Simon Pegg Sugests Nick Frost As New Harry Mudd In Star Trek Sequel [UPDATED]

We already know that even though he has predictions for the Star Trek sequel, Simon Pegg has no spoilers. But that hasn’t stopped him from making a suggestion – specifically proposing his Paul co-star Nick Frost as a possible new Harry Mudd (not that he knows if Mudd is even in the movie). Pegg also talks what he expects for crew interactions in the sequel. More details below. [UPDATE: Nick Frost responds to TrekMovie Harry Mudd poll]


Pegg: Crew still getting to know eachother + Nick Frost as new Harry Mudd?

A few more interviews with Simon Pegg promoting Paul have emerged. He continues to say that he doesn’t have any details, but does talk about his excitement and expectations, such as this new comment with an interview with Screenjunkies

Q: Obviously Scotty was the last one to join the crew in Star Trek. Obviously you don’t know what the next script will be yet but are you excited to be there from the beginning?

Simon Pegg: Absolutely. I can’t wait. It’s a great crew. We all got on very well and I can’t wait to get back into that thing of getting to know each other. I think they’ll pick up the story from where we left off and we’ve all only just met so there’s a lot of mileage I would imagine dramatically in us all sort of getting to know each other.

But Pegg, who was being interviewed alongside his Paul co-star and longtime friend/collaborator Nick Frost, did make an interesting suggestion in an interview with State Press, here is the exchange:

Q: Is there any possibility that Nick will appear in the next “Star Trek” movie with you, Simon?

Simon Pegg: Probably not. We like working together but we don’t come as a pair. We’ve done as much stuff apart as we have together. We’ll always work together if we can though.

Nick Frost: I’m happy that Simon goes off and does his little things on the side. I like “Star Trek.” I like watching him in “Star Trek.” I wouldn’t like watching me in “Star Trek.” But if somebody offered me a million dollars to do it, maybe I’d do it.

Simon Pegg: I think he’d make a terrific Harry Mudd from the original “Star Trek” series.

It is still not known if the character of Harcourt Fenton "Harry" Mudd (played Roger C. Camel in two episodes of the original Star Trek) will even be in the 2012 Star Trek sequel. Although Mudd’s lovable rogue would not really be suitable as the main protagonist, a smaller role/cameo could be a fun nod to classic Trek as well as show how 23rd century humanity isn’t all about bright Apple store-like bridges and “peace keeping armadas”. Pegg’s suggestion is interesting, but Frost isn’t the only actor/best friend who has been talked about as a new Mudd. Heroes actor, and life-long pal to producer JJ Abrams, Greg Grunberg told TrekMovie he would be very interested in the role. Some fans (and rumors) have also suggested Jack Black and Seth Rogen as possible Mudd recasts. 

Simon Pegg thinks his pal Nick Frost (R) would be a good choice for a new Harry Mudd – originally played by Roger C. Camel (L)

POLL: Harry Mudd in Star Trek sequel?

Would you like to see a new Mudd, and if so do you have a preference?


(L-R) Greg Grunberg, Seth Rogen, & Jack Black – other potential Harry Mudd actors (if there is a need for one)


UPDATE: Frost replies to TrekMovie poll

On Sunday I sent out a @trekmovie tweet with the results of our poll noting 1/3 were for Frost as Mudd, 1/3 for other actor and 1/3 say no Mudd, and Nick Frost quickly sent the following reply:


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I approve of Nick Frost for the role of Harry Mudd. No problem.

If they do, please don’t ruin it with Jack Black or Seth Rogan.

no harry mudd.
nick frost is funny, but any nick frost votes here are not counted because this is a nick frost-related page.

No Harry Mudd. He was a silly character who would be a distraction to the story. We have more than enough characters to explore. No klingons, either: oversaturation. The Talosians, Khan, the Borg, Gary Mitchell…perhaps.

Please, keep jack black away!!!!
We do NOT need a fake guitar solo in star trek!

Haha, I’m down.
Nick Frost is awesome. Though, Greg Grunberg might be disappointed.

Simon’s just suggesting an appropriate part for his friend. No one’s implied that Mudd actually will be in the sequel or even to what extent.

I personally think a cameo is fine. Simon Pegg loses some of his mojo when Frost isn’t in the same film with him.

No Mudd, please. Those female androids however, are very much welcome.

Meh. A Harry Mudd cameo would be cool, I guess.

I’d really prefer no Mudd at all. However, if he was in it, Nick Frost would be a good choice.

I say Nick Frost. For Mudds Women. Any 3 Playboy Bunnies would do. But. Only give Harry a Small Role.

If you’re going to have three Playboy Bunnies in the show, you might as well include Hugh Hefner, too – because he, like Charles Montgomery Burns, will probably look the same in the 23rd century as he does today.

Maybe they could be taking Mudd to a detention facilitie before the main story kicks in

I love the Grunberg! More Grunberg, please!!

