New Previews For Orci/Kurtzman/Lindelof’s Cowboys & Aliens + Leonard Nimoy on Fringe

Last night if you watched American Idol on FOX you would have caught previews of a couple of things related to the world of Star Trek. First was the new trailer for Cowboys & Aliens, written by Star Trek writer/producers Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof. In addition there was another preview for tonight’s episode of Fringe that could explain the interesting way Leonard Nimoy will be appearing. Watch both below.


Cowboys & Aliens Trailer 2

Before they started work on the Star Trek sequel screenplay, Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman penned the screenplay for Cowboys & Aliens, a sci-fi western directed by Jon Favreau starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Orci and Kurtzman are all also producers on the movie. Last night the second trailer premiered with on American Idol and at Check it out below.

Cowboys & Aliens is coming this summer.

Nimoy’s Fringe appearance revealed?

On American Idol FOX also aired a new preview for tonight’s episode of Fringe (created by JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman). The episode "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" features the return of Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy as William Bell, but has been teased to be an unusual return. Our friends at FringeTelevision point us to a tweet from producer Jeff Pinker noting how the preview (below) is "Verrrry revealing".

Fringe’s "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" airs Friday April 15th at 9PM.

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Now *THAT* is quite a teaser!
FRINGE has just passed into EPIC-land.

Did they hire the same people to do the filming and the teaser as trek 11? Looks like a good film!

So can’t wait for Cowboys and Aliens. This will be a Major Blockbuster. Harrison Ford at his best. Fringe with Nimoy is always a good thing.

I would love to see Nimoy as a Star of Fringe. A Series Regular.

I can’t wait for Cowboys and Aliens!

COWBOYS&ALIENS will b awesome!! can’t wait 4 nimoy on Fringe!!!!

Fringe looks absolutely great. Yes, Olivia running around with Nimoy’s katra is crazy but this show looks like a lot of fun. I’ll keep saying this till my fingers fall off. John Noble (Walter) is a great actor. All actors can learn from him. Just watch his face. You can read every emotion.

Pretty cool, that Fringe scene looked like Inception! I likey

I think they did a little too much LDS for this episode.

Was that a slightly-naked Olivia Wilde I saw there in the C&A trailer?


Not naked enough!

Actually … I saw this trailer for the movie Cowboys & Aliens at Collider website yesterday … Olivia’s character is an alien? … Olivia Wilde has not impressed me so far … let’s see if she can with this film!

:-) :-)

And Fringe looks great! …:-) :-)

wow fringe looks amazing and the same for cowboy and aliens

I was rather impressed with Olivia in Tron Legacy……Oh, you mean her acting.


Actually, Olivia Wilde is pretty great in House. Especially in her return from last Monday’s episode.

I like this trailer better than the past ones, but the alien spaceships still look to me like some of the cheesy types of ships from 80’s sf movies like the The Last Starfighter.

Hey MJ. I love the Movie the Last Star Fighter. I Hear they may be making another one.

Thank god I missed that trailer. I was awesomely shocked when William Bell showed up the way he did. If I would have seen that trailer I would have been a little mifed.

Cowboys and Aliens looks pretty good. I just hope that most of it is not shot at night. Those films tend to annoy me after a while. I really like Daniel Craig so I might have to see it just for him…

Olivia Wilde plays a character called Hanna in Alex Kurtzman’s Welcome to People and Hanna is Sam’s girlfriend. Sam is played by Chris Pine. Now I just can’t wait to see that film. So I guess Olivia Wilde will be someone to watch for.

I just realised that with Cowboys & Aliens Bob Orci would have had the chance to hang with Olivia, at least for a bit. You lucky bugger Bob!

Last Starfighter was a fun movie, and it was one of the first to use CG on a large scale. The tech has come a looong way since then. It will be interesting to see how the look is updated for a sequel (as Tron Legacy did).

Oh, and Cowboys and Aliens looks promising.

@ 22 Vulcan

Thanks for the heads up on a possible “Last Starfighter” sequel. I liked that movie. Oh, as we discussed on the record setting post, Disney released the super duper Tron Blu-Ray with both movies. Better to get it online. Because it’s cheaper. It looks wonderful. As I said before I like Tron because they went for everything. Ideas on religion and existentialism, good stuff.

Tonight’s Fringe featured a lengthy animated segment. It was crazy in a good way with plenty of that old time talky-gooey sci-fi that some new Trekkers hated about the old series. Okay, Nimoy sounds pretty good. doint the animation. You know where I’m going. Could we have a twelve episode run on SyFy (or good poplular cable network, TNT) f an CGI Star Trek in the prime universe starrring de-aged Nimoy and Shatner? CBS… what do you say?


I second that emotion! There’s plenty of animation studios out there that would jump at the chance at making a new Trek TV series.

Make it so.

I wonder why on fringe tonight they used rotoscoping, but yet, only to capture the motion, not to make the cartoon versions of the actors look anything like the actual actor or even a reasonable facsimile? With the possible exception of Walter being almost close to looking like the actor.

Guys, wasn’t trying to slam last Starfighter — it is a classic that I love as well. My comment was the the ships in Cowboys and Aliens should look more realistic than the early generation CGI ships done 27 years ago in The Last Starfighter.

Didn’t know about the sequel — awesome!!!

#20 – keachick

Did you see the rumor about Welcome to People opens this year? … I hope it ‘s true… after all TMW only in February 2012…

And I was talking about the work of Olivia Wilde as an actress… nothing personal…

:-) :-)

Made a correction to original article. Lindelof is not a producer on the project, just co-writer.

25. talk-gooey sci fi? I’m an anti technobabble guy (it was often mindless filler) but am a Fringe fan. I don’t see Fringe as talky

An animated, adult Star Trek on TV? Yeah.

#28 – Once again with the anti-CG…

Several of those shots were full size props. Favraeu’s a noted perfectionist. He makes sure the actual and CG items are indistinguishable, matter of fact there were shots in IRON MAN where he critiqued the CG, only to find out they were shots of the suit on set. Sounds like some people here!

@32. Well models or CG, from what I saw in the Cowboys and Aliens trailer, the spaceships look cheesy and cheap — like something I would have seen in an 80’s movie. Just my opinion…maybe when I see onscreen and see the full movie and have all the context, I will change my opinion.

ok, Now i have a VERY LARGE HARD-ON for CvA…

@34. My, aren’t we just just so funny and clever.

#29 Dee. No, I don’t know of any rumour that Welcome to People is to be released this year 2011. I have read that This Means War has a release date of 17 February 2012, which is strange since they finished filming TMW in December last year and Welcome to People only last month. Perhaps there is a lot more post-production to do on TMW than WTP.

I’m not sure which movie I’d like to see more – you know, they both have a certain Chris Pine in them…:)) what can I say? On balance, possibly WTP. I just hope I don’t have to wait too long before it gets released here in NZ after its US release. If WTP does come out this year, my birthday, 17 December, would be a nice date. This should give Alex Kurtzman director and its producers (one of them Bob Orci) enough time to get it nicely ready. Make it so!

Yet another possible reason for any delay? in the Star Trek sequel script – ie doing post-production stuff for WTP.

The OK, or is it the KO, or will it soon be again the LOK (and load) team? need to really focus on one movie in the not too distant future and we all know what that movie is!

#36 – keachick

About WTP premiere in 2011 …someone who seems to be informed about it, commented on IMDB … so we’ll see it …

Anyway boborci never would answer about it, right? LOL

:-) :-)