Star Trek: Phase II’s “Enemy: Starfleet” Available For Streaming Now

The popular Star Trek: Phase II fan series hasn’t seen a new episode since November 2009. But that all changes today with an early streaming release of  "Enemy: Starfleet." The Phase II team has set up a streaming page exclusively for TrekMovie readers. See below for more details.



Star Trek Phase II’s "Enemy: Starfleet" streaming now

The Star Trek Phase II episode "Enemy: Starfleet" has an official premiere date of April 22nd (when you can download it), but today they have put a streaming "sneak preview" of the full episode online, just for TrekMovie readers.

Here is the official description:

"Enemy: Starfleet!" (written by Dave Galanter and Patty Wright, based on a story by Galanter and Greg Brodeur) is the seventh full-length episode produced by the Star Trek Phase II production team.

Veteran actress and Star Trek alumna Ms. BarBara Luna ("Marlena Moreau" in the Star Trek original series episode "Mirror, Mirror") joins the cast of "Enemy: Starfleet!" as "Alersa," a space terrorist leading a faction of alien aggressors who steal a starship and reverse engineer it, to create a marauding fleet–an "enemy Starfleet." Featuring special guest star Paul R. Sieber as Kyril.

You can watch the entire (58 minute-long ) "Enemy: Starfleet" episode streaming now:
CLICK TO watch at (available in 720p HD).

…to get you started here is the opening teaser of  "Enemy: Starfleet"

The regular download release of "Enemy: Starfleet!" via their international mirror websites is set for Friday, April 22, 2011 ("Earth Day") at 5:01 p.m. (1701) Eastern Daylight Time.

The Daily visits Phase 2 "Field of Dreams"

In other Phase II news, the new iPad magazine The Daily recently did a video feature on the fan production with a behind the scenes look, including an interview with star/producer James Cawley.


POLL: Grade “Enemy: Starfleet”

So what did you think of the latest episode from Star Trek: Phase II?



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It’s fun to watch, I don’t care what the haters say.

Finaly!!!!!!. Been waiting for this. When I get home I will watch it. I love everything that Mr Cawley has done and looking forward to the rest. Also. What about the rest of the Eps he is doing. Is there a Scheduale on the upcoming ones.

Hi Mike: We have not yet set a public release schedule for the rest, but, we’re deep into the final stages on a couple of them…

Rob from STP2

Thanks for the article.

Trek Movie and Phase II fans – Enjoy the sneak preview! The downloads will be avail;able at your favorite download mirror. It will also be on the Phase II mirror site!

I’ve been waiting for this and the child for a long time. The child is one of my top 10 favorite TNG episodes.

It is fun to watch. Some of the security officers need to go on the Jenny Craig program though.

Kitumba will arrive around the same time it is set…in the 23rd century.

The new creative team has done a great job with this…

Hi RAMA, no, “Kitumba” will be out a lot sooner than that – but we’ve got “The Child” to concentrate on first.

There is no “New” creative team.

Man I can’t wait for “Origins.” !!

Technically not new, you’ve been working with them awhile, but I mean the team assembled since Blood and Fire I, II, and aren’t there some new FX people? I know Andy Probert came aboard for Kitumba at least…

Yes, okay I see your perspective now.

Crawley and the Phase II crew; keep up the good work…I’m enjoying all of the work you are putting into these productions!

Great job on this one. Well worth the wait. :)

Thanks for the Early streaming I’m sure it will be great just as the rest of your episodes have been. I look forward to the upcoming episodes you all have worked so hard on

Hope you all enjoy this episode!

Great work James! Loved the episode! By the way, nice touch with the Wilhelm Scream at 31:26!

Awesome job guys! Been a long time coming for a new episode. Lovin’ every minute of footage you guys produce. Keep up the good work.


Fair play to You James and to everyone involved….your work is so clearly a labour of love and its great to see the massive effort that ye put into all of the production….keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed watching this episode. I took a break from my TNG season 7 marathon to watch it.

Wow! Mr. Cawley’s Kirk is better than ever.

Thanks boss, I can’t wait to see the others released and get back to work with the rest of the family

Very well done Mr. Cawley!! Well worth a re-watch later! :)

It was a total joy and an honor to be involved with this episode, and Blood & Fire!

I’m blown away by the quality of this show, and I look forward to working on many more!

Thanks James, Sarge, Bill, Kevin, Robert, Patty, Bobby, Tobias, Chris & Matthew, Ralph, Doc John, Charles, Brandon, and everyone else at phase II.


Is it me, or is Kirk putting on a little weight?

I also thought I should meantion the only reason I couldn’t rate it a 10 is because world and enough time is still my favorite. I’ve always loved the episodes with emotional impact. Still highly rated though.

