BBC America Star Trek TNG Marathon This Weekend + Syfy Star Trek Movies Marathon Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend if you are looking for Star Trek on TV, tune into BBC America as they are running a 24 hour Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon starting Saturday morning. And if you are planning on staying in Memorial Day Weekend, then Syfy has you covered with a Star Trek movie marathon. See below for schedules.



BBC America Star Trek The Next Generation Marathon (Sat/Sun)

BBC America is airing a 24 hour Star Trek The Next Generation marathon starting Saturday April 16th at 6AM (with some episodes repeating). Here

Time Episode

Saturday April 16th

6:00 AM Identity Crisis Season 4 Ep. 18  
7:00 AM   The Nth Degree Season 4 Ep. 19  
8:00 AM    Qpid Season 4 Ep. 20  
9:00 AM   The Drumhead Season 4 Ep. 21  
10:00 AM   The Wounded Season 4 Ep. 13  
11:00 AM   Devil’s Due Season 4 Ep. 14  
12:00 PM   First Contact Season 4 Ep. 15  
1:00 PM   Galaxy’s Child Season 4 Ep. 16  
2:00 PM   Night Terrors Season 4 Ep. 17  
3:00 PM   Identity Crisis Season 4 Ep. 18  
4:00 PM   The Nth Degree Season 4 Ep. 19  
5:00 PM    Qpid Season 4 Ep. 20  
6:00 PM   The Drumhead Season 4 Ep. 21  
7:00 PM   Half a Life Season 4 Ep. 22  
8:00 PM   The Host Season 4 Ep. 23  
9:00 PM   The Mind’s Eye Season 4 Ep. 24  
10:00 PM   In Theory Season 4 Ep. 25  
11:00 PM   Redemption, Part 1 Season 4 Ep. 26  

Sunday April 17th

12:00 AM Redemption, Part 2 Season 5 Ep. 1  
1:00 AM The Host Season 4 Ep. 23  
2:00 AM   The Mind’s Eye Season 4 Ep. 24  
3:00 AM   In Theory Season 4 Ep. 25  
4:00 AM   Redemption, Part 1 Season 4 Ep. 26  
5:00 AM   Redemption, Part 2 Season 5 Ep. 1  

Original promo for "Redemption, Part 1" – part of BBC’s weekend TNG marathon

Syfy Memorial Day Star Trek Movie Marathon

Today Syfy announced their summer schedule, which kicks off with a Star Trek movie marathon. Over the weekend of May 28-30th Syfy will air all the original series movies and all the TNG movies except Insurrection. There are also a couple of TNG episodes thrown in. Here is the full schedule.

Time    Movie/Episode

Time Movie/Episode

Saturday, May 28th

09:30 AM   Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Defector"
10:30 AM   Star Trek: The Motion Picture
01:30 PM   Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
04:00 PM   Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
06:30 PM   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
09:00 PM   Star Trek VIII: First Contact
11:30 PM   Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

Sunday, May 29th

02:00 AM   Star Trek: The Motion Picture
11:00 AM   Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
01:30 PM   Star Trek VIII: First Contact
04:00 PM   Star Trek X: Nemesis
06:30 PM   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
09:00 PM   Star Trek VII: Generations
11:30 PM   Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Monday, May 30th

08:00 AM   Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Price"
09:00 AM   Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
1:30 AM   Star Trek X: Nemesis
02:00 PM   Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
04:30 PM   Star Trek VII: Generations

Tuesday, May 31st

11:00 PM   Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Original trailer for "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" one of the nine Trek movies in Syfy’s Memorial Day Weekend marathon

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Will keep BBC on at work tomorrow night!

Looks like Syfy is keeping with Trek to keep us all Happy. Keep Trek on and i will continue watching. Don’t get the BBC but wish I did. Some great Eps. But I wish they could show some DS9 as well. Would love to see the full run of Ds9 and Voyager again.

