time" on Wednesday at To get in on the action, follow on Twitter @MondoNews and look for the announcement.

Latest Mondo poster

DVD & Blu-ray: Star Trek II & IV 2-pack + UK TOS Box set

Paramount Home Entertainment is releasing a new two-pack combining Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home for a discounted price of $14.98 DVD/$24.99 Blu-ray. The new two-disk set contains the same releases of ST II and ST IV from the Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection six-movie box set from 2009, including the new special features and commentaries. The new set is part of a new series of "Franchise Collection" two-packs being released by Paramount, which also include releases from the Jack Ryan movies. The new two-pack comes out March 29th and can be pre-ordered with a discount at Amazon: DVD for $13.49 & Blu-ray for $18.49.

New Star Trek franchise collection 2-packs

And in the UK, CBS is releasing DVD and Blu-ray new box-sets combing all three seasons of the original Star Trek. The Blu-ray set retails for £199.99 (discounted to £149.99 at, and the DVD set retails for £99.99 (discounted to £73.99 at  the TrekMovie is trying to find out if these sets have any new special features or are just combining the recently released remastered individual seasons.   

Star Trek TOS Box set in the UK

Star Trek Robes available in US at ThinkGeek

TrekMovie previously reported that officially licensed Star Trek bath robes were coming to the UK. They are now available in the USA via ThinkGeek. You can pick up yours (in Spock Blue or Kirk Gold) for $49.99 at ThinkGeek.  

Get comfy as Star Trek robes come to US

Worldwide Subscriptions For Star Trek Magazine

Star Trek fans from all over the globe can now subscribe to the official magazine!

Fans from all over the globe can now subscribe to the official Star Trek magazine. This is good news for Star Trek fans in countries where the magazine is not widely distributed, and who are forced to pay over the odds for their favorite magazine via online outlets. Star Trek fans in countries other than the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand can now buy a yearly subscription to the magazine, comprising 6 regular issues and two 100-page specials, for US $69.99 (saving 20%). Here is how to subscribe

US and Canada: $49.95
Online: Click here | Telephone: Call toll-free on 800-999-9718

UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand: £29.99
Online: Click here | UK Telephone: Call 0844 322 1263
EIRE/Aus/NZ Telephone: Call +44 (0) 1795 414 920

Rest of the World: (excluding Italy): $69.99
Online: Click here | Telephone: Call toll-free on 800-999-9718

Star Trek Mag goes global

Star Trek 2009 USS Enterprise Model cancelled

Way back in the summer of 2009 we reported that Round 2 were developing a brand new 1:2500 scale (11.5") snap-together model of the Ryan Church redesigned USS Enterprise from the 2009 Star Trek feature film. That model should have been coming out this year, but last week Round 2 announced it is not coming at all:

Round 2 is not proceeding with development on the U.S.S. Enterprise model kit, as based on the 2009 film, Star Trek. We will continue to focus on classic Star Trek by reissuing nostalgic favorites and enhanced re-releases as well as some all-new tooling of favorite Trek subjects.

Live long and prosper,
The Round 2 Model Kit Team

The model that will not be arriving at a hobby shop near you


John Tenuto contributed to this report

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No two-packs for me, thank you – I’m a resolution whore…

No fair… I was looking forward to that model… Guess I’ll have to find one somewhere else…

Cancelled due to it’s sheer ugliness, no doubt. God that was an awful design.

Why is it II and IV? Why did it skip over III? That is stupid. I’ll just buy them on iTunes in order.

awful design indeed!

I wanted that Model, now I’m going to Cry.

I’m the only Hirogen who has ever cried.

The two-pack idea is alright, but why 2 and 4? That’s two movies out of a trilogy. 2,3 and 4 go together. With a two-pack of 2 and 4, it’s like something’s missing.

I think a two-pack of 2 and 6 would have been better.


Agree with #3 and #5. Here’s hoping that the ship gets a proper refit so we won’t be seeing that model in the next film either and that they lose the brewery set. Scotty was always much more discreet about where he kept his stash of adult beverages in the original series.

Sad that the beautiful 2009 Enterprise won’t get a model from Round 2.

Another piece of not-so-good news is an article that says that only about 8,000 people visited the Star Trek exhibit at the Riverside, California museum. The museum will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars because it expected 40,000 to visit during its nine-month run.

The only good news in that, as far as I can see, is that you are one of the 8,000 or so who visited the Exhibit there, you contributed 1/8000th of the total take.

