Original Star Trek Movies Screening In Hollywood Next Week w/ TMP Effects Team, Takei, Koenig, & Meyer + Submit Questions At TrekMovie.com

Next week the American Cinematheque is presenting a special Star Trek series, showing the first six Trek films over four days in Hollywood. Each screening will include a Q&A, with George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nick Meyer and members of the TMP effects team. And even if you aren’t in the LA area you have a chance to ask the Trek luminaries a question by submitting them here at TrekMovie.com. Details below.


Celebrating Star Trek at The Egyptian

Starting Thursday March 24th The American Cinematheque kicks off their four day "TO BOLDLY GO…: CELEBRATING STAR TREK" series at the historic Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blvd. They will be running the first six original cast films over four days, with a special guest (or guests) each day. Here is the run down.

Thursday March 24 7:30 – Star Trek: The Motion Picture (35MM) + Effects Presentation

Following the screening is a special presentation on the art direction and visual effects of the film. Visuals not seen in more than 30 years and a discussion with Robert Abel & Co, art director Richard Taylor, Director’s Edition VFX Supervisor Darren Dochterman and Gene Kozicki of the Visual Effects Society will round out the presentation.

Tickets: $11.00 (purchase at Fandango)

Friday March 25 7:30 – Star Trek II & Star Trek III (35MM) + George Takei Q&A

Discussion between films with actor George Takei moderated by Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times and HeroComplex.com.

Tickets: $11.00 (purchase at Fandango)

Saturday March 26 7:30 – Star Trek IV & Star Trek V (70MM) + Walter Koenig Q&A

Discussion between films with actor Walter Koenig moderated by Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times and HeroComplex.com.

Tickets: $11.00 (purchase at Fandango)

Sunday March 27 7:30 – Star Trek VI (70MM) + Nicholas Meyer Q&A

Discussion between films with director Nicholas Meyer moderated by Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times and HeroComplex.com.

Tickets: $11.00 (purchase at Fandango)

Here is a trailer the American Cinemateheque made for the event.

Submit Question Suggestions at TrekMovie.com

Each night the Q&A will include one "TrekMovie.com fan question". You can submit question suggestions for Richard Taylor/Darren Dochterman, George Takei, Walter Koenig, or Nicholas Meyer in the comments section below.



Why did you blah blah blah….

The final fan question for each day will be chosen by TrekMovie staff.

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What film was the most fun to make and why? What film was the least fun to make and why?

Why did the starfleet uniforms change between TMP and TWOK?

For Daren:

Any word about an HD version of the ST:TMP Director’s Cut?

Did your trailer get smaller or eliminated completely in the Wrath of Khan?

Daren, please update the Director’s Edition for the blu-ray release!

I would add a new visual of other starships in construction or repair
at other dry docks before the shuttle tours the Enterprise! :D

The remaining cast doing audio commentaries would make it complete!

Will there be an isolated score on the blu-ray? I hope so, that would be another way to enjoy the film!!!

This is for George Takei. What was your first reaction when you learned that the Enterprise would be destroyed in Star Trek 3.

This is for Nick Meyer. What was the main thing that got you to Direct Star Trek 6.


Since Star Trek VI have you been offered an opportunity to get involved in Star Trek again and would you be interested again if offered?

Question for George Takei:

What was it like getting finally your own captain’s chair?

@ #1 for Nick Meyer and members of the TMP effects team but I would also like to hear what George and Walter would have to say about them.


These days, most sci-fi shows tend to be Earth-based, like Lost, The Event, Warehouse 13, Torchwood etc. As Star Trek operates in space, could a space based show be a risky venture for a TV network, and do either of you gentlemen think a new Star Trek show could last beyond one season?

For Nick Meyer: If you had a chance and a choice to do one ST movie over of the six (even adding in the ones that you did not do), which one would you do and why? And what changes would you make?

Question for George Takei – Re: Star Trek II & Star Trek III

Given the scenes in which you appeared in both films, do you feel satisfied that the character of Sulu was faithfully depicted?

Question for Walter Koenig – Re: Star Trek IV & Star Trek V (70MM) + Walter Koenig Q&A

What were the strengths and weaknesses of the direction on ST IV vs. ST V?

Joe from Philadelphia

This is a general question, but I’d just like to know exactly why it is we never see any events like this on the east coast of the US. West coast gets all the fun and we get one Trek convention a year in New Jersey. Doesn’t seem too vary fair, I would think. Need I continue to include why these events don’t leave the US (OK, well one or two do, but still)? I’m sure people would like to know that as well. So please, can someone tell me why events like these never happen on the east coast (where I live) or the rest of the world? A little love would be nice for everyone else out there.

#15 I agree wholeheartedly. When they showed The Menagerie in a theater in Times Square a few years ago, it was something of a minor miracle. East Coast Trekkies need some love, too.

Question for Mr. Meyer:
– How did the relationship between you and the actors change from working on II compared to VI? Especially when it comes to both Mr. Shatner and Mr. Nimoy (who in between films had the chance to direct a film).

