Star Trek: The Exhibition Headed To Florida’s Kennedy Space Center + Promo For ST: TE headed to Germany

The two ‘engagements’ of Star Trek: The Exhibition are getting ready to hit the road for new locations this summer. TrekMovie has exclusive news that the exhibit currently in Louisville, KY will be headed to  Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Also Filmpark, hosts of the engagement headed to Germany, has released a cool video preview and more details.


Star Trek: The Exhibition headed to Kennedy Space Center

TrekMovie has learned that an engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition, the traveling exhibit of Star Trek sets, costumes, replicas and more, is headed to the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex, located on the Florida coast about an hour from Orlando. CBS and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex would not confirm or deny the move, but  reliable sources tell TrekMovie the exhibit will open at Kennedy in June for a run through the entire summer. The engagement is said to be based mostly on the Exhibition currently showing at the Louisville Science Center (through May 22nd). This exhibit is anchored by the original Star Trek series replica bridge, but the Florida exhibition is expected to include additions.

An official announcement from the KSC should be coming soon, so stay tuned for more details here at TrekMovie.

Star Trek The Exhibition (anchored by TOS bridge) headed to The Kennedy Space Center in Florida

Details and promo for ST: The Exhibition at Filmpark Germany

In December TrekMovie reported that the engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition which just wrapped up in Valencia Spain will head next to Germany’s Filmpark in Potsdam. The Trek exhibit is part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Filmpark, a theme park dedicated to filmmaking and located on the premises of renowned film production studio Babelsberg.

Star Trek: Die Ausstellung (Star Trek: The Exhibition) will open May 31st at the Filmpark and run through October 2011. Tickets can now be purchased online, with regular price admission set to €14.90.

Enterprise D bridge replica (pictured at Museo de las Ciencias Princeipe Felipe) – the Exhibit headed to Germany next month

To help promote their Star Trek exhibit, Filmpark has luanched an official Star Trek website and Facebook page. You can also follow announcements @filmpark on Twitter. They have also released a cool new promo trailer, designed by famed German digital artist (and Trekkie) Tobias Richter.

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the latest news on Star Trek: The Exhibition.

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Will it be coming to Sydney!?

KSC her I come — 1st


I got to go to the one in Louisville, was pretty cool…wish like in the pic above they had the bridge set. They had the chiar and greenscreen so it made a cool pic, sill would have been nice.

I always loved the ceiling of the Next Gen bridge.

It somehow made it all feel real.

I got to see the original set in Detroit I wish I could have seen TNG bridge!

saw the exhibit in detroit and the one in louisville ky ky wasnt that great stuff in need of repair, love the video

YES! I’m only 30 minutes from Kennedy Space Center. Will definitely be there this summer.

Holy Crapola I want the Enterprise to fly over my city!

Welcome to the Kennedy Space Center. Real spaceships are to the left, fake spaceships are to the right. Enjoy your day.

Cool video. Germans got to love the good ship Enterprise cruising over the Brandenburg Gate…

As opposed to the good ship Lollipop…

I agree that seeing the USS Enterprise glide across the sky above me would have to be one of the coolest experiences ever!

One can dream…

What a beautiful ship!

Well done.

The Enterprise can’t fly into the atmosphere and land on a planetary surface. NOT CANON. THIS IS A DISASTER!!!

No it is not canon. Just in our dreams which are not canon, which is probably just well, most of the time.

@13 The Enterprise flew in the atmosphere in TOS episode “Tomorrow is Yesterday” That’s how Captain Christopher was able to photograph it on his wing camera.

I gotta’ say, TMP Enterprise is and always will be my favorite

Woohoo!!! It’s coming to Florida!

That video gave me goosebumps! lol
Imagine looking up and seeing that bearing down on you!

Tobias Richter rocks. That is all.

@15: Dammit man, stop trying to confuse us with FACTS! We’re having a DISASTER over here! ;)

Potsdam? FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU— from my position that’s the exact opposite end of the country…

The website and video say that “Die Ausstellung” will open on May 1st, not 31st.

Why didn’t they choose a city in the Ruhr area for this? Much more people are living in it or near it.

@ 13. “Check the Circuit!” – April 7, 2011
Who said they don’t crash 5 seconds after the video stops?
No, really, there’s no way the Enterprise could fly that close to the surface. Cool to look at though, amazing video.

Ah, why is it at the eastern border of Germany :( It’s a bit too far from the Netherlands here…

JJ please fire ILM and hire Tobias Richter for Star Trek XII special effects and build an engine room Scotty would be proud of with the spare cash :)

Bloody Hell!

That is a fantastic video from Tobias Richter (as always)
#24 Seconded, get TR to do the Star Trek effects…

22. Dr. Cheis – April 8, 2011

Well, if you are going to get all technical about it, there is no way the Enterprise flys at all. Anywhere. Enjoy the video….

It’s finally coming to Florida!! And it couldn’t be at a better place!

The current Star Trek ‘Exhibit’ at the KSC is LAME LAME LAME. Star Trek: The Exhibition will be a welcome addition and a great replacement from the embarrassing show they put on now.

To the defense of the Star Trek Live show at KSC, it has been going since early last summer, and has changed actors 3 times as their contracts have come to conclusion. The first set of actors were awesome, not just acting ability, but also they were really nice people. I do not know the current troupe, but I have seen parts of the show and they are admitedly not up to par with the originals. That plus the sound equipment they brought with them is starting wear out and it isn’t as clean sounding as before. Also, keep in mind, this is not set for die-hard Trek fans who know every detail and can nitpick, this is set for mild fans and especially children like my 6 year old son who do not notice the issues like an adult would. Don’t be so harsh on the show.

No bridge set in Louisville!

Great video. The Enterprise glide over the International Space Station is a great moment.

I’ll be in Potsdam in May.

The Enterprise over the Brandenberg Gate? Does it GET any cooler than that?!!

It’s great that this is finally making an appearance on the east coast of the US, however, thats a bit far down south for me (I live up in NY). I head years ago when this thing first started (before it rudely changed hands) that this thing was supposed to have landed in NY at some point. Is that going to happen? Hell, I’ll be happy if we get this, plus a Star Wars Celebration here in NY too…that would make my day!

There never was and never will be any better looking Enterprise than the TMP one. What a cool und beautiful video. Potsdam, I’ll coming!

I love TMP enterprise the best! I have to say that sequence make the NUEnterprise look even more grappy!