Simon Pegg Predicts Star Trek Sequel As “Character Piece” + Tonight Show Video

Star Trek’s Simon Pegg has wrapped up his US publicity tour for Paul and is headed to Vancouver to finish up shooting on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Before departing he appeared on the Jay Leno show and we have that video, plus in another interview the actor talked about his hopes and expectations for the Star Trek sequel.


Pegg wants Orion girl for Scotty – expects sequel to be ‘Character Piece’

Simon Pegg on his Star Trek sequel suggestions and and expectations (via HollywoodChicago):

I also said [to JJ Abrams] jokingly can Scotty have a love scene with an Orion girl. [laughs] What I do know the crew is still new to each other. The next film will still be exploring the process of getting to know each other. There won’t be just now there’s a new adventure. We’ve only just met.

My prediction is that Alex [Kurtzman] and Roberto [Orci] will write a lovely character piece, as well as a good sci-fi romp. I’m very excited about it. As far as filming goes, we’re all hoping for August or September.

Pegg on Tonight Show

Here is video from Simon’s visit to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, including Simon showing off his American accent.



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I’m more for cerebral story elements about ‘how would it be’, but character scenes would also be nice…

Good character development will be essential!

The crucial thing is how will they develop?????

Let us not have an expansion on the Spock/Uhurueeegh development. Hopefully that will be left well alone.

Perhaps Nick Frost could be Simons Orion slave-girl love interest? That would be grand!!!!

: )P

Ok we have Simon again … and he will get a new ” foster ” comments … adventure or character development ? … is it ? … well I want adventure and character development … simple , just that!

  And Paul looks very charming ! :-) :-)

The problem is that Simon Pegg knows squat. He has not said anything new that we did not know already. The writers had a while ago hinted at there being more character development, that they are settling in, becoming a family…

I thought that filming in August was pretty much a definite, now it’s “we’re all HOPING for August…”.

It is becoming ho-hum and tiresome.

Bob and Damon – how is the script coming along? only two more weeks to go before March 31st deadline. No pressure, of course…:)

Saw Paul last night! Very funny romp indeed!

# 4 – keachick

Yeah, we know what Simon says … but we will continue talking , discussing and commenting … but I can not complain … I promised here … but only until March ends! … and the script is ready, of course! LOL and +LOL !

Will be seeing Paul this weekend. looking forward to it. Seen battle L.A last weekend. Loved it. Can’t wait for Trek. Can’t wait for Trek. Can’t wait for TREK!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way. CAN’T WAIT FOR TREK!!!!!!!!!!!! 2012

He didn’t talk about Star Trek?

A character development piece….hmmmm, Kirk shaves for the first time?

McCoy: Damn it, Jim, what’s that on your face?
Kirk: It’s a beard, Bones.
McCoy: Really?

What, Phil, you think this Kirk is such a cocky YOUNG kid that he hasn’t shaved yet? Well, Chris Pine is perfectly capable of growing facial hair but I don’t think he likes close shaves to judge by most of the pictures you see of him. Of course, it is fashionable for guys right now to look this way. I don’t think the problem will be whether Kirk gets to grow enough but how to keep the fuzz off his face. I never thought that Kirk had any testosterene deficiency and this nuKirk proves that.

I definitely hope Scotty gets no love interest in the next movie.
Scott just came off looking like a creepy, dirty old man whenever he got near a female in the original show. Quite discomfort making, if there is such a phrase!.
And, anyway, all too often the lady would end up being murdered or ravaged by a god! No, best leave him stroking the E’s ‘ample nacelles’ I think. Leave the gals to Kirk.

SIMON SAYS…………………………………………………………………..not much!

Bloody hell Keachick you are very defensive of the Piney-lad!
Have you two started dating?
: )P

Aha Ballzy’s in.

Hey Harry, I mean’t to ask you ages ago, but did you ever get to go to Norwich and your late uncles Games Room on Elm Hill?

Just popped into my head that is all.

What do make of the ending of Smallville?
So far it’s been quite disappointing. Some good bits but generally could be much improved for the fans of the mightiest cape-flapper.

Answers on a postcard………: )P

Redjac!! Redjac!! Redjac!!!

#13 I wish, I wish…

Note to CP – Battle-scarred Sciatica thinks we are dating? Hate to disappoint this mainland kiwi. How about we make it so?!

I predict I’m still keeping my money.

Here’s an idea – how about we make the sequel a science fiction movie?


BSS, no, I never have gotten to visit there. I’ve been to Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Amsterdam…..but never England. From what I know, my cousin Duncan runs the hobby store to this day!

I’ve only caught bits of Smallville’s final season. You’re right, it seems like a mixed bag. A pleasure to see John Glover pop up again. Great actor. I’d like to see them stick Welling in “the suit” before he turns 40! Sheesh!

