Viral Video: George Takei Auditions For Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark

The new Broadway play Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark, has made a lot of news with its difficulties, including problems with keeping cast members due to injuries. Well Star Trek’s George Takei has decided he is the solution to all their problems with his new video audition for the role of Spider-man.



Here is George Takei in a new viral video "auditioning" for the Broadway musical Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark.

Takei headed to Broadway in 2012 with "Allegiance"

George’s new viral video is "episode 1" of what is a new series: "George Takei: The Road To Broadway". The videos are to promote the upcoming musical Allegiance, which stars Takei and Lea Salonga  (Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, Aladdin, Mulan). Unlike the viral campaign, Allegiance is a much more serious production about "a family’s love, loss, and heroism during the Japanese American Internment," which is something Takei knows all about first hand.

Takei and Songa at staged "allegiance" reading in NYC – October 2010

Allegiance is hoping to hit Broadway by 2012. More info at and at the Allegiance Facebook Page.

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Good gravy,

Whatever next??

Spider-sense, tingling. Oh my!

Wonderful! Saw him announce the move to Broadway last week at the showing of Star Trek II in Hollywood!

Oooooohhhhh MY! That was a funny audition.


That was wrong on so many levels.

Now I’ve got that song in my head.

Once again I’m reminded of how much I would have loved a Captain Sulu series.

OK! … it’s funny! :-) :-)

George, don’t quit your — What IS your day job?

At least he got through the whole thing without dissing Bill.

Gawd, that was hilarious! I don’t think he has a shot at it, but the video is HILARIOUS!!!! Way to go George!

That video is so embarrassing.



That’s hilarious

Just do it.

I wish Mr. Takei the best with his real Broadway debut, and I continue to be gratified to have him, Shatner and Nimoy so active and, well, ALIVE in 2011.

LL&P to all.

“Looks like I picked the wrong week to start sniffing glue.”

I like George. I miss the cast that is gone.

Now that was seriously painful to watch and listen to. His voice grates on me, always has. It just sounds insincere and ingratiating, creepy sort of….

What a stupid title. Turn off the Dark. What does that even mean?

Your caption for the picture is wrong.
It is Leah Salonga, please correct it.

Guuuugh. was it supposed to be THAT bad?

20 Christopher Roberts.

I was thinking the same thing. Just terrible.

Eh…eh…that was…disturbing…

This is the kind of thing that makes my friend wonder how screwed up I must be to like Star Trek.

I must admit, I did laugh my @$$ off when he pulled out the phaser.

Speaking of George Takei, I see the guys that made a Trek fan film with him in the 80s are finally finishing the project! The film is called Yorktown – A Time to Heal, and he plays Sulu (naturally) in the film. They have a facebook group page that talks about it. Looks interesting.!/group.php?gid=151211704904054

It’s time for someone to turn out the lights on “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark”.

George Takei just wasn’t funny. His attempts at parody don’t work well, in my opinion. On the other hand, William Shatner would have been hilarious!

George sure acts gay….oh wait. Nevermind.

Not safe for work? Not safe for something… but amusing!

I thought it was great!


Fugging beautiful!!!! Oh my!! Yes Georgie, you really do have the whole package.


If only all of the politically correct people of the world could loosen up and poke fun at themselves like George does.

@26: Yes. I completely agree.

@26 I agree also. George Takei just seems to try too hard… I don’t know really. Oh well.

BTW, I saw William Shatner on TV last night here in NZ. Now that is one well-spoken, quick witted individual who informed us that he is not really 80 because they made a mistake on his birth certificate…:) However, our Mr slow Mark Sainsbury just said that Bill was really 79, whereas I would have said, “OMG, so you’re actually 90! Doesn’t he look good, people?”

George Rules

It is like the guy is trying to do an ultra-low budget version of what Shat has been doing late in his career, but it is just not working…its frigging embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch Takei these days.

That was just a spoof people it was funny, stop taking things so seriously.

Hey George, You cry about the interment camps that you were in during the war but why do you always fail to mention the suffering that the Japanese subjected the American soldiers to. I think it was a very wise decision that most of the Japanese were put in those camps because the decision from President Roosevelt that sensai in Hawaii dictated where the ships were in position at Pearl Harbor in 1941.


Maybe it’s because George Takei and other Japanese Americans had NOTHING to do with the Japanese military’s atrocities. Try reading some history instead of lumping the innocent in with the guilty!

George was on Howard Stern all this wee and was hilarious

awesome…… is the bomb

He is always so funny when he is on Howard Stern. I like that he so into life and is so fit.


A fun guy who lives life to the fullest. He can laugh at anything– including himself. There’s nothing embarassing about George.