March 2011

Preview Of Jeri Ryan As Sonya Blade In Mortal Kombat Web Series + Ryan Lands Guest Spot on Law & Order: CI

Things are busy for Star Trek Voyager’s Jeri Ryan. Her new ABC show Body of Proof premieres in less than two weeks and we have new behind the scenes video from that. Plus there is a new set video of Jeri playing Sonya Blade in the upcoming Mortal Kombat web series, plus she has landed a guest spot in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. .

TrekMovie ‘Talk Like William Shatner Day’ Video Contest w/ Prizes

William Shatner’s 80th Birthday is next Tuesday, which is also the third annual "Talk Like William Shatner Day". TrekMovie has partnered up with and ThinkGeek to hold a special contest where you can win prizes by submitting a video talking like Shatner. More details below. [DEADLINE EXTENDED + Maurice LaMarche joins judges panel]

Sci-Fi TV Thursday: Fringe, V, Game of Thrones, Terra Nova, Supernatural, Sandman + more [UPDATE: First Look at Wonder Woman]

In Sci-Fi TV this week we take a look at the future prospects Supernatural, Fringe and V, find out what to expect with Game of Thrones, prepare to wait longer for Terra Nova, check out some set images from Wonder Woman, get renewal news for Being Human and the other Being Human.  All that and more including the latest television ratings, casting bites and new images and video previews. [UPDATE: First look at Wonder Woman]

Chris Pine & Simon Pegg Denied Star Trek Sequel Spoilers By Producer + POLL: Too Much Secrecy?

The whole world (or at least the geekverse) wants to know what is going to happen in the 2012 Star Trek sequel. Over the last week we have reported on the musings of Simon Pegg who admits he knows nothing, but in a new interview he reveals that he and co-star Chris Pine have tried to get spoilers – only to be denied. Plus we have Pegg’s new Paul promo skit from Funny or Die. We also have a new poll on Bad Robot Star Trek secrecy

Original Star Trek Movies Screening In Hollywood Next Week w/ TMP Effects Team, Takei, Koenig, & Meyer + Submit Questions At

Next week the American Cinematheque is presenting a special Star Trek series, showing the first six Trek films over four days in Hollywood. Each screening will include a Q&A, with George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nick Meyer and members of the TMP effects team. And even if you aren’t in the LA area you have a chance to ask the Trek luminaries a question by submitting them here at Details below.

Simon Pegg Predicts Star Trek Sequel As “Character Piece” + Tonight Show Video

Star Trek’s Simon Pegg has wrapped up his US publicity tour for Paul and is headed to Vancouver to finish up shooting on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Before departing he appeared on the Jay Leno show and we have that video, plus in another interview the actor talked about his hopes and expectations for the Star Trek sequel.

Videos of the Day: Star Trek v Star Wars v Lady Gaga at German Carnival + Trek Theme On Saw In NY Subway

Today we have another musically themed video to share, this one a rather bizarre bit of street theater from a Carnival in Germany last week featuring a battle between Star Trek and Star Wars and Lady Gaga…hard to explain so just check it out, plus more Star Trek street music from the New York Subway.

Chris Pine Wins LA Drama Award + Beltran To Star In New LA Play

Last summer, Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine got rave reviews for his stage work in the dark satire "The Lieutenant of Inishmore". Last night Pine won an LA Drama Circle Award for the play, and he was joined at the event by his father (a fellow Trek vet) who also won an award. Plus Star Trek Voyager’s Robert Beltran opens a new play in LA in April. Details below  

Science Supplemental: Breathtaking Saturn Video From Real Cassini Photos + Why Carolyn Porco was a Great Trek Science Advisor

A new breathtaking video of the Jewel of the Solar System, Saturn, and her moons has been circulating the internet today. Saturn is gorgeous, we all know this. So what makes this video so special? It was made using ONLY NASA/JPL photos taken by the Cassini Spacecraft. No CGI, no 3D models. Just photographs.