I wonder what the problem was.

Sad to hear that Sci-Fi model kit collectors who’ve been looking forward to purchasing 1:2500 scale ST’09 NCC-1701 model kit won’t have their wish. At least, there’s the small-scaled die-cast replicas of the ship by Mattel to check out, and the art work is excellent, true to the studio model design I’d say .

I’m very fond of the ’09 Enterprise. Looks especially good in action.


-Cool poster
-A two pack of II and IV is stupid. I’d rather get the spiffy single DVD with lots bonus stuff. What happened to III? They should just have a trilogy. II, III, and IV.
-Cool TOS set, but I’m not in the UK. Rather have them do the Remastered series.
-I want the Kirk robe. Tis awesome.
-The new Enterprise sucked.

Peace and chicken grease.

I have the Original Collector set of TOS crew on Laser Disc.

I was on the fence about buying the new E model, not because I don’t like it, but because I already have a huge ‘kit collection’. Heaven help me if I ever build them all because there would be nowhere to display them!

They already came out with the “Motion Picture Trilogy” collection containing II, III, and IV. Why they felt the need to skip TSFS is beyond me. Why they needed to come out with a two-pack at all I don’t get. There are the even numbered films that are available individually (except for “Nemesis”), the box sets with all of the movies (except 09 of course) and the aforementioned MPT set.

I actually like the new design of the Enterprise. And I’m glad I bought the Playmates model, despite the lack of aztec detailing on the saucer and the screws on the bottom.

Right now is a tough time for “Star Trek” merchandising, it seems. The Borg figures from Diamond Select got cancelled, the Playmates line got canned, and now the NuEnterprise kit got nixed.

And if they wanted to do a two-pack, why didn’t they just combine TWOK with FC or TWOK with the new movie? Would have made more sense.

The merchandising cancellations tend to make me suspect only one thing:

Despite the amazing and truly spectacular reinvigorating effect of ST2009, there will eventually be a need for another TV series in order to keep Star Trek in the news.

Some may say that Star Wars gets away with just having movies (although it does have its Clone Wars) and is still a merchandising monster, but let’s face it: Star Wars is the exception that proves the rule. SW essentially started the entire merchandising craze — the only real precursor to its merchandising success I can think of is the original Planet of the Apes, which was big on lunchbox lids and such. In some ways, you could almost say that the movies exist to support the merchandise. Look at the sheer variety of playable things in the SW movies — different kinds of starships, different alien creatures, etc.

ST can’t replicate SW’s merchandising success no matter what. However, it can probably do better than it’s doing now — if it has a constant TV presence.

^^ And by “in the news” I mean “in the consciousness of people who don’t go to conventions but who buy merchandise for their kids because they remember having fun playing with (e.g.) the Millennium Falcon, or who in fact are kids.”

SW is science fiction whose creatures and ships are unmistakably created with playability in mind. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle an Ewok? Who wouldn’t want to play with with a collapsible toy “light saber”? Who wouldn’t want to wear a voice-changing (?) Darth Vader mask? Who wouldn’t want to pretend they’re an X-wing pilot taking out the baddies? These things are pretty darned attractive if you’re in the 6 to 12 age group. And that’s where they get them — when they’re small.


“Star Trek” did a pretty good job with marketing and merchandising in the ’90’s I thought. But that was before “Star Wars” made it’s big comeback, and eclipsed Trek in terms of popularity and prestige.

“Star Wars”, not “Star Trek”, is seen as the preeminent sci-fi franchise. And that is partly why “Star Wars” will never be beat.

2 and 4 because those are the only films that the general public likes.


Cosmo Kramer was a big fan of “The Search For Spock”…..

“I know Jerry will tell you The Wrath Of Khan is the better picture, but I prefer The Search For Spock.”

The general public did enjoy the recent movie, and to a lesser degree, “First Contact”. So it wasn’t just TWOK or “The Voyage Home”.

19, you’re probably right. I’m talking in the long run. I remember when the first SW came out and it rapidly eclipsed faves such as Planet of the Apes, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Batman in one of the only things that really counted to schoolkids: Lunchbox lids.

I’m only half-joking, here. SW was built for merchandising and from the 1977 film on, you couldn’t take out your wallet in a toystore without having to buy some double bun-haired Princess Leia doll for your daughter or some X-wing model for your young starfighter. At least that’s what it seemed like to me from various trips to Toys “R” Us throughout the decades.

