Video of the Day: Geek Girl Actress Willing To Do Anything To Get Star Trek Sequel Part

Excitement is building for the Star Trek sequel which is hoped to be going into production this summer. And our video of the day is from a geek girl actress who appears willing do just about anything to land a part on JJ Abrams second Star Trek. Check it out below. 


Geek Girl’s "Open Letter" to JJ Abrams & team

In her funny but apparently sincere "Open Letter to JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof, and everyone else working on Star Trek" video, actress Michelle Coyle shows she is willing to do anything to get in on the Star Trek sequel.

This is actually not Coyle’s first attempt to get into a sci-fi project with viral video. Earlier this year Michelle made a video plea to Battlestar Galactica honcho (and Trek vet) Ron Moore to get in on Syfy’s "Blood and Chrome" action.

The attempt got Michelle noticed by sites like Topless Robot and  Syfy’s Blastr, but alas no part in the TV movie. Better luck this time.


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I’ve never met an actress willing to do ANYTHING!


(lol I had to)

Is it weird for me to think a girl with green skin is hot? I’m a closet Star Trek fan and would never admit that to my friends.

The Vulcan salute requires you to extend the thumb away from the hand, otherwise it is a Jewsih blessing. Not that there is anything wrong with that… it’s just not Vulcan.

*Jewish* obviously I did not bring my thumb back to my right hand quickly enough.

She’s wearing a TNG outfit for a TOS pitch.

Or is that Voyager?

She blew it at the Vulcan salute at the end. Didn’t separate the thumb (check it). Sorry…..attention to detail!!! :) j/k, good luck ST Girrrl

Is she single? :D

Gotta admit that was funny. I’m with Fletch – green chicks are hot.

OK! … she deserves to go to the Enterprise… and wearing a RED uniform! …

:-) :-)

First blond Orion I’ve seen, but the color combination works for me!

Cute video, but I bet she’ll get more emails from Trek fans who want to date her than legitimate acting work. There’s a much easier way to get cast in a big movie like the Star Trek sequel. It’s no secret either. Get an agent and manager and have them pitch you like crazy to the people who can make that choice. Having said that, this was a fun little viral video that is sure to get her attention like being on this site. Just make sure you get that Vulcan salute down and don’t mix up your uniforms and on-screen couples! I hope this doesn’t start a trend. Working professionals are professionals for a reason.

Well. She is Hot. It is possible she might get a walk on role. But. Would not hold my breath.

Rachel Nichols made green women look, well, great, hot, beautiful. Perhaps a new trend in body art may start.

I’m…. ah….. making a movie she could… ah… appear in….

15. Ms. Nichols was cute, but I thought the Orion makeup was WAY better on Enterprise. The girls in Bound had some shading going on.



Its a lonely old road making that kind of movie on your own…: )P

Trust me, I’m hands on!!!

Is that all it takes to get a thread on this site?


No. You have to impress the supreme Anthony. Then the story will get posted.

She’s funny. Might I suggest a sitcom? And where’s Harry Ballz? She’s willing to marry a Canadian. She’s a beauty eh?

Wait a minute, how come she lists huge Trekker Bob Orci last? And she doesn’t even say his first name. And stay away from Cloverfield, Michelle. They might cast you as another dumb yuppie that I am going to root to get killed by the monster.

Ummmm – she doesn’t know her Star Trek canon all that well LOL

Wrong salute
Wrong uniforms
Wrong pairing of Kirk and Uhuru

So, GIVE THE PART TO ME!!!!!!!!!


She’s wearing the uniform from “Generations”, the entire “Voyager” series and the first five-and-a-half seasons of “Deep Space Nine”.


Heh! I’m afraid Mr. Ballz can’t come to the computer right now…..he has his… (AHEM!)…..hands full!

Excellent effort. She’s got a good sense of humor and she looks cute in the red-shirt uniform. Good luck to her.

20. jas_montreal – March 23, 2011

Well, shes not funny. Didn’t die. Costumes are rentals. All that leaves are tits….

