Epic Star Trek Vegas Con 2011 Shaping Up (including TrekMovie Panels) + New CBS Vegas Getaway Sweepstakes

Every year the biggest Star Trek convention is the August Creation Star Trek Con, and this year is no exception. There is an impressive lineup this year to celebrate Star Trek’s 45th anniversary with big stars, lots of special events and even some TrekMovie.com hosted fan panels. Plus today CBS announced a special sweepstakes to win the ultimate Star Trek Vegas Con Getaway. Details below.   



Vegas Baby: Big Stars + Big Events + TrekMovie panels + more

For 2011 Creation is celebrating the 45th anniversary of Star Trek at the big Star Trek con in Vegas. This year the con, which runs August 11-14,  is in a new location (the Rio) and the guest lineup is very impressive, including Star Trek stars William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Sir Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Tim Russ, Kate Mulgrew, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Nana Visitor, Terry Farrell, and many more. There is also an impressive list of guest star actors, including John DeLancie, David Warner, James Darren, Robin Curtis, Clint Howard (Tranya!), and many more.

The weekend will include some special moments, including Shatner and Stewart on stage together, a concert by James Darren, a "Rat Pack" performance (with Grodenchik, Armstrong, Combs, Biggs and Shimerman), Nimoy Photography Seminar, Combs performing Poe, Poetry reading by Visitor and Auberjonois, another attempt to set the record of most Trekkies in costume and more including nightly parties.

And if that isn’t enough for you, I will be hosting a series of fan panels (one each day), including one discussing the upcoming Star Trek sequel.

More info at Tickets at www.creationent.com

CBS Vegas Con Sweepstakes

Set your phaser to “stunned”! CBS Consumer Products and Creation Entertainment are teaming up to offer Trekkies the chance of a lifetime with the ultimate Star Trek getaway sweepstakes.

The contest will give two lucky cadets a chance to win “Gold Weekend” tickets for the most important Star Trek event of the year: The Official Star Trek Convention 2011 along with a $4,000 prize package that includes:

  • Two Gold Weekend admission passes to the Convention (SOLD OUT!) that include reserved seats for all major guest appearances, complimentary admission to VIP parties, in-person autographs from 13 Star Trek celebs, a special limited edition collector’s coin and more! Details here.
  • Three nights at The Rio Suites Hotel, where the event is hosted. Check in is August 11 and checkout is August 14.
  • $2,000 travel and spending money
  • $100 gift certificate for Creation Entertainment convention merchandise.

To enter into the contest visit www.Facebook.com/StarTrek


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Miss “The Experience” (sigh). But will definitely be at the Rio this year. Thanks for the write-up.


Anthony I didn’t get to buy you a drink last year. I didn’t make it (got married instead). this year it is on!!!

I’m excited about the panels, it only appropriate that Trekmovie.com is respected the way it should be at cons.. Were it not for this site I never would have had one of the best times of my LIFE!



Interesting that they moved to the Rio.

I entered into the Speepstakes, but between Comic-Con and Real Life, I’m not sure I can go if I don’t win (the likely scenario).

If I DO get to go, it will be awesome !!!

#4 Find some of that magical red matter and you can make any story work out!

I want me one of them Trek Movie Panels. I haz a hole in my house.

Why has Whoopi Goldberg never been at a Con? On the “Captain’s Summit” feature she hosted, she stated she has never been asked to, which I think is ridiculous. Why don’t they ask her?

I’ll be going to this one. maybe i’ll get to see Anthony !

Why does Vegas have to be so far away from Ireland? :(


I’ve missed the last 2 years in Vegas but I’ll be back this year; can’t wait!! I’m looking forward to putting a face to your posts Anthony :) Any chance you could get Bob Orci to pop in and say hello?
What’s the deal though on the Shatner/Stewart photo op? $299!!!! Blimey.

Holy shit!
I would absolutely love to be there.
Wrong hemisphere.
Have to make do with the ShatMans tour instead if I can make it to Auckland.

: (

#11 That’s how they make their money. Even while they are at the con they are contractually obligated to not sign autographs (freely) even though they might want to.

I will be there. So Anthony you will get to see me in person. Or is that the other way around. Can’t wait. Will be Exciting. Illogicle as it may be.

It looks great, Anthony Pascale! … I wish you the best… mainly in the day that will be discussed Star Trek Sequel! … :-) :-)

I think that in August there will be more news about the sequel… maybe they are close to begin filming… so the discussion about Star Trek Sequel will be very excited indeed! … Good Luck!

:-) :-)

If everything goes right, I’ll see you there! Hoping to go on the last day and see Shatner. Happy 45th Anniversary, Trek!

Turning 49 this year…been watching Trek since 1966…never been to a convention of any kind. I am pathetic. LOL OK, now onto the Sweepstakes page.

I have always wanted to go to a convention! I have never been able to make it out to vagus. Would love to have a huge one like vagus in Chicago. I know Chi town has had them but not many stars.

Any Aussies gonna be there? I’m from Australia and will be travelling in august for this. Gold class baby.

Anthony-I am looking forward to covering this show and hanging with you again, my brother! Make it so, indeed!

How do you enter? I logged into my facebook account, followed Anthony’s link, but I did not find anything that even closely resembled a way to enter the sweepstakes! Please someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I was only able to afford to go once at the 40th year n it was awesome—everyone have fun-drink a tranya with clint for me hahha–i luv the rio should be a great con–

I was there in 2009 and the whole event – first and foremost seeing Shatner & Nimoy together on stage – will be forever on my mind as one of my finest memories.

