Sci-Fi TV Thursday: Fringe, V, Game of Thrones, Terra Nova, Supernatural, Sandman + more [UPDATE: First Look at Wonder Woman]

In Sci-Fi TV this week we take a look at the future prospects Supernatural, Fringe and V, find out what to expect with Game of Thrones, prepare to wait longer for Terra Nova, check out some set images from Wonder Woman, get renewal news for Being Human and the other Being Human.  All that and more including the latest television ratings, casting bites and new images and video previews. [UPDATE: First look at Wonder Woman]



UPDATE: First Look at Wonder Woman & First look at Elizabeth Hurley as Veronica Cale

The first look at DAdrianne Palicki in her “Wonder Woman” costume has been released [courtesy of LA Times].

In related news, the pilot is currently filming in Los Angeles and we have our first look at Elizabeth Hurley as Veronica Cale viaAce Showbiz & Superhero Hype. Wonder Woman” stars Adrianne Palicki as Diana/Wonder Woman. The pilot is scheduled to premiere this fall on NBC. Cary Elwes, Tracie Thomas and Pablo Pascal co-star. Finally, the logo for the new NBC “Wonder Woman” pilot from David E. Kelley has been revealed [WonderWomanTV via Superhero Hype]:

Future of Fringe still uncertain, but producers casting a new character for season four

Ratings for this season of “Fringe” have been soft — 4.74M viewers and a 1.8 A18-49 rating (down 28 and 25 percent, respectively, from the same frame last season)–  but producers of the sci-fi drama (created by the “Star Trek” team of JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman) are looking to the future and a potential fourth season with the revelation that they plan to introduce a new female FBI agent, Watch with Kristin | E! Online reports:

Season four—and gods willing, there will be a season four—might bring us a new lady castmember. Producers are casting for a green FBI agent named Emily to come aboard for the finale and possibly recur next year.

Executive producer Jeff Pinkner, meanwhile says the season finale won’t be two hours and offered this hint about William Bell’s (Leonard Nimoy) upcoming possession of Olivia:

“Olivia will be inhabited by Bell for a couple episodes – but cohabitation is not as benign as William assumes it is…”

“Fringe” airs Friday’s at 9PM on Fox.

Sneak peek at episode 3×17 – “Stowaway” [YouTube]

Poster [Fringe Television]

Terra Nova won’t preview in May, but still slated for fall debut

Fox has announced that the upcoming prehistoric time travel series “Terra Nova”, from showrunner (and Star Trek vet) Brannon Braga and producer Steven Spielberg, will not get a two-day early preview in May as previously announced. The reason given is that the visual effects aren’t complete:

“TERRA NOVA is one of the most ambitious television series ever produced,” said Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. “The cutting-edge visual effects used to create the world of TERRA NOVA, which is of massive scope and scale, require more time to be realized. This aspect of the series is essential, so we are pushing back the special early preview date to give the visual effects team the time needed for their ground-breaking work.”

The series is still scheduled to premiere on the network this fall. It has already received a 13-episode first season order.

Seventh season of Supernatural “looking pretty good”

Although not officially renewed by The CW, “Supernatural” creator and executive producer Eric Kripke tells E! Online that a seventh season is “looking pretty good”:

“We’re looking pretty good. We’re bullish enough on it that we cliffhang the finale.”

The season six finale was written by Kripke, and will be two hours, with each episode being self-contained. Kripke also teased the finale, keying in on the final minute which he says was his favorite part about it:

“…Stay tuned for the final minute. It’s one of those moments where the more you stop to think about it, the more you feel the enjoyment of the writer, looking at what he’s doing and going, ‘I can’t believe I got away with that.’ When you look at it subtextually, it’s sort of a nutty thing that I did.”

Meanwhile, Mischa Collins (“Castiel”) reveals the following about the final episodes of the season:

“…we’re getting more into the battle in heaven, and we’re even going to touch back on Sam’s soul. The end of the season is very dialed into the season-long mythology…Cas does spend time with the Mother of All lady, and Cas does not go to the Wild West. Missed opportunity. He could have worn chaps.”

“Supernatural” airs Friday night’s at 9PM on The CW, but is on hiatus until April 15. Check out some highlights from last week’s PaleyFest panel here, here and here.

