JJ Abrams Offers Star Trek Sequel Set Visit As Japan UNICEF Raffle Prize

JJ Abrams has offered up a prize for a charity auction that could be a dream come true for a lucky Trekkie. The Star Trek producer/director has put up a set visit for the 2012 sequel as one of the prizes for a UNICEF raffle to help victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Raffle tickets must be purchased today, Monday 21st. Details below.


Win a trip to the Star Trek set – raffle tickets available Monday March 21st ONLY

UNICEF in conjunction with Giant Robot Magazine are holding a special fundraising raffle and exhibition for victims of the devastation in Japan. The raffle includes a number of possible prizes, mostly artwork on display at the Water Works Exhibition in Los Angeles. Today Star Trek sequel producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams added a visit to the sequel set as one of the raffle prizes. Raffle tickets cost $10 each and tickets must be purchased Monday March 21st (midnight Pacific). Prizes are awarded randomly and there is no limit for tickets. Raffle tickets can be purchased at giantrobot.com


More information on the Water Works/UNICEF/Giant Robot event at gr2.net.

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Awesome idea!

So does this mean the reboot also means a reboot of the numerals? I feel like if it wasn’t JJ would have said “Star Trek sequel” or something. Huh.

Nice thought, but I’ll never donate to UNICEF. They’re little more than a pro-censorship lobbying organization, plus they’ve outright stated that any tsunami donations they receive won’t be spent in Japan. Try donating to the Japanese Red Cross instead.

AH! I wanna go! But I’m saving for that awsome Star Trek Bathrobe so I guess I’ll have to pass. :)

Whoever wins the grand Sequel Set Tour Prize, please tell us about it. Make a video (probably illegal, but oh well). Anything to last us until summer 2012!

Holy crap, you can win a set visit to Wrath of Khan?! That Abrams can do anything!

dont get worked up over the image put together UNICEF

Great idea!… and I really hope this will help people there! … and Star Trek II? … or maybe?… or probably just for this moment? :-) :-)

I don’t care if the Supreme Court calls it “Star Trek II”. It really isn’t that big of a deal. As long as its not called “The Wrath Of…” as a subtitle.

Star Trek II? Does it include the required DeLorean (or Tardis) to go back in time to the 1980’s when that movie was filmed?

As much as I would love to be in the Raffle I will not use Unicef. If J.J was to use the Red Cross or one of the others then I would jump on it. Sorry. That is just the way I feel about Unicef.

It’s not ‘Star Trek 2’. We already have Star Trek 2, which happens to be by far the best Trek film ever made. The sequel will be Star Trek 12. If JJ’s films do indeed obey canon and continuity, as we’ve been told so often, then it’s 12; if not, 2. You can’t have it both ways, guys.

Well, it seems that somehow at least … JJAbrams is taking Star Trek II, finally! :-) :-)


They already have it both ways, as their first film was simply called “Star Trek”. At one point, “Star Trek: The Original Series” was simply “Star Trek”.

I don’t mind them calling it “Star Trek II” or “Star Trek 2”. These are new films. No one will confuse them with the old ones.

I would love to visit the JJprise bridge set. I could use a good tan.


@11….Dude, chill. It’s just a movie. Great fund raiser idea!!

When it comes to the numbering movies thing, why do it at all? The James Bond movies—all 22 of them and counting (25 if you include the non-EON productions)—have gotten along just fine without so much as a numeral or subtitle in their… uh, titles. Then there’s “The Dark Knight,” which did *ahem* quite well without Batman appearing in the title.

Moviegoers are smarter than Hollywood thinks—or their marketing “experts” tell them. Just flash the Trek delta logo and an original title, show a few quick shots of the Enterprise and old pointy ears giving his gang sign, and the message will get through to even the thickest of skulls: TREK IS BACK!

If they let me near that set, I would destroy it and leave a copy of TOS DVD set in my wake.

Trust me. This is worth going for!

I had the good fortune to win a charity auction for a walk-on role on Enterprise seven years ago, and it was simply amazing. A ridiculously great experience for a lifelong Trekkie. (I fired the phasers and put the ship on red alert in the episode that introduced us to a young T’Pau. I could not have asked for anything more.)

I highly recommend a $10 donation for a chance at a set visit!

Going to see the set of Star Trek II? I want to see their time travel device.

Would appear JJ has decided to direct.