Right then Keachick I’m off to bed. Say night night to CP for me, get him to tell you some script secrets!

Harry: Been a few years since I’ve been back in ‘ol blighty myself. I loved that shop of your Uncles. Always gives me fond memories of being a kid.

Oh well, as Picard once said to the seamstress: “Make it sew!”

Night all.

B-sS out…


Funny you use that Picard pun. I always said Patrick Stewart should open a chain of sewing machine repair shops called Make It Sew!

Glad to see we’re on the same foolish page! :>)

I like Simon Pegg, but I still don’t see him as Scotty. I hope they don’t continue to write the character as strictly comic relief.

@22: Ummmm, you might have forgotten the original series. To wit…

Scott in Trouble with Tribbles: not starting a fight when Klingons mock Kirk, but oh, when they attack the Enterprise, he joyously starts a fight right after telling Chekov with a grin, we have to learn to take some… and then being confined to quarters for punishment, he shows glee at being able to catch up on his tech reading… (Playboy? Dilithiumhouse? Nacelles Monthly?)…

Or with his “It’s Green” drinking the Kelvan under the table… etc. And certainly there are other moments where Scott’s ‘mature’ humor is there for relief. K/O & L know what they’re doing….


Actually, it was when Picard gave his broken sewing machine to Geordi. He told Geordi to “Make it sew.”


I like Pegg but I don’t see him as the character either. Scotty was fun but he sure was serious about his job and a proud man. I didn’t see any of that from Pegg. He seemed more like the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins to me in the movie.



Well, that will piss off all the new fans who liked this movie because “it wasn’t like other Star Trek.”

No offense to this site, but instead of waiting for boborci to show up in the comments, I’d rather see a dedicated site and forum with the Star Trek Supreme Court that regularly (meaning once a week) plugs in to chat to listen and discuss the ideas for Star Trek 12. As much as it’s their baby now, I think it would be great if the Trekkers of the Internet had some say on the movie, no matter how big or small it will show on the big screen.

Let Peggy be Peggy.
Why pick on his choice or casting’s? He’s not doing Doohan.
Pine didn’t do Shatner (and I’m really grateful for that.)
A few cast members DID try to replicate the performances of TOS. I’m glad they all did not.

As for character development, PLEASE don’t glom together current catch phrases and call that a movie. Let’s come away with a whole new pile of Trek phrases we love. Ones we’ve not already seen in Nike commercials.

28. you give an inch… ;)

28. Do You Wanna dance – March 17, 2011

Great, movie script by committee. Pardon me while I go scratch my eyes out now…

28. I think it would be great if the Trekkers of the Internet had some say on the movie


# 30 – boborci

An inch from Do You wanna dance ? … certainly will be easier to dance now! :-) :-) … just kidding…

I’m not complaining untill March end! :-) :-)

#20 – “Right then Keachick I’m off to bed. Say night night to CP for me, get him to tell you some script secrets!”

I did try but he said if he told me, he’d have to kill me. Actually, the *truth* is that he knows nought. K/O/L tell him nothing. It is Simon Pegg’s job to relay all the most pertinent, up to the minute information about the Star Trek sequel, which he has done. Can you not read?…:)

CP and I spent barely 30 seconds discussing ST sequels. The focus was elsewhere…:)))

(Sigh…Dreams are free).

#15 Redjac indeed. That sums Scotty up totally as a ‘ladies man’. Its scary and just plain weird.
Even that wet dream that Shatner had about Montgomery and Uhura getting it together in The Final Frontier was properly frightening.
I made the mistake of watching TFF in front of the family’s pet dog a few years ago. The bloody thing kept me up all night with its whimpering and scratching at the door to be let out.
I did sympathise though.

@30. boborci

And they take a light year.


That sure will be a great idea, “when this becomes a democracy.”

Spend some time on the site and read the ideas people have. 99% would make a horrid mess of of film:

“Have there be a crossover to DS9 & VOY, where Section 31 brings Seven and Picard back to to Kirk’s Enterprise to fight Mirror Universe Borg/Romulan hybrids from the 25th Century, and have William Shatner show up as Emperor Tiberius.”

I’m happy to let the professionals handle it, and give us a big delightful surprise next year.

Bob, PLEASE consider the hybrids.

36. 36. Anthony L.


I don’t know… Are we talking about an Andorian inch here?

It’s a whole other scale!

“Character piece” as in another made-for-TV type TREK movie, or a full blown, expensive summer action movie with strong character moments? Given the tightness of the production window, I’m sensing the former.