Promotional images for episode 6×19 – “Mommy Dearest” [more at SpoilerTV]

Space Channel interviews with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki [YouTube, (2) via SpoilerTV]

V exec producer Scott Rosenbaum says if renewed, third season would finish original season 2 story

“V” may have just finished its shortened second season with its future unknown, but executive producer/showrunner Scott Rosenbaum says that if the show is picked up for a third season, they’ll expand on what they originally had planned for season two before ABC cut the episode order [Inside TV | EW]:

“We had been given an initial episode order of 13, so I had planned a 22-episode season…When they reduced the order, I had to make a decision. I didn’t feel like it was possible to wrap the show in that amount of time, so I said, ‘You know, I’m going to hope there’s another season, because I’ve pushed the story too far [and] it won’t make sense [to conclude it this soon]. I don’t feel like the audience will feel like we’ve earned those moments.’ So I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and leave it organically where I think the show should end after 10 episodes. I went with hope, and tried to make it feel like a satisfying conclusion.”

Meanwhile, star Elizabeth Michell tells TV Line it’s a good sign none of the actors on the show have lined up new projects:

“…[T]hey keep saying we’re still on hold, so that’s definitely a good sign, isn’t it? After those first six [episodes of V], I’ve really, really been having a great time, so my hope is to come back and continue what we’ve started.”

Descriptions for first two episodes of Game of Thrones

HBO has released brief episodes synopses for the first two episodes of “Game of Thrones” [via SpoilerTV]:

Episode 1.01 – “Winter is Coming”
Lord Ned Stark is troubled by disturbing reports from a Night’s Watch deserter; King Robert and the Lannisters arrive at Winterfell; the exiled Viserys Targaryen forges a powerful new allegiance. (Written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss; directed by Tim Van Patten.) Playdates: 17, 18, 19, 20 and 23

Episode 1.02 – “The Kingsroad”
The Lannisters plot to ensure Bran’s silence; Jon and Tyrion head to the Wall; Ned faces a family crisis en route to King’s Landing. (Written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss; directed by Tim Van Patten.) Playdates: 24, 26, 27 and 30

An extended series description has also been released:

GAME OF THRONES: Based on the bestselling fantasy book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” by George R.R. Martin, the new series GAME OF THRONES launches its ten-episode season this month. The fantasy follows kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and noblemen as they vie for power. As the series opens, King Robert Baratheon, who is married to Cersei Lannister of the wealthy and corrupt Lannisters, asks Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark to come south and help run his kingdom after the death of his right-hand man. Meanwhile, there is a threat to the throne by the exiled teenage Princess Daenerys and her brother Viserys, whose family ruled the Kingdoms for many years before their bloody ouster. And there are rumors of strange things happening at the edge of the Kingdoms, north of the Wall, where Jon Snow, Ned’s bastard son, goes to be part of the brotherhood of the Night’s Watch, which is sworn to protect the Kingdoms. Series regulars include Mark Addy, Alfie Allen, Sean Bean, Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Fairley, Aiden Gillen, Jack Gleeson, Iain Glen, Kit Harrington, Lena Headey, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Harry Lloyd, Richard Madden, Rory McCann, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams. (Executive producers, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss; co-executive producers, George R.R. Martin, Vince Gerardis, Ralph Vicinanza, Guymon Casady and Carolyn Strauss; producers, Mark Huffam and Frank Doelger.)

HBO will unspool a special “Game of Thrones” 15-minute preview on April 3, followed by the series premiere on April 17. Check out an interview with author George R.R. Martin at Blastr.

Maestar’s Path: First Reward [YouTube]

Watch Second Reward and Third Reward here and here

Character featurettes: “Ned Stark (Sean Bean)” and “Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)” [YouTube, (2) — more via SpoilerTV]

Syfy renews Being Human (US) and Face Off for second seasons + BBC renews Being Human for fourth season

Syfy has picked up two of its new series. First up, the network has renewed the reality competition series “Face Off” for a second season:

In its premiere season, Face Off has earned critical acclaim and steady ratings in its first seven episodes, averaging a 1.1 HH Rating and 1.436 MM total viewers, including 900,000 P25-54 and 897,000 P18-49 viewers (note that this average includes 7-day DVR playback for episodes 1-5).