And II and 2 are not the same.

again the charity people made the image above not JJ. but yes ppl in the hollywood media will use “Star Trek 2” as a name until there is a real name, just like they used “Batman 3” until it became “The Dark Knight Rises”…and getting bent out of shape over a media shorthand is kind of silly

“(310) 445-9276 The U.S. Fund for UNICEF (USF) is raising funds to help children in Japan impacted by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. This is an unusual decision, as Japan is a donor to UNICEF, not a recipient of its assistance. However, due to the unprecedented nature of the epic disaster and its impact on children, resources are going to be critical in helping provide for the very unique needs of children. These may include health, development, and protection and other needs that may have been compromised or disrupted in the wake of the catastrophe. Giant Robot is proud to join the effort, and have asked many of our talented friends to create water-themed art to raise funds to support the efforts of UNICEF.”

Japan in the past may have been able to refuse charity or been reticent about accepting it (how did Japan recover after WW2?…), but maybe now they may not be able to refuse help. The devastation is just too great. When did UNICEF say that funds raised would not go to Japan? According to the quote above, which can be found if you click onto the link given above, Japan contributes to UNICEF, just not been a recipient.

I thought this thread was about ways of helping victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami and having a remote chance of winning the raffle and getting to go on the set of the Star Trek sequel and all you guys can do is argue about numbers and criticise an organisation that helps children all over the world. Seriously, what the…? Killjoys!

I would love to get a chance to go on the set to see how some of it is done and be able to meet the actors and maybe a writer or two. I would especially like to meet Chris Pine and Bob Orci. But…I live downunder and I doubt could even be able to buy any raffle ticket, let alone afford to go to LA, even if I did by some miracle win the raffle.

Sometimes I feel so disappointed…

Go back in time and take over writing the last season of “Lost” before you do the second Star Trek movie. And I will name my next child after you!

If I ever got on the set I would keep teasing JJ until he killed me off as a red shirt!

hopefully no one I read on this site will win. This prize seems like it should be for Star Trek fans.


Or, he might just kick you in the “Ballz”!

Is this open to Canadians?

The Red Cross has faced just as much (if not more) criticism for past actions as UNICEF has. No organization is perfect, folks. But unless you can afford to fly to Japan and hand someone money or food in person, you’re going to have to pick one of the imperfect avenues available.

Lots of people getting nit-picky over the running title of the new movie. It’s just a movie, hopefully one as awesome as the last one was, but still just a movie. What they refer to it as right now really isn’t a big deal. I could only afford one ticket so I doubt I’ll win, but it would still be awesome. Shame the prize is just a trip to the set and not a walk on/background role or whatever. Part of me would just love to be able to be on screen in the background in some movie or TV show I love, but of course most of them are no longer in production. I don’t want to talk and wouldn’t care if they paid me or not, just knowing I was on screen would be so awesome. Maybe some day.

I wish I could see the set of ‘Star Trek XII’, but I can’t. Yet, I may see ‘Star Trek XII’ in the summer of 2012.

I wonderful gesture and something that fits in well with everything Star Trek stands for.

See. I’ve always called it ST 2, not ST 12! So does JJ! Ha!

BTW, why the last minute notice??? They would have sold a lot more tickets with a few day’s notice! Was this a Bad Robot snafu or did Trekmovie.com drop the ball?

It was last minute suggestion from jj abrams

good idea. abrams seems to fell involved much more in star trek 12 (2) than just a producer. i bet, he will be the director, too.

Fantastic idea! UNICEF is a wonderful organization that works to improve the lives of millions of children around the world. Good for JJ in helping out.

#17 Don’t be a jerk.

A great cause and an amazing, once in a lifetime, chance to win that set visit. ..and people are bickering about the verbage of the sequel’s title used in the article. wow…thats just a little sad.

Product not found? Only March 21? Damn, what a horrible day to be out sick.

Did I win?

I always seem to be late to the party these days. Just US residents only I guess.


Christopher, you as a foreigner can still donate to the Red Cross. You just won’t get a set visit. ; )

First off, about the title, I doubt it’ll be called “Star Trek II” as the final thing. I don’t think so. Keep in mind that “Star Trek: First Contact” had many different working names: Future Generations, Borg, Resurrection, Destinies, Generations II, etc. So drop that.

Secondly, the iBridge isn’t that bad. Yes it’s a bit tacky, but I’ve dropped the Barcode Reader rant after realizing that all Trek have had their fair share of re-using stuff. Heck, weapons lockers in DS9 were Rubbermaid Action Packers, and there was a prop in Enterprise that was a re-use of a computer scanner. So I’m not going to bellyache too much about that.

42. Already done. :)