Watch William Shatner Get “Thrilled” On Tonight Show

Last night Star Trek’s William Shatner was a guest on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on NBC. Bill was the subject of a comedy bit called "Thrill Bill" where people tried to get Shatner excited with their various talents. Check it out below. Plus find out how you could try to impress Bill on TV.  


Can they Thrill Bill?

Here is Bill Shatner doing a comedy bit titled "Does This Thrill Bill" on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, where some "talented" people tried to impress Bill with their "skills". [Video in two parts via – sorry USA only]


Can you Thrill Bill?

Apparently this will be a recurring segment so if you think you can Thrill Bill, visit The Tonight Show’s Be On The Show page.

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Some funny stuff and some not so funny. What was really funny was that the Shat was all laughes. I could Thrill Bill with my Agoniser Booth. I know he would laugh at anyone I put in there. Lol. But I bet Harry could really make him laugh. All Harry would have to do is show up.

The Shat is eighty? He sounds great. And hey Cupcake… wear a Star Trek shirt next time.

I wonder of this will become a regular thing. Will it replace the “Impress Ed Asner”?

Works in Canada.

Uh-oh. Anthony – typo – “Watch William Shanter(?)…” Oops.

Oh my! What can I say? Is this typical for the Jay Leno show?

BTW, I was able to watch both videos! Looking good, Bill Shatner!

“WILLIAM SHANTER”?????? Why hasn’t anyone noticed that the mans name is spelled “WILLOIAM SHATNER”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“WILLIAM SHANTER”?????? Why hasn’t anyone noticed that the mans name is spelled “WILLIAM SHATNER”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Anthony!. Misspelling the Shats Name.
Anthony. Your Agoniser! Your Agoniser Please.

Mr. Shanter Trill everyone ….. definitely! :-) :-)

He’s awesome at 80! :-) :-)

Shanter town.

Was anybody else nervous as to whether that fold-up chair was going to hold him?

I think Anthony may have deliberately misspelled William Shant…oops Shatner’s name to see if we were paying attention.

Like him or not (and I really do!), it’s amazing how much steam he still has at 80!



Honestly, when Leno said Shatner was fifty-something, I almost believed him. I can’t believe he’s 80!

#1 “Harry could really make him laugh. All Harry would have to do is show up”

(in my best Joe Pesci voice)

“What, am I funny to you? How am I funny? No, I mean how do you find me funny? Do you look at me and laugh? Tell me, how am I funny?”

(takes out gun)


Harry. You are just a funny Guy. That is all. (Takes Agoniser out and applys it to himself. Aghhh. I feel better now.

Harry, that’s hilarious!

“Amigo, the only thing in this world that gives orders is balls. Balls. You got that?”

— Tony Montana, Scarface

So has he defected from Team Coco?

#15 ow. bloody hell Harry, stop waving that gun around, you got me in the foot with that shot you soab!
I’m English, you know guns scare the hell out of us!

Ouch, Bill, poor Jennifer Aniston!

(as an aside, has anybody heard from Vultan in the last few days?)

#1 Agree about Harry there, Commodore!

Vultan is the one making the thumping sound from the trunk of my car.

That’s “boot” to you, Buzz!

Oh, great! What, did you guys form a committee or somethin’??

How does one jettison from here anyway???

#21 he didn’t ask you to polish his shoe’s did he, Harry?
Just so Harry doesn’t feel quite so ‘set upon’ i’ll come clean and admit I find him only moderately amusing. :-p
I hope that makes you feel happier matey? ;-)

Buzz, what a coincidence! I find you only moderately intelligent! Who knew??

You flatter me, sir!

Quit flappin’ your lips! You’re attracting flies! Now, where were we??

They were telling you how funny you are but you didn’t like it- so I was telling you aren’t all that funny- just moderately amusing and you didn’t seem to like that either!
Makes ya mind up!

Works in Latvia!

IT works in the UK. IT looks like they are now choosing to whack an advert in front for users outside the US. Wonder if I can watch Hulu now?

That must be what they call flash. A down side of the iPad. I can’t see this. Uh, why does apple do that again?

Thrill Bill, that should at least be a documentary shouldn’t it?

Next up on Jay Leno. Thrill Harry Ballz. First up. Erica Durance.

I love tthe Shat! And if live to be 80, I hope I have half his energy and gumption.

I laughed so hard when he said to Jay, “I bet you could balance two of those on that chin.” LOL How can you not love the guy?

80? Wow! Keeping busy is a good thing, evidently.

No, I cannot thrill Bill… :-(

Leave it to Jay to steal something else from Conan.


Haha I know, right? I seriously hate Leno but Shatner’s great as always.

Is where it’s AT.

“The Deadly Years” indeed.


Is where it’s AT.
And my lord, he certainly is FAT.

Just tell him he has a huge role in the new film and he will be thrilled

I hope I look that good at 80

shatner is the MAN!!!!

@42. Keep eating and avoid Alzheimers and you may get there. :-)

Creat 3d white. How racist.

@6 – Sorry bud, but you fail hard. Next time you want to have a stab at somebody spelling William Shatner’s name right, you might want to check your own spelling before hitting submit. Doh! ;-)

It’s Shatner’s world…we just live in it.


Jay you scumbag

I plan to recite a quirky closing legal argument, kiss a green skinned woman and then ride the hood of her car as she drives offstage. If it doesn’t thrill Bill, at least it’ll bring back memories…