I hear they are running all the very best TNG episodes back to back.
I’m not sure what they are going to do with the other 14 hours though.

woah, that WoK trailer gave me goosebumps! What a movie that is.
Sorry Bob and Alex and JJ I fear that bar was set just far too high for you guys, talented though you all are, to leap over.
I live in hope though. ;-)

I always love the way Kirk swung his chair ‘starboard’ as he gives the command, as if trying to drag the Enterprise out of the way of danger.
Just a great little moment.


Yeah, Buzz, that was a cool moment. Just before the “broadside” exchange of fire between the ships. I halfway expected to see Horatio Hornblower or Lucky Jack Aubrey swinging into action.

Aside from the Genesis device, TWOK could’ve easily translated into a seafaring swashbuckler… starring Errol Flynn. ;)

Gotta love Nick Meyer.

by the way I have a small question, is that Orson welles narrating the Star Trek 2 trailer? Certainly sounds like him.

Geez, why doesn’t the BBC simply run season 4 in order?

can’t wait!!

I’d like to see a Star Trek marathon where they mix episodes from all the different series randomly.

I never really looked at the Reliant battle in quite those terms, Vults, but you are quite right, that was an old naval type of battle, wasn’t it!
You do have to wonder why two massive space ships would have to come so close though!.
Still, it did make for some great screen stuff!

And I do believe you are correct about Nick Meyer. I’d bear his children if I had the right internal equipment! *did i just say that out loud?!*

While i have your attention, Vults, I wonder if you have seen a programme called Yellowstone? Its currently running on the BBC over here.
Its just amazing! What an incredible place Yellowstone. Truly breathtaking.
If it should come up on BBC America, or another chaannel, I can definitely recommend it to you.

7. No, but Orson Welles did narrate the trailer for STAR TREK — THE MOTION PICTURE. A Gene Roddenberry production… of a Robert Wise film. Coming this Christmas… from Paramount.


No, Buzz, I don’t believe it’s aired here yet, but I’ll definitely be looking for it now. Thanks for the heads-up.

I went through the southern part of Wyoming years ago. Unfortunately, Yellowstone is in the extreme north, but the south is also beautiful. The best thing about that state though—it has the lowest population! Probably the closest thing you can get nowadays to an old-fashioned covered wagon journey through the wide open spaces of the West—well, now your wagon would be made by Chrysler or Ford (that other Detroit automaker will get no mention here), but you get my meaning. ;)

By the way, I can’t take credit for the seafaring/TWOK comparison; that came from the man himself: Nick Meyer. He mentioned it in the movie’s director’s commentary. If you haven’t listened to it, I’d highly recommend it. Though his delivery is a bit flat (as with most directors), Meyer is a very informative and interesting speaker, especially concerning his opinions of art and show business. Every DVD should have him do the commentary… even if he has nothing to do with the production!

I think I have listened to Nick on TWoK so i must have heard him talking of the naval comparison. What you said that made me really think in those terms was your use of the phrase ‘broadside’. That really is an old naval term and you are so right. Reliant really does empty her cannons onto the poor Enterprise.
I can remember to this day how shocking I found that. It made me feel quite sick to see her getting spliced apart like that!
It must have been the first time we saw her get beaten about in such a graphic way? Sickening.

To a Brit the sheer size of the States is quite mind boggling. Its genuinely hard to get my head around it!
I think PBS has aired something similar over there. I found this and though it isn’t exactly the same footage it is close enough to what i’ve seen…

I don’t know how animals survive the winters there. 8-/

General Motors still upsetting people over there, Vults? Haven’t they started to pay back the money yet?


They’ve paid back some of the money, but the government still owns 33% of them. They may not seem like much, but a few months ago they were running ads suggesting they had paid back ALL of the money, that they were on our side, the company that cares about the people, blah, blah, blah…

It’s just the same old bag of tricks with them. And it appears their brush with bankruptcy hasn’t changed their old ways. I just read in the most recent issue of Popular Mechanics that they promoted an HR manager to the head of future vehicle development, which is like promoting Counselor Troi to chief engineer!

