First Images at Anton Yelchin In ‘Fright Night’

This summer Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin is stepping into another genre role, this time in a remake of the 1980s horror film Fright Night. The first images from this vampire movie have just been released, check them out below. 



First look at Anton Yelcin in

Fright Night tells the story of Charlie Brewster (played by Yelchin) a suburban kid who finds out that his new next-door neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell) is a vampire. AOL’s Moviefone has the first look at the 2011 remake to this 1980s film, here they are:

Anton Yelchin and Colin Farel in "Fright Night"

Imogen Poots and Anton Yelchin in "Fright Night"

Fright Night opens on August 19. More info at Moviefone.

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Oh that is awesome. Was watching the original a few months back and thought they should remake it. Had no idea they were. Hopefully this time around the vampire isn’t stuffing his maw with fruit every time he appears.

He looks a little like Neil Patrick Harris in the second pic no?

Anton is always great… but I ‘m curious to see if the performance of Colin Farrell is convincing as a vampire … has a lot of vampire around lately!

:-) :-)

What’s the deal with all these vampire movies? I don’t know the story of “Fright Night” but hopefully it is not about some ditzy female wanting to make out with a vampire and become one herself. At least, that is what I think she says. Hard to hear with above all that abominable diction…here’s looking at you, Bella/Kristen Stewart.

I heard that David Tenant was going to be taking on the Roddy McDowell role in this remake. Instead of his character being a washed up late night movie announcer, he’s going to be of a Chris Angel type magician. I think this will be a worthy remake.

Worrisome receding hairline for a super genius Russian teen.

“Imogen Poots”

How unfortunately named!

@4 Agreed — enough of the “90210” meets “Dracula” stuff, please!!!!

David Tennant
is in this movie

What’s the deal with all the remakes. Can’t Hollywood come up with original stories anymore. I mean, now we are remaking 80’s movies. They just made the last Saw movie. I guess it’s time to remake the first Saw movie now.

Here’s a good one. They are making another sequel to the Hellraiser movies, and at the same time are making a remake of the original Hellraiser movie. If that doesn’t take the cake, I don’t know what does.

#4 – keachick

Well I do not know if this film is similar with other vampire movies … not seem to … however there are vampire for everyone out there … I like “True Blood”, by the way … lol … Karl Urban is in a vampire movie too, right? … “Priest”…

:-) :-)



OMG, he looks like a AU version of Criss Angel. *shudder*.

I was actually curious about this because David Tennant seems like the perfect recast for MacDowell.

Sigh. They remake Arthur and now Fright Night. Why? That Planet of the Apes remake didn’t do so well, did it?