SHATNER should be Mudd.

Regreatably, I say ‘No’ to a Mudd appearance. Perhaps just a cameo.

Stop encouraging them.

I would love a Mudd appearance! Nick Frost would be BRILLIANT!!


Why Not!? He looks the part and i personally love the Frost/Pegg partnership! I agree however it wouldn’t keep within Canon and could come off as a bit Kitschy!

Original Storyline please Orci/Kurtzman/Lindellof

That is all!!


Have the Enterprise stop off at K-7 before heading off to *insert movie plot*. While there to *insert reason*, they all stop at the bar where Scotty & Harcourt Mudd (Nick Frost) are having a drink & discussing if dogs can/cannot look up.

My Dog CAN look up… Question is…. Can sharks Swim Backwards???

It’s perfect casting. Make it a little post-credits tag, a preview for Star Trek 3.

I have never heard the name Nick Frost before. And I hope Harry Mudd won’t be in the next movie.

Please Good God No Jack Freakin Black in Star Trek.. Ever.

I like Jack Black, but I don’t want to see him in Star Trek, because it would change the nature of the film. I could have similar concerns about Nick Frost, but he isn’t a super-star, so he would be more likely to take direction. If there’s a Harry Mudd in the film, it should not be played for laughs; it should focus on his ‘darker side: his devious, even dangerous hucksterism.

Greg Grunberg could work too, as he has shown he has a serious side, but on the other hand I have trouble finding him deceptively disarming and charismatic in that Harry Mudd kind of way.

I voted… ” No Harry Mudd “… but I think if they make a cameo for Mudd… my guess … they will select Greg Grunberg! :-) :-)

Nick Frost is a terrific comedian, BUT he doesn’t have nearly enough pomp and flair for the role.

Now that is actually one of the casting decisions, or any decision in these movies, I could go go along with.

Frost, no thanks. The first time i saw him was the last time I cared to see him. If Mudd must be in the film, I like Grunberg for the role. He’s at least likable.

I have to say, that “other” selection should have gone to Paul Giamatti.

I’m still praying they don’t ruin the movie with a joke of a character like Mudd, at least not as a central roll. Maybe a very small part, like half as much screen time as Pike got.

Nick Frost is passable but oh my God any of these other no-talent, no charisma losers in the poll would be death to the franchise. Jack Black killed King Kong. Seth Rogen killed the Green Hornet. Greg Grunberg is just a snooze.

I LIKE the idea of Mudd for the new movie (second only to the Mirror Universe with NO other villains except the main cast chewing the scenery). But if it’s Mudd, it’s GOT to be a dynamic, sly, spellbinder of an actor. They don’t have them in Hollywood anymore – perhaps they should look to Broadway to cast an unknown.

No Harry Mudd, and if Simon keeps throwing out these suggestions no Montgomery Scott, either.

I would rather see new characters, but if Mudd is there, dear GOD NO SETH ROGAN!!!

jeez louise folks.
if charlie sheen isn’t available because of a scheduling conflict (or he’s winning) then the only logical pick for harry is … will wheaton

Just seen the movie Paul. Very Funny Movie and there is some Star Trek References. Even a little battle with a Gorn.

The Mudd/Frost notion is passable, but something I read on a Bond forum just now suggested Edgar Wright for directing Trek. That might be the ONLY way I would see another Abrams take on Trek. He could straddle the short attention span audience that dug the 09 travcesty and folks who actually like character in their movies.

Star Trek: In-joke. Rated Repetitive.

Galafianakis as Mudd.

No Mudd ………….¡¡¡¡¡ GORN !!!!!

I approve of him having the role.

I don’t approve of Harry Mudd being in the sequel.

NO HARRY MUDD AT ALL! I couldn’t stand him in the two TOS episodes, which I rank near the bottom.

I’d rather see Harry Ballz, maybe as a drunken barfly at Deep Space Station K-7. :-)

Harry Mudd is such a stupid character!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, with a bit more conviction this time: I liked Harry Mudd well enough in the two episodes of TOS, but I’d really, really prefer it if he were NOT in this next movie. At all. I’ve had enough Harry Mudd to last me a while.

But if they really have to stick him in there somehow, as a cameo or something, I’d totally go with Jack Black. I’d love to hear the accent he’d do.



P.S. I want to see Uhura sing. Beyond Antares. Badly.

I want to see Andorians and Telerits Some orignal Tos Aliens

42. Red Dead Ryan “I’d rather see Harry Ballz, maybe as a drunken barfly”

I second that emotion!




Sounds like you have a bad case of the hiccups!

Proof, as if it was needed, that these guys all read Trekmovie- I suggested Nick for Harry Mudd just the other day on another thread.
If you get the part, Nick, I’ll need a ‘piece of the action’. 10% will be fine.
Particularly if they are going to pay you a million!