Chris Pine Wins LA Drama Award + Beltran To Star In New LA Play

Last summer, Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine got rave reviews for his stage work in the dark satire "The Lieutenant of Inishmore". Last night Pine won an LA Drama Circle Award for the play, and he was joined at the event by his father (a fellow Trek vet) who also won an award. Plus Star Trek Voyager’s Robert Beltran opens a new play in LA in April. Details below  



Pines win LA Drama Circle Awards

The 42nd annual Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards were presented Monday night at the Colony Theatre in Burbank. Star Trek’s Chris Pine won the award for lead performance for his role of a sociopathic terrorist The Lieutenant of Inishmore at the Mark Taper Forum. As it happens, Chris Pine’s father Robert Pine (who appeared an an episode of Voyager) ; was also part of a production being honored at the LADCC ceremony, as noted by The Hollywood Reporter:

Two generations of Pines made their way to the stage when separate awards were announced. In addition to Chris Pine’s acceptance for his Inishmore win, Pine’s father, Robert Pine, came to the stage along with his fellow company members when the Antaeus Company took the evening’s final award for its production of King Lear.

Another winning Trek vet at the event was Gregory Itzin who won an award for featured performance in King Lear. Itzin has played five different characters spanning DS9, Voyager and Enterprise.

Chris Pine in " The Lieutenant of Inishmore"

Beltran to star in Devil’s Advocate

In other Trek star on the LA stage news, last week it was announced that Robert Beltran, Voyager’s Chakotay, will star in the US premiere of the Venezuelan play The Devil’s Advocate, which tells the story of the "capture and breaking of the Panamanian strong man Manuel Noriega by the Vatican’s “Devil’s Advocate” Archbishop Jose Sebastian Laboa." Previews start March 23rd and opening night is April 1st. More details at

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Hooray to Chris Pine! I only wish I could have seen the play.

Thanks guys … and of course I ‘m here , too … LOL …


New sitcom idea: “Getraer & Son”….

I saw it when I was living in LA. It was awesome! Chris Pine and the whole cast did a great job with a very funny story.

This kid has some real acting chops!

Robert Pine: That would be:
The Chute (18 September 1996) as Ambassador Liria

Are they planning to use Pine in the Shats new show anytime he has flashbacks to when he was a younger man? that would be cool.

#7. Probably not since (1) it’s only a mediocre show and (2) it doesn’t have the greatest chance of renewal at the moment.

Yeah, the new Shatner sitcom deserves to fail. Bad writing is killing it.

I’ve said the only thing that would save it is putting Ed on the road in an RV with Rosemary travelling around… Ed in Vega$. Ed at the Grand Canyon. Ed in Phoenix. Ed at an NFL game. Ed at an Indian Reservation… etc. Shatner does great with Ed. Rosemary as done by Jean Smart has potential.
He can win the lottery, give the house to Henry (thus getting that waste of character out of the show)… and Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan’s characters can be recurring. But change the premise before it’s too damn late.
A flashback episode though to the early 1960’s would be fun though: cast Chris Pine as the young Ed, and cast Robert Pine as his father. That would be a hoot.

I am so pleased for Chris Pine and his father. It seems that people are thinking up roles he could play. Let’s hope something comes of these ideas.

Anyway, we already have an idea of how Chris will look when he reaches Kirk prime’s age. Boys tend to follow in their father’s genetic footprint for the most part. Both are tall and both have blue eyes. Chris’s mum has brown eyes and his sister also has brown eyes or so I believe and are a similar size and shape.

Robert Pine also appeared in ST: Enterprise (“Fusion”, Season 1 Ep. 17).

I did not know that Robert Pine also appeared in Enterprise. I knew about his appearance in Voyager. There was also a rumour that Chris’s maternal grandmother, Anne Gwynne, was a TOS fan and would watch reruns of TOS while she babysat wee Chris. How could he not be “my captain” James Kirk?