Just saw the episode and enjoyed it very much! The supporting acting talent is very professional, and the visual effects are excellent. The story is well told and I like Crawley’s Kirk. I see this as an alternate universe of Star Trek that exists with the prime universe. All in all I gave this an 8; very well told and professional! Keep up the great work!

From what I’ve seen of James in person, he seems to be LOSING weight. No sign of the Shatner belly on James!

The jamming device just made my day :D

Thank You!!
You just made mine

Nicely done. Storyline much like the kind of thing we would have seen in TOS. The FX were very good and not onerous. In short, a solid effort! (As a writer and lifelong Trek fan, sure wish there was an open-submission policy….!)

BarBara Luna seems to be channeling Ricardo Montalban, and with a similar depth of lifetime experience and skill she has total command of every scene she’s in. Whatever stunt-casting value there is in her past association with Star Trek is dwarfed by the tremendous skill set she brings as an highly trained actress.

Way to go James, as well as the rest of your crew looks great and I cant wait to see the rest of the episode.

P.S. Ever need a bartender on set let me know would be fun serving up some Romulan Ales once again.

Just watched this episode – congratulations to Mr. Cawley and the whole team. While this show wasn’t quite as poetic as World Enough, they continue to evolve as far as acting and overall quality are concerned. I personally can’t wait for the upcoming episodes, especially Kitumba and Origins.
Keep up the great work!

Just seen the Ep. Great job guys. I think CBS should just give you a budget and get you on prime time Tv and have it air after N.C.I.S and L.A Would be perfect. Can’t wait for the next Eps.

Excellent work all around, thanks as always Mr. Cawley for your efforts and the efforts of your crew!

Very much looking forward to “Mind Sifter;” long one of my favorite Trek short stories.

Awesome to see Phase 2 again.

All in all a good effort.
James Cawley- the character development between Kirk and Peter is top notch. The actor who portrays Peter Kirk is doing a great job. The scene where he “rescues” Captain Kirk from Elursa is wonderful to watch. Capt Kirk’s scene with Peter in his quarters was a highlight for me. I’m looking forward to seeing more of that Peter Kirk Jim Kirk dynamic in the future.

The opening scene with the disruptor fire on the planet is classic Trek it had a great sixties feel. Was that on purpose?
The special effects are excellent as always.
Great character work with Chekov- solid acting as well.
The gentleman playing Spock is believable- I’m looking forward to seeing how he makes the role his own.
Would have been great to see a little more from Scotty/Sulu and Uhura though.
Mr Cawley and team- thanks as always for doing these episodes, Can’t wait for the next one.

Wow. Said before and no doubt said again, but you guys really do just keep getting better.

More, please.

Excellent Spock! I also have a new favorite character… Xon is somehow cute :D

Denny: When I gave the script to James and Patty, I expressly said I wanted a TOS 60s feel in the exterior shots, including how the communicator jammer looked. Credit to Patty for both the Peter and Chekov work especially, since I didn’t quite know what they wanted to do with Peter and who wouldn’t defer to her for Chekov? (I still love McCoy’s line “of course, not…” Leaving it there as I don’t want to spoil it.)

James Cawley and his P2 team are awesome, and they and the actors really brought to life Star Trek from me. They make me choke up over the hard work they did to bring this to the screen.

I plan to wait for the downloadable version. It’s been a year, what’s a week more?

It’s a nice episode!! Congratz to all the crew and cast. :D

Me bajo todos los episodios que hacen ,me gustan todos los episodios que hacen ,tienen ustedes mucho merito, y son muy respetuosos con star trek se ve que los aman ,le animo a hacer mas.

well it’s about time!

Although World enough and Time still remains my fav- I say

Nice work!!

As for the FX

Wow. Pre-refit Enterprise in Space Construction set- complete with workbees and TMP short hop shuttles.

I am sure there will be nitpicks galore as the night progresses- hopefully they will be framed constructively. As for me- It’s simply nice to see my old heroes back in action.

Kudos to Darren D for a great intro sequence- and to the props guys- Nice work incorporating Pike era tech (down to the communicators!) onto the Eagle.

Thanks again James for the hard work and the TrekMovie Sneak Peek.

im gonna wait a bit before Dling but i liken the preview, bugs aside. :D

Alas Spock arrived! The actor Brandon Stacy did a great job. I’m looking forward to seeing more.
Great Episode!

To Everyone,

Wow, Absolutly Stunning. You all did an excellent job. The effects rocked as well. This “IS STAR TREK” period.

I am so very proud to be a member of this cast.

I wish I lived in the area, I would love to help out with the show. The detail put into the production design, cinematography, editing, etc… its great. I wish I had the time, money, and studio to produce my own down here in Florida.