Can You Name All 235 Star Trek Characters In This New 8-bit Art Poster?

Artist John Martz, previously featured on TrekMovie, has created a cool new poster of his 8-bit Star Trek characters. The limited edition print goes on sale next week, but if you can name all 235 characters in it you can get a chance to win one. Details below.



Trexels – name all of them for a chance to win the poster

Last summer we featured the Star Trek art of cartoonist and artist John Maltz who had created the original Star Trek crew in 8-bit pixel art. Since then Maltz has been busy and has put together a poster called "Trexels" featuring 235 Star Trek characters in pixel art. The new poster measures 8.5 x 11 and is printed using an 8-colour archival printing process on 100% cotton rag museum-quality paper.

The Trexels poster is a limited edition of 300 and will debut at the MoCCA Festival in New York City, April 9th and 10th, 2011. Following the festival most of the prints will be available for sale at

But if you can name all 235 characters in the poster you can enter a contest to win a free one. A larger version of the poster and a "key" for entering the contest are at

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Awesome work!

i think chewbacca is the othe franchise! 7 row 15 character


That is actually Morn from “Deep Space Nine”.

THAT is fantastic! Naming every character will be tough, be it helps that it’s laid out in chronological order….more or less.

I’m suprised at how many I can name….but theres a few that elude me

They missed alot of characters, I’m not buying this poster!

That’s Morn from DS9.

I spotted Porthos and the Horta. Hmm. Who would win that battle.

Funnily enough I can’t.

What about all of the Red Shirts that were killed on Tos.

@8 Are you kidding??? The Horta eats rock!
That beagle would be mince-meat.

where’s Rachel Garrett, John Harriman, or Jarish Enyo, sry bout his name spelling, but it seems if you go all out, you would have to have them all, an not Worf twice, sry it doesnt work for me.

hey! where’s spot? cant be last in row five. She was a tabby cat!

Do we need ranks too since characters are listed multiple times in different uniforms?

I love it and I want one.

Looks like it comes straight from Diesel Sweeties.

ooooh the Mage……

Is the one between old McCoy’s Far Point appearance and Lwoxana (never could spell her name) what’s left of Remick after he got phasered?

Make your own artwork then – buddy.

I’m quite surprised how many I can recognize, although there are quite a few that look to me like “some guy in a uniform”. That’s not the artist’s fault; I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize photos of most of those either.

I wish it had characters from the ’09 movie. I think the it needs Nero, Pike, and Spock Prime. And maybe the lil’ dude from Scotty’s engineering team.

Uffff ur right! how could i forget morn. But he shur looks like the hairy guy you know from star wars , i talk about Georg Lucas :D hehehe

@13 acacia

On Spot is a tabby…

I think this is great. I wish the pricing information was available.

Amazing how well they are identifiable. Great work, I’d like to have this on my wall!

I want one NOW!! :-)

Where’s the Tholian?

Since there aren’t actually 235 individual characters on the poster, I’m sure people will find this contest quite easy.

Who’s that between the Talosian and the Horta. Kirk in “What Little Girls are Made of” outfit?

@25: definitely. He’s got a penis rock.

I managed to tentatively identify everyone except 179 (between the Female Changeling and Zek) and 231 (between the Na’kuhl guy and Silik.) 179 looks kinda like a 29th-century Starfleet uniform, but not quite. Wouldn’t make sense placed there anyway. 231, no real idea.

Worf is on there twice

nvm… a lot of ppl are on twice…

I kinda wish the image uploaded was a little bigger so we could see them a little better.

Wasn’t Data’s cat ginger?


Her name was Spot, not Ginger.


Why are the tribbles next to the Klingons!?

Scotty did it.




Because the artist hates Klingons.

Chekov is shorter than the women. Heh heh…

About Spot:

19th figure, 3rd row. Could that be her/him?

The original “Number One” is missing…

Where’s Guinan?????


Guinan is the eight person in on the fifth line. Right beside the “Encounter At Farpoint”/”All Good Things…” Q. She’s wearing light blue.

@ 36 I think that’s Kruge’s pet targ from STIII.

39 – Lol, thanks. Guess I was so psyched to see Q I totally missed her right next to him.

Now I’m looking for Dailon Quaice.

@40: I had the thing between David and Kruge as a Ceti eel.

@27 179 is Dr. Mora and 231 might be a generic Suliban hard to say.

The only one I’m not sure of is the Admiral next to Lursa and B’etor. Already submitted my entry though.

That and the Klingon that’s after Gowron and Martok. Hmm…

Got pretty much all of them except the non-main-character Enterprise ones since I’ve only seen season one of that.

I love it. But it’s only 8×11?

Say wha?

@16, thank you. That was bugging me. I need to start getting the box sets. I haven’t seen that scene without it being cut to avoid the gory bits in Sooooo long. Whenever it’s shown in UK/IE, it’s censored. Really annoying.

what? no Damar?!

okay, who is # 184? 3rd from bottom, 5 from the end. Red face man?