Syfy’s Star Trek March: Airing 8 Star Trek Movies + TNG & Enterprise Marathons

In March Syfy is celebrating Star Trek by showing 8 of the Trek feature films along with running a number of Star Trek Enterprise and Next Generation Marathons. All of this starts Thursday. See below for the full schedule.


Syfy’s Star Trek March

Syfy in the US is running all of the original cast Star Trek films, along with the first two Next Gen films over the next two weeks. In addition they are also running a number of marathons for Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: The Next Generation in March.

Here is the schedule of Star Trek TV marathons on Syfy in March:

March 3rd Star Trek Movies
08:00 PM – Star Trek: The Motion Picture
11:00 PM – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

March 4th – Enterprise & Movies Marathon
08:30 AM The Breach
09:30 AM – Cogenitor
10:30 AM – Regeneration
11:30 AM – First Flight
12:30 PM – Bounty
01:30 PM – The Expanse
02:30 PM – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
05:00 PM – Star Trek: The Motion Picture

March 8th – TNG Marathon
08:00 AM The Best Of Both Worlds – Part 1
09:00 AM – The Best Of Both Worlds – Part 2
10:00 AM – Family
11:00 AM – Brothers
12:00 PM – Suddenly Human
01:00 PM – Remember Me
02:00 PM – Legacy
03:00 PM – Reunion
04:00 PM – Future Imperfect
05:00 PM – Final Mission

Mar 9th – Enterprise Marathon
08:00 AM The Xindi
09:00 AM – Anomaly
10:00 AM – Extinction
11:00 AM – Rajiin
12:00 PM – Impulse
01:00 PM – Exile
02:00 PM – The Shipment
03:00 PM – Twilight
04:00 PM – North Star
05:00 PM – Similitude
06:00 PM – Carpenter Street

Mar 10th – TNG & Movies Marathon
08:30 AM Identity Crisis
09:30 AM – Nth Degree
10:30 AM – Qpid
11:30 AM – The Drumhead
12:30 PM – Half A Life
01:30 PM – The Host
02:30 PM – The Mind’s Eye
03:30 PM – In Theory
04:30 PM – Redemption – Part 1
05:30 PM – Redemption – Part 2
06:30 PM – Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
09:00 PM – Star Trek: Generations
11:30 PM – Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

Mar 11th – Enterprise Marathon
08:30 AM Unexpected
09:30 AM – Terra Nova
10:30 AM – The Andorian Incident
11:30 AM – Breaking The Ice
12:30 PM – Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
03:00 PM – Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
05:30 PM – Star Trek: Generations

March 12th – Star Trek Movies
11:00 AM – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
01:30 PM – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
04:00 PM – Star Trek: First Contact

March 22nd – Enterprise Marathon
08:00 AM Civilization
09:00 AM – Fortunate Son
10:00 AM – Cold Front
11:00 AM – Silent Enemy
12:00 PM – Dear Doctor
01:00 PM – Sleeping Dogs
02:00 PM – Shadows Of P’jem
03:00 PM – Shuttlepod One
04:00 PM – Fusion
05:00 PM – Roque Planet
06:00 PM – Acquisition

March 29th – Enterprise Marathon
08:00 AM – Daedelus
09:00 AM – Observer Effect
10:00 AM – Affliction – Pt 1
11:00 AM – Divergence – Pt 2
12:00 PM – Bound
01:00 PM – In A Mirror, Darkly – Pt 1
02:00 PM – In A Mirror, Darklu – Pt 2
03:00 PM – Demons – Pt 1
04:00 PM – Terra Prime – Pt 2
06:00 PM – These Are The Voyages

Syfy kicks off Star Trek movie series tomorrow

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Is it going to be the Remastered TMP?

Sorry, but that’s not enough to get me to turn the cable back on.

Well at least Syfy is Treking back to Scifi. At least for this month. Maybe they just need the ratings because no one likes there Sharktapus Vs Iron Jaws or what ever. Sci fi was a great network that used to show a lot of good scifi. Would love to see them show all of the Babylon 5 series and maybe some DS9. Also. What about Eps of the new and old BSG and Buch Rogers in the 25th. The Greatest American Hero. Also. Do Marathons of Dr. Who. New and older Versions. Show some of the better Scifi Movies like Men in Black or the orignal Tron. There is so much they can show. Just wish they would. But i will take all the Trek they want to show.

Syfy’s been airing the original 1979 cut of TMP, so I doubt it’ll be the Director’s Cut this time around.

