JJ Abrams To Write ‘Explosive’ Thriller Novel

Trekkies (and Hollywood watchers) are all still waiting to find out if producer JJ Abrams will returning to the director’s chair for the 2012 Star Trek sequel, but today he added a new job title to his resume: novelist. Details below. [UPDATED]


UPDATED: Abrams new frontier: novels to ‘explode bonds of novel’

JJ Abrams has inked a deal with publisher Little, Brown and Company to write a currently untitled thriller novel. This will be Abrams first time as a novelist, but he has extensive writing credits for TV and film, which has garnered him 3 Writers Guild nominations and one Emmy nomination.

The book will be written in collaboration with award-winning novelist Doug Dorst ("The Surf Guru", "Alive in Necropolis"). “Doug is a genius,” said J.J. Abrams in the official press release. “I could not be more excited to collaborate with him on this completely original project. I feel lucky not just to be working in this medium, but also to be doing so at Little, Brown.”

The release date is targeted for the fall of 2012, luckily months after the June 29, 2012 Star Trek sequel release date. Abrams new book will be released under the Mulholland Books imprint, which specializes in suspense fiction. “Doug and J.J.’s story will explode the bonds of the novel in ways no book has ever done,” said  Vice President and Publisher of Little, Brown and Company, Michael Pietsch. “It is a privilege to work with this wildly creative team of writers and thinkers.

Abrams is currently in post-production on his Spielberg homage/collaboration Super 8, which he wrote and directed. He is also overseeing a number of new TV pilots for the 2011/2 season, in addition to gearing up for the the 2012 Star Trek sequel, which should go into pre-production soon and shoot in the fall. Trekkies are still waiting to find out if he will be directing the next Trek in addition to producing.

Abrams all smiles last week at CinemaCon in Las Vegas
– now adding novelist to his resume


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J.J. Direct Star Trek and you can write what ever you want. But you will Direct Star Trek. If not. Bob Orci will be really mad at you. Don’t want that now do you.

This guy is just a fireball of creative energy.

What, he had a couple of free hours in his schedule?

“JJ Abrams To Write Thriller Novel” … “in the time it takes to get the new Star Trek script written”


“Weyoun to go JJ!”

You could thrill us all even more if you tell us you are friggin’ well directing XII!

Maybe a hint or two re; plot? That would thrill me even more.

I’m reasonably easily pleased you know…..: )P

When did he find time to have a family?

It was the best of lens flares, it was the worst of lens flares.


Talk about being multi-talented.
I am sure that I will be interested in reading whatever book he writes. Like it or not, he cant get rid of us Trekkies (he’s been assimilated into our collective), so he might as well as use our numbers to help push his latest project.

We just ask one favor in return…

I assume this isn’t like when William Shatner claims to have “written” a book!


(wipes tear)

This one talented guy, i think he can do pretty much whatever he puts his mind to

Wipe the tears form your weepin’ brown-eye, Ballzy.

The ShatMan was a literary genius…..


*more tears*

*++++ jawache*

*terrible stomach cramps*

: )P


you deserve a jawache after telling a WHOPPER like that!

I laugh when the famous pay somebody else to write a book for them, then slap their name on the cover and claim they wrote it! The height of hubris!

The ultimate in ghostwriting!

Hubris is a tall fellow indeed!!!!

#13 – I hope you aren’t talking about Abrams.

He’s written quite a bit: pilot and episodes of FELICITY, ALIAS, etc.

Not a big fan of exploding novels.

Simon, I think BSS was referring to Shatner.

OMG! … and … Mr. JJAbrams picked up another job! …

well, he can do a million things at once, right? … so there is hope for Star Trek Sequel, yet … LOL

:-) :-)

I was referring to the Shatmeister my good man.

Indeed ol’ JJ has indeed a wealth of writing credentials to his portfolio.

Most of which I have quite enjoyed.


How about Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time”? That one had a corking great exposion – right at the beginning! – not really a novel though, I suppose

: )P

…I thank you


“When did he find time to have a family?”

