Watch Brent Spiner Hit Rock Bottom In His New Web Series “Fresh Hell”

Today Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Brent Spiner became the latest Star Trek star to jump into the world of viral videos with the launch of a new web series "Fresh Hell" which explores what life is like after Data in Hollywood. Watch the first two episodes below.



Brent Spiner’s Fresh Hell – what do you do if you pull a Spiner?

Brent Spiner’s new web series stars Brent playing himself, but in a reality where he has hit rock bottom following "the incident". The show was created by Spiner along with According To Jim writer/producer Harry Hannigan. Here is episode 1.

And here is episode 2.

Keep up with the series at

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Spiner’s comic talent was never fully exploited on Next Gen….

This is Genius…Awesome…reminds me of Curb Your Enthusiasm type humor. Looking forward to the next episode.

It would have been better if she took her top off

“You’re like, some kind of magical creature! Like a leprechaun…or a tiger!” Very funny :)

What a brilliantly funny piece of work. Reminds me of what Chaplin would have done if he hadn’t made such poor sound pictures.

Brent is very funny. He did some great acting and being funny on Night Court. Would love to see more of this.

This is very good… Spiner is great… there are some things being done for the web very interesting… I like to watch!

:-) :-)

Not bad. The sound design and editing could be a lot better, but it’s great to see Brent regularly again.

Haha, I’m Mormon, and I loved the references. I think Spiner does need to do some LDS.

Episode 3… special guest star… Harry Anderson.

Great. Takes off in episode 2. And yes if you take Brent Spiner both seriously and not, when he utters the line, “Coach, you’re not supposed to be here”, you’ll get his talent. He delivers multiple versions of the line tha all work. Which makes this show Spiner’s “Extras.”

I hate dangling carrot films. Tell us from the outset what the fictional Spiner did to make everyone hate him and made him the poster boy for toxic celebrity. And make it good–ribald and courageous and poignant and emotionally true. There. I said it. And I can say it five ways, too.

” Spiner’s comic talent was never fully exploited on Next Gen….”


i’d like to see Spiner to Futurama. I think he’d to a great robot… maybe… thespian-bot or some such…

…of maybe another Decapodian… Zoidberg’s arch nemesis or something.

Spiner! Is there anything that guy can’t do??

Ouch, the sound is really bad. With all the talent and unemployed people in the business one would think they could have done better.

At least the lines was kind of funny. Will watch the third episode.

How far he has fallen :( He was my favorite TNG character, but the writing was on the wall when there was no one in line for him at a convention in Burbank a couple of years ago

Brilliant! Very funny!

I don’t think he has fallen.
Brent was typecast as data.
I met him during TNGs run at a con in Toronto.
He was very personable and took the time to speak to all of us who were security at his appearance.
He even answered what it felt lke to be beamed up when a little girl in the audience asked him.

This is refreshing and great, and reminds you how different Spiner is from Data. The best moment was how he portrayed the different emotional ‘beats’ of the script page he was handed, and it leaves us pondering what the Incident must be. I’ll be watching this!

LOL. Ah Brent..

Brent in 3D….
How about Brent on Chuck, as a long lost uncle…

Brent needs to be infrount of the cammera more!

Wow! This is good. Very good.

actually its not bad… i wouldnt mind seeing more.

the “French toucan” – hilarious :-)

Brent Spiner is one of my favoirite actors and has great comic timing.

Fantastic guy. Met him several times and always been friendly.

Looking forward to the next episode. Brent Spiner is teh awesome.

A sign of Brent’s career going down the drain…….Playing “Death of a Salesman” at the Lubbock ice rink. That’s a funny one. I used to live in Lubbock.

What a load of crapola. TNG’s George Tacky.


Brent is a funny, funny man. I’m surprised he isn’t famous.

Well written and played, bravo.

So, what was the incident, “Nemesis?”


Actually, I’d love to see Brent and others explore various formats online. It would be great to see stories told at their natural length, instead of stuffing (or stretching) them to fit a network’s hole.

Looks fun, although a little far-fetched to think that many people in the general public know who Brent is. Trekkies are numerous, but we’re not a big chunk of the overall demographic.

This is brilliant; Brent Spiner could be another Larry David.

Hope they never reveal “the incident”, although agreeing with the above posts, it could easily have been starring and co-writing “Nemesis.”

Hee hee… : P

it’s astounding that Brent has yet to have his own comedy series. Love this!

ok I did like it… just rolling as she described positions…

Yeah, Brent is a perfect example of how typecasting can kill you…he isn’t the only STAR TREK alum this has happened to in recent years, but he’s probably the most talented of the group. I’m surprised he doesn’t go back to Broadway – seems like the stage is where he belongs, given his wide range of skills (comedy, drama, and music).

I lol’d. I’ll watch more until I stop.

Brent Spiner is a multi-talented guy – always has been. Now if he can throw in some singing & tap dancing, we’d be all set. Always loved him on STNG – my favorite character. I agree that the sound is not very good though; maybe they can fix that. Looking forward to seeing more installments of Fresh Hell.
And I agree. Saw him at a con a long time ago; he seemed like a happy guy. Too bad he doesn’t have a sitcom; he’d be great with the right cast.

Yes, the quality is low. I agree, it is not reasonable to think the actress would have recognized him. Watching this show feels like im dreaming. It’s funny but I feel like “What is this?”. But I like seeing Brent. Data is one of my favorite characters on the show and in books(and yes Brent’s portrayal rolls over into book form.) But if I were not a trek fan I would not look twice. I love Spiner and know he is talented. I can’t belive he turned down the felatio. May not be functioning within normal parameters.

This show is geniouos! Extremely funny! I love the third episode, I almost died laughing!

I still want to see Brent as Jed Clampet in a remake of Beverly Hillbillies or Artimus Gordon in a remake of the Wild Wild West TV series (NOT THE MOVIE VERSION.)