Why on March 11th is SyFy airing Trek 3 and then Trek 2? They should be in order in case the one or two people who never saw these movies will not be confused.
Also, I agree with #3 Commodore Mike, there is a ton of old Sci-fi that could be aired on SyFy, from Lost in Space to Space 1999 to Six Million Dollar Man to TOS and on and on. Instead they come up with the same old shows over and over or the lame Saturday night movies. Instead of spending money on that stuff why don’t they put the money into a Star Trek Titan TV movie or new Stargate movies and show them on Saturday night. Before you say it would be too expensive than make one movie a month and show old SciFi channel movies or mini series like TIn Man, Farscape, or Dune to fill the gaps.

Though it’s not my favorite (I always liked it)…I’m one of, I guess a minority, who’s been enjoying Enterprise these days. I know you’re not supposed to say you like it. I strangely find comfort in watching it now.

Appreciate the ST, but wow…only ENT, TNG, and the ST movies? I’ll just watch for the movies.

#6. I love Star Trek Enterprise. I watch it all the time. I guess I’m a True Hard core Star Trek Fan. I have watched every Episode of every series many times over and all 11 Movies and I have watched Star Trek of Gods and Men and Star Trek Phase 2 and a couple of other fan series. I’m truly Hard core Trek Fan.

#8 – I must admit, I, too, am a “hard core” fan — watching every episode of all the shows I can, and the films, whenever I can. Even the Animated series. And the fan productions? There are some ASTONISHING episodes in those, too — Phase II, Exeter, Farragut, Of Gods and Men, and so forth…. When DS9, Voyager and Enterprise were on First Run, I missed about 2 seasons of all three of those series — and am only now beginning to catch up. Awesome — to find episodes I never saw, still out there.

I still love “Enterprise”. So many good episodes during seasons three and four. Excluding the awful “These Are The Voyages…” of course. I consider the “Terra Prime” episodes to be the true finale.

#10.I also agree. Terra Prime to me is also the last Enterprise Ep. These are the Voyages was to me another Tng Ep that just happned to have Enterprise in there. But the Tng History in the Holodeck was not acurite.

#9. I envy you. To have a few Star Trek Eps you have not seen and be able to watch them for the first time. I miss that feeling of watching Trek for the first time and not knowing what is going to happen.

okey, so seriously, does SyFy think they are winning everyone over with there weekly movie. I thought this was science fiction, not comedy…..However, even though I can find most of this stuff online at any time, I will probably tune in for some of it at some point. I can’t stay away from trek anything for too long.

Enterprise was not all that bad. During it’s best moments it was really good…however, it’s downfall was that during the worst moments….it rivaled 3rd season original trek for award of Worst Trek Ever. I’m sorry to see the show wasn’t given a chance to really work itself out.

I believe Star Trek: Enterprise has more fans than this sitee would have you believe.

When I was in Vegas last year, there were loads of Voyager and Enterprise fans.

Having rewatched Voyager and going through Enterprise again, I would say that Enterprise was a better show than Voyager, even though I enjoyed both.

Enterprise was a show I wished got it’s full 7 years.

Why show “These are the voyages” ? Worst Finale ever of all the Trek shows.

15. I don’t think this site (its management, contributors etc) has any particular point to make about how many ENT fans there are. You just get that impression from a majority of posters who didn’t like it, either because they gave up earlier on its run and never gave it a second chance, or that they had fixed ideas about what a prequel ought to have been.

16. Seconded. I stood by ENT and used to happily defend 90% of the stories the show told, because there are always “fixes” you can think of to reconcile so-called canon errors, but TATV just came along and well…

Thank god for The Good That Men Do and the books after it, I say.

that still of the Enterprise is a shot from the Director’s Edition.

It might be that cut of TMP.


Yeas true, I just wish the fans stayed with it or gave it a second chance as it became a great show.


Agreed “These Are The Voyages” is the worst finale.

18. You’re right. That is a shot from the Director’s Edition. The tesla ball fades away when it approaches the Enterprise. While in the Theatrical Version it does that as a viewscreen shot.

To the best of my knowledge, no TV station has ever shown the DE cut however. It was exclusive to DVD and actually, might no longer be available.

Not that SciFi ( I REFUSE to call it Syfy ) would ever listen to the fans and start showing classic scifi….Lost in Space, Starman, Logans Run, etc, but it sure would be nice to have something like that on tv.

Also agree….WHY oh WHY show the movies out of order??????

They showed the directors cut on Space channel here in Canada.. but they cut up the directors cut.. so i popped in my DVD and watched it…
its the principal of the thing you know?

