JJ Abrams Still Waiting For Star Trek Script + Talks Briefly About Characters

In a brief Oscar night red carpet interview Star Trek sequel producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams said he is expecting to read the a script soon and he talked about how he imagines the sequel will expand on the characters. Watch the video below.


Abrams waiting for Trek script – expects sequel to expand on characters

MTV News caught up with Star Trek sequel producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams at Vanity Fair’s post-Oscar bash on Sunday. Regarding his new film Super-8 (due in theaters June 8th), Abrams said he expect a trailer "pretty soon" but in characteristic fashion wouldn’t give any details. And regarding that Star Trek sequel script currently being wrapped up by Damon Lindelof and Roberto Orci, Abrams said he "I can’t wait to check it out very shortly". He also provided this tiny insight into what he thinks the film will expand on saying:

Abrams: The first one [Star Trek 2009] was about the characters meeting and the sequel’s going to have to be more about what they do now that they’re a family. It’ll be fun.

March continues to look like the big moment for the Star Trek sequel. Earlier in the year Abrams stated that he expected to be announcing his intentions on directing the sequel this month, and a few weeks ago the writers indicated they expected to hand in the draft this month as well.

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Feeling really good about this… Is it June 2012 yet?

Ok Bob Orci. Give us an update. Are you half way through or 3 quarters or most of the way. Come on. Give us a little bone please.

Can’t wait. This is just like it was for Trek 09. The Waiting and the Anticiapation for the opening night of Trek 09 and all of the talking and blogs and so forth. Then came the Trailers and we just could not get enough. It was a fun ride then and looks to be another fun ride. Come on Bob. Give us an update on the Script being completed.

I wish he would just hold his tongue and start speaking only After he has read the script, these news-but-not-really-news comments are pointless.

5 but your comments were really inspired. thanks. I look forward to hearing more about the script soon!

How can he possibly do pre-production on ST2 when his film is coming out this Summer (unless it’s already “in the can”)? Even then, he would still be obliged to make the publicity rounds both before and after the film comes out. Sorry, but I just can’t see how both projects can be accomodated.

Interviewer to JJ: “Can you give us an update on the next Star Trek film?”

JJ: “Sorry. No can do. Iva says I have to read the script first.”

@5 Iva I agree but Commodore Mike is right, its just part of build up of the anticipation. When JJ says he has read the script and its great, thats the news I want to hear. Its also exciting to hear the story was pitched to the Paramount exes and was approved with smiles, getting the ball rolling with a ‘getter done’ attitude.

Looks like we are stuck in the alt-verse for the next pic.

Bob & Alex, Good luck with this one.

Color me excited.

I’m on pins and needles! When he reads the script, will he say it’s “great”, “fantastic” or “terrific”?

Will he call it the best script he’s “ever read”, or the best script “ever written”?

Gee I sure hope he doesn’t break the news to us that it’s another brainless summer action flick that is sure to disappoint. I hate it when producers get that shamed look on their face when they apologize for the mediocre movie they are currently making.

I am excited about how this will turn out the sequel anyway give the characters a challenge etc :)

Odkin, if the vast majority Star Trek movies before Abrams didn’t turn you off Star Trek — or movies — I think you should relax a bit!

Lindelof and Orci? I thought it was Kurtzman and Orci. Or is it Lindelof, Kurtzman and Orci?

A little help here?

@ 15 Andrew

It’s all three, Lindelof, Orci and Kurtzman..


9. The Picard Maneuver – March 2, 2011
“””””@5 Iva I agree but Commodore Mike is right, its just part of build up of the anticipation. When JJ says he has read the script and its great, thats the news I want to hear. Its also exciting to hear the story was pitched to the Paramount exes and was approved with smiles, getting the ball rolling with a ‘getter done’ attitude.””””

How in the world does him getting excited make you excited – Is him saying the script is bad, or Paramount dropping something that brings them lots of money, a realistic possibility – so you can get excited it didn’t happen?
I expect that kind of promotion to work in a random mainstream magazine, with people getting too excited over actor pictures to notice information is on the repeat and doesn’t really say anything, not here on this site.

As I said, it doesn’t matter if JJ Abrams directs the movie or not as long as there is more Star Trek.


I get where you are coming from, I am excited by the fact there is going to be another Star Trek movie.

