Rumor Control: Chris Pine is NOT Posting Star Trek Sequel Spoilers On Facebook + UPDATE – Orci: Script Not Finished Yet

Time to debunk another rumor started by another fake social networking page. This time it is report from a fake Chris Pine page on Facebook providing a Star Trek sequel "spoiler". More details below. 


Chris Pine NOT posting Star Trek sequel spoilers on Facebook

A post from February from a purported Chris Pine on Facebook claimed the actor had been sent a draft Star Trek sequel script and the page went on to reveal that Kirk had a "love interest" and it was "all looking very exciting". The six week old post was picked up this week by TrekWeb and has since been reported by a number of other sites including MTV, Blastr and more….all believing it to be true. While it would be no shock for Captain Kirk to have a love interest in the 2012 Star Trek film, this is another case of a false rumor. 

TrekMovie has confirmed with Chris Pine’s publicist that the Facebook page in question is not genuine and that Pine has no official Facebook page, Twitter account or website. There are a number of Facebook ‘fan pages’ but those clearly identify themselves as such, as does, a popular fan site. Unlike his fellow Star Trek stars like Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana and Simon Pegg, Pine seems to be happy living life off the grid of celebrity social networking.

TrekMovie has also confirmed that the actors have not been sent any Star Trek sequel script drafts, which should have been evidenced by Simon Pegg’s Paul media tour over the last couple of weeks where the actor consistently stated he had not seen a script. And if you remember, just last week Pegg said he and Chris Pine had failed to squeeze any Star Trek sequel spoilers from producer Brian Burk. 

More love for James T. Kirk in Star Trek sequel?
– probably but for now it is just a rumor

UPDATE: Script not finished yet

Many of the sites reporting this false rumor have also taken it as confirming that the Star Trek sequel script is finished. However, according to co-writer Roberto Orci, it isn’t ready just yet. If you look down into the comments, Orci (and yes it is really Bob Orci), posted the following comment:

boborci: Wish it was true that he had read a great script se we wouldn’t have to finish it!

We will be keeping a close eye on developments in that area, so stay tuned to TrekMovie for all updates regarding the Star Trek sequel.

UPDATE 2: Fake Chris Pine Page Removed

It is kind of ironic that just two weeks ago Facebook disabled William Shatner’s actual official Facebook page without warning (believing it to be fake), while an actual fake Chris Pine page was still there spreading false rumors to thousands of ‘friends’ who believe it is genuine. Chris Pine’s publicist tells TrekMovie they notified Facebook about the hoaxer, and not long after that Facebook removed the page

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All part of the theater of pre-Star Trek film rumor-mongering.

Hopefully, we’ll get some real facts soon. Even one would be nice.

Thank you for posting this. I talked to Chris last summer about social networking and he said he will never be into it so I was completely aware that that article was false.

Well. At least we here at Trek Movie are smarter then that and won’t believe it unless we read about it here on Trek movie. Hey. We get news from the source Bob Orci all the time. But a Love interest for Kirk. That is not news. That is just Kirk being Kirk.

A big clue on the Fake Pine Page (FPP??) should have been when Fake Pine mentioned that Kirks love interest was going to be….a goat…

I saw this supposed Pine quote and was going to ask about it. Is there no place for a little truth and honesty? Why do people out there in internet-lala-land think it is OK to lie about what somebody has said or not said and to spread false rumours, bs and lies? I guess they think they are being *clever*, making fun of fans of actors and/or their movies.

Is it any wonder there seems to be so much cynicism around? I think that we, as a culture, have lost the plot somewhat, when it comes to understanding what truthfulness is, how to tell it and how we actually need it. Imposters and newspeak rule. Who and what is anybody supposed to believe?

Yes, why hasn’t Facebook owners got rid of the fake Chris Pine facebook page? They should be able to identify who is legitimate and who is not. Not good enough. I am peeved and angry. The real Chris Pine, as in the actor who played FICTIONAL characters James T Kirk, Brian, Danny, Jake and others, still apparently does not do social networking. Wise man.

Anonymity causes people to try and do things because they think they can get away with it. I seem to recall reading somewhere that polls that ask if you could kill, rape, steal or whatever, without consequence, there is a consistant response back that some people will. Sadly, all the internet seems to do is amplify that mentality. All one needs to do is look at the message boards here when a touchy subject is posted. I doubt that if you put these people in a room with instructions to speak to each other as they do on line that you would get the same level of vitriol. After all, the practice of morals isn’t how you behave when others are watching, its how one behaves when they are alone.