Anthony, merci for correcting spelling of René Auberjonois.

Wished I could go, but Comic Con is sucking up all my available ‘convention fundage’ like a Hoover vacuum.

One year I hope to attend….

Yay! I’ll be there.

Why do they continue to waste their time in Vegas? The experience is gone, bring it back to Pasadena or Glendale or Anaheim like they used to have it, rather than having it in Vegas. The primary reason for it being there was because of the Experience! I have stopped going to creation conventions for two reasons, distance, and the ridiculous prices. I remember when all you had to do was jump in line to get an autograph not buy a ticket for autographs, truly ridiculous!

I think all the trekmovie.com message-submitters should get together and have a Trekmovie.com Fan Feedback party.

Boborci can join us too.

The move to Rio is their way of saying “Same to you fella” to the Hilton


#27- Totally agree! I loved it when it was in Pasadena! And my brother and I would stay in line about an hour before a scheduled signing, none of this “buy a ticket” shenanigans nowadays. I mean, Vegas is FUN!! And at the Rio of all places… HOLLA! Ah, nostalgia…

# 23 Jim, Sorry to hear you won’t make it but I will have a Tranya for you.

This seems to be shaping to be a big deal. We already made reservations at the Rio back in Oct for this. If you do make reservations the Creations website has a code to use that hotel for a free ST photo. The Rio is REALLY nice! We did a recon back in Dec and it has a lot of great restaurants and bars to hang out at…. yes, sadly its not the same without STTE but it will make up for it in other ways. The guys will hang out at the I Bar (trust me on this!!)in the casino while my wife will be at the Chippebdales show… at least we will know where our wives will be since they know where we will be. The Voodoo Lounge at the 50th floor makes a copy of the Warp Core Breach drink, same smoking fish bowl size called the Witch Doctor or something like that. I hope they bought a lot of those bowls or they will run out during the parties. If you have the

Hope to see everyone there!!

#28… Creation was holding the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas before The Experience was built. Yes, it was a great addition to the convention. But Las Vegas has more to offer than Pasadena or Glendale or Anaheim. (Anaheim does have Disney, but have you looked at those prices???) Plus Las Vegas is more of an Adult town. Don’t need those ankle bitters running around killing my fun.

If you want the Southern California Convention experience, go to Comic-Con (if you can get one of those tickets) and enjoy.

#33…. Actually they were not holding any in Vegas prior to 2002 the Experience opened in 1998 unless you are speaking of perhaps one of the smaller ones, which I would not recall as they were minor. Pasadena, Glendale and Anaheim were all places where the big conventions were held. Lets see, what that area has to offer, Hollywood, 3 major amusement parks, Disney, Knotts, Six Flags, beaches, L.A., and a centralized locale. I remember when they used to take people on tours during the day at Paramount back in the 1990’s, or they would be showing Wrath of Khan in the evening at the Chinese Theater, let alone the tours to Bill’s Horse Show. It was a far superior convention set up, better guests, much cheaper and prior to the Vegas move. Out of curiosity how long have you been going to conventions?

I appreciate that Anthony needs to cover this and make it sound exciting, but really folks, what would be the point for any of us to spend $1000 on this trip to Vegas this year given the movie won’t start shooting until Sept/Oct?

I’ve done a few conventions but in recent years the price of autographs keeps going up and the amount of assorted what nots to buy at merchant tables escalates to levels of worthlessness. It’s sad, cause I used to enjoy the Trek cons but it’s more like going to an overpriced rock concert. Give the fans a break actors. They just want a stupid autograph so they can go home and remember getting close for a moment to performers that influenced their sense of hope an imagination. Five bucks an autograph and move on. And stop with the shielding the actors from being photographed. I saw this a Comic Con last summer with members of the TNG cast. It totally turned me off to Trek related cons. As does reading about this Vegas extravaganza. It’s an example of Trek rape. Best to watch the show vs these conventions which are stages for poorly prepared material by the actors and over priced autograps and merchant tables filled with few things of value.

The rise in prices for autographs is due to a) the actors wanting and deserving to make some money off their name, b) CREATION has the right to charge whatever the market can bear and make a profit c) to thin the heard of fans wanting autographs. Cheap or free autographs would result in long line ups that would result in hours and hours of standing, and possibly fighting. The actors wouldn’t want to sit at a table signing things for people for ten hours straight. And finally,d) to dissuade people from selling autographed items on the internet.

There’s a reason conventions cost a lot of money. If you don’t like it, then don’t go. Its all about supply and demand. There’s a lot of demand, but much less supply. This is capitalism, folks, not communism. And it’s not always fair, but its just the way it is. Not going to change anytime soon. So you might as well stop bitching.

This sense of entitlement that I read from fans is disgraceful. We are owed nothing. It’s a take it or leave it market.

If you all want to complain about rising prices, complain about the high cost of utilities, health care, education, food, housing, etc. Those things are much more important in day to day living, and are more pressing matters that need to be dealt with, as opposed to someone’s autograph on a photo.

@37. “If you don’t like it, then don’t go.”

Exactly, and I seldom do anymore.

I understand that Roddenberry.com will NOT be having a pre-convention party this year in Las Vegas. Anyone know if there might be some other corporate-sponsored parties prior to the convention? Thanks!