Happy Birthday, Jolene Blalock

Today is the birthday of Star Trek Enterprise’s sexy sub-commander Jolene Blalock. The T’Pol actress turns 36 today and we here at TrekMovie want to wish her a great b-day, and we also catch up with what she is up to.  


Happy Birthday to Jolene

Keeping with the Voyager tradition of a cat-suited babe on the ship, Star Trek Enterprise turned to Jolene Blalock, to play the Vulcan sub-commander T’Pol who started out at odds with Captain Archer and crew but grew to be a loyal member of the crew and even had her own romance. While there to up the sexy quotient on the show, Blalock deliver a nuanced performance and one of the more satisfying arcs for the series over four years. Here she is talking about what she brought to the bridge of the NX-01.

Jolene’s latest role: Mom + upcoming indie movie

Since her time with Star Trek Blalock has kept busy, doing a number guest roles on TV, including a recurring role on Mike Sussman’s fantasy series Legend of the Seeker last year. Here are some clips of Jolene as Sister Nicci.

However that run had to be cut short after the actress became pregnant leading to her latest role as mother of a new baby, born to her and husband Michael Rapino last summer.

But Jolene does have one new upcoming project with a small role (shot in 2009) in the indie movie One Kine Day about "the darker side" of growing up in Hawaii. Blalock plays the troubled mother of one of the teens in the film, here is a clip.

One Kine Day is doing the festival circuit now, including screening at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival March 10th-20th. More info at  www.onekinemovie.com.

Blalock Bday Tweets

Jolene received many happy birthday tweets today, including one from Star Trek Enterprise and Legend of the Seeker writer/producer Mike Sussman. :

And Blalock did send out a rare tweet thanking her fans for their birthday wishes.


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Happy Birthday to Jolene! I had the pleasure of meeting her at a convention a couple of years ago and I was surprised at how humble she was at that event.

Happy Birthday to the hottest Vulcan of them all (since T’Pring).

I think you got it wrong, She was never a Borg. Happy Birthday Sub-Commander, hope to see you in Trek again someday even if it’s Direct to DVD. (I can dream right?)


Many happy returns, Miss Blalock. You still look like in your younger 20’s. Enjoy your birthday weekend with family and friends. I hope all your dreams come true and also that your goals be achieved.

Enjoy. Still miss Star Trek:Enterprise. Wish you and all your “Second” family came back for another season.

Take Care.

Happy birthday! ENT ended way too early. Put T’Pol & Archer in the sequel! :)

A phenomnal actress who, just like Jeri Ryan was overlooked by many due to her “sexuality.” I believe she also was a recurring character for a couple of episodes on Stargate SG-1, where she romanced Christopher Judge’s Teal’c. Would like to see what her character is up to nowadays and if she and Teal’c still have that thing going but that doesn’t look like it’ll happen…

Enjoyed her as Sister Nicci but I doubt her pregnancy would have affected Seeker much since it was canceled that season. Seeker had such potential as a fantasy series…watching trailers for shows like Camelot and A Game of Thrones – that’s what Seeker should have been, instead they turned it into Hercules 2.0. Its a shame Jolene didn’t have a bigger role because Nicci is such an important character in the books (even though their Nicci was different).

I really hate to bitch cause I really like this site and T’Pol but hear goes:

TrekMovie is wishing a happy birthday to Jolene but has recently skipped over folks like Majel Barrett Roddenberry, James Doohan, Gates McFadden, Chase Masterson and others lessers?

Puh-leez! Have some consistency will ya? Unless you’re saying birthday wishes have to go to living actors who are actively acting, in which case I apologize for the rant since I don’t know if Gates and Chase are uh, active.

TrekMovie does not do bday wish articles to everyone but we tend to cover the main cast members who are still living. We did post bday tweets (see twitter panel) for Majel, Doohan and Chase. We missed Gates….shoot me.

You could shoot me for not being Twitter-saavy I guess. :-)

Happy B-day!

7. Then why do it? It just comes across as completely disrespectful.

Anthony. You missed Gates. Your Agoniser. Your Agoniser please.
Happy Birthday Jolene. You are a beautiful and talented woman.

Happy Birthday, Jolene!

Great rock vid with Ms. Blalock strutting her stuff (“Denise” by New Jersey’s own Fountains of Wayne)


Happy Birthday!

happy b day sexy woman

Many happy returns, Jolene.

I appreciated how your character kept that tradition going of the outsider, making droll observsations about human behaviour. T’Pol’s romance with Trip was one of the truly great ones, that could have gone on and on, if Enterprise hadn’t abrupted ended.

I would turn mormon for her.

Happy birthday.

I swear she looks even better now than she did in enterprise. Amazing.

Happy Birthday, Jolene Blaylock(The SEXIEST, HOTTEST-LOOKING VULCAN EVER).

This validates why I don’t generally do twitter — how lame and self gratifying — embarrassing! LOL

What is wrong with Jolene’s tweet? I thought she was being gracious and courteous.

I don’t have Twitter or Facebook, but they can be a rather nice way of communicating with people, near and far, as long as people behave properly. Some do, some don’t. If I had tweeted Happy Birthday, Jolene and received a Thank you tweet back, I’d feel pretty chuffed. Just one of many things that people do that may seem to be lame and self-gratifying to others…

BTW, Happy belated birthday, Jolene Blalock. Many happy returns.

I could get so easily addicted to tweeting and all the rest of that social networking. So I don’t blame anybody for just getting on with enjoying life, instead of feeling the need to provide a running commentary to it.

If Jolene Blalock was a singer, I could look at her “voice” for hours! :>)

@21. I just think in case of many hollwood types it just helps them bloat their already oversize egos up even further. I am not saying Jolene’s doing this, but I find the whole Hollywood twitter thing very silly and mostly meaningless.

I mean, none of even really know Jolene, so what is the point of sending her a public tweet wishing here a happy birthday? I guess if I was a member of her pesonal fan club and had met here once, then I would feel comfortable doing this.

For myself, I would find it kind of creepy to get messages on my birthday from strangers.

And if I was Jolene’s personal friend or associate, why would I want the world to see me wishing her a happy birthday…isn’t that kind of impersonal and self gratifying instead of sending her a birthday card? Why would a real friend of hers need “the public attention” of wishing her a happy birthday “in front of strangers” on the internet?


Somehow I doubt it would be her “voice” you’d be staring at Harry…..

All the best!!

@1. Please give my best regards to your dad, WebMD. :-)

Cool. I’m 36. Whats up, Jolene….

I’m in love with you Jolene Blalock. If you’re intererested in a non-nerd Trekker, then I’m the man! I’ll be at Vegas con this year and I’ll stop by and say hello if you’re there.

She’s 36, her implants are 15.

Happy Birthday. What a Vulcan….! She melts my butter.

A “non-nerd Trekker”? Isn’t that like an oxymoron?

I have not seen “One Kine Day,” but I can tell you that I would be just as depressed as that guy at the end of the clip after having just seen such a beauty as Jolene walk by and not look my way.

Have a HAPPY Birthday Jolene!!!!! You are a stunner!!!!!

33, “She melts my butter”

I’d love to butter her muffin!

She’d still be reasonably young for a Vulcan in 2258, after all. Just shy of 170? President of the Vulcan Colonial Authority, perhaps?


Harry, my friend… don’t you mean muffins with an “S”. I am sure there is more than one. But I get what you meant.

Lt. Bailey, old pal……stick me on a desert island with Jolene for about a year..

M’yeah……good times!