Wish it was true that he had read a great script se we wouldn’t have to finish it!

Hows this ….”The End”?

Please just tell me that the script is done, everyone loves this, and that JJ is directing.

I can say that I was officially duped but that was because I am ignorant to that of Facebook or that of Chris Pine’s personal life.

Only people who really stan Pine could have picked it up that it was a false rumor.

On the brighter side, this would have been all the more amazing had it happened on April 1st :)

I saw this article on another site and knew it wasn’t true. Chris Pine has stated he has no interest in social networking.

TrekMovie is my go-to site for Trek news, especially about the sequel. If I read it here, I will believe it. Thanks Anthony for posting this. Maybe other sites should confirm the info before reporting it.

This must explain why Anthony “Liked” two Chris Pine Facebook pages in the last couple of days.

I was wondering what that was all about.

BTW, you should put a profile pic up, dude.

If it don’t come from Trekmovie, I don’t trust it!


I know. I keep inviting you to my shows and never see you there. My little heart keeps breaking. *sniff”

FB is full of these “unoffical” pages. In the early days it was easy to find some actual stars of shows and friend them up and some that you thought were the real deal only to discover through some investigating that they were:

I also heard that Youtube, Twitter and Facebook were planning on a big merger for their sites in order to share content.

They plan on renaming it YouTwitFace.

Why don’t you use Facebook Anthony :( I thought you would like to update fans on the latest thanks for clearing up this silly rumour and Kirk having a love interest oh come on that isn’t news

Let get’s back to the speculation . . .

Memory Alpha states Bob Orci has been looking to draw a bit of inspiration for the ST sequel from Arthur Clarke’s works?

If it’s true that’s really nice to know!

Let’s not forget Isaac Asimov because was a supporter of Star Trek and a long time friend of Roddenberry. Data’s ‘positronic’ brain concept was derived from Asimov.

In terms of storytelling I don’t think anything beats his Foundation series. A lot of good ideas there!


I always thought that the whale probe and Rama bore a resemblence to each other. I always wished that our characters in the movie would have been able to go inside the probe and discovered that an alien civilization was sending it to pick up passengers.

As long as Tom Hanks is in it i care not!

I tell you who would also make a great Commodore Decker apart from Hanks although he’s probably too old to do it now (and would probably be far too expensive to sign on) – Jack Nicholson.

Heck I wish that chris pine was giving off some spoilers! Its more then we have heard in a year. Im feeining for some teasers

Yes I was waiting for this… thanks for clearing this matter, Anthony Pascale!

:-) :-)

Some truth/clarity here –

Is it true that the actors associated with this Star Trek sequel have a contractual obligation not to reveal anything they may know about the script, even it is only about their own character? Of course, if they haven’t seen anything, they can’t say anything.

I believe this was the situation with Star Trek 09. Bruce Greenwood talked about only being able to read his part of the script in a room with security people outside. The same sort of thing happened with the other actors as well. If there was any “leaking” done, it would have come from higher up from those who had the authority to “leak” stuff.

No hanks!


I honestly don’t think that any Hollywood production team could ever reconstruct the shear enormity of the interior habitat of Raman spacecraft, on-screen. Let alone the Nodes, such as the Tau Ceti Tetrahedron.

If you’ve finished the series with (Rama Revealed) you’d know the true scale that would be required, is way beyond anything a movie could successfully duplicate.

Though, I would’ve liked to see it too.

Facebook has disabled my page also. Like I am a Fake jorDe’.
Many have met me in person and know that i am the Official
la’Hom Ho’neH jorDe’ vestai-VamPyr
yaS wa’DIch, IKRV Hurgh HaP, Ring of Fire Fleet
Order of the Bat’Leth

Hanks for that.

No Hanks is good news.

I like Hanks.

Just not in Trek.


How cool would it be to be able to see the sheer scale of the Raman vessels lain out in the manufactoring areas.

That is true epic scale.

Hopefully this kind of scale can be reproduced in the next Trek.

The scenes of the E warping out into the debris field (R2D2 included – yuck!) was a great piece of epic effect/cinematography. This kind of scale must be repeated!!!

I kinda believed the quote from the fake facebook page. I thought that perhaps Chris Pine (you know, the real one) had changed his mind and had decided to start his own Facebook page. The quote just seemed like something he might say or write. It even used an expression that I quite often use on Chris Pine Just Jared site – “Take care”. I know it is not an uncommon expression, except that I have not read other people using it anywhere else, since coming onto the internet and reading and posting to some of those sites.

