Paramount Theme Park With Star Trek Attraction Planned For 2015 Open In Spain – Financing Being Worked Out

New reports coming out of Europe are talking about a new Paramount Pictures theme park coming to Spain in 2015, including a high-tech Star Trek-themed attraction. TrekMovie has confirmed that the project is in development, but that financing is details are still being worked out. More below.


Paramount Themed Park Planned For Spain – Financing Still In Progress

There is exciting news coming from Europe with regards to a planned Paramount theme park, including a major Star Trek attraction. As we have seen overly optimistic reports before, like those coming out of Las Vegas about the supposed 2010 return of Star Trek: The Experience, TrekMovie double-checked to be sure that the project is real. And according to Paramount, the project is genuine, however the financing and details are still not final.

For the last few months a group of European developers and Region of Murcia, Spain have been working on a plan to build a new theme park in the south of Spain, an area very popular with European tourists (especially British and Germans tourists). The Paramount Murcia Theme Park wil include rides and attractions themed around Paramount films and is envisioned as a competitor to other European theme parks like Disneyland Paris, Warner Park Madrid, and Movie Park Germany. TrekMovie has confirmed that Paramount has granted a license to the developers, but the project is being financed locally in Spain (and financing has not been completed).

Artists rendering of entrance to Paramount Theme Park planned for Murcia Spain

Last week at a public meeting in Murcia, the developers along with a representative from Paramount outlined design plans for the project. The plan is to create a number of themed areas, with one called "Future Plaza", here is a description via

This zone submerges visitors into the fantasies of Star Trek, which promises total immersion, action and adventures awaiting in the form of the most advanced integration technology and special effects. Visitors can participate in a spectacular 4D battle environment in the War of the Worlds, fighting off alien invaders using the most advanced movement simulators which exist.

It is not known what the nature of the Star Trek attraction will be, but being that this park is linked to Paramount Pictures it is very likely to be themed around the most recent Star Trek films produced by Paramount.

Other planned areas of the park include "Adventure City" (including attractions themed around Titanic, Mission Impossible, and The Italian Job), "Lost Valley" (Congo river ride, Beowulf castle, Tomb Raider crypt), and "Woodland Fantasy" (fantasy theme).  There will also be a "Lifestyle Center" which will include shops, a business center, and hotel accommodations.

The park location will be in Alhama, Murcia, Spain, which was chosen for its average of 300 days of sun each ear, along with its proximity to air, ground and rail transportation. Current plans are to start construction by the end of this year and to have the park built by 2015, however this depends on securing the needed financing for the multi-million Euro project.

Here is a Spanish report about the public meeting on the Paramount park.

Paramount says that they don’t currently have any more details to provide, but promised TrekMovie to do a follow up in a few months. So stay tuned.


NOTE: TrekMovie is not doing any April Fool’s pranks this year

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Star Trek?? How about here in the US??

Yes, because the world revolves around the US.

Hope we get a Star Trek version of Star Tours! That would be fantastic!

It could start in Space Dock where you see all the ships docked, then depart through the grand Space Doors, then warp speed, then a Klingon battle or something, then Saucer separation and explosion of the main section then crash landing on a planet or something!

Would be amazing :)

I would imagine 10 years from now that we are going to be reading sad tales here about some Spanish Trek fans trying to save the sign from the canceled Trek exhibit.

April Fools? :p

I would love to see a ride where you can be the Capt of the Enterprise and sit in the command chair and act out a scene with others. Have it be a 5 minute set where you can give orders and fire Phasers against the Klingons or the Borg. Then go on a Shuttle ride and then get to a Star Base an in 4d fight the Borg or a group of Klingons. If Spain get’s this. I will get to Spain for a Vacation.

Viva Espana!

If this is true, its great news that some thing is being done finally. Sure, it would be nice to have it in the USA but we all agree that Star Trek is for the world, not just us in America.

Besides from the many articles written about STTE being gone, most of the fans miss Quarks bar ( I sure do) more than the rides. I would like to see a bar/restaurant come back in Vegas and the shops too. Then all the actors (Vernon, April, Tom, etc) can entertain us once again. A ride would be nice, but not the most important aspect of a new ST venue.

Considering that of all the Disney parks Euro Disney continues to be it’s worst preformer, it might not be a bad idea not to get to worked up about this until shovels are stuck in the ground. Amusement parks are expensive, and considering that several European countries are still wrestling with debt issues financing will still be a major problem.

#2- Calb:

World? What world revolves around the US? The United States IS the world. What else is out there? Where is this “Spain”?
It must be in Florida, like Disney World. Yes, that must be it. I once read that Florida used to be connected to this “Spain” that you speak of, until it was assimilated.

Does anyone else think that a Titanic attraction in Adventure City is in bad taste? I know it was a huge movie but it’s based on a very human tragedy.

Wonderful ! I’ve always wanted to visit Spain. This might be my ticket to visit Spain in 2015+.


Resistance is Futile.

Sign me up!


Well, at least you can admit it. Kudos to you.

11. Ian Fee – April 1, 2011

Might be tacky if Warner Brothers opens up The Drowning Pool attraction across the street…..

I saw:
“NOTE: TrekMovie is not doing any April Fool’s pranks this year”
But my brain told me:
“NOTE: TrekMovie boring and no fun at all this year”

I was expecting Anthony to pull a trick on us all.