SW has always dominated the toy aisles, even though I’m sure ST has had times where it came somewhat close.

For example, I remember a big ST2009 merchandising push that had ST merch taking up a great deal of shelf space, rivaling SW stuff. But that ended within months and now it’s hard to find anything in the toy stores or Walmart based on ST. SW stuff is legion.

All of which goes to prove my theory, by the way, that SW is viscerally more attractive to kids, with its knights and sorcery and evil empire, and that’s where they get them.

Hasbro continues to put out neat stuff, while Playmates, bar the Enterprise, put out crappy 09 figures and props.


C’mon, man … it’s Riverside. I spent three years living there because I had to, and it is like Hell on Earth. The L.A. smog blows inland and mixes with all the drugs being produced in neighboring basements, and it’s over 100 degrees most of the time. Why would they put a Trek exhibit THERE? to watch it melt?

Am glad the model company is focusing on classic Trek instead of TheAbramsThing. An equally good bit of modeling news is a company got hold of the rights for the original MOONBUS model from 2001 and is reissuing it … that’s a model I haven’t seen since 1969!

Riverside ain’t all bad. Are you thinking of San Bernardino, a.k.a. San Berdo? There are plenty of worse places than Riverside in the “Inland Empire.” I can’t think of anything to do in Colton, for example, other than go to the big RV center there. And I think the regional Stater Bros. distribution center is located there.

In the Inland Empire, there is definitely a hierarchy, with Redlands at the top and Riverside not so far down. There are newer places like Corona, which is pretty much a bedroom community.

I do think that they could have put it in a nicer area, though, that was more accessible. Few people actually go to downtown Riverside, even though it’s not that bad, at least in the daytime.

Attractions in Riverside include the world-famous Mission Inn, where Tricky Dick Nixon got hitched, and which is a perennial fave for weddings, as I understand it.

You want to avoid University Avenue, even though UC Riverside itself, which is at one end of it, is a reasonably nice campus.

^^Mission Inn is also in downtown Riverside, BTW; didn’t mean to imply otherwise.

Now, where could they have held it, instead? I’m sure there’s some science museum nearby. I guess I don’t understand why they didn’t get with the California Science Center near USC; at least it’s closer to the L.A. metropolitan area.

It’s true, though, that Riverside is about 60 miles from metro L.A. I suppose they thought that if Trekfans could drive 200 miles to Vegas, 60 miles would be nothing.

Who knows….

If I was Paramount/CBS– I would be worried about the long term fandom of Star Trek…. b/c there isn’t much to appeal to the next generation/kids/young people for Star Trek–except for Star Trek 2009 movie…

Star Wars– smart– with Clone Wars Cartoon series. and making toys for kids…and coloring books, books for kids , etc.

Hasbro cool toys, etc.

Nothing like that for Star Trek… I really believe that there should be new Star Trek cartoon series– similar to Clone Wars— relatively low production cost, get kids involved/interested, avenue for new marketing, etc…and sets up next movie nicely.

Thoughts ?

Star Trek exhibit in Riverside, CA was awful, compared to its exhibition at other places, esp compared to its first presentation in Long Beach, CA…really need to re-think the idea of separating the Star Trek Exhibition in 2 parts…


Agreed about the need for an animated series. “The Clone Wars” not only appeals to kids, but to adults as well. Perfect recipe for success right there!

^^ I totally agree that we should have another TV rendition of Star Trek, and an animated version with today’s CGI would be a killer show on wheels. Or jet packs. Or could be, if they play their cards right.

Also, regarding the Exhibit, I wish I could have gone to the Long Beach version. Missed it. Wasn’t it held at the old Spruce Goose dome near the Queen Mary hotel/attraction, or am I thinking of something else?

(I did get to see the Spruce Goose before they shipped it up to Seattle, or wherever it is now. Helluva plane.)

What I want is The Motion Picture the Directors Edition on Blu-ray. Till then I will just wait. I do have 2 through 11 on Blu-ray. Just waiting for Tmp Directors cut. I want a Red Shirt Robe. Yes. it is dangerous.


How did you manage to get 2 through 11 on Blu-Ray without buying the box set of the TOS films?

why can’t we get a TOS set with cool packaging like that in the u.s?

God, I want that robe. I’m going to blow my whole month’s worth of allowance on that one thing–and it’ll probably just sit in my closet forever.