As far I believe Abrams made a good Trek movie but he did change some things I was not totally happy with. But as I said he still made a good movie.

I really hope the script and story is better this time, the last one was very poor in that area among several other things.

Is it too late to request a shower scene? I mean, Kirk and Spock would get all sweaty on those away teams (or is it landing party?), wouldn’t they? This is strictly about realism.

I read that Abrams had wanted to make I Am Number Four. I’ve seen the movie but haven’t read the book. The movie wasn’t great (it doesnt really add anything new to the genre) and the book.’s plot sounds like standard Twilight/Roswell/Kyle xy/Starman/what-have-you. I’m hoping there’s more to it (the book, written by Frey’s Columbia sweatshop) than that, since I’m an Abrams fan. I’m hoping that when he says he wants a great script that, well, he means it. I know I sound like a dick here.


Same here, the problem with the last movie was that it was great with character moments but the plot was very sketchy and all over t he place. A lot of things were very contrived to get the crew together.

You don’t think about it the first time you see it because you’re sweet up in the fun adventure but the more you watch it the lesss sense certain things in the film make. More about the Visceral experience, which is the price of going more mainstream.

There were many things to love about the last movie but it did lack a really strong plot.

I am hoping they get a stronger story next time.

bob you heard ? JJ’s waiting for the script ! So stop reading these posts and GET TO WORK !

I’ll bet Orci is bangin away at his computer, shouting, “I’m givin it all I’ve got, people, and I canna go any faster!!”

@ 23.

I bet you Bob’s probably saying… “HOW DO WE KILL SPOCK THIS TIME ?”

What else could he say?

What if JJ reads it and says something like “Yeah, it’s great. Really wonderful….but I’ve decided not to direct it after all.”

Wouldn’t exactly be a ringing endorsement.

C’mon. We all know he’s gonna love it! It’s his dream team writing it. I’m sure we’ll have the announcement that he’s signed on to direct it within a month. Place yer bets.

So glad J.J Abrams is doing the next movie! It’s going to be GREAT!!!!

Captain Neill why do you go on and on you are like a child who wants to get his own way all the time no offence but truth has to be told anyway bob looking forward to the sequel I loved the last film you guys and the cast did it was wonderful

Bob, shoot it over my way for a proofread. ;]

Let’s have a second film without the death of Spock this time, m’kay? :p

Kill Kirk and put Christopher (amazing screen prescence) Pike back in command…

Not that I’m bias or anything! LOL!

30. Oh wait, that joke doesn’t work here. That’s my real name isn’t it and I only go by Christopher_Pike everywhere else online.


Just agreeing with another poster about what I felt was a weaker point on the film.

Am I not allowed to agree with a poster on that.


Check them out rather than bitch to fans who you seem to think DON’T like this new movie.

But the new movie did have it’s problems and the plot was the biggie, apart from that everything was top notch.

And you will read also I DON’T CARE who directs the next movie as no matter what I will be there to see the movie. You know Why? Because I am a Star Trek fan, not a JJ Abrams fan. JJ Abrams is a guy who happens to be working on my favourite franchise.

He is part of a legacy that includes Gene Roddenberry, Harve Bennett, Nicholas Meyer, Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Ira Behr, Brannon Braga.

Whatever captain neill you remind me of a stubborn fan boy who can’t embrace change, on the official Star Trek forum his name is I-Am-Zim who hate hate hates JJ Abrams and new trek:(

I agree with Cpt Neill. It would be cool if Abrams was the director, but he doesn’t have to be. I would be happy with many other directors, just as long as the movie is good.

I think the story of Trek 09 was fairly solid, obvious Campbell-like hero’s journey,etc. What didn’t make sense was the actual science and the how and why of Nero and Spock Prime. (Supernova threaten whole galaxy? Romulus “suddenly” blew up from supernova? Red Matter? Nero destroy’s whole planets? WTF?)

But, the character arcs of Spock and Kirk were perfect as were the rest of the crew. As an origin movie, it pretty much rocked. I’ve seen it lots of times already and continue to enjoy the character moments.


I can accept change despite gripes but I don’t forget the past at the same time.


I guess no matter how many bloody times I tell you that I like the new movie you will go on.