Question for Mr. Dochterman:
– Blu-ray release of the TMP Director’s Edition, when’s it coming?

For Mr. Koenig: Assuming you’ve seen the new Star Trek film, do you feel that the Chekov character portrayed by Anton Yelchin was even close to the Chekov you originated?

Anthony, Logistically I completely understand. Hollywood is on the West coast, and so its easier to have these kinds of things out there. Its just frustrating to see all sorts of touring exhibits and shows frequently bypass the Northeast, or make one stop somewhere here. We get one con a year in the Medowlands, and that wasn’t even going for a number of years. In the 90s, DS9 and Voyager were on different channels in the same time slot. A lot of times, it can feel like you’re the only Trekkie in the entire area.

Fellow East Coast Trekkies, maybe we should try something big for our area. Maybe go for a costume record attempt in Grand Central Station or something.

FOR MR. TAKEI: Do you think the new Hikaru Sulu (John Cho) should/can be gay?

East Coast Trek;

Shore Leave, only convention I attend regularly. May not be as big as west coast cons, but I’ve always enjoyed it, and I’ve been attending for, *cripes*, 25 years.

Great, now I feel old, and left out.


Do you think you will ever come back in one of the Star Trek films as Sulu Prime? I love Sulu and I think that would be really great!


How much of the scene from “Wrath of Khan” in which Sulu is promoted to captain actually got filmed? From what I’ve read, the scene got scrapped because of some continued bad takes by one of the other actors. By your recollection, was enough footage of that scene shot to allow for something even semi-watchable to be edited together — maybe even with what can be manipulated with special effects these days?

And, #2: Same question regarding the scene with Sulu’s young ancestor from “Star Trek 4”.

Question for Richard Taylor, Director’s Edition VFX Supervisor Darren Dochterman.

The Motion Picture warrants an in depth making of documentary detailing all of the SFX and conceptual work undertaken, if asked would you participate in such a venture?

Question for George Takei and/or Walter Koenig:

In which film did you feel most like a member of the ensemble, and why?
Also, how did you feel about your salaries or was it ever an issue? Why or why not?

Nicholas Meyer, Star Trek VI

The Undiscovered Country is my favourite of all the Star Trek pictures and the first I saw in cinemas. It still provides the best closure of all the various crews. Fittingly so, since Kirk, Spock, McCoy are the originals.

How did an appearance from Next Generation actor, Michael Dorn come about? Was it something Paramount wanted or you, Denny and Leonard Nimoy had come up with?

Would you have been interested in having directed and written a big screen outing based on one of the spin-off TV shows?


I agree. It could be this someday:

Next week Paramount Pictures is presenting a special Star Trek series, showing the first six Trek films over four days in Atlanta. Each screening will include a Q&A, with George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nick Meyer and members of the TMP effects team.

If only…

question is for George and Walter:

since Nichelle Nichols is the only cast member who has not been given a cameo in a later star trek incarnation…do you think she should be offered one before william shatner in the next JJ Abrams movie?


I’ve heard that the original intent in TUC was for the character that ultimately became Valeris to have actually been Lt. Saavik. I’ve always thought that subbing in Saavik for Valeris would have added even deeper impact to the characters and the audience when she was revealed to be a part of the conspiracy. Do you have any comment on a) the validity of this long told rumor and b) any thought on your behalf on how the mechanics of the film might have been different had Saavik been involved?


Is there one plot-point or character direction you wish you’d gotten to do in the movies?

And for the actors, is there anything you’d like to see in particular for the rebooted versions of your character?

Question for Nicholas Meyer:

Given the assumption that you’ve not been approached to contribute to an upcoming Trek feature (I’m one who truly wishes you were!)..What advice would you give to those in creative control of the ‘rebooted’ Trek films being made now?

Thanks, Mr. Meyer!

Just had the link here forwarded to me and figured I’d post some info –

We’re hoping to have some sort of digital slideshow of vintage artwork and photos from ST:TMP after that screening. Should be some goodies in the lobby to look at.

From what Darren has told me in the past, all the FX work for the Director’s Edition of TMP were done in standard def. They could either bump up the existing FX to HD (with the resulting (lack of) quality issues), or re-do them from scratch in Hi-def (expensive). I don’t believe there are any plans to do either, but I will ask him.

Richard and I (and Darren for that matter) would love to take these shows “on the road”. It’s just really convenient since we are ALL in L.A. and don’t have to travel.

Yes, the topic bears having an hour or two panel just on the “making of”. Hopefully, the Visual Effects Society will be able to pull one off soon.

Regarding Saavik as a co-conspirator – yep, I read the script – she was in there. Not sure why it changed.

Hope to see you there.

It’s frustrating that the Director’s Edition of TMP was not future-proofed. Now the future is here, and the theatrical release (really a rough cut because of deadline pressure) is the only version that gets shown. With all the Trek marathons on cable lately, it’s getting shown a lot! The DE is what Robert Wise would have us watch. It’s better edited and it sounds better. Even without the CG effects shots the broadcast version of the film could be recut to conform to Wise’s DE choices and the improved sound mix could be integrated. Why doesn’t that happen, at least for TV showings?

