Viral Video Double Feature: Trekkie Dances To Kinect + Federation v Klingons Dance Battle

Today we have a dancing theme for two viral videos to share. The first comes from the PAX gaming show held over the weekend with a Trekkie in TNG costume becoming a dancing machine. Then we have another recent upload with a group of Trekkies doing a TOS-era Starfleet v Klingon dance-off. Check them both out below.


Trekkie Busts A Move w/ Kinect

This first video, which has gone viral in the last day, is from this weekend at the PAX gaming show with a Trekkie who is trying out a dancing game with the XBox 360 Kinect. (h/t Kotaku)

Federation v Klingon Dance Battle

This second video hasn’t gone viral…until now. Uploaded a month ago, the "Cross Trek" group envision a dance battle of the Enterprise crew vs. Klingons. (thx to Keith for tip)


Dancing Trek Classic: Kirk v Spock: Dance Off

Both of these dancing vids are cool, but Wicked Awesome Film’s "Kirk v Spock Dance Off" (which we shared here at TrekMovie shortly after the 2009 Star Trek movie), may still be the best of this little genre.


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Ok Harry. I’m ready for the dance. Any Hot Girls want to dance with me. Oh wait. I’m Engaged to be married with a Hot Girl. I’m all set.

Looks like every Saturday night in 69 Forward.


“We can dance if want to, we can leave your friends behind,
If they can’t dance, and if they don’t dance, then they’re no friends of mine!”

Kinect only has one ‘n’.

After watching these videos, I wonder where Trekkers get the rep as being nerdy?

Not really viral.

The kinda stuff that keeps me from telling people I’m a Star Trek fan.

If they had Real Klingon Warriors???

This week on another exciting episode of Deep Space Zumba

that trekkie looks like a demented chicken…

and the klingon’s missing half its face.

Other than that, love it!


Maybe the “demented chicken” bit off half of the Klingon’s face!

Those chickens can be pretty crazy at times! Cut off their heads and they still run around!


yup. you never can trust those chickens.