Con Report & Photos: Leonard Nimoy Headlines Creation Star Trek San Francisco Con 2011

Creation Entertainment held a big official Star Trek convention in San Francisco over the weekend headlined by Leonard Nimoy with a bunch of big Trek stars including Nichelle Nichols, Nana Visitor, Rene Auberjonois, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating and more. See below for a report plus lots of photos from the weekend.


A Continuing Birthday Celebration

Most Star Trek fans associate San Francisco, California as being the future home for Starfleet headquarters, but for the last weekend S.F. played host to the an official Star Trek Convention, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Creation had billed this convention as "a celebration of the 45th anniversary" and this anniversary would prove to be a memorable one for the fans in attendance. Today TrekMovie presents a quick summary of what went down, along with tons of pictures from the event. 

Star Trek Creation Convention SF 3-12-3-14 234

TrekMovie’s coverage starts on Saturday, which was the biggest day of the con where attendance was pushed to the limits with a capacity crowd. The day started with a standing room only appearance by Nichelle Nichols who recounted tales of the impact the original Star Trek had and is still having upon her life. The original Uhura was typically gracious and wonderfully enthusiastic with the equally appreciative fans who treated her like Trek royalty that she is.

Star Trek SF-First Card 023

Star Trek SF-First Card 133

Nichols was followed by Gwynyth Walsh and Barbara March, better known as the Duras sisters B’Tor and Lursa from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The San Francisco con was the first Creation event where the pair appeared in character, complete with full Klingon make-up and wardrobe. The two played off each other humorously and also recounted tales of their time with Trek, including the infamous story of when Gene Roddenberry inquired if their Klingon Kleavage was the real thing or a special effect.

Star Trek Creation Convention SF 3-12-3-14 036

Star Trek Creation Convention SF 3-12-3-14 040

Of course the biggest draw for Saturday was to see the living legend, Leonard Nimoy. There was a palatable sense of anticipation and excitement leading to thunderous applause and an extended standing ovation when Creation co-founder Adam Malin introduced Nimoy.  to a thunderous standing ovation that was sustained for an extended period of time. Leonard Nimoy giddily jumped on the stage from backstage and was noticeably pleased and humbled by the deafening reaction.

Star Trek Creation Convention SF 3-12-3-14 159

Mr. Nimoy then proceeded to chronicle his life and influences through words and photographs. He held the audience in rapt attention as he recounted the highlights of life as an actor and as a man. Since Nimoy is also a celebrated and accomplished photographer, he took the time to also tell of his experiences packaging the images he had shot for his book, "Secret Selves". For many in attendance, there was no doubt that Nimoy’s appearance alone was worth the price of
admission.  Unfortunately for anyone hoping for spoilers regarding his upcoming appearance on Fringe, the subject didn’t come up.

Star Trek Creation Convention SF 3-12-3-14 177

Star Trek Creation Convention SF 3-12-3-14 163

While Saturday was a treat, Sunday proved to be even more entertaining. Deep Space Nine veterans Nana Visitor and Rene Auberjonois introduced what they hoped would be an ongoing treat for fans. They decided to showcase what they had entitled, "Cross Our Hearts: Poems and Prose" which turned out to be a riveting displays of the power these two actors have with their vocal and facial control. Indeed, there was nary a sound as fans were dazzled by their impressive ability to dominate an audience in a live setting.

Star Trek SF Con-March And Duran Duran Duran 653

Star Trek SF Con-March And Duran Duran Duran 666

Star Trek SF Con-March And Duran Duran Duran 674

As brilliant as Auberjonois and Visitor were, the surprise of the convention turned out to be Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating who had literally electrified the fans with their incredible sense of humor and timing. Fans who were lucky enough to have attended Saturday night’s special events after hours had already knew that Dominic Keating is an incredibly funny stand-up comedian. And together he and his Star Trek: Enterprise co-star literally had the entire hall doubling over with laughter as they told tales of "Enterprise", fandom and actor appearance confusion. The two were so scintillating that one wonders why don’t have a dedicated live show touring the nation!

Star Trek SF Con-March And Duran Duran Duran 573

Star Trek SF Con-March And Duran Duran Duran 545

Star Trek SF Con-March And Duran Duran Duran 486

This convention was an entertaining warm-up to the much anticipated Las Vegas convention that will be arriving in August. I also suspect that Keating and Trinneer might just steal that show also!

And here are some more photos from the Star Trek San Francisco Con.

Star Trek SF-First Card 239
Costume contest

Star Trek SF-First Card 161
Costume contest

Star Trek SF Con-March And Duran Duran Duran 008
Fan as Nero

Star Trek Creation Convention SF 3-12-3-14 149
Sisko look-alike with some Andorian fans

Star Trek Creation Convention SF 3-12-3-14 117
Gwynyth Walsh and Barbara March

Star Trek SF Con-March And Duran Duran Duran 065
Barbara March

Star Trek SF Con-March And Duran Duran Duran 069
Alan Scarfe (TNG: Admiral Mendek)

Star Trek SF Con-March And Duran Duran Duran 421
Barry Jenner (DS9: Admiral William Ross)

Star Trek SF Con-March And Duran Duran Duran 606
Bobby Clark (TOS: Gorn)

For even more photos from the weekend, here is a slide show from photographer Stephen Lee.