“”23. trek – March 23, 2011
Ummmm – she doesn’t know her Star Trek ….””

True, but the little she does know is still more than all of the main abrams actors combined. :/

Of course if they let her in now there will be a billion of these type of things coming out for the third film.

The question is will it just become mega annoying when that happens or will it generate interest in the film.? Will it be seen as cool my the mass population or will it make anyone interested in Star trek looks like they belong to an extreme geek (not in the good way) community and put the masses off of wanting anything connected with Trek.

Stay cool guys, that will guide the decision.

(not meaning i think she is mega geeky but masses of trekkies trying something similar would come across that way).

Also i hope she doesn’t fall for the email from the sex predator pretending to be from B.R (with a hotmail account) wanting to meet her in some back alley to sign a contract.


This brings to mind a certain practical joke G. Roddenberry & Majel Barrett pulled on someone back in the TOS days. Can’t remember who it was…anyone know what I’m talking about?

Since I’m still on my Christine Chapel campaign, she’d make a good one. Really–picture her in light blue and with beehive hair–I’m all for it!

In any case, the best of luck to you!


does our Supreme Court have a couch?

When I see this chick dressed up as an Orion slave girl, I can’t help but remember how, when growing up, my mother would encourage me to “eat your greens!”

I never knew my mother was that progressive!

I clicked on the “Topless Robot” link. I was totally disappointed.

That’s great. She’s really funny.

That ain’t funny. THIS IS FUNNY!

If she doesn’t know thumb-out Vulcan salute, she’s nothing but a poser. ::haughty sniff::

I thought plomeek soup was kosher.

Anyhoo — Cute gal. Throw her in the “Rigel gets blow’d up real good” sequence along with the contest winners, Paramount’s nephew, and everyone who reads

I think you all missed it about her making mistakes and ignoring certain ‘givens’, she’s not doing it for us, she’s doing it for JJ who will either not notice, or even think them good to go :0

Cast her as Ensign Sue!

She is hot and sexy so give her a role! :D

It used to mean that being green meant you looked ill… or it meant you were naive… or it meant you had a Kermit thing goin on…
Now it means you are either Earth friendly or an Orion…

I’m goin with the Orion.


Karl Urban was watching Trek with his dad likely before you were even a twinkle in your daddy’s eye. Simon Pegg is a huge fan too.

And regardless, what they know of Trek has little to do with their ability to play the parts, and in fact can take away if they come in with preconceived notions of how to play it, that contradict the alternate vision.

Better a blank slate than unlearning bad habits.

First, I looked at her CV and she played femme fatale Bridget O’ Shaunessy in the theatrical version of “The Maltese Falcon.” Assuming she was good in that, she shows some range. Drama to comedy.

And speaking of comedy, maybe she needs help from Daniel Tosh of Tosh.O on Comedy Central. His segment Web Redemptions, Tosh gives people who have embarrassed themselves on the web, a second chance. Actor Brian Atene’s over the top plea to Stanley Kubrick got attention on the web. In the video below, Tosh helps struggling actor Atene get a part on Cougar Town. Maybe Tosh can help her get an audition with J.J. Abrams.

They probably wouldn’t be the first lots of green marks, that need removing from a casting couch…

It never hurts to throw in the word “alledgedly”, into a sentence like this!


I’m sure that’s why they have a “green room”, for these types of things……

has she done pr0n? i dont recall seeing her on youpr0n, though…

The way to a mans heart is through his eyes when you are a green Orion Slave/Animal woman it seems. I would go along with that.

I do have to agree with # 17 TELEVIXEN that the ENT Orion girls are the best. The shading was perfect, the black hair and blue eyes. What a way to go….

You’ll only snag yourself a Canadian mate once you realize the ”aboot” accent is a farce invented by South Park. In my 31 years in this country, the only people I’ve ever heard speaking remotely like that were from Pennsylvania.


Correct! It’s aboot time someone cleared that up!