Facebook Deletes William Shatner’s Official Facebook Page As Fake – Reinstates After He Tweets Displeasure

Today the people at Facebook learned you don’t mess with William Shatner. Over the weekend the social networking giant took the unusual step of deleting the Mr. Shatner official page, claiming it was a fake. But this afternoon Star Trek’s original Kirk turned to Twitter to make his feelings clear, and Facebook quickly reversed their error. Details below.

Simon Pegg Talks Excitement & Secrecy For Star Trek 2012 + Confirms Set Aside August/September To Shoot

Simon Pegg, Star Trek’s new Scotty, has been on big promotional tour for his new sci-fi comedy Paul, opening this weekend in the USA. And along the way he has talked a bit more about the buzz on the Star Trek sequel. He has also confirmed when Paramount has asked him to set aside time to shoot it.

Viral Video Double Feature: Trekkie Dances To Kinect + Federation v Klingons Dance Battle

Today we have a dancing theme for two viral videos to share. The first comes from the PAX gaming show held over the weekend with a Trekkie in TNG costume becoming a dancing machine. Then we have another recent upload with a group of Trekkies doing a TOS-era Starfleet v Klingon dance-off. Check them both out below.

Sci-Fi Movies Saturday: Tron, Superman, Conan, Green Lantern, Prometheus, The Avengers, Star Wars, The Hobbit + more

In this week’s Sci-Fi Movies column we watch the just released Tron "epilogue", find out who is the new Martha Kent, get lots of peeks at the new Conan, learn about Green Lantern’s new suit, get surprised about Blade Runner sequel/prequel talk, find out about more the Alien/Prometheus connection, and mark our calendars for Star Wars in 3D.  Plus much more, including the latest casting bites, images and videos.

Genie Awards: William Shatner Jokes ‘Not Bitter’ About Star Trek 2009 + Bruce Greenwood (Doesn’t) Talk Star Trek 2012

Last night Star Trek’s ‘Kirk Classic’ was in Ottawa to host the 31st Annual Genie Awards, Canada’s answer to The Oscars. During the show Bill made a few Star Trek quips, including one introducing the new Christopher Pike, Bruce Greenwood. See below for a first-hand report from the event, pictures, and an audio interview with Shatner following the show. (plus a Canada only link to video)

Sci-Fi TV Thursday: The Walking Dead, True Blood, Wonder Woman, Smallville, SGU, Fringe, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Terra Nova + more

In Sci-Fi TV this week we learn more about Leonard Nimoy’s return to Fringe, hear from Brannon Braga about his time-travel series Terra Nova, find out how the SGU writers hope to wrap it up post cancellation, get some True Blood spoilers, get more Wonder Woman casting, and catch up with all the rest of your genre faves. All that plus latest television ratings, casting bites and new images and video previews.

Watch Family Guy Homage To Star Trek’s “Enemy Within” + Patrick Stewart Cameo

Last night once again Seth MacFarlane’s animated FOX comedy The Family Guy, went to Star Trek. This time there was a Trek homage subplot right out of Star Trek’s "The Enemy Within", plus a cameo from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart. There was also a brief Star Trek call out on The Simpsons. Check it all out below

AUDIO: William Shatner Provides New Voiceover For Star Trek Shuttle Wakeup + Shatner Still Wants In To Trek Sequel

This morning William Shatner gave the crew of Shuttle Discovery a special surprise with a newly added voiceover to the Star Trek theme beamed up for their wakeup call. You can hear that below, plus the latest Shatner news (yes he still wants to be in the Star Trek sequel), plus he is hosting the Canadian Genie Awards on Thursday.

Science Supplemental: Has a NASA Scientist Found Alien Life in Meteorites? Not Likely…

Have we made “first contact” with fossilized alien microbes? A recent study by astrobiologist Richard B. Hoover of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center says “yes”. Pretty much everyone else says, “no,” or at the very least, “I’m skeptical.” If the claim is indeed verified, it will be a turning point in human history; If not, just another item in the list of unresolved questions surrounding the search for life beyond Earth.