Sorry for the rant, Buzz, but—well, I just have to agree with what Clarkson said about Government Motors: a “pensions and healthcare” company which sees the “car making side of the business as an expensive loss-making nuisance.”


Well, i’m sure you are well aware of our terrible State owned car manufacturer of the 70’s and 80’s, British Leyland? Clarkson gave a good lesson, for anybody that care’s to take it, about how fat and lazy any organisation that is guaranteed its pay cheque (check ;-) ) can become.
They made terrible products on the back of poor managment and a militant workforce who came to believe the country owed them a living, and ultimately they went the way of the Dodo.
Man it really saddens me how my Country’s once fantastic manufacturing base has gone.
I read this morning that the Union Flags that will fly over the Olympics in London next year were made- wait for it-……… in France! Depressing.

LOL at your Troi metaphor. And we know what happened to the ship when she was promoted to Helm!!!
Unbelievable that the HR guy in now in charge at Future!

Have a little laugh on me, Vults….

In some small defence of GM i will say that their European operation does seem to be fairly healthy. In Britain Vauxhall is the second best seller only just behind the perennially popular Ford, and across continental Europe Opel is also selling well.
They are building some well designed and well built, attractive vehicles. So while it may seem less than ideal to have the tax payer so involved I fully expect them to survive and prosper and, hopefully, they will do so without any more bailouts, and in fact get that debt paid down!
I don’t foresee a British Leyland future for them.


HA! That was great! Gotta love a cat with a Brit accent. And I can sympathize with troublesome printers. Here’s an American version:

Yeah, I remember that Top Gear episode about Leyland. I cringe to think of all of those ugly cars produced around the world in the 70’s and 80’s.

Sorry to hear about the Union Flag. The same is happening here in many cases, though surprisingly you can (mostly) find the Stars and Stripes not made in China. Of course, everything else is made there. The absolute worst slap in the face came a couple of years ago when the Empire State Building displayed red lights for the anniversary of communist China’s founding. That’s bad enough to make King Kong vomit in disgust… if he weren’t working in a Chinese sweatshop, that is, working for two bananas a day at gunpoint. That’s no way to live. :(


Oh, I do hope they do well, for the world economy’s sake if anything else. But with their track record (no pun intended), I can see this happening again ten or twenty years from now…

It’s an old boy’s club mentality there. Hard to shake loose, if ever.

Correction: I can sympathize DEALING with troublesome printers.

LOL at the printer jam clip. So true. I actually work in the Print trade- in fact i am a Printer- and have spent many a miserable hour fighting with a Litho Machine that doesn’t want to cooperate!
What was that clip from? Very funny.

That is shocking about the Empire State! I seem to remember reading that the Chinks now own that. That would appear to confirm my memory wasn’t playing tricks on me.
And if i’m not mistaken (in fact i know i’m not) FIAT own Chrysler now. I know it was pitched as a ‘merger’, but is that how it looked to you?


That clip was from a movie called “Office Space.” It came out in the late 90’s, didn’t make anything at the box office but has since gained a cult following. It’s hilarious… for anyone familiar with the insanity of the corporate environment and the drudgery of 9 to 5 life. Highly recommended.

So you’re a printer, eh? I worked at a print shop for a short time after college. Graphic design/illustration is my trade.

I don’t recall anything about the Chinese owning Empire State, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. Oh, and FIAT most definitely bought Chrysler. That merger talk is complete nonsense. Any company near collapse like Chrysler was is all too happy to be bought by… anyone! Not the first time though. They were bought out by Daimler about twelve years ago. They called that a “merger” back then, too.

I just did a quick Google and it seems an American company called W&H Properties owns the Empire State. I really do no know what made me think the Chinese owned it. Excuse my confusion.