“Face Off” finished its debut season last night with 1.5M total viewers. The network also announced a second season pickup for “Being Human”:

Syfy is ordering a second season of its new hit drama series Being Human, it was announced today by Mark Stern President of Original Content, Syfy and Co-Head of Original Content, Universal Cable Productions. Since the show’s January 17 launch, premiere episodes of Being Human have averaged 1.8 million viewers making it Syfy’s most successful winter season scripted series launch in 6 years. Also, with women comprising 53% of the total audience for premiere episodes, it is the channel’s most female-skewing scripted series ever.

Meanwhile, the original British version of “Being Human” has been picked up by BBC for a fourth season:

We were overwhelmed by the response to series three, and so we’re absolutely thrilled that the BBC have given us this opportunity to continue our show into a fourth year. We’ve got another intense and epic story lined up for you, with some new faces and old, and even more horror and mayhem and mugs of tea. I can’t wait to get started,” said Toby Whithouse, Creator and Executive Producer.

Promotional stills for “Being Human” episode 1×10 – “Dog Eat Dog” [more at Daemon’s TV]

Promo for “Dog Eat Dog” [Syfy]

Sneak peek at “Dog Eat Dog” [Syfy]

Sandman TV adaptation still in the works

“Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke was attached to develop a TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic book series “The Sandman”, but earlier this week told the live feed | THR it wasn’t happening:

“Unfortunately, for a lot of varying reasons, Sandman is not in the works, at least for this season,”

But shortly after that news broke, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns tweeted that the series is still moving forward:

“Correction to world: The Sandman is AWAKE! :) Psyched to be working with @neilhimself on developing one of the greatest series ever!”

Johns followed that tweet with another: “Sandman in any form – comics to live action – doesn’t work without @neilhimself #sandman”. The update from Johns could be an indication that Kripke is no longer attached to the project.

PREVIEW Videos & Images


Promo for episode 4×19 – “Chuck vs. the Muuurder” [YouTube]

Doctor Who

Comic book series [more at io9]

The Event

Promotional stills for episode 1×14 – “A Message Back” [more at SpoilerTV]

Promo for “A Message Back” [YouTube]

Fact or Faked

Sneak peek at the season two premiere [Syfy]

Stargate Universe

Promo for episode 2×13 – “Alliances” [Syfy]

Sneak peek at “Alliances” [Syfy]

The Vampire Diaries

Promotional stills for episode 2×17 – “Know Thy Enemy” [more at SpoilerTV]

Voltron Force

The Green Lion [Voltron: The Official Facebook Page]


  • Starz has begun development on “The Brink”, a supernatural crime drama from producer Gore Verbinski and written by Stephen Susco. The project is based on J.C. Hutchins’ book “Personal Effects: Dark Art” about an accused serial killer who “claims to have foreseen, but not caused, his victims’ deaths”. [Deadline]
  • The Syfy Saturday original movie “Battle of Los Angeles” drew a strong 2.18M viewers last Saturday. It’s the third Syfy Saturday movie to break 2M viewers this year, joining “Mega Python Vs Gatoroid” (2.35M) and “Behemoth” (2.16M). [Syfy]
  • The season four finale of “Chuck” will be called “Chuck Versus AGENT X”. [SpoilerTV]
  • Edgar Wright (“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”) has revealed that he was approached by “The Walking Dead” showrunner Frank Darabont about directing an episode of the series, but Wright declined: “I think that with something like that, with some TV shows, you wanna be in on the ground floor…I wouldn’t wanna be the guy that comes in and fucks it up.” [Collider]
  • Episode 1×16 of “The Event” will be called “You Bury Other Things Too”… [SpoilerTV]
  • … Also, here’s a press release for episode 1×11 – “Face Off”, which airs on March 28. [SpoilerTV]
  • Episode 4×07 of “True Blood” will be called “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”… [SpoilerTV]
  • … Alan Ball reveals that fairies in will be able to “abduct humans and take them somewhere else that is not here”, “Just like aliens,” he adds. [TV Guide]
  • … Elaborating further on the fairies, Bell said: “You are definitely going to see a different realm that humans don’t exist in that fairies do. We’ll also maybe see through the illusion, maybe they’re not quite as benign as one might think.”… [Fancast]
  • … And lastly, there’s a report that the fourth season will pick up one year after the events of seaon three. [TrueBlood-News]
  • Here’s a recap for production week nine of “Torchwood: Miracle Day”. [Doctor Who News]