A movie can be BOTH a character piece and a “summer action flick”…looks at JAWS and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, or even some of the prior STAR TREK movies (both II and IV were both great character pieces and action movies). Just as long as Paramount doesn’t insist on 3-D.


What do you mean 99% horrid ideas?? My ideas are awesome. Most fans know what they’re talking about . That’s why we’re all screenwriters. ;)

Bring in the Xindi, the greatest most feared enemy of all the Star Trek series as the bad guys..

Bring in Shatner as an admiral. He won’t be the least bit distracting.

If you give any of the background characters stuff to do, make it like so:

Have Sulu talk loudly on his communicator in the ship’s library. Bring his mom in to wash his laundry and cook his food. And ditch the foil, bring in a Thundercats’s style samurai sword!

Have Chekov repeatedly proclaim how everything is actually a Russian invention and be so awesome at everything that, really there’s nothing this cute, curly-headed, kid can’t do. Have him giggle coyly every time he completes a task.

Model his skills and personality after Wesley.

You see Zoe Saldana doing all these action roles? Seriously, make her the bad black feminist icon she’s supposed to be. Have her headbut Spock proclaiming him “a sorry weakling” to break them up. She’s too strong for him anyway…

Put her in pants, chop off the ponytail and give her a tight afro and have her be sassy and smack her lips and wag her head every time she’s given an order. …Even better if she’s popping gum, and has a constant sour look on her face.

New Uhura don’t smile.

Have Scotty carry around a hip-flask stay in a constant semi-functional drunken state. Have him wear a kilt as part of his uniform. Even better if he plays the bagpipe, and mentions haggis or golf. Have him randomly make-out with parts of the ship.

Keenser climbing up on stuff?? Make that a regular gag. :)

Have Pike and Kirk have swagger-offs. …Let Kirk always win and Pike acknowledge that this kid is just the most awesome person he’s ever come across.

Let Kirk continue to hang off stuff and get his behind handed to him in every fight…with rock/hip-hop music backing.

I suggest Lil’ Wayne and My Chemical Romance, for the kids.

Ditch the “dunh-dunh-dunh” orchestral score, it’s not hip enough.

Make Spock as alien as possible and completely clueless about everything human. Everything humans do is illogical. Seriously ditch that whole, “balancing both sides of himself” thing.

He’s Vulcan, dangit.

No, tech-speak please. That’s not what Trek is about anymore. It’s just too complicated. Nobody understands that stuff, anyway.

And don’t consult your science advisers about the plausibility of your scenarios or how to make it so, just the accuracy of certain visuals.

Oh, and one last thing, do a major overhaul,with all new ship-design, backing crew, and uniforms. Forget minor tweaks. Nobody cares about continuity anymore.

Just pretend the last movie didn’t happen and start from scratch.

And finally, make McCoy’s one and only line “He’s dead, Jim.”

My point is the time frame needed to do expensive, summer action movies by TODAY’S production standards–audience expectations included; not disputing whether both can or can’t be done in a film.

“What I do know the crew is still new to each other. The next film will still be exploring the process of getting to know each other. There won’t be just now there’s a new adventure. We’ve only just met.”

I would like this. I hope the next movie doesn’t play too long after the last one, so that the crew is still getting used to each other.

#34 – keachick

Just keep dreaming! … LOL and +LOL!

#42 – “What do you mean 99% horrid ideas?? My ideas are awesome. Most fans know what they’re talking about . That’s why we’re all screenwriters. ;)”

You are absolutely right. Our ideas are awesome!

“how everything is actually a Russian invention” – don’t you mean Russian inwention? Yes, you are right. Chekov will always be a “Yes, sir, three bags full, sir” person no matter what and any youthful “bad boy” spontaneity got stuck in the placenta at his birth.

“Have him randomly make-out with parts of the ship.” This is obviously Scotty’s work up until he eventually gets his hands on those nacelles and then lord only knows the kind of making-out he will do with those poor, innocent nacelles. Objectophilia rules in the 23rd century, which is also why a horndog like Kirk can’t get to first base with a woman because he is so in love with the Enterprise… Kinky, ha?

McCoy needs to say “He’s dead, Jim” more than once. Say, three times, just so he gets the point across…

If they leave it much longer they’ll have to hire a younger crew

The Best Trek episode of all-time, “City on the Edge of Forever’ had no action and was entirely a character and story driven episode. I don’t know if that’s what Paramount wants though. Too bad if they don’t

42: “And finally, make McCoy’s one and only line ‘He’s dead, Jim.'”

I think we should give that line to Uhura now. At least once during every movie Lt. Uhura is forced to karate chop some person or alien, and soon after Kirk always walks into the room and looks from the body to her, and she says…

Light year? Hell, I’m holding out for a parsec!