Over Here in the UK, SCI-FI has become the ‘Asylum Mockbuster’ channel. That’s all they ever show., those awful movies…

It used to show BSG, Six Million $ Man, Buck Rigers… loads of great stuff… but now … other than ‘V’ .. nothing.. it’s a shame.

We have been having the remastered Original Series on CBS ACTION daily, but they have now finished. DS9 still going strong though. And Voyager on SKY ATLANTIC daily… so still some Trek floating around!


Forgot to say SKY MOVIES were showing the DE of The Motion Picture last year. However it wasn’t advertised as DE. Just shown as psrt of the Trek season.

24. Thanks. Just ordinary freeview here. The last time I saw TMP was a Film 4 weekend, introduced by Nimoy and Frakes. Theatrical print.

Cool, but when will they have DS9 marathons?


Were they?

I didn’t realise Sky Movies was showing the DE.


Good question. :)

With a few exceptions, SyFy has not been on the ball when it comes to showcasing quality sci-fi.

It’s been a couple years since Battlestar went off the air, and the backbone on the network remains “Ghost”hunting shows

I’d take DS9 reruns over 99% of the typical programming on syfy channel.

Nothing wrong with liking/watching ENT. Despite what some fans thinks was not a true ST show, it was great for being able to get the history of the Federation or what could have been more history of ST. The sad part was that it was not given more time. As to fans reactions… to each their own. Some fans only like/love TOS or some only DS9. Some only like the films and none of the TV shows.

I only wish that Sci Fi channel would go away from some of the shows that (I think) are not true to form. Of course, it all revolves around money and they cannot sow all the ST shows or classic Sci Fi movies. After all, how many are there to watch on a channel 24/7???

9. Rhett Coates – March 2, 2011

Astonishing…… is a real good word to describe the fan productions…..

Count me in as a late-comer in having found my enjoyment for Enteprise. I am sorry that I didn’t come on board earlier. I sort of view it as a different form of Trek; seperate yet a part of my perception of the Trek universe. I think I was turned off by the aesthetic during it’s intial run, but have gotten over that. I just like the stories and any Jeffrey Combs in Trek is alright by me. Shran is cool.

A little note for the Starblazers/Space Battleship Yamato fans:

SyFy will be airing “The Search for Iscandar” on Thursday evenings in April. Total Awesomeness.

What? No “The Inner Light”? No “Yesterday’s Enterprise”? No “All Good Things”? Who picked these episodes?!?

And frankly, you could fit all of the good Enterprise episodes into a three-hour block (the mirror episodes and … um … well, okay, two hours).

32. Pfft. ENT episodes I didn’t like maybe.

27. This Christmas just gone. Film 4 showed 10 films over 2 days. Each one introduced by either Nimoy (I-VI) or Frakes (VII-X).

They occasionally still show the odd Star Trek film from time to time. Not sure about the introductions though.

@ 31

Yeah, Shran was cool. Count me as another Enterprise fan. Sure, there were elements and episodes that I didn’t care for, but on the whole I enjoyed it quite a bit. Especially the 3rd and 4th seasons. I was quite disappointed when they cancelled it, and even more disappointed by the lacklustre finale. I never caught the DS 9 finale, but I’ve seen the others and have to say TNG’s series wrap-up was better than Voyager’s or Ent’s. So glad that sci-fi is re-running these. It’s pretty much the only thing I watch on that channel!

So is March 3rd the day for bad Trek?

No March 8th — those post Best-of-Both-Worlds stories got pretty lame…Though I enjoyed Family. Then it went downhill.

I like that SyFy is having this marathons! There are SO many new, young Trek fans out there eating this stuff up. But WHY do they have to show ENT so much out of order? and confuse new fans. This series of marathons is only marginally better than usual.

Now I know why I don’t have cable anymore. There was a time channels showed a series in order. Now they are just shown in any order. This is not unique to Syfy but I also hate how they will take a show (any show) and have it on like 6 or 7 times in a row over and over and over again until it makes you want to puke (think TNT with Law and Order or USA with Law and Order SVU). Then they will drop it like a bad habit and it may be years before you see it again while they torch some other show.

I’m only 36 and I miss the days when you had a number of different shows on usually once a night. And the cable channels don’t even stick with their name anymore. How many sci-fi shows does syfy show anymore. How many true history shows does the History Channel show, how many arty shows on A&E. Hell, there are times you can’t even get the weather on the Weather Channel. And I can’t tell you the last time I saw a video on MTV (which begs the question on how you can have video music awards and top 10 countdowns if they don’t actually show any videos, but I digress).

