Watch: Leonard Nimoy In New TV Commercial For Canadian Cable Company Telus

Leonard Nimoy continues to defy his pledge to retire. Star Trek’s Spock Prime has upped his live appearances, signed on to do more Fringe, and now he is even in a new TV commercial for the Canadian cable company Telus. Check it out below, plus we look back at some classic Nimoy commercials.


Nimoy commercial for "Next Frontier of Social Networking"

Nimoy promotes Optik TV from Telus, which they describe as the "Next Frontier of Social Networking" (via williamcalestewart on YouTube)

For a 45 year old franchise, it is impressive that three of the stars of Star Trek have been seen on TV as commercial spokesmen in the last year: Nimoy (Telus), William Shatner (Priceline) and George Takei (Sharp). Will we see Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and John Cho pitching stuff on TV in 2054?

Nimoy the pitchman

The new Telus ad is Nimoy’s first commercial work since the VW "Talk to a Bug’ campaign in 2008. In the past decade he also appeared in a 2006 Superbowl commercial for Aleve, and in 2004 he appeared with William Shatner in a series Priceline commercials.

2008 VW

2006: Aleve

2004: Priceline (one of three ads)

Leonard Nimoy may not be as as prolific a pitchman as his friend William Shatner, but he has a good sized repertoire in TV commercials going back to the 70s. Here are a few more of his ads over the years.

1979: Atlantic Bank

1986: Western Airlines

1997?: Netword

For more of Leonard Nimoy’s commercial history visit beyondspock.

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There is another old car commercial TV with his daughter Julie.

Who knew that Mr. Nimoy had a home in Canada?

Several years ago I had prepaid service from Telus for the very brief time of one of my visits to Canada. It worked out well, and they seem to be a good company.

I must say I loved the eyebrow thing.

Commercials on this thing called “television”: Highly illogical. But … fascinating.

Get him on the Big Bang Theory!

Also, how out of touch do you have to be not to know that Leonard Nimoy is on television? That cable installation guy seems like the kind of dude even geeky Trek fans like me would call a true “nerdlinger.”

Wow! He looks great. Too funny.

– Hat Rick

He has a condo near Stanley Park in Vancouver. My fraternity brother showed it to me when he was driving around the city.

Perhaps he can join Cher on her next retirement tour.

Thank the Great Bird of the Galaxy they didn’t make ST:IV in Hawaii. Those shirts!

Love It !!!! Hes the man!! cant wait to see him in vegas !!!!! LLAP

6, Captain Hackett, I didn’t know that. Interesting.

That vintage Western Airlines commercial stuff was great. I’m sure it was scripted, but a lot of it came off as improvised ( seeing Shatner play ‘got your nose’ with Nimoy was priceless ). The whole thing seemed effortless and very natural. Shows what great chemistry these two had together ( Can’t quite picture Jeffrey Hunter doing schtick with Nimoy on the set of a plane ).

Know what the most fictional part of those commercials are, looking at them these days?

The least plausible? The craziest, wackiest, nuttiest thing you’ve ever, ever seen?

I’ll tell you what it is….

5% interest on checking. That’s what.

Next to that, teleportation is positively humdrum.

If I ever sat across from Nimoy and Shatner on an airplane, I think I would melt.

Living long and prospering … ever … definitely!!! :-) :-)

Love both of them, but the two together is just-they can do anything and you’d watch it. Don’t think we realise how much Tos owes to the rapport that these two actors have.

All this talk about Shatner and Nimoy and their rapport together, i’m just waitng for someone to start complaining about how Nimoy wouldn’t appear on Boston Legal. If this thread goes on long enough, it’ll happen.

My cell phone provider’s Telus, can’t wait for more promotional stuff to come! :)

I don’t understand why Nimoy wouldn’t appear on Boston Legal. I mean, is he too good for TV, or what?


Leonard Nimoy with a mustache. Very…illogical.

“Will we see Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and John Cho pitching stuff on TV in 2054?”

No. I am hoping that they will have made enough money and done enough genuinely creative and fulfilling film and stage work in their working lives that they won’t want or have to make commercials.

I’ve had the misfortune to see a George Takei commercial for Sharp. I have no inclination to buy a Sharp product. I know a lot of people really like his voice. I can’t stand it. It has always had a smarmy sound and feel to it.

I know that people loved Leonard Nimoy doing “These are the voyages…” at the end of Star Trek 09, but I really wished that William Shatner had said those words (I know, all kinds of reasons why he couldn’t/didn’t). Leonard Nimoy has always made those words sound old and tired (to me) – his voice has become too deep and gravelly sounding at times. William Shatner’s voice has got deeper as well, but when he speaks, there is still a spark of vitality and spontaneity, which sadly Leonard Nimoy’s voice has lacked for a while now.

Turns out the Facebook on TV thing is still a little buggy, Giving me all kinds of problems. Cool to have Nimoy pimping it though!

To 19

It would be the most logical for him to have a goatee like the one in “Mirror, Mirror”. ;)

*Sigh* Mr. Nimoy isn’t Star Trek’s “Spock Prime.” That was his role in J.J. Abrams’ reboot/reimagining/rewhatever, but for Star Trek he was Mr. Spock, First Officer (later Captain) of the starship Enterprise. Period.

Actually Star Trek’s Mr Spock was the first officer of the Enterprise, got promoted to captain when Kirk became admiral and then once again was the first officer of the Enterprise when Kirk was demoted to captain again. I do not recall Mr Spock being captain of the Enterprise since Kirk’s demotion (Star Trek IV). Spock was never interested in being captain. Later he became a Federation ambassador and still remained a member of the Vulcan Science Academy – the institution that built the Jellyfish. JJ Abram’s Mr Spock was indeed the same Mr Spock who lived in both the 23rd and 24th centuries in the prime universe.

@24 – who cares?! How is such knowledge useful to your life?

No even Mr Nimoy can get me to subscribe to the crooks at Telus. They have the worst customer service (almost on par with Comcast in the States), and they are ruthless when it comes to enforcing their contracts, and even being a week over due on a bill can result in it being sent to collections with very little notice given.

Nice ad though, but not enough to make me buy it, I’ll stick with my Shaw Cable internet and my Bell Satellite.

@25 That make you feel big and important??

@24 Rock on, Kea! :)

Also, I have to point out, Telus is a Phone Company…


Nimoy should never sport a stache.

The Priceline ad had me rolling!

Why are you even on this site?

27 – Right on!

Looks like Leonard gained 50 lbs for that Western airlines commercial.

I didn’t know Mr. Nimoy was so desperate for money. Telus and their Optik service is so bad, it’s laughable. It’s extremely illogical why he would come out of retirement to endorse such a bad product.


the reason we know this stuff is because we can’t help but know it, we like it, and to annoy people. i would say we have succeeded.


thanks for the info!