Remember Scotty’s Response in Star Trek 7 ?

Sulu. When did he find the time
for a family?

It’s like you always said — if
something’s important enough, you
make the time.

OK, we are getting near the end of the first week of April and we still do not know if JJ Abrams will direct the Star Trek sequel, but we do know now that he plans to write an “explosive” novel. Is there anything wrong with this picture?

At this point, so what about his “explosive” novel… Will he direct the next Star Trek sequel or not? He should say now. If not, then the studio can track down another director, if a good one can be found in so shorter a timeframe. Sorry, just not impressed.

To the Bad Robot Team : Please, focus on the Star Trek sequel. Enough with this shilly-shallying. When will we see the Untitled Star Trek Sequel status on the IMDb board change from “Announced” to “Pre-production”? I hope it is soon – very, very soon!!!

Can’t fool me. Not buying all this “will he or won’t he” BS. When was the last time you heard about a major film with a bazillion dollar budget less than 6 months from production not having a director lined up? Or a final script being polished and pre-production work beginning without said director’s input? It just doesn’t happen. I say it’s all hype. JJ will make his “big announcement” during the press tour for Super 8, giving both films a boost on the hype-o-meter. I’d put money on it!

(If not, and it’s true they don’t have a director chosen at this late date, that would not bode well for Trek 2012)

I’ll definitely give JJ’S book a go, he’s earned that after all the quality TV shows and movies he’s been involved with. As for him directing, well that would be great too but I don’t think it’s the be all and end all. JJ will still be producing and he’s proven to be adept at that but I honestly don’t care if he directs or not so long as we get a top director who respects Trek. Stuart Baird need not apply!

That’s my point. A “top director” has his next project lined up a year, if not years, in advance. If not JJ, who would you get at this late date? Certainly not an A list or even B list director. Maybe David Carson would be free at such short notice, LOL

Is J.J. too busy to direct Star Trek? Post production for Super 8. Overseeing TV pilots and writing a novel. If you love Abrams, it doesn’t bode well for him to direct Star Trek 2012. Maybe we should ask Bob Orci if a man can do all these things. and give full attention to our beloved Star Trek franchise.

Are there directors available? There’s talk it’s too late to get a good director. I think there are good film directors available, at least from what I can tell by directors IMDB pages. Here’s a short list including a wild one.

1. Quentin Tarantino. Connection to Bad Robot? Guest star in Abrams’ “Alias.” Loved Star Trek 2009 so much that he said it was his faorite movie of the year. (Link below.)

Trust me, I’m not a big fan of Tarantino but can you imagine the buzz. Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek.

2. Tom Hooper Oscar winner for “The King’s Speech.”

3. Here’s a wild option. Francis Ford Coppola.

TrekMovie story-Tarantino loves Star Trek 2009.

#20 – keachick

You know what I think… At this moment … they are quiet about it… it is probably because, JJAbrams will direct Star Trek Sequel … you saw that interview of boborci for Collider… “I dare you JJ. You hear me?” … okay… hmmm … boborci all staged … LOL


Has it ever occurred to you that J.J Abrams is allowed to do what he wants, when he wants? So what if he wants to write a novel? Just because he hasn’t yet decided (at least publicly) on directing the “Star Trek” sequel doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Bob Orci has said he hasn’t finished the script yet. Bob may have intended for the script to be handed in a few days ago, but scriptwriting is hard work and often takes longer than expected, especially if the goal is to write a great script. J.J Abrams wants to see the script before he commits to directing. That means HE DOES CARE. They clearly aren’t ready. And for me at least, I hope that they take the time needed to write a great sequel, even if it means the script isn’t done till December, filming beginning next February, and the sequel arriving in theatres in July 2013. What I don’t want to see happen is Bob and co. rushing everything just to meet a deadline to appease a few fans like yourself. SHEESH!