  • Jason Priestly has joined the cast of the second season of the Syfy series “Haven”. Priestly will star in a four-episode story arc and will also be directing one episode of the series. [Syfy]
  • Both Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz have signed on to fall pilots. While the deals are in “second position” to “No Ordinary Family” — meaning they wouldn’t go forward if the show was renewed — it’s another sign that the low-rated series may not be renewed. [Deadline, (2)]
  • Wilmer Valderrama has been cast in NBC’s drama pilot “REM”. The show is described as an “Inception”-style thriller that “centers on Detective Mark Britten (Jason Isaacs), who wakes up after an accident to find he is living in two different realities.” Valderrama will play Britten’s “gregarious new partner” Det. Richard Vega. BD Wong and Laura Allen also star. [TV Line]
  • Thomas Dekker (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) has been cast as the male lead in the Kevil Williamson-produced CW pilot “Secret Circle” based on the book series from L.J. Smith (“The Vampire Diaries”). Dekker plays Adam, the oldest member of a top-secret Witch coven and love interest to lead actress Britt Robertson (who plays Cassie)… [TV Line]
  • …Jessica Parker Kennedy has also been cast in the pilot. She’ll play Melissa, one of the seven members of the coven. Her character is described as “steely and disinterested”. [Zap2It]
  • Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) says she won’t be back before the “Smallville” finale and says her character’s story on the show is “done”, adding “I am not sure how her coming back changes Clark’s story any longer. He has moved forward. As he was always supposed to do. As Lana would have wanted him to do.” [Hollywood Life]
  • The official voice cast for “Voltron Force”, the upcoming NickToon animated series, has been revealed. Check out the complete list at IMDB. [via]

SCI-FI RATINGS (Based on final national numbers unless otherwise noted) [@TravisYanan]

CHART (2/28/2011 to 3/6/2011)

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We’ll have to see how the new Wonder Woman will “stack” up!

Adrienne palicki as wonder woman? this will NOT be good:S she is in NO WAY attractive. They should’ve gotten alessandra torresani who actually released pics of her dressed as wonder woman.

I really hope that the potential new Star Trek series is spearheaded by geniuses. So many good shows are cancelled or looking into the abyss. What ever happened to the idea that shows get better and better as they grow, like Next Gen.

I really enjoyed Sarah Connor, Flash Forward, Knight Rider, Stargate Universe. And I really love Fringe. All these had so much potential. How did X-Files last 9 seasons?

Enterprise I can understand why, the whole Xindi thing was just too much. They lost the ‘magic’ of star trek, just started getting it back (Getting Better), and then gone.

So whatever they come up with, I hope it is powerful and successful without cheap GCI and absolutely no compromise.

If “V” does continue — and I really, really hope it does — ABC needs to play it a lot smarter regarding the scheduling. All the hype prior to the 2009 premiere, and then it ends up only being slated for 4 episodes before taking a break for several months. And then, this season, an order for just 10 episodes.

Considering the number of weeks during a year, 42 weeks is way, waaaayyy too long of a break between episodes of any TV program that has a continuing storyline.

ABC better renews V!

Marc Singer showed up in the lasr scene from v—all hell broke loose in that episode–hope they get a chance to tell the whole story–likewise fringe is just entertaining as heck–olivia talkin like bell heheh–hope fringe gitts renewed-it sucks so many genre shows are on the fence n one that isnt-smallville is ending anyway sigh–terra nova sounds expensive hope its good-

did you forget bionic woman

The font in that new Wonder Woman logo looks like it time-traveled to the future — from 1979.

Just sayin’.

Also, great job as usual, Rosario! Thank you for the fantastic and amazingly comprehensive summary of SF stuff we can all look forward to!

#2 NuKirk, have you really seen that picture of Alessandra Torresani in the Wonder Woman costume? I just did a search and it is not good at all, not enough up top and too much at the bottom. Plus she looks like a teenage kid which she might be.
Can us poor souls here in the US get a real Sci-Fi channel that can air shows like V or No Ordinary Family and not have to worry about getting high ratings?

