Chris Pine & Simon Pegg Denied Star Trek Sequel Spoilers By Producer + POLL: Too Much Secrecy?

The whole world (or at least the geekverse) wants to know what is going to happen in the 2012 Star Trek sequel. Over the last week we have reported on the musings of Simon Pegg who admits he knows nothing, but in a new interview he reveals that he and co-star Chris Pine have tried to get spoilers – only to be denied. Plus we have Pegg’s new Paul promo skit from Funny or Die. We also have a new poll on Bad Robot Star Trek secrecy


Star Trek sequel producer ‘reveals nothing’ to Pine and Pegg

In what is (probably) our last article on Simon Pegg’s Paul publicity tour, the Scotty actor again repeated that he has not read the Star Trek sequel script but hears good buzz. Apparently, like us, he wants to get more info, but in another interview he reveals that he and Pine have tried (and failed) to get spoilers (via

"As far as I know we’re slated to start work on it in late summer," [Pegg] says. "I’ve only heard rumors about the script from people within [Abrams’ production company] Bad Robot, who say it’s really exciting and they’re happy about the way it’s going."

He recently had dinner with Chris Pine, who plays Captain Kirk, and producer Bryan Burk, who revealed nothing, despite Pegg and Pine’s best efforts.

"The way information is disseminated, you can’t keep secrets anymore, so the best thing to do is to keep schtum," Pegg says.

Funny or Die Paul Promo + (Mostly) Positive Reviews

New video released Thursday with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost promoting Paul at Area 51, with a little help from the US Government.

Pegg’s new movie Paul opens in North America Friday the 18th. Right now the Rotten Tomatoes Meter has an review average of 65%, making the film certified fresh.

 More info at


POLL: Too secretive?

Do you want spoilers, or is the Bad Robot cone of silence the best way?



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Too much information ruins the experience. But thats not Trekmovie’s mandate ? :P

Loose lips sink STARSHIPS!

I’d say for once, keep it secret. Like they tried to do in TWOK, about Spock’s death.

Considering how every little thing ends up getting examined and ripped apart by EVERYONE when it leaks, I’d rather it be kept secret.

#3 Did it work?

Brokeback Enterprise. Kirk and Scotty share….

Brokeback Enterprise. Kirk and Scotty share….damn it, I wasn’t supposed to say that.

I liked how we got little controlled snippets here and there with the last one. I don’t like knowing the movie before I see it. It has ruined a couple of Trek films for me already.

Well, how about Boborci and Damon create a fake-out story and leak that? Blue Harvest-like, you know? It would feature Khan, Harry Mudd and Q… and be set in a brewery

I still don’t even know what ET looks like! So if its good enough for Spielberg its good enough for Bad Robot.
No to too much info. I’ll have to start trying to avoid Trekmovie if it starts to leak- and i don’t wantto have to avoid Trekmovie.

Since Alex Kurtzman is one of the actual writers of the ST sequel and is also now working with Chris Pine as director for Welcome to People, surely Chris would have tried to pry info out of Alex. He would probably know more than even Bryan Burke. Clearly, if he did, it did not work, so he and Simon have tried further up the chain…LOL

See, I told you Chris didn’t know anything and if he did tell, he’d probably then have to “kill you”… Simon likes taking more risks, in that Bob and co are going to have to “kill” Simon. :)

Call to Casting!

Scrotum party!!! Ahahahaaaaa!!!! I can’t wait to see Paul!

Wait, there’s a new Star Trek movie in the works?


no, it didn’t.


yup! and it’s coming out on June 29, 2012!

do you think they’ll do to the actors what they did to that guy in “Dagger of the Mind” (TOS)–where they fix their brains so every time they try to talk spoilers, they are in severe pain?


god, enough with the breweries already!

The whole world really cares?

Well, I’m not sure what they’re coming up with. I wouldn’t really expect seeing a lot of information with more than a year to go. I seriously think some of you folks are taking this right to the extremes here.

Yeah leaking out a little bit here and there is good, for the sake of building excitement and anticipation! Some rumors, some truth and let us fans imagine!

I notice as i’ve got older i’ve started to leak just a little, from here. And there.

That reminds me of that great Kirk line in the last movie, ‘i feel like i’m leaking’ lol and it was delivered with just the right balance of disgust and confusion from Pine. Brilliant.

No spoilers, please. Thanks.

As much as I’d like to know (and be willing to sign something legally binding, potentially resulting in me being “sued in the face” if I uttered a word)…

…the secrecy is for the best.

Supposing information was disclosed and fans didn’t like what they heard?

BobOrci: “Yes, I can exclusively reveal where going to be looking for God in the sequel. That’s why J.J. Abrams has been non-committal.”

21. (continued) “Oh and for the role of the almighty, we’ve got the casting down to either Tom Cruise or Mel Brooks. Both are very interested!”

21. we’re… we are… instead of where

JJ’s new Scotty dies in the first scene thank god! or his Doctor Who pet at least.

No more Scotty stupidity please, already enough in the 2009 film any more and you can blast him into oblivion!