Why Anthony? Why didn’t you fool us ? At least once ! Why you play no game ?

Still gotta love this old joke…brings back memories

Random question, but that article reminds me. Does anyone remember when plot details started to slip about STIX…that one report mentioned that there would be 2 enterprises in the movie? A normal one and an alternate “more militarized” one? Or have I just gone crazy?

Spain? Why not outer Mongolia?

Last time I checked they don’t even like Star Trek in Spain. Maybe this year Trekmovie is the victim of the April fool pranks.

I guess we gotta go to Spain.

April fools joke.

!Ay dios mio!

April Fools!!

I still think the guy who suggested Disney add a Star Trek theme to its TomorrowLand exhibit was a genius! Especially now that the new Trek is still hot and Harry Potter is finally open at Universal. Strike while the iron is hot, Disney and Paramount. Arrriba!

LOL Spain???? Really? Are they just getting TNG or something?

It wont ever happen in the states, the states is in decline and nothing like this will ever come to the states again. It only get worse from here for the states.

awww cmon other countries like spain probably arent even in as good a shape as we are financially—did u notice them mentioning a 4d attraction w simulators for war of the worlds? They are already rippin off the vegas trek borg 4d attraction with that statement–besides which who would even want 4d war of the worlds-not one of the places i wanna visit any time soon–the artists vision doesnt look very exciting–kinda loks like the wash dc scene from forrest gump–geez we cant even resurrect quarks bar n spain is getting a trek themed attraction? will they have english subtitles? sheesh–lets all go to spain hurray!

Spain is heavily in debt. Why anyone would want to build a theme park in a country where people are low on disposable income is beyond me. Never mind that “Star Trek” isn’t even on the radar over there. Plus, theme parks in general are in decline. They’re too expensive for most folks.

Interesting , hope this goes ahead , just check it out. And a flight from where i live (Ireland), to Murcia Spain, can be as low as €37.99 ( $54) one way , so a weekend trip would be something i could do for sure.

Sorry for saying what I did, its just things look real bad right now for you guys and I hate to see that, I love America.


U r correct.

Well, the unemployment rate has dropped a bit here in the States. That’s some glimmer of hope… for now. No telling what they’ll be saying next week.

Anyway, if there’s enough demand for those attractions in Spain, I say go ahead and build them. It’s not every country you can take in a Trek attraction and a bullfight in one day. Viva Espana!

@2 Calb – it’s ok….GarySeven was just trying to make a joke LOLOL!!

@29 Actually most “western countries” are probably better off than the USA right now….even the Australian dollar is stronger than the US dollar ^^

I’ll be able to actually go walking there from my family’s home.



The Fox Studios theme park in Australia has had a James Cameron Titanic attraction for years now.

Some decent Trek related news for Spain, I live in Málaga which is only a 4 hour drive from Murcia, but if they are going to pull that park off they are going to need to fix the roads, they are terrible in Murcia.

Paramount should commission a theme park on the Gold Coast. There are already 4 theme parks up there, so there would be no problems getting the tourists in (especially if they try to undercut Movie World). Heck they should make it into a working studio and take advantage of the local talent.

@ 21. Corinthian7 – April 1, 2011

Last time I checked they don’t even like Star Trek in Spain. Maybe this year Trekmovie is the victim of the April fool pranks.

No, but us Brits love it. If you go to Spain these days, you will realise that many parts of it are now, effectively, British colonies. Most of their tourist industry is geared towards grabbing the British Pound (and German Euro).

For us Brits, Spain is like Florida: except cheaper and closer.

I don’t see what those of us living in the US are crying about. We had a Star Trek amusement park for years. NO ONE WENT AND IT CLOSED DOWN!!!

Well, considering that China has a full scale counterfeit Disneyland, maybe they all ready have a counterfeit Paramount Pictures park as well. Just saying…the possibilites are endless.

42. LJ
“For us Brits, Spain is like Florida: except cheaper and closer.”

Wow, all this time, I never knew that the British thought of the Iberian Peninsula as Europe’s penis. Who knew? ;)

# 42

Of course you was meaning German colonies in Spain, don’t you? :))

An now. jokes aside, this sound’s similiar to the Warner Brothers movie park we have over here in Germany. Or Disneyland in Paris. Not all too exited at the moment. But nice to get a chance to visit a Star Trek themepark without having to fly around the world.

with regard to Spain and the rivalry between Germans and English tourists, here is a funny little vid for the battle of the sun beds.

@ 47 , yea but its a shame English brewed Beer,Lager,Stout or Ale, are all terrible when compared to stuff brewed in the rest of Europe.

So those of you familiar with spain amusement parks–are the attractions done in english? or do they have subtitles? for instance the titanic attraction—or do we need to learn spanish?

I like the idea. Been to the other Spanish park and the rides are as good as those in Universal & Disney (granted the hospitality is more welcoming in Florida). The big plus for me is that I can probably get a return flight for about £50 so a weekend break is a definite. And those mentioning the bad economy remember that this probably isn’t really aimed at the locals it’s aimed at the tourists (and the German economy is one of the strongest in the world right now – shame ours in the UK isn’t). Viva Espana