#2, Forgive me-

While jonesing on Ms. Torresani as your choice for Wonder Woman is your prerogative of course, stating that Ms. Palicki is in “NO WAY” attractive is somewhat off the mark, don’t you think? Have you SEEN Ms. Palicki?

She looks wonderous to me. And with that slightly awkward adjectival compliment, I bid you well.

#7 To be quite honest, I did watch the season. Did not dislike it, but not loved. They made the show to comically. A darker edge would have been nice.

I’ve watched and read a lot of vampire/werewolf movies and books and I have to say I really like Being Human. The British version is written really well and has some really good acting. The effects are sometimes cheesy, but they really show how much is sucks to be a vampire or werewolf. It is not romanticized.

The American version has better effects, but the acting is sub-par.

V needs to be renewed for another season. Love that show. This may sound crazy but I am just getting ito Supernatural. I am about half way into the first season and really enjoy it. So I hope that they continue so that next season I will be caught up and can watch first run new Eps. I really enjoy No Ordinary Family. I hope it gets another season.

I don’t even understand why networks even produce shows like “V” and SGU if they won’t even give them a decent chance to make it.

In total agreement…..

… I certainly wouldn’t kick Adrienne Palicki out of my bed for eating crackers ;-)

John Noble said at eccc that if fringe can maintain a 1.5 viewership, it would stay on.

lot of good star trek stuff at eccc, shame it wasn’t covered here

If they really want V to succeed, go get the show’s creator back in a meaningful way….Kenneth Johnson. It’s what they should have done in the first place. The new show missed the Nazi allegory and scope of the original. Loved the ensemble cast and never knowing who would survive the next mission or battle. Hard for me to get past that the resistance in the new version was…what, 4 people?

My first thought on the still from the Fringe video was “They Might Be Giants’ John Flansburgh visits the Fringe division!” In motion, though, that looks like Lincoln Lee from the other universe. Are we finally meeting his prime counterpart?

As you can guess, I’m more involved now than ever with Fringe, and really hope it makes it back. Defy our expectations, Fox–the bar is set pretty low thanks to your past actions.

The problem with TV today is that

1) Nielsenn ratings no longer provide an accurate representation of your audience

2) There are a LOT more sci-fi series around that get started up than there were back in the 90’s

3) Its a succeed or die atmosphere for everything. You either draw in massive amounts of viewers or you’re gone, there’s a couple exceptions to that, like Fringe, or Chuck but networks no longer invest in series/franchises the way they used to, all they care about is numbers, they don’t care that there’s a loyal fanbase. SyFy should have given the SGU team at least a half season to finish the story, now the franchise will end on a cliffhanger, and not even Enterprise ended on a cliffhanger.

4) As a result of this succeed or die atmosphere, most new genre shows will die after their first season (I don’t expect anything except maybe Wonder Woman to get renewed next year), the only hope is if its a known name, like Stargate or Star Trek or if its from known producers, like Abrams, and even that might not help, given what happened to Undercovers and Stargate Universe.

Basically, I think that its about time for a new Trek series. For a while, the kings of sci-fi on TV were Stargate and Battlestar and those helped to re-invigorate the genre. Now with both gone I think its the perfect time to get into a new Star Trek series.

Nice article, but quick correction, it’s Tracie Thoms not Thomas.

I’m okay with the DESIGN of the new WW costume… but my god, the materials look cheap as hell!

Hopefully it’ll look a lot better on screen, because right now it looks more like a cheap Halloween costume for kids.

Looking at the new photo of Wonder Woman, it seems like a natural tie-in for her to do ads for WonderBra!

royalties for this idea may be sent to…….

I know, I know….call me an old fogie or whatever it is one’s called when they pine for the old days but who would have thought Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman would seem serious compared to this new version? Man, she sure did look the part and I thought the costume was great…in all the right places too. I like David E Kelly stuff. This doesn’t seem his style..

@21 I agree. Pretty cheap looking. I don’t like the leggings.

I am not crazy about the ‘new’ wonder woman costume, they should have stuck to the classic.

My lordy there is some work gone into compiling this lot! Impressed!

