Star Trek Gaming Update: Infinite Space Details, Images & Contest + STO TOS Bundle & more

It is time once again to check in with the world of Star Trek gaming. First up we have recent video interview giving more details on Star Trek: Infinite Space, the upcoming browser game, along with some in game screenshots. And for Star Trek Online, Crytpic have released a new original series bundle that allows you to play the game old school. All that and more below. 


Infinite Space: New details, screenshots & video contest

This summer Gameforge will release Star Trek: Infinite Space, a free to play browser game set in the DS9 universe during the Dominion War. In this video from G4TV, Gameforge’s Ralf Adam gives more details on "Star Trek: Infinite Space", including how the free-to-play/micro-transaction model works and what could be coming from the future.

Gameforge has also released this screenshot from the game.

Finally Gameforge has just announced a new video contest to win an Apple iPod Touch. To enter the contest you need to create a short video clip (max 1-2 minutes) of yourself telling the world: “I Will Play Star Trek – Infinite Space Because…” (with the answers coming from you of course). The contest will run from Today (March 22nd) until April 5th (23:59 GMT). To enter, upload your video on YouTube (or other video site) and post a link on the official forum (or email link to The 10 videos deemed best will be posted on the official Facebook page on April 11th and the video with the most likes after April 15th (14:00 GMT) wins.

STO: TOS pack + Multi-vector ship + more

Is Star Trek Online too 25th century for you? If so, Cryptic has put all their TOS era stuff into one bundle (for 1400 Atari Points), including  TOS Federation ship interior, TOS Federation Bridge, access to Federation Shuttlecraft Class F, TOS-style Type 2 Phaser Variant, and 3 TOS Federation Costume Packs (TOS Dress Uniform, Medical Uniform and Command Tunic). More details at the C-Store, and here is a promo video.

Earlier Cryptic introduced the Federation Multi-Vector Advanced Escort (based on the USS Prometheus seen on Voyager), and now the ship is available for 1200 Atari Tokens at the C-Store, and here is a video showing off what it can do (via PWIFoxy).

And finally, here is this weeks episode of the excellent STO podcast, STOked.



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I will play one day…

does this ipod touch contest mean infinite space will be playable on it? I hope so.

For once I’d like to see a game where the different ships are shown to scale. I know that they probably are going for that level of detail in ‘Infinite Space’, but in Star Trek Online the sizes on some of the ships seem to be more then a little bit off.

@2: If I remember correctly, ST:IS is being made using the Unity engine/development environment, which can also build for iOS, among other platforms. Whether they actually plan to release Infinite Space on the App Store is another question altogether.

I’m a bit concerned about Ralf Adam’s description of paid content. Although overall the approach seems appropriate, the idea of “rare or epic” items (whatever those might be) being able to be purchases in addition to their normal method of being acquired does seem to give an advantage to players with extra money compared to those who would try to gain the same items through gameplay exclusively.

They ought to charge money only for cosmetic content, not stuff that has any kind of competitive advantage. Granted, he was being a bit vague, but it sounds like this is where the game is going…


As a game developer, I might have a little additional insight into that. The biggest concern with micro transaction purchases to a lot of players is just as you state it: that someone with more money to buy rare or epic level items in an MMO (these are higher quality items with greater stats) has an advantage.

However, at least in terms of MMOs, couldn’t you also consider time to be a form of currency? For instance, if I have time to play 40 hours a week (the requisite for acquiring such high quality items is usually on par with playing a full work-week worth of game time), does that not also put me at an advantage over someone who does not have the time required to dedicate?

I think the point is that rare and epic items in these games are MADE and intended for people who have some sort of advantage over a “casual” player. Whether the currency is time or money, I think, is moot. I am a more casual MMO player myself and rarely have the time resources available to acquire the highest end gear in a game. There is still much enjoyment to be had even without these items.

Not having the time to dedicate to learning and running raid level content or to forming a relationship with a guild to actually be able to do it, I might be inclined to drop $5 or $10 extra here and there to pick up an extra nice item I might never have an opportunity to get. Most micro transaction items of even very high quality are going to be $25 or under. Sure, its a lot of money to spend on a piece of digital property, but A) you don’t have to spend it at all to play or enjoy the game and B) you aren’t necessarily going to be buying epic items every day. If you splurge once or twice a year and treat yourself to a nice piece of gear you don’t have time to get through gameplay, you’re really not stretching your budget all that much (especially if you can afford a subscription fee — doubly so if you don’t even HAVE to pay a subscription fee, which is how most micro transaction games are set up to begin with).

