Simon Pegg Talks Excitement & Secrecy For Star Trek 2012 + Confirms Set Aside August/September To Shoot

Simon Pegg, Star Trek’s new Scotty, has been on big promotional tour for his new sci-fi comedy Paul, opening this weekend in the USA. And along the way he has talked a bit more about the buzz on the Star Trek sequel. He has also confirmed when Paramount has asked him to set aside time to shoot it.


Pegg talks "excitement" at Bad Robot + secrecy + confirms August/September shoot

In a radio interview with WAAF in Boston, MA, Simon Pegg and his Paul co-star Nick Frost were asked about the Star Trek sequel, the pair talked about the buzz and joked about the secrecy. Here is the exchange:

Simon Pegg: I’m hearing great things about the script. There is a lot of excitement at [JJ Abrams production company] Bad Robot about it. We are always the last to know because they don’t trust us with information.

Nick Frost: The one thing I can say – I shouldn’t – but apparently it is set in space. (laughs)

Pegg: That’s true. (laughs) I’m going to get in big trouble for that. … It is all very secretive. With the first one I was in a hotel room and a guy came with the script and I had to read it while he waited outside the door for me to give it back to him. That is because it is so difficult to keep a secret these days.

And in an interview with Dublin’s City TV Pegg talked more about about the sequel buzz he is hearing:

Pegg: I am one of those people [who want to know what is coming in the Star Trek sequel]. I know its being written and they are very happy with the script so far. JJ [Abrams] is finishing up Super 8 and we are waiting to get to work on it, which will hopefully be in the summertime. I am as excited as everyone else.

On Sunday Pegg and the Paul team were at the SXSW Film Fest in Austin, TX. Since we have seen many production dates thrown around by the cast, TrekMovie asked our friend and fellow Trekkie Jordan Hoffman (who is covering the event for UGO) to press Simon on if he was guessing or if he has been asked to set time aside. The actor confirmed that studio has told him to "keep August and September open" for his return to the role of Scotty in the Star Trek sequel.

So it does look like things continue to move forward on the unnamed Star Trek film due in theaters June 29, 2012. Based on comments from writers and cast, it looks like pre-production could get started by April, with production going by August. It is worth noting that even if Pegg is only shooting for two months, the production will likely take longer. Principle photography for the 2009 Star Trek lasted four months (including a Holiday break), but Pegg was only required for less than two months.

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig & director Greg Mattola – "Paul" screening at SXSW – Austin, TX Sunday March 13th

Paul opens this weekend

Simon’s new comedy Paul opens in the North America on Friday March 18th.  The film about two geeks on a road trip across America who befriend a real alien is getting good buzz and has been a hit in the UK. Written by Frost and Pegg, it is no surprise that Paul is full of sci-fi references including some from Star Trek. The most prominent Trek bit is a trip to Vasquez Rocks to re-enact the Kirk/Gorn fight scene from "Arena".

For more read Jordan’s review at, and here is a new commercial touting the good reviews for the film. 

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