Shatner Still Wants Star Trek Sequel Role & Talks ‘Generations’ Death + POLL: How To Bring Back Kirk?

William Shatner is touring Australia and New Zealand this week with his "Shatner, Kirk, Crane and Beyond". At the show in Sydney Bill once again talked about how he wants in on the Star Trek sequel, and he also talked about the death of Kirk in Generations. Details and video below, plus a new poll on how to put Bill into the Star Trek sequel (if at all).  


Shatner talking about next Star Trek movie (and his last movie as Kirk)

One question William Shatner got during his "Kirk, Crane and Beyond" Twitter Q&A in Sydney was who in Hollywood he would like the chance to work with. After a long sigh, Bill said "JJ Abrams and the next Star Trek movie." Here is the clip via the Shatner Project on YouTube. 

Australian TrekMovie reader Adrian Powers (thanks) sent in a report/review on Shatner’s show in Sydney, which he describes as "absolutely amazing". Powers reports that Shatner had noted how just days before Charlie Sheen made headlines for bombing badly on the opening night of his new "Torpedo of Truth" stage tour and Bill feared the same thing could happen to him, but apparently that was no problem as, according to the reviewer, "Shatner had the entire audience in the palm of his hand the whole night".

Powers also recounts an especially moving part of the show with this account of Bill discussing Kirk’s death scene in Star Trek: Generations

The most powerful section of the night for me was when Shatner told the story about his thought processes for how he would deal with his death scene in ‘Generations’. He articulated it in a certain way that I’d never really considered, and it made the whole event extremely touching and thought provoking. Bill said he always played Kirk as a man with a tremendous sense of awe and wonder about the world around him. He said ‘when Kirk looked up into space, he was amazed. When a monster ran at him, he was amazed’. This was the motivation for Kirk’s ‘Oh My’ line in ‘Generations’ — Kirk being truly awed by finally glimpsing death. Bill then commented that he himself is terrified of death, and that, being 80, he has to deal with it now every day of his life.

Bill draws comparison with Kirk’s death in "Generations" and his own fear of death

POLL: One more time for Kirk?

Of course it is the death of Kirk in Generations that gives the new Star Trek team difficulties in bringing Shatner on for the 2012 Star Trek sequel. As the 2009 Star Trek film has moved the action into a new universe, Shatner’s Kirk remains dead in the prime universe, and the actor has himself acknowledged that there is a problem with bringing Kirk back from the grave. Resurrecting Shatner gets even more complicated as producer/co-writer Roberto Orci has said they will not be using time travel again for during his tenure on Star Trek.

However, being sci-fi there are always possibilities. In fact, Orci and Alex Kurtzman did write an optional scene for the 2009 Star Trek movie that brought Kirk into the film via a holographic recording carried by Nimoy’s Spock from the prime universe. So while it wouldn’t have been a resurrection,  the scene would have still given Shatner a cameo as the original James T. Kirk. In the end, the team decided the scene didn’t work for their film, and they were concerned that Shatner wouldn’t do a cameo (something he had said on multiple occasions). But, director JJ Abrams told TrekMovie in 2009 that not including Shatner was his toughest decision.

So maybe the second time is the time for Bill? How would you bring Shatner as Kirk back? Or do you think he should not be brought back at all?



Shatner in "Star Trek Generations" (1994), his last Star Trek film?

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I think he should be in the film in some way, shape or form.

No doubt about it. Make it happen.

If that hologram scene had made the last film, this wouldn’t even be an issue anymore. GREAT scene.

Just throw in that happy birthday message that was cut from Trek ’09, or something like it.

It was beautifully written:

I voted for a recording of Kirk Prime, but really, bring back the Shat,
“Any way ya can!!”

I don’t think he should. I like Shatner just fine but he’s a little too into himself. He’s great but he would want the whole movie to revolve around him and this isn’t his Star Trek anymore.

It would be cool to see him, but it would be useless unlike Nimoy’s appearance in ST:XI was.

Having Shat in the next movie would only work if it’s a CAMEO. Do you hear that? A CAMEO! No big part, no major role in the film, no trying to dominate the movie! If the Shat’s ego can accept that logic, then fine. If he wants to be the focal point of the movie, then forget him!

