Video: George Takei At Kids Choice Awards + Clip From “Supah Ninjas”

Last night Nickelodeon held their 2011 Kids Choice Awards, and Star Trek’s George Takei was there, along with his costars of the upcoming Nickelodeon show Supah Ninjas. George didn’t get "slimed", but he did get interviewed on the "orange carpet". Check out that video below, plus a clip from his new show.


Takei gets his Justins mixed up on Orange Carpet

George Takei appeared along with his Supah Ninja costars on "Orange Carpet" for the 2011 Kids Choice Awards. Nickelodeon interviewed the group and Takei said he was most looking forward to seeing Justin Bieber receive a humanitarian award – then corrected to say Justin Timberlake, noting he gets them mixed up.

Takei clip from Supah Ninjas

Takei plays the wise grandfather on the new Nickelodeon show Supah Ninjas, here is a new clip featuring George.

Supah Ninjas premieres on Nickelodeon on April 16th at 8PM.


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Oh, I can say so much about george wanting to see Justin Bieber. Lol. But I won’t. Good to see George on the Kids choice awards.

“Closet” ninjas? I don’t know if that’s politicaly correct to laugh about, even being a gay person myself. LOL

I met George last week at the showing of Star Trek II and III (he sat there through II) and got a picture with him at the egyptian theater, a great guy! I have nothing but positive things to say about George!

Anthony- out of curiosity, why weren’t the trek films shown at the Egyptian covered last week? Trek 1-6 were shown, with guests from George to Walter and Nick Meyer!

Oh man, when they were talking about adapting Shinkenger to Power Rangers Samurai for Nickelodeon, I thought George Takei would have been perfect for that sort of mentor role in a flashback or something.

I never thought he would do it.

So close.

It’s OK George;
I can’t remember which Justin is which either…. they all look alike at my age, too. ;-)

George Takei on Nickelodeon. Ah how the mightyhave fallen!


HAHAHAHAHA that is one of my favorite star trek lines. Loved it when Guinan said it to Q!!

He was on Nickelodeon ages ago, he was a big villian on Space Cases in the 90s (I believe he was responsible for the “death” of Jewel Staite’s character Catalina)

He did some voice acting for Nick’s animated show “Avatar”.


I have got a suggestion for the admins of

If you have an article containing videos, please be so kind as to not only put a [Video] annotation right into the title, but also a [US-Only] annotation, if you’ve only got US-only videos in it. This way non-US citizens do not have to make the effort of trying to watch them.

I would very much appreciate that.

Thanks a lot,

Sorry, this video is unavailable from your location… >.>

George is going to be on Howard Stern all this week he always tells an interesting story about Trek when he’s on it should be good!

OK, Anthony Pascale – is #10 the real William Shatner as in the actor who played Captain Kirk in a 1960’s sci-fi series called Star Trek?

#11 It is possible that the Trekmovie admins did not know that these videos could not play outside the US. Normally, if a video posted cannot be played outside the States, they state it. Curiously, the admins stated the other day that a couple of videos could not be played, when, in fact, they could be. Anthony and the team do their best.

No it’s not William Shatner.