Another thing, I have a hunch J.J’s novel will contain lens flares! :-)

JJAbrams should know everything that is happening with the script for Star Trek Sequel… I bet … nah unnecessary … because it’s “logical”…

:-) :-)

# 27

2013? … ‘re talking about what? … if they fail to do this script in time when they are already involved … they have a problem… LOL

but I trust in the competence of the guys … boborci said they will be ready to shoot in the fall … so … I believe it!

:-) :-)

You know, I am really getting concerned about JJ, Bob and company really getting overexposed and taking on too many projects…this is starting to get a bit carried away. In an profession, when you get overcomitted, on top of a busy family life, everything — i.e. your projects and your family life — starts to suffer.

J.J writing a book. i’ll buy it! Only if he does us all a tiny favor…

31. @MJ – I understand; like pro-athletes, filmmakers have a short-window when they are in their prime in that business and make the most of that time while they can are deemed marketable. Long-term stability is not a guarantee in any profession. Few though manage to build the reputation and stability for a long creative active life.

I assume an “explosive novel” would contain situations like the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles?


Well, if he’s going to include beans and bourbon, then it would be more like the campfire scenes from “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”…..

…..but I see no evidence that J.J Abrams is going the William Shatner route!



If JJ were to continue consuming beans and bourbon, it wouldn’t take him LONG to go the Shatner route!


I 10X DARE YOU J.J!!!!!! it just will not be the same if you do not take that chair!!!!

#27 What?

I actually intimated that I didn’t care whether JJ Abrams writes a novel or whatever at this point, not that JJ doesn’t care. I’m not sure that Abrams can just do what he wants. As far as I can tell, his Bad Robot production company is under contract to Paramount (owners of the Star Trek franchise) to produce a Star Trek sequel to be released on 29 June 2012 – a mere 14 and half months away.

Unless Paramount decides to shift the release date (and there is no evidence that they will do that), then the longer the script and director get “nailed down”, then the greater the rush etc. to get the movie properly completed. It is not about meeting “my” deadline (“appeasing a few fans”), but about meeting a deadline set down by a large film company. Also all this shilly-shallying does not make for good publicity for either Paramount or Bad Robot. No doubt they are aware of this, I would think…


June 29 2012 was only a TENTATIVE date. Obviously nothing’s been set in stone yet. At least not until Bob, Alex and Damon come up with a script that meets J.J’s approval. Which takes time. Sometimes it takes longer than planned. I don’t think Paramount is going to make the same mistake that they did in the nineties by imposing a tight deadline on the writers just to meet a deadline. I think that if the Supreme Court needs more time, then Paramount will oblige.

@40. I think it is a bit naive to think that the Paramount brass is not going to be putting allot of pressure on JJ and company to get the movie out next summer, as GI Joe 2 is the only Paramount action flick set for summer 2012 now that Jack Ryan and Dune have been pushed back. Do you really think that they will cede the summer 2012 to their competitors?

I think some people always think the worst … to avoid disappointment later … well … but some disappointment is part of life! ….

SHUT UP, Dee! … …… LOL and +LOL

:-) :-)


Yes, except that not everything goes according to plan. Script problems being one of the stumbling blocks. Plus these guys have other things going on, both career-wise and private. “Star Trek” is just a small part of their lives. It’s also the only thing that can be postponed. They can’t postpone “Fringe”, or “Locke And Key”, and I doubt J.J Abrams wants to put “Mission Impossible IV” on pause.

Plus, as I have said, postponing the next Trek movie till ’13 or even ’14 might not be such a bad idea if it results in a better movie. And let’s be honest, the only people who are anxious for the new movie are Trekkies, who make up only a tiny fraction of the general movie-going population. The mainstream crowd have other things that they are looking forward to, even the ones who went to see “Star Trek” and liked it aren’t necessarily marking their calendars.

Why doesnt he just write the next star trek?

The other guys sure can’t.

This is supposed to be a June release and they still haven’t finished the script?


So this movie is going to suck with less than a year to film and for the effects.

No science fiction worth it’s salt films in less than a year

I think Cameron spent more than that just on FX.