Quite why they felt the need to mark Communism in China will have to remain a mystery!

Oh yes, for my sins i’m very much a Printer. I’m one of those poor souls that is in entirely the wrong trade. Its most unrewarding. I just kind of fell into it and time passes by and, before you know it, thats all you can really do.
I really wanted to be a Journalist or writer of some sort. We all have our dreams i guess. If I had my time over i’d join the Navy I think.
Graphic design and illustration eh? You enjoy that? What kind of work do you mostly do?
I used to email another one of our fellow Trekmovie posters who was also a Graphic designer. ScottB. Haven’t heard from him in a while. Hope all is well with you and the family, Scott, if you are reading this?

I remember the Chrysler/Mercedes tie up. That was just such a bad idea to start with.
FIAT make some good little car’s, though i’m really not sure they are what the American market is going to want, should they decide to start selling over there. There must be some vehicle downsizing going on, though, due to the cost of fuel?
Get this- i paid £1.47 for a LITRE of diesel this week! Thankfully my car will do 50+mpg to the gallon so its not all bad.
How is it affecting you guys over there?

Forgive the meandering and general sloppiness of that post. Had a glass (or two ;-) ) of vino with my dinner. I’m feeling rather chilled now lol

Yes, I do enjoy my work… but it is difficult to find work right now. I’m in between jobs, redoing my portfolio and trying my hand at oil painting. Anything to keep busy.

Gas is around $3.70 a gallon over here, and it’s beginning to hurt—starting to drive up prices of everything else like food and clothing. They’re expecting it to reach $5.00 a gallon by the end of summer. Oh joy. Oh happy day. Suffice to say, my gas-guzzling Jeep Cherokee doesn’t see the pavement much anymore. I’d been thinking of getting a Mustang, but with prices the way they are I might end up with a Ford Focus! (Not a bad little car actually.)

The Focus is a fine car. You could do a great deal worse.
I hope the work situation improves for you very soon bud.
Nice chatting with you- as always.

Same to you, Steve.
If you’d like to see some of my work, go here:

Very impressive bud! Just been looking over that with a colleague and we both wish we had that kind of talent and ability.
Loving the Han Solo one particularly. But they are all quite spectacular.

What kind of customer do you generally do work for?

Hhmmm, SyFy not showing ST: Insurrection, but will show STV: TFF??

I’m still boycotting them for cancelling Stargate: Universe. Besides I got all of Star Trek on DVD now, why wait until Memorial Day to watch them when I can go home right now and pop in a DVD?? ;-)


All kinds of customers—a local print shop, a newspaper, two chambers of commerce, a sign company, a magazine in DC, a kids golf company, local Cricket cell phone dealer, the Cherokee Nation, New York University, etc, etc…

Nothing on a big mainstream level. Yet.
I’m working on it.

Well its a real talent that you have there, Vults, and I’m sure it will take you far. I wish you every success.
What medium do you prefer to use? You seem to have a real flare for that most difficult of all subjects, portrait. Your likenesses are superb.
I guess you have been painting forever? Have you had professional training? Have you ever done any Trek related art?

Oh, and Raiders is one of my all time favourite movies too! Edged off the Top Spot only by Close Encounters of the Third Kind I reckon. I absolutely love that very special piece of cinema.


Thanks for the kind words, Buzz.

I’ve had some training—the basics in drawing, perspective and such, but most of it has been learned on my own time… since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.

Not much in the way of Trek art… yet. I started a portrait of Kirk and Kor awhile back (similar to the 20,000 Leagues poster), but have yet to finish it. Oh, but I did enter the design the next Enterprise contest Star Trek Online had a few months ago. Haven’t heard anything about who won yet. Here’s a link to my design:

Close Encounters is one of my favorites as well. Spielberg was firing on all cylinders then. I’m hoping JJ Abrams’ “Super 8” has the same spirit.