Unfortunately both of us missed Friday, the first day of the con, which featured appearances by Grace Lee Whitney (Star Trek’s Janice Rand), Eric Menyuk (TNG’s Traveler) and Jane Wiedlin (Go-Go’s singer who had a cameo in Star Trek IV). If anyone has photos from Friday, please send in a tip via the TrekMovie tipline (right column).

Oscar Benjamin is a professional photographer and columnist who writes three columns on entertainment, cosplay and horror for  You can also follow Oscar on Facebook.

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Looks like it was fun! I’m hoping to go to Vegas in August! These cons are always fun!!!!


^Second Gen Fan because my mom’s a Trekkie too.

Retired, huh? Long live The Neem!!

What, we’re only hearing about this Con NOW?????

The hobby Klingon looks more authentic than the sisters, doesnt he?

Oscar seems to have had a great seat judging by the excellent photos. No wonder he wrote with such enthusiasm!

I wonder if the average attendee had as good a time. I am sorry to say my 30 year experience with these Creation cons has been generally disappointing, with standard seating usually 50 feet away, eternal autograph lines and rushed meet and greet/photo ops with no opportunity at all for meaningful interaction with the cast. The only alternative is to sell an bodily organ or two and pay astronomical “package” prices. To make matters even worse, they e-mail you your tickets (cost to them: zero) and still charge you a $22 shipping fee.

Press pass is a pretty good seat, you get to sit on the floor in front of stage. Not very comfy though, and sometimes the guests get pissed. John DeLancie got all huffy with Oscar and I in Vegas last year saying “this is feeling like a press conference” or something like that.

“Literally electrified the fans”? I do hope not!

The rest of it looks like fun though.

sounded like it was fun….yes Dominic and Conner are very entertaining together….Saw them at the 40th Anniv. Vegas Con and they were funny as hell…Rene shouldnt have that beard, makes him look older than he really is, Nana looks very energetic as usual…

Man just saw Shatner with Levar Burton and Walter Koenig….Gotta give credit to the SHAT for listening to Walter and admitting he may not have been paying attention to the supporting actors back then and he even apologized twice and admitted it was hurting him inside to think he wasnt being fair with all the actors back then….Wish the interview was twice as long I think it was very Cathartic for Walter to get that off his chest and force Shatner to think about it….No mention was made of Koenigs sons death but that may be a touchy subject would be understandable if he might not have wanted to talk about that….
If SHAT MY DAD SAID does survive to next season sounds like Walter will be a guest on it hahah….

Koenig also mentioned his 4 part graphic novel(shat kept saying comic book haah) about Vampires called things to come….all in all this interview was a nice momentary relief from all the sadness and madness going on in Japan now after the horrifying quake and tsunami….Feel very bad for all the people that lost family members, some whole families….hope ne pray they all get help asap and that they shut down those nuclear reactors…cant believe they did not have some kind of failsafe in case the power went off…backup generators are not enough obviously….kinda reminds me of the oil spill….if there is not a failsafe involved dont do it should be obvious to even the non technical minded like me….

Anybody with access to the Bio channel be sure to watch the Walter Koenig interview…it was the first interview that mentioned trek for more than one sentence during the interview and it was great….

Nimoy looks great. Wish he could play Spock looking this good, rather than with makeup to make him look older. Can[‘t wait to his Fringe binge.

Damn Nana Visitor looks hot!

Looks like a good time. I am super impressed with how you took geek and turned it into a paying gig Compassionate Wolf! You are my hero!!

I’d love to meet the Gorn – great guest! And I hope the fan on the far right in the unflattering season one man-skirt uniform got some sort of prize for creativity and chutzpah.

The EmeraldCity Comicon had a good star trek showing. Shatner, Frakes, Spiner….good stuff. Frakes and Spiner were amazing. Great guys, and put on a really funny show, which is on youtube.

#12 Always! (My crush continues…)
Oh, to have been there… cons are NOT dead… only in Cleveland… sigh..

I wonder when anyone from the 2009 Trek movie will be making the conventions.

cool, connor trinneer wears the same shoes “pf flyers number 5” like me. got two pairs. most comfortable shoes i’ve ever worn.

As much as I’m a really big Go-Go’s fan, Jane Weidlin appearing on a video screen in the background of a few seconds of “Star Trek IV” really is too much of a stretch to qualify her as a guest at a Star Trek convention, isn’t it?

cant wait for vegas!!!!

It would be a treat to be able to attend every one of these CONs through out the US. All we can do is save up for the Vegas CON which is the biggest event.

Our friends that did go said that Dom Keating made a statement that Scott Bakula will be on the Convention circuit this year… I hope that is true, at least for Vegas

This is great guys, thanks! … Nimoy and Nichelle look GREAT! … Thanks Oscar Benjamin! :-) :-)

I love that the guy dressed as Nero is basically just wearing standard 80s goth wear with tattoos. Trenchcoat? Check. Doc Martins? Check.

Everyone related to Trek looks so classy in these photos. Looks like it was a fun and happy day for all, including both the cast and the audience.

Brilliant, and bravo! :-)

I was at the convention and had a great time, Nichelle looks awesome still. I had the gold package ticket and was able to meet all the guests and see everything over all three days.
Seeing Nimoy up close was a dream come true for me, his presentation was fantastic. The price of the Gold Package was nothing compared to everything I got, including autographs from all the guests which I’m loving right now.


Good for you! See? Money CAN buy happiness!

I was at this convention… it was COMPLETELY FABULOUS!

Scott Bakula *IS* doing cons this year. He’s in Australia next month (April) which I suppose could be considered “a warmup tour” before he hits the bigger cons in the USA.