Roberto Orci: Star Trek Sequel Villain Could Be ‘Person or Concept’ + Villain POLL

Over the weekend we reported on some comments from Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci, but some more have emerged, and this time Bob is talking sequel "villain." While not getting specific, he did possibly provide some hints. Find out more below, plus vote in the new villain poll.


Orci: villain could be ‘person or concept’  + ‘OK’ with schedule + Klingon hint?

More Star Trek sequel comments from Star Trek sequel producer/co-writer Roberto Orci at Wondercon have emerged, the most interesting of which comes from an interview with IGN, where Bob responds to a rumor that the villain would be someone from the first season of Star Trek, to which Bob replied:

I don’t think so. We have talked about the villain may be a person, or it may be a concept. We don’t know yet – or nobody knows yet, but us.

Orci had "No comment" on if villain has been seen before in the "Star Trek mythos" or not. Regarding the schedule and being able to deliver the film by June 2012, Bob says that he thinks "it will be OK" and that they have as much time as they did with the first movie before it was moved by Paramount (to make it a summer movie).

Here is video, where you can see Bob had to pause to think about his answer as to whether or not the villain came from the first season of TOS, but of course that could also be a fake out.

Our friends at ScreenRant also had a chance to talk to Orci at Wondercon. While talking about the writing processes for  Cowboys and Aliens, Bob also talked used writing for Star Trek as an example, and he mentioned a famous Star Trek villain:

You start to learn what works and what doesn’t work from before, but every time you go out there, it’s the same blank page, and it’s the same horrible process. But in all of the genre stuff we do, we always say, what is the little theme that would be an independent movie if you didn’t have robots or space ships or Klingons? And if you have that story, then maybe you’re on the right track. In Star Trek, it’s a brotherhood of opposites that have to come together. In Transformers, it’s a kid growing up to adulthood. In [Cowboys and Aliens], we wanted to make sure we found the same kind of character starting place that allows everything else to happen around it.

So the question is, was Orci talking about Klingons generically (probably), or was it related to the actual script he is currently tweaking on his iPad (you never know). Regardless, it is all part of the fodder for fan speculation.

Klingons ended up in the deleted scenes for 2009’s "Star Trek" – will they make it into the sequel?

Orci audio

On Sunday we reported on Wondercon roundtable interview comments from Orci about Star Trek. Our friend Ed Gross from ComicBookMovie has provided us with audio from that, if you want to try and glean something more from Bob’s inflections and tone.


Lets do this again, and poll on the villain for the Star Trek sequel.



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Animal, vegatable, or mineral?

How about the Children of Tamar?

LOVE to see a concept. While Khan is interesting, it’d 1. Be the TOS Khan, not the movie one, timeline-wise, so we must remember that, AND 2. Obviously can’t be the ‘girl googly eyed over big strong man’ theme of the original show. So the plot would have to be pretty different.

I personally think the “villian” should be both tangible, an “entity” or “group of entities”, AND intangible, a “concept” or “collection of concepts”.

I think it should be a Vulcan- driven nuts because of the destruction of her home world.

Yes, I said ‘her’. So few female ‘villains’…

I’m fine with either, as long as the villain isn’t Spock’s half brother by a Vulcan priestess.

I want to see something fresh and new

I’m sorry but years of Next Gen & DS9 conditioning does not allow me to think of Klingons as “villians”.

So I’m with Harry. Concept or New villian!

I love the Tholian Web. Somethin’ like that.

I mean I’d like to see Klingons…but not as Villians…or as “villians” but Kirk realizes in this circumstance they need to make them allies.

Please don’t bring Klingons into it!

They are a one-dimensional species and have been done to death! BORING!

I’d love to see Kang again, my favourite Klingon of all! But I’d also like to see Andorians. Or Horta. I don’t care as long as we get a sequel soon.
PS: I LOVE the brewey set, Orci, please don’t change that!

