Tweet Live With William Shatner In Oz

William Shatner is currently down under and preparing to start his four city "Kirk, Crane and Beyond: William Shatner Live" tour. And even if you are in another hemisphere you can still participate as his official site has announced a special live component to the shows with Twitter. Details below.   



Tweet With Bill in OZ

press release

Website announced today that William Shatner’s 4 city tour of Australia entitled “Kirk, Crane and Beyond: William Shatner Live” has added a live interactive component to the tour to allow fans worldwide to participate and become a part of the show.

Fans from around the world are invited to Tweet in a question during a specified time frame each night of the tour to William Shatner’s Official Twitter account. During a segment of the evening Mr. Shatner will go live online to Twitter and choose questions that have been tweeted in by fans during that day and answer them live on stage.
The segment will be filmed and will be available at a later date on “The Shatner Project”; Mr. Shatner’s online video project which can be found on .

Each evening of the tour Mr. Shatner will choose questions tweeted in during that day and answer them in front of his live Australian audience. The uniqueness of having new series of questions should yield some humorous and thought provoking responses as only William Shatner can do!

To participate you must have a Twitter account (which is free – please register at to send your message to Mr. Shatner. The Twitter format to send a question to William Shatner on Twitter during the event is: @WilliamShatner question text

The 140 character Twitter limit on questions will pose a unique challenge for his fans but he is confident that most will be able to get their questions across to him.

The times Mr. Shatner will be going live to Twitter during his show are as follows:

Tuesday April 5, 2011
City: Sydney Australia

Times to send a Tweet:
Local Sydney Time – 9:00pm to 9:35pm
Eastern US -7:00am to 7:35am (same day)
Central US -6:00am to 6:35am (same day)
Pacific US -4:00am to 4:35am (same day)
London, UK -12:00 noon to 12:35pm (same day)

Friday April 8, 2011
City: Auckland, New Zealand

Times to send a Tweet:
Local Auckland Time – 9:00pm to 9:35pm
Eastern US -7:00am to 7:35am (same day)
Central US -6:00am to 6:35am (same day)
Pacific US -4:00am to 4:35am (same day)
London, UK -12:00 noon to 12:35pm (same day)

Sunday April 10, 2011
City: Melbourne, Australia

Times to send a Tweet:
Local Melbourne Time – 9:00pm to 9:35pm
Eastern US -7:00am to 7:35am (same day)
Central US -6:00am to 6:35am (same day)
Pacific US -4:00am to 4:35am (same day)
London, UK -12:00 noon to 12:35pm (same day)

Monday April 11, 2011
City: Brisbane, Australia
Times to send a Tweet:
Local Brisbane Time – 9:00pm to 9:35pm
Eastern US -7:00am to 7:35am (same day)
Central US -6:00am to 6:35am (same day)
Pacific US -4:00am to 4:35am (same day)
London, UK -12:00 noon to 12:35pm (same day)

Fans who wish to send Mr. Shatner a question to answer during the live segments times of his Australia tour are encouraged to send messages just before and during the times listed above on each date.

Questions submitted outside of those timeframes will not be considered for use during the event.

Mr. Shatner will try to answer as many questions as he can during the live segment. Fans are encouraged to ask interesting questions that will be of interest to a general audience.

Mr. Shatner’s Official Twitter account can be found at  and he invites all William Shatner fans around the world to follow him on Twitter.

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Hopefully Charle Sheen isn’t the opening act. There, someone had to say it and get it out of the way. You’re welcome.

Why’d Bill not call it “Shat’s Photon Torpedo of Truth”?

(Sorry… I had the joke before someone else posted a Charlie Sheen remark right before me and am too stubborn to scuttle my joke, weak as it may be).

Eighty years old and no sign of slowing down for the foreseeable future. Life is good. How many clones does he have to get as much done as he does?