I want that spoiler pic of the Enterprise getting a refit to fix that massive underbite..

I just want to know the following: Will it be cool? And, will the science be more accurate?

That’s it. Other than that, surprise me!

I say keep it a secret. Surprise us like they did for Trek 09. But. A little something would not be to bad would it. Ok. How about a peek at the new Engine room. You know. The one that really is an Engine room and not a Brewery. At least give us that.

Don’t want to know about major plot lines before I’ve seen a movie but I like to get information about new characters/actors joining the cast or some information who will be the main villain, etc.

I’ll take it all, soup to nuts, right now!


Good one…

Part of the fun between flicks is all the speculation. Too much information would ruin that…IMHO.

I remember seeing the original Star Wars in theaters for the first time in 1977, when there was no internet or Entertainment Tonight.

It was jaw dropping. I will never have another cinematic experience as great. The effects (for back then), the characters, the music, the story.

Today, it is very anti-climatic when even the smallest sneppit of information comes out.

Ah but we Trekkies can be a hard bunch to please at times. Well, most of the time. I suggest that we get a VERY BASIC understanding of the premise, just beyond the ‘Now that they’re on the ship, time to focus on character and relationships’ part of the story. It gives us time to wrap our minds around the idea.

As with every new iteration of Trek, we have high hopes and expectations and, from what I’ve seen, when those expectations are dashed, people can get a bit heated.

While I personally don’t get too wrapped around the handle about possible mistakes made, I can certainly understand those that do get passionate. Trek means a lot, to a lot of people. Every person has a passion for something; Trek is as good a subject as anything else.

On the other hand, there is no way to please everyone and someone will always find something to complain about.

Ah what the hell, I just wanna know if they’ve crafted their own unique story or if it’s just a retelling of something we already know.

I don’t mind spoilers, but at the same time I’ve learned recently that I like not knowing what’s going to happen. I loved going into Star Trek 2009 and having not much info about the plot. I also loved watching the end of Lost and Battelstar Galactica having absolutely NO idea how they were going to end those series so I said to myself “I’m not even going to try, just going to sit and enjoy the ride.”

Compare and contrast the 2009 experience to Nemesis. With Nemesis, we basically knew the whole story before the film came out. What if they had the same level of secrecy as Star Trek 2009/2012 did/do? Would the reactions have been better?

Nemesis is a good frame of reference for me, too. I knew so much about it my wife thought I was nuts. Still, it didn’t spoil anything for me. I remember reading that one of the characters would be killed off and I surmised it would be Luxanna because I didn’t see her in the wedding reception photos that were released. D’oh! I didn’t suspect it would be Data even though there was talk of that in the movies before. Data’s death was a surprise and one of the best handled plot lines in a somewhat mediocre film, sadly.

For the next film, I would like to know who’s in it and what the basic plot is but I don’t need much more.


maybe me and the Enterprise can get our braces at the same time…

Well, I want as many spoilers possible … what is the least that they will let go … if anyone understood what I meant … ??? … well … whatever … SOMETHING , PLEASE !

Well , let me say there is no spoiler that makes me away from what interests me … and STAR TREK 2012 …. YES I’M VERY INTERESTED!

:-) :-)

I just HOPE “actors” like Tom Cruise and Tyler Perry AREN’T in it!

“REDACTED **** a puppy.”

@26- I’m sure the fiction will be accurate but the science? Hmmmmmmm

Haven’t you seen any movies without knowing anything about it, other than a trailer, perhaps? I’ve seen some movies that I knew absolutely nothing about. It’s a real pleasure to be taken on some sort of adventure without already knowing all about it (especially when it’s a good movie). is kind of like the WikiLeaks of Star Trek movies.

I love this site but I may have to visit a tad bit less once production starts on the new one.

I felt like I had seen the whole movie (Star Trek ’09) by the time it actually came out.

Hope no one notices I spelled my own name wrong.

For all the secrecy in the last movie, I feel like I already knew too much about it by the time I went in and saw the thing.

I’d like for it to stay secret, but if they throw us a tiny bone, I’ll gnaw on it in a heartbeat.

So here is to that tiny little bone.

Don’t mind the secrecy. Trying to figure out what they’re up to from Bob’s shamelessly cheapskate clues is fun.

45. “that tiny little bone”

Boy, if I only had a nickel for every time I heard a chick use that phrase!


Ouch! Don’t sell yourself short, Harry!

I remember going to a collector’s convention at one of the local malls, and one of the vendors was selling quite a bit of Hollywood stuff. Amongst the many boxes of items, I came across the script for TUC. Needless to say, I had to have it. In spite of the fact it had a huge number 547 handwritten across every page, I shelled out about $50 for it. I ran home and read the whole script in about a half-hour.

Then the movie came out…

No spoilers. NOT ONE PLEASE.

I have no self control at all and I will read about it.

I won’t be able to stop myself at all. Then I will know all about the movie before I see it.

That’s what happened to me the last time.

Please, no spoilers.

Ok, just a few…..just to get me by…….