The Tholians seem like a good idea, if nothing else than the fact that I would love to see a tangible enemy that isn’t humanoid or an actor with a bumpy forehead.

11. Harry. They’re not boring. But they should be used as a spice not as the main meal.

Oooh, #6! It could be called “The Wrath of T’Pring”! T’Pring challenges Nyota for stealing “her” Spock. Bring on the lirpas!

(But I’m holding out for The Romulan Commander [formerly played by Mark Lenard, but Ben Cross could portray him in an homage!] I still say that the Roms will take the opportunity to attack a fleet-depleted Federation and the decimated Klingons as well. )

I voted for Klingons, because you could use them as best kind of villains. They’re rough, they’re brute and they’re merciless. What else do you need?

How about a Rebellion from the worker and farmer caste against the klingon aristocrats and warriors? And the Enterprise in the middle of the action. Something that mirrors the events in Egypt, Tunesia and Lybia.

I think Klingons would be perfect for such kind of story…. If the script goes in such a direction, of cource.

Well, it could be all about action and space battles. But what would be more fun to watch, as how Kirk kicks some klingon ass?

I want to see some rat-ba$tard old school bad guy Klingons, maybe locking heads with Kirk and crew over a planet or discovery that could be used for good or evil depending on who gets their hands on it.

At the top of the article–Is that Snidely Whiplash???

I hope it’s a concept because I’m sick and tired of the good vs bad B.S.!

Kirk can’t even kick enemies butt Pine’s Kirk needs to develop his fighting skills lol

Kliiiiiingons! I want Klingons! Especially if they’ll look like Shredder as they did in ST09! Perhaps Klingons being used rather then the direct threat, but still Klingons. Althought the big thing I really want is a few good ship to ship battles. That and a cameo…about time there was a realistic Englishman in Star Trek! We are the forgotten minority in Trek

Klingons also have honor and mercy. Wait! I don’t even know if in current ST verse if they’ve even encountered Klingons yet?

Does anyone know?

16. “Kirk kicks some klingon ass”

Careful, Captain Rickover, you’re starting to sound like Olsen in the last movie!

And we all know what happened to HIM!


PLEASE let the villian be OLD EVIL KIRK (William Shatner) from another alternate timeline….

What would all these nerd-geek-critics say to that?? HAHAHAHA!

I said Gorn because we don’t really know anything about them. I like the idea of them being a wrench in the machine rather than the main villain but would prefer to see them as a force to be reckoned with rather than coming off like Pakleds.

However, one of Kirk’s biggest flaws is his hatred of the Klingons and that cannot be ignored though in this new universe he could just end up hating the Romulans instead. A huge part of the Kirk mythos is his coming to terms with his prejudice.

On the whole though, I would like to see humanities flaws as the main “villain”. Something that the crew has to overcome that is a part of human psyche. So yeah, a concept.

What if:

Some Klingons, chased by Romulans end up in the Tholian Web and not only do the Tholians resent their Space being violated but think the Klingons as lower forms of life and start forming a web around their main planet?

How about something not really villain based but more based around a moral and maybe morally ambigious conflict that makes you think?

Something that the TNG films never really explored that the TNG Show and TOS typically did very well.

@ster j:

T’Pring kidnaps Spock in a drive-by beamout, and Nyota has to go rescue him, after she rescues Kirk from a dive-bar and keeps Pike from demoting him to janitor. McCoy has to figure out how to calm a group of sex-crazed Vulcans, and he, Scotty, and Chekhov create a contraceptive dart gun.

Then Sulu’s botanical experiment gets out of hand…

Hell Bob, I hope you know. Gotta go with concept. Maybe a nodd to other characters from season 1 or previous shows, but the concept thing sounds interesting and new.

25. He has had a relationship yet with Dr. Marcus. So Kirk’s hatred of Klingons doesn’t exist –yet or maybe never.

Unless it’s something like paper versus plastic.