Question for Nicholas Meyer:
How did you decide what visual details about the Enterprise from previous films to keep the same and what to change? Generally I like the Enterprise as seen in Star Treks 2 and 6 better than the other movies. What was the process like deciding how much change was too much?

Will the Director’s editions of TMP, TWoK and TUC be released on Blu-ray?

Star Trek Radio will be attending in full force to enjoy the event and provide some coverage! Sounds like it will be tonnes of fun!

I have a Starlog news snippet from ’79 that states Douglas Trumbull had promised adequate fx in time for the 12/79 opening and the best possible, if he had more time and the movie opened in March 1980. It is known that contractually, the movie could not be delayed, but what was planned that time killed that would have been ‘better’?

Also, why weren’t/aren’t there any archival 70mm prints of TMP in the Paramount vaults? Since most of the movie was shot in 65mm (with vfx), it would be ‘logical’ to assume that there is an archival print somewhere, or a few decent release prints presumably for the subsequent Euro releases after the rushed US one.

It seems every few years something new about the film comes out. On YouTube there is a promo reel sent to theater owners that has never been seen to the general public. Now there seems to be artwork, illustrations and other tidbits that seem to be surfacing. I suspect there is a ‘definitive’ DVD with all this material to be on it someday… when??

Re: The Blu-Ray edition. What version of the film was used to make it? Did they go back to the original negative and make a fresh master, or clean up the best known print and digitally clean it up?

Re: The Director’s Edition cut. I have to say that the sound mix for the DE seems better suited to tv then a movie. Of course, the ambient sounds are more complete but it seems they went the TNG route with certain sounds. I am sure the sound people at the time had something in mind had there been more time.

I think a few scenes in particular have been horribly ruined and dumbed down due to the new sound mix; the Vger plasma energy weapon in its original form had a more dramatic onscreen screeech..as opposed to the uneven whistle it has now, the warp drive jump sound has an uneven sound that seems to borrow too much from the teaser trailer. I can’t believe Robert Wise would have suggested, much less signed off on those sound changes. Since Roddenberry was the Producer, I doubt, if he were alive today, would have gone along with some of the changes.

When the Blu-Ray DE version comes out, please restore the original sounds.

In the future, it would be nice to have a little more advance warning (other then a week) when special events like this happen. I live on the east coast, btw. I missed last year’s special screenings and could have made it for the 4-day event this year, had I had at least a month’s notice. Events like this seem far and few between.

What are your thoughts on the film as it is today? Were you able to do everything you wanted to do in the film? If not, what things would you have done if you had the proper budget and/or last word?

At the end of the film, when asked for a course heading, Kirk utters the line from Peter Pan, that was supposedly to be the end line of Star Trek II. In the novelization, I read that Spock makes a reference to the first movie in saying that “I believe our heading is..(makes the hand motion)..thataway.” I think the Spock line would have been a perfect book end to the last of the original series movies with the reference to the first movie adventure. Was this scene ever shot that way? If so, why not include both lines?

What is your opinion of the J.J. Abrams version of Star Trek? Do you feel he has properly captured Gene Roddenberry’s vision or is it more of a Star Trek for those with ADD with rapid cuts and abundance of CGI FX?

#19 In the Casting section of the second DVD, Walter Koenig was shown being on the Star Trek set with Anton Yelchin. In fact, only two of the new cast did not have either the original actor or a member of his family at one time or other on the set, were Chris Pine and John Cho.

However, JJ Abrams had a friendly, informative telephone conversation with George Takei where the character of Sulu was discussed. George Takei was said to have given his blessing to the way JJ Abrams wanted Sulu to be played and also to the actor.

William Shatner sent a Chris Pine a very short note, which finished with “My best, Bill”. Pine says he has the note held on his fridge by a fridge magnet.


Karl Urban didn’t have anyone either, obviously because DeForrest Kelley passed away twelve years ago.

#42 I thought that DeForrest Kelley’s son was there.

I sure wish I could see these on a big screen once again, where I am…

The ‘Director’s Cut’ of TMP is my preferred version by far, and so I’ll just add to those that really hope that it will come out in an HD format sometime.

Question for Walter or Nicholas:
Was the issue of Checkov not having been in the original series during Space Seed ever brought up during STII’s production?

Question for George: (sorry, had addressed this to Walter but he’s not doing ST2/3)
Was the issue of Checkov not having been in the original series during Space Seed ever brought up during STII’s production?

Question for Mr. Takei: I hear that you’re working with the Los Angeles local government on public transportation. How is that going?

For Mr. Koenig:

1) You told in the interview that you maintain relationships with the Star Trek staff. And what about your colleagues from Babylon 5? In particular, with Jerry Doyle?

2) What do you think about the Psi Corps trilogy (by J. Gregory Keyes)?

I don’t suppose anybody caught which questions were asked, and what the answers were?