Another pleasant thought. Were almost a year away from the movie, whereas Star Trek 2009 had two years of info, viral marketing, teasers, trailers. Late 2011 and early 2012 is going to be a jam packed year with trek news goodness. Unless they push it back it will be a year of marketing vs two years.

33. trekprincess
36. captain_neill

Don’t make Anthony step in again.

I do agree with the need for a stronger story for the next film, this movie was just trek enough for me, just made it into the safe zone, and the new round table knew they were walking the line. A little too low brow but it did give me the action I was craving!!!!! They are not approaching this next movie the way they did the first, so I am sure it will fulfill and satisfy, I trust the new trailblazers, Its in great hands, on with the next one :D

Why just because I am stating my opinions:/

I’m with captain_neill on this one.

I was swept up as well upon first viewing the 09 NuTrek. But after seeing it a couple more times in the theater it’s problems started to become more clear, as they do with all films. I think it would be naive for people to expect all long-time Trek fans to totally embrace the fact that any new Star Trek they see in the theaters will occur in an alternate universe. I mean, let’s be real, a lot of HUGE things changed:

Vulcan was destroyed
Romulus was destroyed (well, is YET to be destroyed)
Uhura tries jumping Spock every time he get’s depressed(!)
Kirk goes out on one mission as a stow-away and becomes captain
Prime Spock is trapped in the alternate universe
The phasers look dumb (OK, maybe that’s just my gripe)

As for me, I can deal with change. And I do like to watch the JJ Trek. But I will never like the alternate universe conceit. I still, to this day, wish that they had made an origins story that took place in what I have to now call the Prime Universe. I don’t buy into the explanation that any story in that fashion would lack dramatic gravity. If the story is compelling enough anyone will buy into the danger to the characters even with prior knowledge that they all live to see old age and the events of the 6 TOS films. After all, if the idea was to introduce a new generation to Star Trek with this film why wasn’t the original timeline the right thing for that? Either Star Trek is so common that it needs no introduction or not enough people know about it that there would be no need to change everything.

Updates are fine. New aesthetics I can live with. But whole sale changes to so many things are tough to swallow. And I will be right in line on opening day for Star Trek 2.

Now I await my labeling as a JJ basher.

Well star trek phase II has done a origin story why don’t you decide to watch the prime universe instead If you don’t like Abrams and new trek you are entitled to your opinion


Everything yous aid I agree with.

I prefer the prime universe but because I do does not mean I dislike the new movie. The alternate universe is a cheat but it allows me to enjoy the new movie as a separate entity.

Yes obviously you and a lot of fans here are bashers that complain and complain it won’t change the fact that new trek has been made you can’t undo what has happened they established a alternate universe and I am so glad they did make Star Trek accessible to a mainstream audience looking forward to the sequel anyway what do you want to happen to the characters in Trek XII :)


Relax a bit. You seem to take any criticism of the JJ film a bit personally. After all, it’s not like my seeing it THREE TIMES IN THE THEATER hurt it’s box-office take of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Don’t be completely obtuse in your disregard for any of the positive comments that we have given the film. I have to admit that there is an evil part of me that would enjoy baiting you a bit, but that would be in poor form. It wouldn’t be fair to just troll you like that.

I would like to point out to you that there are these things at the end of sentences called periods that you might look into. (Argh. Couldn’t help myself)

Why should I relax :/

#40 if all it took to get Uhura to jump me was get depressed i’d be the happiest most miserable person around!


I reach, brother.

#45 Because you need to relax and stop repeating yourself. Captain neill says he enjoyed the new film, many, many times. He also has reservations about it in terms of the plot. He is not alone. I think there are one or two scenes that a lot of people have difficulty with, but overall, it was an enjoyable, well produced, well acted movie. There is always room for improvement. I am sure that the writers are aware of this and are doing their best right now to bring an even better story this time ’round.

Captain neill – what is “mainstream” anyway? Most of us are in a majority (ie most people, mainstream) in some areas of our lives and in a minority in other areas and of course, that includes musical tastes, preferred TV programmes and movies, sports, books etc.

I think there is confusion here. Both JJ Abrams productions, Cowboys & Aliens and Super 8 are in the post-production phase. C&A is due for release on 29 July 2011 (USA) and Super 8 on 10 June 2011 (USA).

Star Trek 2 or is it 12 is not due for release until 29 June 2012! So there is time.

Keachick don’t you start on me are you my mother