By the way, since we’re on the subject of Wrath of Khan, can anybody tell me whether Ricardo Montalban’s chest in that movie is real? I’ve been in a continuous argument about that with my dad for a while.

Dammit. I was really looking forward to getting that model. The movie may not have shown it off that well, but I thought it was an awesome design. I hope they’re not just judging interest based off the sales of those crap toys from two years ago…

33. From what I’ve read, it’s real. So who wins — you or your dad?


Yes, Khan’s chest was real. And it was spectacular!

Nick Meyer, on the TWOK dvd, said his chest was real.

I can assure you that they didn’t stop production on the model of the new Enterprise because a few people here thought it was “ugly.” Especially two years after the fact, and 3 years after we had our first glimpse of it.

#33- RIcardo Montalban’s chest was real in the movie.

Me want that Mondo poster.

Dear Round 2,
Thanks for nothing. I really appreciate you helping Paramount with their complete refusal to provide merchandise based on the updated franchise. I can get brand new toys and props based on a 45 year old TV show which never broke the top 25 in first run, but I can’t get anything based on the highest grossing and only Trek film to win an Oscar. Round 2, have you been recruited into some kind of conspiracy?

Seriously, why can’t I get NuTrek swag??!! Why wasn’t 2009 Trek in the Haynes guide? Why was Playmates allowed to make substandard toys? Where are the canceled novels? What the hell is wrong with Paramount’s marketing department?

Shame about the Polar Lights model. What ever happened to that Diamond Select Excelsior/Enterprise-B?

Is it possible the Round 2 model got cancelled because they’re modifying the Enterprise for the sequel?

I already have the pewter one from the Bluray/Amazon release, so I guess that will have to do. It’s sitting next to a model of the original on my shelf (radar dish included), making the original look rather plain and just a tad silly too. ;)

To be honest, I could care less that Round 2 won’t be releasing a kit of the new Enterprise; I didn’t like the re-design anyway. All I care about is that they release their 1:350 scale TOS Enterprise kit for late 2011/early 2012.

I can’t wait for that one, it’ll look great alongside the 1:350 scale Enterprise refit model!

The poster: Harlan is going to want his cut! : D

The model: Who cares about the one-footer? When is the QMX studio replica coming out??? TrekMovie has promised numerous times that news on it was forthcoming, but NOTHING! Is QMX going to go belly-up like it’s predecessor?

I’m waiting for a 1:1 scale of the Enterprise from the 2009 movie, fully functioning, with lights, crew and warp-speed capacity… now that’s something worth having….

27. About the decline in long-term fandom for Star Trek. Merchandise concentrating on TOS and very little from successive iterations…

CBS Television ought to start re-running Star Trek Enterprise somewhere close to prime-time and see what kind of audience it gets. If it fails again, it fails. But what’s the betting, so many fans having given up on it five-plus years ago, it won’t suddenly feel fresh and exciting again?

I’d even recommend them a list of episodes – just the best ones – for an abbreviated season. Trust me on this.

As for the Abramsverse Enterprise model kit, the design wasn’t my cup of tea – maybe it needs to grow on me. But that’s not the point, it’s the look of the ship for a whole new generation and what’s the betting, this product won’t finally reach the shelves next year in time for Star Trek 2012?

The 2009 enterprise deserves a model- I’m surprised they think the old re-release models would sell better than the new ship.

Very disappointed at round 2 over this- maybe they can jump right to a 30inch one!

I can’t believe that for TWOK they still use the picture of Kirk from TSFS.

Can’t even put out a model for ST09’s E?

FACE IT! Star Trek 2009 was a LOT of fluff. It would have been much better received it if had strictly adhered to a more traditional and classic Star Trek TOS style. Just because it was the 60s doesnt mean it was dated. TOS gave us so much, and to me it was ignored by the creators of ST09 because (aparently) our darling J.J. just never really took the time to realize all the magic that was laid out before him.

You may ask me, TrekMadeMeWonder, “what is your ST12 wish?”

My wish is to see a new ST movie where they switch back to the familiar and established ST-TOS universe and expand on ANY of the 1st two season storylines. In CLASSIC Trek STYLE and STORY TELLING.

Hell, I’d even take a movie where the New cast meets the old ones.
With today’s CGI they could easily do it. The main problem is that we would need an Art director with the talent and vision to bring it all together.

Now just where could they find such a person?

I Wonder.