Anyway, that’s a bit of a rant, but I think it all comes out in the wash. Certain players will always have an advantage of some sort over other players. Usually its in the form of time. Micro transactions therefore aren’t an additional limitation on those who cannot compete with those who have extra time, but an advantage as a way to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak.


Players with more time certainly have an advantage over those without it. To me, something just feels dirty though about also giving an advantage to players with money. It makes more sense to reward players for playing your game than reward them for having cash, but that seems to be where games are headed these days. I foresee a day when the best stuff in games will *only* be available for extra money.

I was originally going to refrain from comparing a Star Trek game to World of Warcraft for the hundredth time, but one thing they get right is that only their cosmetic items are purchasable. They have a strong stance against trading money for anything other than “fun” items, and regularly hand out bans for buying gold or other items through third parties.

As a player, it feels pretty lame when somebody else can just buy their way through a game. I’d rather play a game where players without a lot of time can’t compete with those who do than play one where those without a lot of time and money can’t compete against those with either.

I really hate the cost of the TOS Bundle.

It is incomplete and overpriced at 1400 (and that is with the uniforms).
Without it, its just extortion.

They put the most effort into extra paid content and then the rest of the game is suffering.

I dig the TOS pack. Maybe I’ll start playing now.

pretty cool

Maybe someone can help me, I bout the STO disk with the free 30-day trial, got in in the computer, followed all the instructions. However, now the box pops up and it tells me its patching and that I have something like 3000mg left to go (which will take hours). Now in all honesty I am not a totally computer savy person, I know the basics, but I’m no programmer. Did anyone else have similar problems and if so how were they resolved?


TOS!! Way cool!!!
all the next Genie stuff looks like overly bright neon Christmas orniment poopoo

Besides any era that puts kindergarten’s on their fleet battleships wouldn’t last too long in a combat situation.

Yep, they are CLEARLY regretting not making it a TOS-themed game from the start. Even moreso than everything else they’ve done so far…

We’ve had enough TNG-era games, but no TOS-era…these guys were stupid to think a TNG game would be interesting.


You’re playing the game that is a year old and has had 3 major content patches that added a slew of features to the game.

The actual size of the patch is roughly half that, since its compressed heavily.

This is the reality of any MMO, when you first start using it, be prepared for a big download for patches.

Just be glad that Cryptic’s servers (which are Direct download only) are faster then others, unlike Blizzard’s which can be slow, or extremely fast (since they use a P2P Torrent system to distribute patches).

Do what I did: Patch right when you’re going to bed, it’ll be ready for you in the morning.

5. Dr. Cheis
6. NFXstudios

What I love about Cryptic’s approach is that there are no “rare” or “epic” items in the game, either purchased or some rare boss drop. The difference between items that are labeled “Very Rare”, “Rare”, “Uncommon”, “Common” are very slight so that items are not what makes a player.

Rather, what separates players from common to elite is research and brains.

If you decide to play, send me a tell and I’ll get you started with some gear.

#7 and others….

If somebody is going to be a freeloader and essentially get a “free ride”, why shouldn’t it be harder for them to get good equipment? You get what you pay for after all, and they’ve got to recoup the dev costs for the game somehow.

Wow. I’ll have to read this later.

The TOS stuff is almost getting me to buy this product..

16. TrekMadMeWonder


The TOS stuff is fun, but wait till you play some of the missions that take you to K-7 and other iconic TOS places. (Fighting the Doomsday Device was a complete ton of fun)

…or be sent back in time by the Guardian of Forever from 2409 to 2270 and assist the #1 Vulcan of all time, Spock, (Leornard Nimoy himself voices), to stop a group of augmented Klingons. Whooooh what a ride!!!


It does look very intriging. Thank god they addressed the TOS fans!

Can someone tell me how much RL money it takes to buy 1400 Atari Points please ?

20. Mystic Goat

$6.95 for 500 Atari Tokens. You can purchase in increments of 500 up to 5000. It’s best to wait for a “Holiday Sale” to spend tokens.

I personally have spent very little in tokens as they are not necessary for gameplay, but you can buy some “fun” things with them. I think the most useful item to purchase with tokens are extra Bridge Officer slots.