Hey Anthony, I think there is something wrong with the Poll thingy.. it will only let me vote once..


At this point, with all the media hubbub over his not being in the first Abrams Trek, his inclusion would only be a distraction. The torch has been passed and it really is time for the Abrams timeline to stand fully on its own. Not only does that mean no Shatner, it means no recycling of old episodes or films. No Khan. No Harry Mudd. No more interaction with the Prime timeline. New stories for familiar names (such as the romance between Spock and Uhura). New history. Surprise us! All due respect to Bill Shatner — and I think he can rest assured he will always be the “real” Captain Kirk in everyone’s eyes — but that door has been closed. For the good of the franchise, no Shatner in the new film.

BRING HIM BACK (in some way, shape or form) !!! It’s upsetting to know that this will probably be the last time we get to see the original Kirk on screen ever again.

Ok. Here is how the Shat can be brough back to Trek as Kirk.
Dr Corby captures Pine kirk and tries to clone him and he succedes. After Corby leaves something happens and the machine starts again but with no one at the controls something happens and instead of another Pine Kirk we get the Shatner Kirk but this Kirk is a gtood guy who wants to help Good Pine Kirk stop the bad Pine Kirk.

10: “(in some way, shape or form)”

Speaking as someone who could himself stand to lose more than a few pounds, I’d be happiest seeing Shatner back as Kirk (alt, prime or whatever) if he could drop some serious weight. Who would ever think that the most physically active Starfleet captain we’ve ever seen would let himself get so out of shape? It would be good for Bill, too!

I say we should bring him back, just one last time. Give the original Kirk the send off he deserves. While one might say, Star Trek VI was that send off, Generations kind of undid the sendoff status for Kirk.

the death of Capt. Kirk in ‘Generations’ was stupid, pointless and unwarranted. if the writers were so ridiculously stupid that they needed *this* as a plot device, then they had no plot in the first place. Kirk could only die in one way: on the bridge of the Enterprise, like his father in STXI. Kirk’s death was, in a sense, a betrayal and a slap in the face for many fans who had followed the series and films; bringing him back would correct a mistake and bring a flock of very disappointed fans back into the franchise.

I’d like to see Spock Prime somehow “mind meld” with the NEXUS from the alt universe. Mentally go visit Kirk. Let them ride large equines together off into the sunset. You can’t tell me that even if it were a Shatner and Nimoy cameo together, that Bill would say no to that.

Let’s give Bill a bit more, by doing this. Have Pine’s Kirk find a disk (the original TOS recording type) delivered by Starfleet courier in a package from Spock Prime. Pine’s Kirk watches the same birthday message, and thus Spock Prime explains better than Pike ever could, how special Kirk and Spock on the Enterprise are to the future of the universe. That would be superb in “maturing” them to the level they really need to be. Along with a note from Spock Prime…. that he knows he’s dying, and then the Nexus meld idea… works at the end.

How about in an early bridge scene, following a long corridor shot, Pine Kirk approaches the captains chair only to find Mr Shatner sat in it. Shatner just looks up, grins, winks at the camera and then walks off, leaving Pine Kirk rather bemused…


He should have been in the first film.



We could just pretend he didn’t die…

Kirk: Picard, what are you doing?
Picard: I’m piling rocks on you. Why do you ask?
Kirk: Oh, no reason. Shouldn’t I be dead before you do that?
Picard: You are dead. Now be quiet and let me finish.
Kirk: I think I can assure you I’m not dead.
Picard: You are dead. Now, if you don’t mind….

Have a scene like that TNG episode where mulitple universes start appearing and have him still being the Captain of the Enterprise.

@12 “Speaking as someone who could himself stand to lose more than a few pounds, I’d be happiest seeing Shatner back as Kirk (alt, prime or whatever) if he could drop some serious weight. Who would ever think that the most physically active Starfleet captain we’ve ever seen would let himself get so out of shape? It would be good for Bill, too!”