Anyway, I have everything Star Trek on DVD, so I’ll just watch it whenever I want. I don’t need Syfy anymore.

Well, I just tuned in to check TMP and see if it was the DE or not. Insufficient data. It was the scene where the Ilia probe appears in the shower and McCoy takes it to sickbay. Can’t tell yet.

#38 YES it’s an embarrassment what’s shown on Bravo, The Learning Channel and so on! SO far from the original intent, which I applauded. WHY don’t they just rename the the stations for crying out loud? PWT – Poor White Trash reality TV 24-hour / IRT Inane Reality TV cheaply-produced…

I have all the Trek at my disposal, too. But I like to see opportunities for new Trekkers to jump on the bandwagon.

Up here in Canada, the Space Channel still plays all of the good stuff, like “Star Trek” and “Fringe”. The Weather Network has still stuck to its premise and focuses on forecasts. History Televison still sticks to its format for the most part. MTV in Canada is the same MORONIC TV it is in the States. So is TLC.

I hear the Weather Channel in the States plays movies. Is this true?

Re-checked in on TMP (not watching the whole thing tonight). Not the DE.

But I have to say, TMP just looks better than most of the other movies. The Enterprise is perfect in that movie. I only watched a few minutes, but damn, if it isn’t REAL Trek.

Reminds me of how much Quinto’s voice bugs me. Nimoy’s baritone is as much a part of Spock as the hairdo, eyebrows, and ears. Maybe moreso. That voice of authority is necessary. Quinto ain’t got it.

“The Motion Picture” had a good concept. The problems were that the movie was too damn slow, and William Shatner forgot how to act as Kirk at certain times of the movie, in my opinion.

The visuals and music are still great after all of these years though. And the cruise around the Enterprise in Drydock was my favorite scene in the movie.

What would have been really great is for SyFy to rebroadcast not only TOS but the Special Edition versions with the Shat and Nimoy hosting–although much of the trivia/behind-the-scenes info seemed familiar it was still great to hear the hosts and other cast members talk about the show.

The Special Edition was like a mini-con of old with the viewing room where you could watch all the Trek (TOS) episodes as much as you wanted if you didn’t yet own a VCR or it was unavailable in syndication where you lived at the time.

Nostalgia just makes the gluttony of today pale in comparison! ;-)

42–I agree about Quinto’s voice. In fact, all the actors who played Vulcans seemed to overdo the dispassionate thing a bit much. Tuvok and T’Pol had the same problems. The beauty of Nimoy and Mark Lenard as Sarek was that their lack of emotion seemed perfectly natural the way they acted. Tim Russ, Jolene Blalock and Zachary Quinto seemed to overcompensate and at times almost seemed mocking of the role (though I know that was not on purpose). By and large Quinto did a good job as Spock, but he needs to make it more natural.

The DE hasn’t been rendered in HD yet, it still only exists as a 480i (or possibly 480p) transfer. So it’s unlikely they’ll show that.

On the other (frustrating) hand, SyFy only shows Enterprise in SD on their HD channel, resulting in it being letterboxed and pillarboxed.


TMP (with a few exceptions like the crappy Starfleet Bay area tram station matte, the craptacular Vger walk hull matte where Kirk, Spock, Bones , Decker and Ilea appear to be 80 ft tall giants against the Enterprise hull profile and a couple of the rear projection shots behind Kirk and Scotty as they circle in the travel pod)

To this day features the most stunninly realistic – tangible effects of any sci-fi film ever. It puts the effects in Khan (the ones that were not lifted from TMP) to shame. The work inside Vger, the cloud effects, the energy field all stunning achievements

Not to mention the greatest single Sci-Fi score ever as well

This film was made for Blu

I wish we could get a hybrid – original extended cut-Director’s edition for blu

I loved the directors edition but there were some things about it I did not like. Chiefly the pussy red alert sound effect that they chose to replace the greatest and most menacing red alert sound effect ever with, and some of the scene trimming which I would have prefered to have left in)

Ah…if only I had cable.

I’m not really a TNG fan myself (my dad doesn’t like it at all–he just watches TOS all the time), but if I was able to watch all of these I would. Don’t tell my dad I like Picard…he’ll disown me…

Wait a sec–WHAT? how can you have a Star Trek marathon with out showing at least one episode of TOS? this is unacceptable!

47. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar – March 4, 2011

ummm, the effects for 2001 were pretty good, back in the day.