The Collective: The Best In “Shatlectibles” and “Lemorabilia”

This week TrekMovie has been celebrating the 80th birthdays of Star Trek stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. In that spirit, today we take a collector’s look at the pair, exploring the world of "Shatlectibles" and . “Lemorabilia”, or all the cool collectibles dealing with the real Shatner and Nimoy (and not the characters they play). 


Shatlectibles & Lemorabilia

Any popular culture aficionado is aware that Star Trek has produced more than a quarter million individual collectible items during its 45 years. However, there have also been many William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy items worthy of being called Shatlectibles and Lemorabelia.


Beginning with their 2007 Americana trading card set, Donruss (now called Panini America) has featured William Shatner on many of their cards. During the 1980s and 1990s, Starline produced a set of trading cards called “Hollywood” which also featured Shatner.




Shatner has a long connection to comic books. As a boy in Canada, Shatner thrilled to the adventures of Superman, role playing the first and most famous superhero. His Star Trek character of James T. Kirk has been featured in more than 500 comics from publishers such as DC and Marvel. Shatner himself has written comics books, including those based on his Tek War novels. However, there have also been comics about the real William Shatner. Personality Comics (1991), Celebrity Books (1992), and Pop Comics (1995) have all premiered comic book version of the biography of William Shatner.



William Shatner’s characters have been a Star Trek, Boston Legal, and Twilight Zone bobbleheads. However, during the 1990s, before the creation of The Negotiator character, William Shatner appeared as himself for many commercials. His famous (or infamous) singing commercials resulted in offering a bobblehead of William Shatner himself which could be obtained by utilizing their web resources.


William Shatner has written two biographies (Where No Man, Up Until Now) and many Star Trek memoirs. Yet, the most Shatlectible of all is the art book The Shatner Show featuring an amazing, and sometimes disturbing, array of 76 Shatner inspired art from the 2007 Canadian gallery Uppercase.

SHATLECTIBLE POSTER: has a William Shatner poster with the man himself posed in all his “Rocket Man”/Rat Pack goodness.


Choose between the Comedy Central DVD of the William Shatner Roast (which is raunchy, so beware) and the documentary How William Shatner Changed the World (hosted by the Shat himself). As an added bonus, the store has a collection of 1960s television vignettes based on The Psalms for sale, which includes William Shatner both in front of and behind the scenes (and the cameraman on some of the episodes was none other than film student George Lucas (yes, that George Lucas!).


There is no William Shatner musical CD better than the 2007 CD Has Been, a diverse collection of songs written from the heart by William Shatner and featuring producer Ben Folds, Henry Rollins, Joe Jackson, and Brad Paisley. From heartbreak to hope, the album received praise from many who were expecting The Transformed Man II.


While each of the products allows William Shatner fans to symbolically enjoy a metaphorical piece of William Shatner, the Golden Palace Casino owns a real piece of the Shatner. In 2006, William Shatner auctioned his kidney stone that was removed for charity. $25,000 went to Habitat for Humanity and Golden Palace enjoyed the ultimate Shatlectible.

Like Shatner, Leonard Nimoy has both presented his own comic books and been featured in biographical edition. In 1991, Personality Comics and in 1992, Celebrity Comics, both had Leonard Nimoy biography editions. Nimoy’s own 1995 Primortals comic included ideas and premises by Isaac Asimov.

Nimoy, too, has Donruss trading cards. However, the most collectible of all non Spock trading cards is the 2009 exclusive card available to VIPs at the FX convention. The edition was limited to about 50 and includes a great picture of Leonard Nimoy and his signature.

Shatner and Nimoy are the most prolific authors of the original crew. While Shatner has conquered the world of fiction writing and memoirs, Leonard Nimoy’s books, I Am Not Spock and I Am Spock not included, have been primarily photographic or poetic in nature, interestingly showing the diversity between the two friends. While there are many Nimoy books to choose from, a good compendium of his poetry is available in 1983’s Warmed by Love, an inspired and emotional text.

Another difference between Shatner and Nimoy is that while Bill is the master of spoken word musical styles, Nimoy actually sings in a traditional style on his albums. An incredibly collection of their shared musical offerings is available on the Spaced Out CD. While many genre fans think of “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” when musing about Nimoy’s music, a really fun song is “Highly Illogical” both of which are available on this best of compilation.