Agreed. Captain Kirk would never allow himself to become obese. I would be embarrassed as a Trek Fan to see a lumbering 300 pound buffoonish looking version of Captain Kirk gutting around the Enterprise in a size 55 uniform.

People going on about Kirk/Shatners weight should bow their heads in shame and never darken this place with their misguided presence again.

“If that hologram scene had made the last film, this wouldn’t even be an issue anymore. GREAT scene.” Agreed; and you could still work that in, with Spock and Kirk.

Have Spock watching it as Kirk comes into his quarters, he shuts it off and, when Kirk inquires as to what it was, he simply says it’s something that he gave himself some years ago (which would reference Spock Prime and the last film).


I think the Shat should have a little cameo as Grandpa’ Tiberius, you know,
as a little “wink” to the fans.

Here’s a way to bring back Captain Kirk….The Atkins Diet.

(Snarky, I know. Weak moment.)

Shatner as JTK only works one way. If he’s looking back on his youth. Writing his memoirs or some such.

What Grandpa Tiberius :/ I don’t know if Shatner should return because that would take the spotlight of Pine’s Kirk no offence :)

I love Shat and how he played Kirk. But, time to move on. I hope the next movie is an original plot, with new story line and not a re-hash of one of the TOS episodes. No reason to go there. Give a new generation of Trek fans something new. Boldly go where no movie or tv episode has gone before.

Please, No Shat in the new movie.

About a year ago I came up with an idea to get Nimoy and Shatner into the next movie that makes sense. A flashback…

New Spock visits Spock prime to discuss his new friendship with Kirk and the hardship of understanding the emotion of friendship. Spock prime proceeds to tell him the story about the moments after they put into space dock for the last time with the 1701-A (after the conclusion of Star Trek VI). They’re the last two off the ship and they have a conversation where Spock tells Kirk that he will leave starfleet and go back to Vulcan. They have a heartfelt conversation and in the end Kirk offers in jest to steal the Enterprise and give him a ride back.

We saw the aging process fixed in a Directv commercial a couple of years back. They could pull that off. A five minute segment that brings Shatner back as Kirk, with Nimoy as Spock and truly gives them a proper send off.

Star Trek movies where at there best when Nicholas Myers and Harve Bennett worked on them (Star Trek II – Star Trek VI). No one can replace Mr. Shatner he will always be Captain Kirk. Chris Pine is nice young actor and does a good Kirk for his age but Star Trek would not be complete without its iconic cast from the 1960s through Star Trek VI (1991).

I would be great if William Shatner could be in the next Star Trek movie as Captain James T. Kirk or Admiral James T. Kirk (from the Prime Universe). The movie would be better if in addition to Shatner if Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, George Takai, Walter Koenig and Grace Lee Whitney could be also be included too.

I would not mind a few actors from the other series too like Tim Russ as Ensign Tuvok (referring to his serve aboard the Excelsior) or Patrick Stewart as Capt. Picard or even Levar Burton as Commander LaForge (in reference to Nero and the Romulan Star Empire).

Shatner in Star Trek 2012 is something that I hope JJ Abrams and Paramount consider and accept.

If JJ and the gang ever decide to do an outright remake of Star Trek V, then they should get Shatner to play the ‘God’ character. I’d watch it.

There would be no Star Trek without Shatner. It would be nice if they could find some way to fit him in without unconvincingly shoehorning it into the story.

It* would be great…

33. As I said, Chris the only way I can see it working is if he’s some how looking backward in the current .alt u looking back at his career and enjoying his grand children.

Where’s the “I don’t frikkin’ care how they do it, just get Shat in the damn movie for a proper send off before it’s too late” option??

I’d like to see him come back. I thought the death in Generations was pointless and emotionless.

As far as I’m concerned that whole nexus ribbon thingy was screwy anyway and I’d be happy to believe it never happened or was all a figment of Picard dreaming (Patrick Stewart, Patrick Duffy – what’s the difference?).

What we know is he got sucked out of Big E “B”. From there, who’s to say what happens? Why can’t he be dropped into the Alt universe for a little while? We’re already friggin’ around with the timelines anyway.

The man is 80. He’s awesome. He’s one of my all-time heroes. He’s a great PR machine and that means he’s box office!

