See Winners & Finalists For Int’l Talk Like William Shatner Day Video Contest + Judge Maurice La Marche’s Tribute

Part of the celebration of William Shatner’s 80th birthday is honoring the man through emulation with the 3rd International Talk Like William Shatner Day. TrekMovie asked fans to send in their best Shatners for a video contest and today we are ready to announce the winners. We also have a special video from Talk Like Shatner Day founder and judge Maurice LaMarche. Check them out below. 



In the last four days we got a good number of submissions and a panel of judges narrowed down the list to eight finalists. International Talk Like William Shatner Day founder Maurice LaMarche went over the finalists and picked the winners and the runners up. The finalists are presented here and below is a special video from LaMarche with his own tribute to Shatner, plus he discusses each of the finalists, explaining his rankings. 

Grand Prize Winner: Jeff Nelson (TheRagsymuffin)

First runner-up: Michael (albadore):

Second runner-up: James Cathcart (JACathcart5181):

The top three are all winners and will be walking way with prizes from ThinkGeek,, and  Robert Meyer Burnett.

Grand Prize collection

Other finalists:

Barry Dennen

Adam (aef6259)

Giancarlo Danubio (jim5582)


Dave Leigh (LeighDF)

Youngest entry honorable mention: Naomi K:

Maurice La Marche judges the finalists

International Talk Like William Shatner Day founder, and famed voice artist Maurice LaMarche analyzes all eight finalists and picks the winners. He also offers up his own Talk Like Shatner tribute and even makes some Futurama news.

(sorry vid goes out of sync)

More entries:

You can view all the entries at the TrekMovie YouTube Talk Like Shatner Day 2011 Playlist, or via the embedded playlist below:

A huge thanks to all the entries in the 2011 Talk Like William Shatner Day Video Contest. Also thanks to the judges and ThinkGeek,

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Fun. Congrats to all.

I’ve got to get together my Shatner pronunciation video.

Hooray! My daughter got an honorable mention!

Very enjoyable to watch.

OK, Jeff Nelson was AWEOSME! B)

Congratulations to the winners. Even though I was not among them I had my doing my “The Godfather” line with my impression of Mr. Shatner. Enjoyed listening to the other submissions. Good job all and happy birthday Mr. Shatner.

@3 Haha, congratulations, Amy. :)

I meant to say I had fun doing my impression but my phone screwed up.

I’m the 2nd runner-up, and I have to bow to Jeff Nelson’s uncanny impression! Like LaMarche said, it sounds like you’re lip-syncing the 1960’s Shatner for the first few seconds.

Truly amazing sir, congrats on your big win!

Am I smelling a new yearly tradition at ?

Great videos everyone.

Congrats to the winner… and to the finalists, too! … DulciCinema was very cool! :-) :-)

I-don’t-suppose… there will ever be… a write like… William… Shatner… contest…

Great bit of fun to watch. Love this idea of ‘talk like william shatner day’.
Might have a go myself next year!
Long may it continue.

Congrats to all the winners. Great job everyone! This was fun.

It would have been a real hoot if The Shat Himself entered, then got blown out of the Top Ten by the rest of these good folk. LOL!!!!!!!!!

I narrated an Army graduation ceremony today. I dropped some Shat in the middle. Those in the know… they knew. Happy Birthday Mr. Shatner.

Great stuff all! Maurice LaMarche says in Dudley Moore voice, “Tell me why Arthur had to be remade?” Indeed.

And Maurice, you’re the voice of Morbo? Suh -weet.

I’m not ashamed to say I’d love to get the robe……

Outstanding one and all! Way to go Sir Jeff, and happy birthday Captain Bill!

Thanks, Anthony, Maurice, and crew! This was a lot of fun. Congrats to all the other contestants, who gave it their all.
Any voice over work available for an unemployed deejay on the North Oregon Coast? Love to be on Futurama with you, Maurice!

These were fantastic! All of them!! Great job everyone, Happy Birthday Bill! Can’t wait for next year!!

I’m stunned…and…incredibly…pleased. I had no idea I had…been entered in this…contest. AND I cameinsecond. FanTAStic. Thank you!

I’m… extrememly thrilled at …. the talent from… fans. I… loved watching everyone.

My entry did not make it though, but thats ok. THese were better than mine. But mine is on my youtube channel.

Joe= Fail. Joe has a sad.

Nonetheless, congrats to all the winners! The power of the Shat compels you!

For those who may not know, Shatner really did do “How to Handle a Woman” — and did a very nice job with it, IMO.

I never had any doubt Jeff… way to go big guy!

Nicely done, one and all.

@ 8

Thanks Anthony, glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to enter again if this is done next year too. Anyway good job again to all.

Hats off to Jeff Nelson – truly incredible! Although he is not the Jeff Nelson I know….

Thanks, Peter! Be glad to know you!!!! I’m not the Mariners’ player!



love that girl. haha.

and i love the guy who won. That is the best bit of Shatner I’ve seen…all wrapped up in 51 seconds. “Sabataage.”

“I…WANTto…takeaRIDEonyour…DISCOstick…” I think even a Vulcan couldn’t help laughing at that one.

my god, I want barry dennen’s saurian brandy bottle.

Jeff Nelson: In-credible!

I… sogottdo…. one…. ofthese….. someday

– W –
* heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh *

Over three months and I still haven’t received my prizes as the grand prize winner. What’s up, Anthony? Haven’t heard from you since May 9th, when you said the prizes had been delayed but would be sent out that week. Haven’t heard from you since then, despite numerous polite email follow up requests. This is turning into the Kobayashi Maru no-win scenario…