On a recent episode of Raw Nerve, LeVar Burton spoke emotionally to William Shatner about how William Shatner is a role model to many. I and my family feel the same way about both he and Mr. Nimoy, as do millions who they have entertained during their 80 years. Thanks, Bill and Leonard, and Happy Birthday.


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Shatner’s “Has Been” is actually a good album. I enjoy it. I really like the song that is kind of an open letter apology to one of his daughters. Nice song…very honest and touching.

Both men became more handsome as they aged and it’s hard to believe they are 80!

Lemorabilia is a singularly awkward term for Nimoy items (not that Shatlectibles for Billable items is much better).

Obviously all items are not character-specific, but Spockware and Kirklectibles read better.

Yes I agree… they ‘re great at 80!

I’m disgusted. I took my niece book shopping today at Barnes and Noble. I went to the sci-fi section only to find that there was only a shelf and a half of Star Trek books compared to about ten shelves worth of Star wars! Needless to say, the ST book I was looking for was not to be found. I know for a fact by shopping at amazon that there are a LOT of ST books out there that are not being displayed in bookstores. STEP IT UP B&N or I will take my business exclusively to amazon and other online stores!

@ #1 – I agree- The songs “Has Been”, “Common People”, and “Ideal Woman” (cha-cha-cha) are FANtastic!
@#5 -I’ve been noticing that for awhile… Each time I went to get a new book in the Typhon pact series- dayS pat release date — they went to the back room to find it! This was at the soon to be late Borders!

#1 agree “Has Been” is pretty good.

Bilbo Bagins baby.

Spockware and Kirklectibles is cute, but John specifically notes that this article is about collecting items related to the actual Shatner and Nimoy and not their characters

I have a Nimoy biographical comic and one of his poetry books. They are prized possessions. <3

Real legends.

I have Has been, it is a very good album and Spaced Out is also a lot of fun to listen to.

Once again happy 80th to two living legends.

No Skekina ?

Shatners version of common people is absolute class in fairness…

And i have the CD of the best of Shatner and Nimoy…its tough listening at times…

In either the “Choose a Different Typeface” or “I Need New Glasses” categories, at first glance that book cover read as “Wormed by Love – Leonard Nimoy”

Back in 1979, Mr. Nimoy was touring with his one-man play “Vincent” prior to the release of STTMP. Mr. Nimoy was holding press conferences in the cities where he was appearing in the play. I was a reporter for my high-school paper and scored a pass for the press conference. Hoping I would get to meet the man, I brought along a copy of “Will I Think of You?”, one of Mr. Nimoy’s books of poetry i had picked up out of curiosity. Indeed, after the press conference, he signed autographs and mingled with the crowd. When it was my turn, I mumbled something unintelligible and handed him the book. Mr. Nimoy graciously signed it, shook my hand, and moved on to the next person. I still have the book and a copy of the school paper my article and picture with Mr.Nimoy appeared in. Both are two of my most prized and most memorable possessions.

Has Been = Shatner well-directed by Ben Folds. Good album!

i have lots of memorabilia and i love seeing stuff i didnt know was out there.

A dream came true for me this past weekend when I met William Shatner in Orlando, FL.

The visit was all but :15 – :20 seconds but I got my picture taken with him in a rushed format, and now am the proud owner of an 8 x 10 of me and the Shat-man. (for just $70)

The line to have your photo taken with him boasted hundreds maybe over a 1,000 fans which caused his handlers to move the line along quickly.
I stood behind Mr. Shatner who was seated, he said hello, and I replied in kind. They snapped the photo (which fortunately turned out well) and as they ushered me away I did my best Ralphie from Christmas story impersonation and quickly made my way back to him to say “I’ve admired you all my life” and he replied a kind “Thank You”. So I said 3 words to my hero Captain James Kirk.

Later, as I was leaving, the event workers stopped traffic in a crowded back hallway so someone could get through and Shatner drove right by me in a golfcart. A second and final view or the man, the myth, the legend. What an awesome day.

Pretty cool #19.

‘shatlectibles’ sounds like tapas made with guano. Great article tho!

I once found a vinyl record called something like “The Two Faces Of Leonard Nimoy” in a used record store. I was tempted to buy it, but I didn’t have thirty dollars to spend. Too bad I didn’t get it. Anybody know if those are hard to find?