Spock Ear + TOS Replica Tunic Seen on ‘Big Bang’ And More Up For Auction This Weekend

There are a couple of new auctions of interest to Trekkies. First Premiere Props has over a dozen Star Trek lots in a movie auction this weekend, including a Leonard Nimoy worn ear tip. And Anovos is auctioning off (for charity) a TOS replica tunic seen on the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory. More details below.  


Spock Ear and more at Movie Auction this weekend in LA

On Saturday, April 2nd and Sunday, April 3rd Premiere Props is auctioning off several items and costumes from the Star Trek series and movies in Los Angeles. In total Premiere has 19 different Star Trek lots as part of their "Hollywood Auction Extravaganza", including an ear tip worn by Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, parts of Data’s invisibility suit from Star Trek: Insurrection, and costume sketches from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Other lots include scripts, concept art, crew gifts and more.

Some of the Star Trek lots available at this week’s Premiere Props "Hollywood Auction Extravaganza"

You can view all the Star Trek items at www.icollector.com, where you can also make bids. The auction starts April 3rd at 11am/PT with a preview from 9 – 11am. It will be held at the Premiere Props Warehouse (128 Sierra St. El Segundo, CA 90245).

TOS Replica Tunic seen on ‘Big Bang’ auctioned for charity

And in other news, Anovos (the makers of licensed Star Trek replica costumes) launched a charity auction to benefit victims of of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. They are auctioning off an original series replica tunic that was seen on a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Anovos Replica command tunic seen on "Big Bang Theory" auctioned off for Japan charity

You can bid on the item at Ebay and the auction ends April 3rd. More details at Anovos Facebook page. And here is a clip from The Big Bang Theory featuring the tunic.


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This looks pretty kool. I may just have to bid on Spocks Ears.

Secure a tunic for me, Number One.

Very cool!

Nice tunic, they did a great job on it.

I would have thought it was an actual TV costume. I may have to look into getting an outfit form that company.

That tunic looks authentic as the Delta symbol is silver and not gold as most replicas are mistakenly furnished with.

That ear looks pretty nasty after all these years…

That TOS tunic is awesome. When you see that it just brings out so many memories. Its so classic.

Cawley’s replicas are far better

I would kill 4 that shirt!!

“The Bing Bang Theory”?

….I wonder if Tasha Yar will appear on the show?….: )P

#8 So true. And the delta is WAY off.

The delta is dead on to the five or six original screen used 3rd season insignia that Joe and Dana scanned and used as their templates. And who on earth ever thought that the insignia were backed in silver?! The new (’09) alternate universes’ insignia was silver colored pewter, but in Gene’ good old original universe all three insignia were backed in gold. In fact the same gold mylar/leatheret was used as the backing for the rank braids’,, multicolored embroidery, and as the center band in Deckard’s rank braid in THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE.

By the way I own one of James’ 1st/2nd season command tunic and you’d be hard pressed to ever have a closer tunic to what was screen used in 1966. With that said, ANOVOS started their TOS uniform project with James assistance, and they remain friendly. You can be assured that the tunic above is accurate, and well made. I can’t wait. A STAR TREK uniform tunic that you’ll be able to buy without being ripped off by people like: Shadowdale Creations, Orion Woman Raven, Joe K, and Kathy P.!