PLEASE fix what happened in Generations and give us a proper Shat/Kirk sendoff while we still have the option!

Orci, you’re a smart guy. Figure it out!!! :)


I really want him to appear as Kirk again in some sort of live action production. Don’t get me wrong, Chris Pine’s Kirk and the whole JJ verse is brilliant, it’s just, the guy is getting on and as a celebration of the man, I think someone, somewhere should give him one last final glorious shot at being Kirk.

That said, putting him in the upcoming movie for the sakes of it and having to go off on some massive plot branch just for a cameo is pretty stupid in my eyes.

If it was all down to me, money no object, I’d have a final Shatner-Kirk post Generations tv-movie containing a plot that’s resolution would allow for an easy cameo in the new film. The sort of cameo that would make sense to anyone who had seen the TV-movie but could also be brushed over by anyone who had not.

Why can’t we swing around the sun like ST IV and get back to the “prime” universe? These future movies could get back to actually telling the tale we all want to know. How did the prime universe play out!! I want to see all the original series aliens, humans, etc. I want to see how the Federation starts, better than what the TV series showed. I want to see things happen on Earth and our solar system as well, not just always some mission. You can still use the new actors, and even have some future glimpses with the older cast. This was my wish all along. Prime Spock knows how to get back to his timeline, just make a need for him to do so in the new movie and set up for many more adventues of the PRIME TIMELINE!

Personally, I need no explanations.

I just want a silhouette of that famous face… perhaps looking through the glass of a space station at the Enterprise being re-fitted with faster, slimmer nacelles… and saying, “All I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by…”

Boom. Cut to new cast doing whatever.

Just make a TV movie with Shatner, Nimoy, Takei, Nichols, Koenig & tie it into the 2012 movie in some small way! as an extended promo advert. TV budget means everyone is happy & it would still make loads of money from Bluray,DVD, TV Rights. They could make that for under $15m easily which is cheap for 2 hours of high quality sci-fi!

Otherwise 2012 movie is set in an Alternative universe anyway so why did Kirk have to be dead in the alt universe the nexus never happened if you believe in the time ripple effect. Cannot believe the skilled writers could not use this to find a role for Shatner somehow as he is only dead in the Prime universe timeline but definately alive in the alt timeline!

Job done!!! Make it so! plus Nimoy would love to have a few scenes with Shatner so it will bring in even more box office. Everyone wins!

Old Bastard just can’t let go can he? What a git.
Give it up old man. Your time has come and gone.

I think the best way to bring him back would be to run with the supernova/black hole thing from the first film. Maybe the problem is bigger than they thought and it’s actually making the space time continuum between both universes unstable. Space and time begin breaking down and behaving erractically. Bring in Shatner’s Kirk – no explanation needed whether he’s been resurrected, or if he’s old Kirk from the new timeline, it doesn’t matter. He teams up with Spock (and the new crew) to save the universe, or in this case, universes, one last time.

your dead jim. end of story

@20 “People going on about Kirk/Shatners weight should bow their heads in shame and never darken this place with their misguided presence again.”

Like I am going to be shamed away from someone who labels themselves as “Cocktoastin”…now that very adult reference is a real example of shame.

If they can make it work,do it!! If not….well,i ain’t gonna lie,i want my Trek!!!! but that does not mean in any way ,shape,or form that i do not LOVE Shatner,or his Kirk! i do!! i have a soul!!!!

10: “(in some way, shape or form)”

Okay….Form of…….a Horta!! Giant Space Ameoba!! Doomsday Machine!!!

With MWI, alternate universe Kirks who did make it into old age proliferate the multiverse.

But I still favor the interactive hologram approach.

It would be a great surprise if Bob figures out a way to legitimately squeeze (control the jokes please) Shatner in, but I think that wessel has sailed.

Sad. Such a waste of a good scene that never got filmed.

Oh well.

#39 “Personally, I need no explanations.”

I tend to agree. They don’t have to explain it.. let it be a mystery for all I care..

Enough with Shatner. I love him but let JJ’s Star Trek be its own thing now. This is getting to be desperation on his part.