Video of the Day: Jay Baruchel In “Trouble With Tribbles” via Yoostar 2

Yoostar 2, the new "movie karaoke" game for Playstation 3 and XBox 360, was released this week. And to promote it Yoostar has put out some demo scenes starring Jay Baruchel (She’s Out of Your League). See below for his take on the "Trouble with Tribbles" scene from the original Star Trek.  


Yoo are Mr. Spock w/ Jay Baruchel

Jay Baruchel demonstrates Yoostar 2 "Trouble with Tribbles" scene (via Funny or Die)

Youstar also released three other scenes with Baruchel from 300, Mad Men and Grease. Check them out at

Yoostar2 is now available in stores and works with the Kinect for Xbox 360 or your PlaystationEye. It comes with 50 different scenes, plus 10 famous TV and movie ‘sets’ and 20 video backgrounds. Your performance gets scored on accuracy and also improvisation and you can then share you performance with friends via Facebook and Twitter. It includes two Star Trek scenes and one set:

  • Scene: playing Locutus of Borg from "Best of Both Worlds, Part 1" (TNG)
  • Scene: playing Kirk from "The Trouble with Tribbles" (TOS)
  • Set: Enterprise D bridge (TNG)

Yoostar 2 costs $49.99 and works with Xbox 360 (w/ Kinect) and PS3 (w/ Playstation Eye). You can order at Amazon. 

Khaaaan coming March 22nd

A downloadable Star Trek expansion pack has also been announced, including scenes from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (yes you will be able do you your own "Khaaaaaan") will be released March 22nd.

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love it

I must have this. Resistence is Futile.
Looks like this is the Start of the Holodeck. Just imagine what Games we will have in 10 years or so.


Damit Jim. What the hell is the matter with you.

Am I the only one who thinks its a bit ridiculous to pay AGAIN for another protected copy of scenes I’ve purchased twice on VHS, twice on DVD, and once on BluRay?

They pick the scenes, so there’s less creative freedom for users, and for this stalag-style liberty, I have to pay a 6th time for video I already have?

I’m really starting to love system hackers & crackers.

jay baruchel, one actor I can’t stand, the main reason i lost interest in ‘the sorcerer’s apprentice’, as soon as i saw him in the trailer, i told myself no thanks.

this is about as funny as a MadTv skit.

“Khaaaan coming March 22nd
A downloadable Star Trek expansion pack has also been announced, including scenes from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (yes you will be able do you your own “Khaaaaaan”) will be released March 22nd.”

Is this a coincidence or what that this pack is to be released on the same day as William Shatner’s 80th birthday (March 22nd)?

Jay Baruchel had one of the best acceptance speeches at the Shatner-hosted Genie awards on Thursday. Dude is obviously a big Trek fan.


Just out of curiosity….what’d he say? How can I get see that?

Jay Baruchel is allergic to cuteness.

i love kirk’s expression when the tribblle hits his shoulder.

Who is Jay Baruchel? BTW, the scene didn’t amuse me.

My deepest condolences to the Baruchel family. Apparently, the deal was “Funny or Die.” He will be missed. Not by me, but by someone… maybe.

I think this is a great gimmick. However, I also side with folks who feel as though we’re being sold the same thing over and over. This feels like a bonus that should be added to the latest generation of dvd’s or downloads of movies/tv. I can’t tell you how infuriated I have been to get a dvd as a gift and then discover I can’t play it on the computer until I PAY AGAIN to get it through itunes. Um. F*** you, corporate fats suits.

I’d LOVE to have this. There is just one problem: NO PC VERSION! In conclusion, great piece of software, but no PC version = no purchase for me. Why is it PC’s never get software like this (and believe me I’ve looked, all the ones I’ve seen are kind of shitty).

The game sucks. I was so excited when I bought it. Once you play it, the green screen effect is terrible. Half my hair, face and body is chopped off or you see huge pixel around me. Yoostar states on their website that it’s lighting issues. I for one thing I was duped! False advertisement because it does not perform like they announce. By the was, their Facebook page is filled with hundreds of complaints like mine.

Ha – soon my pretties, soon I will be able to edit Grace Lee Whitney into every episode of TOS just as nature intended – mwa ha haaaa (cough).


i think he was in “tropic thunder” with ben stiller. if you didn’t think this was funny, i saw one on youtube where a guy was eating a tribble.go find it.