25. I meant Kirk hasn’t had a relationship with Carol Marcus…as far as we know. So David is never concieved and doesn’t die and so Kirk doesn’t hate Klingons.

Anyway I agree with #25 on human flaw as a concept as well. But somehow illuminated. Remeber Good/Bad Kirk. Only together were they decisive.

This sounds like a great opportunity to reveal the identity of Enterprise’s Future Guy!

They need to do a young Chang just so they can do a scene where his eye gets plucked out.

I’m kinda leaning towards Harry Potter… love to see him fall to a “Spock-grip”

Concept: (Rubs beard) Well, they’ve tackled God. Hmm.

What if: Idiot nihilistic El Queeda guy blows up something releasing an entity that makes humans behave something like Ellis’s “Crossed” (not as explicit) but you know what I mean…

Tholians. Outside of the obvious reason that they’re freaking awesome, Trek is due for some “alien” looking aliens that get more than two seconds of screen time.

Yes JJ, I know you think that a woman with fake CGI eyes is a cool alien moment, but it isn’t. Really, it isn’t.

Why isn’t T’Pring on the list? :) The lady Romulan Commander would be a great adversary also. Oh wait – did Romulans…sort of…last time. Too bad!

Star Trek XII “again with the Klingons” we’re even on the 1701 again, it’s scary how close we’re getting to So Very Tired

personally i’d like to see a new villain concept. i’m not saying that it wouldnt be nice to see the klingons or even the Horta (xD) in there somewhere, but i want to see what Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzman can come up with!

e gads. I agree wit Harry. No Klingons unless they turn out to be a neccesary ally to fight the “Concept.”

Wait. “CONcept.”


No. Not yet, please.

I’ll give you an example:

I was just over on the Superman Home Page and they’re still talking about the rebooted franchise having Lex Luthor as the villain in the next movie. ARE YOU FRIGGIN’ KIDDIN’ ME??!! 70 years of Superman comics with a host of different great villains (Brainiac) and they want to keep beating this dead horse?

I absolutely hate it when Hollywood allows the beancounters (accountants) to make any creative decisions!


For gawds sake, let’s try to use a little imagination!!!

ps. can we get Erica Durance in the movie as an Orion slave girl – as Pine’s Love interest? ; )

I’d like a concept dish with a dash of Klingons to spice things up!

A concept is a hard thing to combat. I know, let’s combat the concept of Klingons in the next movie.

…and like the Jack the Ripper entity feeds off the emotions of fear and horror. Maybe its a 2 phase thing. Where an entity feeds off the fear but like “Crossed” is a virus. Erratic is not the word for the behavior.

Also you could have the various races and individuals acting different from what we’re used to seeing them behaving.

Spock becomes a total maniac baser self kills for enjoyment and hyper emotional and Kirk cool and cerebral but indecisive.

What I really woud like to see if a villain is necessary, is a person which is not one dimensional and has good reasons to act the way he does. For me it is important that I can understand the villain to a certain point. Maybe he is even likeable and I feel some sort of pity with him. He should not be evil in the traditional way. Instead he shoud be a person who thinks his actions are for a good cause. The audience should think at the beginning: Hm, maybe he is the good guy. Let it be a real drama.

I really do not want to see Khan/Nero/Shinzon Number 2 or 3 or 4…



42. “e gads. I agree wit Harry”

You make that sound like it’s a bad thing!

44. “get Erica Durance in the movie”

Hell, cast her as Edith Keeler and I’ll be glad to drive the truck!

40. kersplat – April 5, 2011 “Star Trek XII “again with the Klingons” we’re even on the 1701 again, it’s scary how close we’re getting to So Very Tired”

Agreed. This thread-gang seems to be having a little:

(B) some kind of “writers cramp”
(C) “just repeating the same ole lines” (Hall & Oates “I Can’t Go For That”)
(D) any other thoughts/descriptions?

regarding certain subjects.