I use Keachick on all of them, because that is who I am, on the internet. Some may also recognise my tagline, “A rose for remembrance”, because that is also who I am. As far as I can tell, I have been the most (annoyingly? Bob? hope not, just trying to help…) vociferous about Kirk having a genuine love interest in the next movie and not just a fun fling. Maybe I am taking it all a bit too seriously…I don’t know.

#25 and #28

Actually after I read the series I wondered not only how difficult it would be to film it, I questioned how difficult it would be just to SEE it. The scales of things they talked about seemed difficult for me to visualize. The only scale that I think I am capable of grasping are those presented me on earth as far as I have been able to see from an airplane looking across to the horizon. A manufacturing area that streches on, without the curvature of the earth to stop your eyes might appear invisible to me because I might be able to conceive it. Sort of like the Native Americans when the first sailing ships from Europe arrived on their shores and were invisible to them.


What’s wrong with Tom Hanks? I’m sure he would share some of his choc – o -lets with you… then tell you his life story.


Anyway, isn’t Hanks a big Trekkie anyway?

Oops, didn’t mean to repeat the anyways. Starting to sound like Joe Pesci. Okay, okay.

I still think there should be a cinematic version of Greg Bear’s Eon.

That could be so cool and so epic if in the right hands….: )P

Whats this i hear about Otm Shank?

He’s india’s answer to Brian Dennehy you know

#7 You have six more days to get it finished, OK, seven days since you guys are always behind…sigh. :)

How is that Beagle puppy of Kirk’s coming along? By the time you start shooting the film, the puppy should be just about be weaned. Kirk needs a puppy mascot, (courtesy of Admiral Archer) and to be captain of the Enterprise. He meets that Menosian woman. Baby comes later. No need to rush things. I now have it on good authority that Chris Pine loves dogs, so should be a piece of cake. MAKE IT SO.

Spock could have the other puppy perhaps, but he might prefer a selat for a mascot, in case some might think of him as being a bit “girly” rather than the strong Vulcan type…


Tom Hanks is going to be the Fleet Admiral apparently.

Tom Cruise had other commitments.

Thank goodness the fake Chris Pine facebook page is deleted now :)

I forgot about Bob being at odds with Hanks over conspiracy theories!

Bob are the studio putting any sort of pressure on the producers/writers to have a big name star in the sequel? Say for example for marketing/revenue reasons?

That aside if there was one actor/actress (past or present) you could have in Trek who would you have?

Myself it would have to be Sean Connery – bit random i know!!

24. keachick – March 24, 2011

Yes, a contract can be written with non-disclosure provisions.

40. Just JFK assassination.

No pressure yet.

Best not to believe any rumours these days.

The movie will be what it will be.


Tom Hanks ia great actor who I would love to see in Trek.

I’d rather have a great actor like Hanks than a movie star like Tom Cruise in the movie.

I am referencing Nick Meyer’s definition of the difference between an actor and a movie star. An actor tries hard to be someone else but a movie star tries hard to make someone else them.


I would rather they took their time and delivered a strong script with great characters and a stronger plot than rushing it. Quite often these days I watch some tentpole movies and feel that it could have done with another draft ot two.

So I hope the longer writing period means they are delivering something stronger for the next one.

Rumor, falsehood or truth…. it’s designed to get people excited about something. Paramount marketing dept can sit back and let the Facebook/Twitter/IM do all thier work. We all know it is way too early for any “leaks” since nothing is being filmed at this time because Bob Orci has not finished a script to shoot from.

Still rumor is what us ST fans live for……

Bob – can you at least confirm the rumor that the Enterprise will, in fact, have two nacelles again? :-)

45. No promises. It’s a wacky alternate universe! Anything could happen!

Jim, call Carol, its a boy ;)

Ok. Here is a scoop. Chris Pine will play Capt Kirk in the next Star Trek Movie. Also. Simon Pegg will play Scotty. Oh ok. Anton Yelchen will play Checkov. Oh ok. I will admit this. Zoe Saldona will play Uhurah.
Sorry Bob Orci. I hope you will forgive me for releasing this Information.

Here is another Scoop. Zachery Quinto will play Spock in the next Movie!.
I hope Anthony and Bob Orci won’t be to mad at me for giving this Information out.

I heard this great Rumer. A Red Shirt might be killed in the next Trek. Also. I heard this as well. Dr. Mccoy will say. He’s Dead Jim!.