As a teen I had such a crush on Linda Carter as Wonder Woman but I still preferred Lindsay Wagner as Jamie Sommers in the Bionic Woman. She had a kind of vulnerability that I found very attractive!
She couldn’t act her way out of an old chip wrapper but what the hey, she was cute. Linda was buxom. As a teen, especially, you want that kind of choice. lol

I am also not crazt about the costume. But. She is kinds hot so. I can live with it. Now. Weather the stories are anygood and the acting. Well. That is another story.


I think they should have gone the Smallville route and not given her the suit for a while. Kind of like in the Justice League animated show, Wonder Woman acually left the island without permission, she could have left with only the bracelets and lasso, oh well, I give it 6 episodes before talk of cancellation begins.


Please. No TREK on TV ’til the movie series finishes it’s run. Did we not learn anything about concurrently running movies with a television series?

Damn, that looks like a cheap Halloween costume.

Good lord, WW in heels? Let me guess, she’s powerless when you tie her up, too, right?

Ah yes, Wonder Woman, that great symbol of pop culture feminism… created by a man.


No way she looks THAT good. That’s got to be a hoax photo.

Wonder Woman looks tacky and out of place in our present time. It looks like something that belongs in the 1970’s.

Wonder Woman looks HOT!!!!! Smokin smokin HOT!!! ::drool::

No bad… The gold pieces in WW’s outfit should look more metallic and less like cheap plastic from a bad Halloween costume…

I’m addicted to Being Human. The guy who plays the wolf is hilarious!

#2 not even geniuses giving us the new Trek series so much as folks without such big egos–which seemed to be what torpedoed Enterprise till the final season. I enjoyed elements of the show, the characters, the actors tried hard, but there was too much jerky, inconsistent writing (well, for too long: all Trek series seem to take about a season to gel characters; the writers of Enterprise took 3…)

I like No Ordinary Family, too. It’s doing a good job of introducing new elements as quickly as it uses up old ones.

Fringe is the kind of awesome show with a magnificent character/actor in Walter/Noble that will be popular for a long, long time after the series end. When will show producers take this stuff into account–particularly when it comes to sci-fi? These shows generally have a life of their own even after they end.

Somehow, shiny blue leather pants on Wonder Woman makes her look even more sexualized than no pants at all… And I think she’s wearing too much makeup. Wonder Woman typically prefers to let her natural beauty speak for her.

Mid-section though: just right. =D

Ugh! Not a fan of fake boobs. Give me Lynda Carter any day!

I know now what’s been bugging me all afternoon after seeing this costume why i don’t like it..Wonder Woman’s costume always looked like she was wearing part of the American flag. Now, with Hollywood supporting more of mr obama’s ‘America apologizes’ attitude, this costume is a reflection of that. The colors, hard brass yellow, small red stars and a totally different shade of blue than what we have seen the character wear in the past, subconsciously..IMO..supports this idea. The colors could be from any country.

I’ll bet in the new Superman you won’t see him flying with the American flag in his hand..or ever again for that matter will we here ‘for Truth, Justice and the American Way’!

why is everyone harping on this new wonder woman? the costume (and the actress for that matter) seem to be working out better than i thought they would, but that is only my opinion. what is a fact is that the show has not even aired! why the hell can’t people refrain from insulting the actress/premise/series until after is has? i have the sometimes misfortune of being related to one of the biggest/most picky wonder woman fans alive, and even she is willing to give the series a chance.

Vehicle Voltron would kick the crap out of and then run over Lion Voltron.

I think I like Linda Carter better. Is she still available?

At first when I saw the pic on the article thumbnail, I was like “AWWWW YEAAHHH!!! SHORT SKIRT CITY HERE WE COME!” Then I open the article up and I see… PANTS?! Well, they look ok, but I rather see her in a miniskirt.

Well, it looks like big tits are IN again this year!


Or, judging by the Halloween feel of the suit, WonderWoman can do ads promoting WonderBar chocolate bars. :-)


Well as they say, milk them for all they’re worth!

I think that the large breasts must have an added bonus benefit, and that is to distract the criminal while she’s fighting crime.

Just sayin’.


Maybe she uses her breasts to put the “squeeze” on her opponents!

Either that, or she uses them to “TIT-illate” the criminals into turning themselves in!