Spocktopus + More TrekMovie Reader Star Trek Tattoos

There are many ways to express your love for Star Trek, but one of the most profound is to actually ink Star Trek onto your body. Over the last few days some Trek fans have been sending in photos of their Star Trek tattoos via Twitter. Check out some epic Trek ink below. [UPDATED with more tats]


UPDATE: More Trek Tats

Some TrekMovie readers have been emailing in more Star Trek tattoos, here they are.

Immortal and his right arm Klingon/Cardassian Mirror universe alliance

IDIC tat from tattoo artist Dave Davenport

Chuck made himself into a Lt. Commander

Darryl Boyle goes with the classic Enterprise

Italian reader Marco Paulli shows love for all the Enterprises

Owen Edinger (who played Cadet in Star Trek 2009) has a starfleet academy tattoo, circa 2254 on right wrist

Wayne Zachary shows love for the Klingons

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Spocktapus & TrekMovie.com reader’s Star Trek tats

TrekMovie reader Alcastar83 sent an image of a “Spocktapus” tattoo to TrekMovie.

TrekMovie shared this epic Trek tattoo with our followers on Twitter, although one nitpicker noted it was actually not a Spock-octopus, but actually a mashup of Spock and the evil god Cthulu. Regardless, this tattoo then inspired a number of TrekMovie twitter followers to start sending in their Star Trek tattoos.

Here are those tats…

Star Trek Girls and their Starfleet/UFP logos

Many of the tattoos sent in of Starfleet logos and combadges. Interestingly most were from women. Here are a few.


Here are a few more logos/combadges

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
Sara Karle (on chest)

Ashley Caron (on left ankle)
@trekmovie Here's my combadge #startrektattoos on Twitpic

Shawn Marshall (Right arm)
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OzFinn (on shoulder)

Kris Russell

Scott Savage (Right arm)

Jason Almazen (Left arm)

Creative & subtle Trek tats

We also got some creative Star Trek tats sent in, here are a few

Wesley Crusher Tattoo
Angie K‘s left arm shows love for Wesley

According to Vicky Tree, this tat quotes Generations “Time is the fire in which we burn”, but in Elvish for some Trek/LOTR mashup ink

Pippa Adams boldly went on hr right foot

Elliot Powell goes subtly old school on his left arm

Romulan, Klingon and Mirror tats

Some fans show their love for the enemies of Starfleet.

James Sawyer went mirror on his left arm

Joey Hollywood says “Viva La Klingon Empire” on his back

The Romulans have taken over the right leg of Paul Humenecky

NCC-1701 FTW

Some fans have shown their love for USS Enterprise including the ship’s registry number.

James Robbins (via email)

Vicky Tree

My favorite…Rising Phoenix punches up the Enterprise

Do you have a Trek Tat?

These are just the few Trek tats sent to @trekmovie on twitter. If you missed your chance send a picture of your Star Trek ink via a twitter comment to @trekmovie, or via the tip line to tips@trekmovie.com.

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You’ve got to be really bold to have a faceless Wesley tattooed on you.

No, I don’t have a tattoo. But once I drew the IDIC symbol on my left hand with a black pen. My friend asked if I got a tattoo. Almost!

I could be wrong, but the Wesley one looks suspiciously like it could have been drawn on with colored pens.

I have a SF tat, but it’s from an Ursula K. LeGuin novel, not Star Trek, darn it. If I could find someone who does Vulcan calligraphy, I might get another.

I don’t have any tattoos, but I have a scar down the inside of my right knee that looks like it was left by a Bat’leth……….the result of a broken dinner plate and a weak garbage bag.

Don’t ask.

I’m in love with that first woman with the delta tat on her hip… *sigh*

On a side note, I have two tattoo’s and am designing a third – which will definitely incorporate Star Trek in some way.

Not inked at all. I think some tattoos are beautiful, but I can never make my mind up to put something so permanent on my body.

I’d do henna first.

Sweet! Love the branch insignia on the arm… I think I want that.

Another stunning picture from Gracian Li Pereira! I remember her in her Trek costume as a Trill a few Halloweens back.

Where were are the beautiful Star Trek fans when I was trying to avoid swirleys back in high school? Heavy sigh.

I LOVE Annatomik’s – that’s gorgeous!!
They’re all pretty fabulous tattoos though, and it is good to know I’m not the only Trekkie geek out there =)

– @TheStarTrekGirl

Tat-tastic! Anyone willing to put the emblems of our beloved franchise permanently on their person earns a shout out in my book!

Are all these permanent tattoos or are some of them a form of body art, ie painted on?

Some of them look really good.

Fandom gone mad…..

It would be a funny mashup if the bikini-babe donned a Leia gold bikini, while rocking the Starfleet tat!

I find it strange that most are women….. Not unhappy about the fact as a lot of them are “wow!” looking, especially Alex and Gracian….

Made my day far more interesting.

Gracian you are more than ready for summer :)

Shawn Marshall yours is perfect bud, that is exactly the delta shield tattoo I want on the left side of my chest.

Cheers to all who show their love for trek with a little ink on their skin.

I dont know if I’d ever be so bold to tattoo anything permanently on myself, too scared I might change my mind about it after it’s done :)

But some of the little starfleet logos are awsome, and I love the idea of putting trek quotes in elvish ahahha I’m such a nerd oh dear…

Gracian Li Pereira. Wow!

I want to get another tattoo, and these inspired me. I do love Trek, but I’m also a physics teacher, so I was thinking something physics-y. I was also born in the year of the tiger, so I was thinking a tiger like Angelina Jolie’s.

I don’t know, it’s hard to pick something that will be on you for the rest of your life. I guess I could do a mash-up of a tiger in a Starfleet uniform pointing to a chalkboard with physics equations on it. Yeah. Chicks will dig that.

LOL!!! OMG, I really got the nerve to send you that one pic? Must be crazy… But thanks for the compliments. I’ve done that tattoo to celebrate the 40th anniversary of ST. I was not sure about the spot but ended up really liking it.


That’s what I thought, because I use gel pens to draw fake tattoos on my hands and feet. I would never get a real tattoo.

I just posted a comment on this so it is fresh on my mind. What about a tattoo of the doomsday machine eating a starship? Might be kinda cool.

More intresting Star Trek tattoos:

I would like Tap some of those women’s com badges. ; )

Gracian Li Pereira, Lovely!

I want to date a woman with a Trek tat!!!!!!!!!!!!

#18 Gracian – you should have had it inked pointing east, so it would have matched The Shat’s TOS wraparound. Just be happy you don’t have The Shat’s 2011 waistline to match. LOL

18. Gracian: I am VERY sure about the spot. It looks perfect. And the tattoo is nice, too…

@21 –OMG, thanks for that link… the picture of Karl Urban with the fan is hilarious! The look on his face says it all….

It seems the tattoos of people’s faces fare the worst. The ones of symbols seem to keep best, followed by the ones of the Enterprise.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with Trek ink on his body. I’m honored to be up there with other great fans with ink!

Now thats dedication!!!

I feel like I need more color to my design after seeing all these other beautiful pieces of art!