I don’t know anything about Super8. I will look into that.
If it can capture just 25% of Close Encounters magic and wonder it will have done well.

Your Enterprise is very sleek. Very modern looking. Perhaps too modern looking for my ‘old time Trek’ eye! You know me, Mr Tradionalist when it come’s to Trek!
But as the name of the game was The Next Enterprise I think you nailed it! Good luck with that competition. It’ll take something pretty spectacular to beat yours out I think. Is there a prize for the winner?

I’d like to see your Kirk painting!

Have you ever considered combining your interest for the motor vehicle with your talent and flair (got the spelling correct that time!) for art?
I’d like to see what kind of car you could design.

Been quite some time since I tried my hand at automotive design, but you’re definitely giving me some ideas. Although, my interest in aviation and aerospace slightly edges out the automotive—by a nose… or I should say ‘a propeller.’ ;)

I took a vacation a couple of years ago with my dad to the Reno Air Races, plus visited an excellent auto museum while there. Overall, it was an excellent trip… though Reno itself is something of an overgrown ashtray. Smells that way at least.

Yeah, the Enterprise in the contest is supposed to be for the F, the post-Nemesis, prime universe ship. Supposedly, CBS is part of the judging panel and there’s rumors the ship would be considered official canon, but I’m going to take that with a grain of salt since it’s for a video game.

The grand prize winner gets a Trek decorated laptop and a model of the winning design. I think there’s also a lifetime membership for the game, but it would be wasted on me since my gaming interests haven’t extended beyond the occasional round of checkers, chess… or Pacman.

Yeh I can’t say that i’m much of a Gamer either. I’ll have the occassional go at Asteroids (but my Doctor has given me something to clear that up now!) and I did used to enjoy Birth of the Federation, but i haven’t looked at that in a long while.

Should you ever get to the UK there is a nice Motor Museum down Southampton way…

I just noticed they have a Top Gear display on! Hmmm I may have to get to that!
Funnily enough, just along from where I work, there is a Educational Programme for youngsters who have had problems or just struggle to cope in a tradional educational environment. They put the kids to work by building cars and bikes and teach them practical skills.
Anyhoo, I was talking to the guy thats runs the place and he gave me a guided tour. He pointed to a Honda Cub that James May had donated to them- apparently the very one that he rode across Vietnam! I was very impressed. And I really want to believe it is the very bike too. lol

That program sounds neat. Wish we had something like that in my hometown.
But too bad they don’t have that Born in the USA, Stars & Stripes Forever scooter!


I just found this! I’m not entirely convinced its the ‘nam bike, but a good story anyway. Good on, James. They are a good bunch of kids down there and they are sooo enthusiastic.

I’ve just read the article and it does seem to be the Vietnam bike after all!

May seems like a good guy. Love it when he makes a remark that causes Clarkson and Hammond to cringe. Funny stuff.

The American Top Gear is pathetic by comparison. The main problem with it is that in the original Brit version they have three auto journalists/television presenters who happen to be funny, whereas in the American version they have three “comedian/personalities” who are trying—and by trying I mean reading a script—to entertain. I think only one of them actually has any knowledge of cars, and he has the personality of a speed bump. Can’t see the show lasting past its second season—a mercy killing for sure.

I’ll have to take your word on Top Gear USA. I have Youtube’d a view clips and its a bit hard to judge it on that. It has the same good visuals as TG:UK though, so it can’t be all bad.

I have to say I sometimes find the ‘off the cuff’ chats between JC, Hamster and Slow just too contrived. Its so obviously rehearsed. I will admit it does occassionally make me cringe!

Not sure if this will play for you but at 5.30 they are in Marlborough, which is a very lovely little town just about 11 miles from where I live.

sorry, that should read a FEW clips! Darn I wish you could correct on this site!

Wonder if you’ve ever seen a programme called Lead Balloon on BBC America, Vults?……

Hopefully that will play too!