Photos Of William Shatner Receiving Honorary Headbanger Award

Last night Star Trek’s William Shatner added another award to his bookcase to sit alongside his Emmys and lifetime achievement awards. This time Bill was being honored at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards as an "Honorary Headbanger." Pictures from the event below, plus details on this year’s Shatner Charity Horse Show.


Shatner now official Headbanger

Last night the 3rd annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards at Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles was packed with rock legends – and William Shatner. Awards were handed out to Alice Cooper, Mötley Crüe, Black Veil Brides, Avenged Sevenfold, Murderdolls and more metal luminaries. And added into that mix was Star Trek’s own William Shatner who just celebrated his 80th birthday, and is now an "Honorary Headbanger." Shatner was presented with the award by Scott Ian of Anthrax and comedian Brian Posehn. Bill was being awarded in advance for his upcoming album "Remembering Major Tom" where he partners up with a number of rock legends (see previous article).

Here are photos of Shatner from the event:

William Shatner made "honorary headbanger" at Golden Gods Awards – Los Angeles April 20th

William Shatner made "honorary headbanger" at Golden Gods Awards – Los Angeles April 20th

Bill backstage with Golden Gods Awards host Chris Jericho Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)

Bill with wife Liz on the "black carpet" at Golden Gods Awards

Here is a video report from the event from Artisan News (with very brief shot of Shatner).

Highlights from the REVOLVER GOLDEN GODS AWARDS will be broadcast on VH1 Classic on Saturday, May 28. More details at

Shatner’s Charity Horse Show

Details for Shatner’s annual horse show charity have been released

For the past 20 years, William Shatner has spearheaded the HCHS to raise money for a worthy children’s charity.

It was back in the late 1980s that Shatner first watched an exhibition by children who were so severely handicapped that some of them could not hold their head up, yet there they were going through intricate exercises on the back of a horse. The program was sponsored by Ahead With Horses, a therapeutic riding group for handicapped children. When the exhibition was over, Shatner sat, deeply affected by what he had seen. "You can’t watch these kids without knowing you have to help, somehow." And so, in March of 1990 came the birth of the first Hollywood Charity Horse Show. Soon, other charities in need of help were added, small, grass root charities doing big time jobs.

Today, the Hollywood Charity Horse Show, Sponsored by Wells Fargo is an ongoing event that garners national press coverage. On one special spring Saturday evening each year, the HCHS brings together world-class reining horses and riders in breathtaking slides and spins as they compete for top honors in their respective classes. Then, as the sun sets, the much anticipated auction and music show put on by headline groups such as Brad Paisley, Ben Folds, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson and Randy Travis, kick off right after an amazing array of food & fun. Come join us this April 30, 2011 for an uplifting and worthy event to support an important cause. This year’s musical guest is Sheryl Crow.

More info and tickets at

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Does this man ever take a break. He is the hardest Working 80 year old I have ever seen. Wtg Shat. Live long and prosper. Well. You are Prospering a lot. So just Live Long.

Rock on, Shatner! Rock on!!

Oh my! That man is unstoppable. There just seems no way that Chris Pine and Denzel Washington will ever catch this man, if he were ever that train! Keep running, DW and CP! Then again, why would they want to catch him?

He is William Shatner. Nothing else needs to be said.


Just look at how much better Shat looks than Sebastian Bach. Seriously! Shatner looks great. I still can’t believe he’s 80. I’m 43 and have been a fan since the early 70s, and hope to look half as good as he does when I’m that age.


\m/ I certainly cannot hear anything over the sound of how awesome he is.

I’m a Metalhead first and a Trekkie second. So this rules. Hail the Shat!!!!

Mr. Shatner seems to have a good time… yes he looks great!

:-) :-)

what can i say? he’s William Shatner 4 gosh sakes!!! i’m not surprised at anything that happends 2 him!!! the mans just AWESOME!!!!!!

I admire William Shatner for being physically active despite his age. He and Leonard are both 80 and there’s no stopping for them.

Saw the Shat in his Brisbane show he was incredible and held the audience for the best part of three hours. Reminded me of the truly great entertainers of the seventies and eighties that would enthrall on chat shows – Tony Curtis, Dean Martin…

An amazing evening and worth every cent.

Shatner looks good on the carpet there. Tell me that man couldn’t still play Kirk. Care not not what people say. He’s still THE Kirk to me.

An interesting award for a man who suffers from tinitus and has had such an interesting musical career.

I love Shatner!

Yes, Mr. Shatner looks fit for duty in these photos.

Congratulations on his latest achievement. He is an inspiration to us all.


A charitable, compassionate man — don’t care what anyone says.

Ya’ know, I often razz the people here that worship at the altar of Shatner, even though my first “hero” as a kid was captain Kirk. I always thought Kirk was the single coolest dude in the galaxy. I just thought it was funny when his fans became so vocal and astringent when other people thought he shouldn’t be in the NuTrek flick. And everyone has to chuckle a little bit about the Shat getting an honorary music award in anything since doesn’t seem to have a musical bone in his body.

But Bill at 80? Gawdamn he looks great! I say Kirk lives in this NuTrek universe and that the Shat get’s one more chance to put the uniform back on before too many birthdays pass. That would be the saving grace for ditching the “Prime” universe.

Not having Shatner in new Star Trek projects is just lame and I don’t care what the excuse is.

I predict he gets a Grammy for this project.

@13 Andy..dang, that’s right. I forgot bout Bill having Tinnitus. Which, to some people, the ‘ringing’ can be characterized as a constant musical tone.

How ironic that he has such a passion for music.

And for those of you in the cities close to his Celebrity Horse Show…go, participate in whatever fashion they allow, contribute. Watch some of the clips from past shows. For what Bill and his team do for this cause is very worthy.

Of course Shatman could still play Kirk. Dropkicking and fist fighting? Of course not, to even entertain the thought is absurd. But portraying an aged Kirk in his 60s or 70s? Or even a retired captian, somehow thrust back into action, playing cat and mouse from the bridge with some other enemy ship. Easy breezy. Looking forward to rocking out with the new CD.

He looks so young for 80…. he looks like he is 65

My friend loves Black Veil Brides. She hates Star Trek. She’s going to be very ticked off when she finds out they actually have something in common.

This is just freakin’ headbangin’ great! :))