I had the absolute pleasure of meet William Shatner in Melbourne a couple of days ago at a convention in Melbourne and it was an amazing expereince!! I had my photo taken with him and I now also have a signed copy of his autobiography Up Till Now!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever get to meet Captain James T Kirk himself!! :-)
Extremely grateful that he took the time to fly all the way out to Australia to meet us Aussie Trekkies!! And my hat goe off to him for continuing to be so active at the age of 80 and thought it was very touching when someone asked what kept him going and he pointed to his wife Elizabeth.
He was very entertaining and got a stading ovation and plenty of laughs from the crowd and I hope he has enjoyed his trip to Australia!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Scott Bakula who I have been a fan of from his Quantum Leap days right up to Enterprise. And I have to say that he is one of the nicest guys you would ever hope to meet and was extremely engaging with the fans! Great actor and all round nice guy is Scott Bakula!! :-)

For anyone interested here is a bit of a recap of the Melbourne Convention:

What, not the “Kirk, Hooker, Crane, Negotiator Guy and Beyond Tour”?

They have good horses in OZ. Bill should be happy.

I saw him at the Sydney Star Trek convention last weekend and I went to his Sydney show tonight. Just got home now. The man is a Legend. He has aged gracefully and positively. At 80, he is still going strong, never losing sight of the events of his past that have given him his great fame and popularity. Bill is a pleasure! You can never get “too much Shat.” He is like a good wine – gets better with age.

Tonight I attended William Shatner’s ‘Kirk, Crane and Beyond’ live discussion in Sydney, Australia. To keep it short and sweet, the night was absolutely amazing. The main thing I was concerned about as I travelled to the theatre was the recent blowback on Charlie Sheen’s live stage performances. His attempt to cash in on his recent, ranting fame backfired horribly, and I was concerned that Shatner sitting to talk about himself for 3 hours might suffer a similar fate. In fact, Bill himself expressed that he had a similar fear after hearing the news about Sheen. I couldn’t be more wrong — there was no need for concern.

Shatner had the entire audience in the palm of his hand the whole night. At 80 years of age, he was as lucid, funny, frank, engaging and moving as he’s ever been. In fact, this was the most on-the-ball I’ve seen Shatner in real life since the seventies. Yes, some of the night was scripted, but it was scripted in the same way a talk show is. Shatner ad-libbed and brought the house down.

The night essentially followed the story of his life as he detailed in his recent autobiography ‘Up Till Now’, although the night was split into two parts, with his childhood, early acting career and ‘Boston Legal’ covered in part one, while ‘Trek’, his musical career and recent activities were covered in part two. The entire night was essentially a huge comedy performance, with the exception of the touching segment where Bill detailed the circumstances surrounding the death of Nadine Shatner. Throughout Shatner’s heartfelt and honest re-telling of the event, you couldn’t hear a pin drop in a three-tiered theatre. The final portion of the show was a Q&A wherein the usual Trek/Shatner questions were aired (like the stale ‘did you want to be in the 2009 Star Trek movie?’ and ‘will you be in the sequel?’).

However, the most powerful section of the night for me was when Shatner told the story about his thought processes for how he would deal with his death scene in ‘Generations’. He articulated it in a certain way that I’d never really considered, and it made the whole event extremely touching and thought provoking. Bill said he always played Kirk as a man with a tremendous sense of awe and wonder about the world around him. He said ‘when Kirk looked up into space, he was amazed. When a monster ran at him, he was amazed’. This was the motivation for Kirk’s ‘Oh My’ line in ‘Generations’ — Kirk being truly awed by finally glimpsing death. Bill then commented that he himself is terrified of death, and that, being 80, he has to deal with it now every day of his life. When Bill delivered this story, it suddenly made me realise that sometime, possibly soon, this great performer himself will pass, but thanks to his story, I felt a very special bond with the man that will certainly soften the blow when the day does come.

The night was capped off by Bill coming up to the microphone and singing a very Shatner-version of the beloved Aussie-themed anthem ‘Land Down Under’ by Men at Work. The entire audience began to clap, chant and sing along.

When Bill took his final bow, gave that classic Kirk smile and disappeared, I felt a huge wave of emotion that has never before been present when meeting any other celebrity. All I could feel was: ‘Oh My…”

Thanks for the detailed review of the show!

Thanks for sharing!

#8 Your review is making me sad, because I cannot see any way of me being able to see William Shatner tomorrow night (NZ time) at the Civic Theatre in Auckland. I have to be elsewhere for one thing…

Note for Battle-Scarred Sciatica – if you are reading this – William Shatner is to appear on Close Up, TV One, 7.00pm, 7 April. I know where I’ll be tonight come 7.00pm!

Shatner’s third wife’s name was Nerine Shatner. It was so very sad. Apparently she was an alcoholic and couldn’t quite kick the booze…